• Specifications

    1110240-00-B,tesla MODEL 3 17-19 FR PANEL,Tesla Model 3 Radiator Support Front Bumper Carrier Assembly,tesal Radiator Support,tesla spare Radiator Support,tesal Radiator Support from china,tesla auto Radiator Support,tesla car Radiator Support,china tesla Radiator Support,tesla model 3,tesla model y,tesla model x,tesla model s,tesla model 3 Radiator Support,tesla model y Radiator Support,tesla model x Radiator Support,tesla model s Radiator Support,1081420-E0-C 1081420E0C 1081420E0C-AM TS MODEL 3 17-20 FR DOOR LH 1081421-E0-C 1081421E0C 1081421E0C-AM TS MODEL 3 17-20 FR DOOR RH 1081440-E0-C 1081440E0C 1081440E0C TS MODEL 3 17-20 RR DOOR RH 1081441-E0-C 1081441E0C 1081441E0C TS MODEL 3 17-20 RR DOOR LH 1081390-E0-C 1081390E0C 1081390E0C-AM TS MODEL 3 17-20 HOOD ALUM 1081401-E0-D 1081401E0D | TA1240100 1081401E0D-AM TS MODEL 3 17- FR FENDER W/LAMP HOLE LH 1081400-E0-D 1081400E0D 1081400E0D-AM TS MODEL 3 17- FR FENDER W/LAMP HOLE RH 1081460-E0-D 1081460E0D | 1601460E0A 1100229 TS MODEL 3 17-20 RR TRUNK 1110240-00-B 111024000B | 161086600A | TA1225100 1100036 TS MODEL 3 17-19 FR PANEL 1104667-00-F 110466700F 1100046 TS MODEL 3 FR BUMPER SUPPORT 1084894-00-B 108489400B 1100044 TS MODEL 3 17-20 FR BUMPER LOWER SUPPORT 1493370-S0-A 1493370S0A | 1493370SOA 1100267 TS MODEL Y 21- HOOD ASSY 1495245-00-C 149524500C | 151627700D 1100187 TS MODEL Y FR PANEL 1487601-00-C 148760100C 1100179 TS MODEL Y FR BUMPER SUPPORT UPPER 1505433-00-A 150543300A 1100181 TS MODEL Y FR BUMPER SUPPORT LOWER 1038384-S0-C 1038384S0C | 1051875E0G 1038384S0C TS MODEL S HOOD 6008022-E0-D 6008022E0D 6008022E0D TS MODEL S FR FENDER LH 6008027-E0-D 6008027E0D 6008022E0D TS MODEL S FR FENDER RH,1032644-00-E Front Motor Bay Outer Absorber, LHD DM 1042781-00-C MOTOR COVER ABSORBER, OUTER 1050480-00-B ABSORBER FRUNK, DM 1006535-00-A RVT PUSH-PULL 8X18X28.5 1050484-00-B ABSORBER AERO SHIELD FRONT, DM 1101789-00-J UNIVERSAL MOBILE CONNECTOR, NA 1509564-00-A Charging Kit, Gen II UMC, NA 1490374-10-B CHARGEPORT, NA,CP,MY 1473503-00-A SENSOR TARGET ASSY,MCPD,GEN3,M3 1537264-00-B CP ECU, ASSY, GEN 4, NA 1506911-00-D SAFETY CAP, NA,CP,MY 1512841-00-B BOLT,HF,M6-1.0×70,[88],SNZN,MAT 1521216-00-A DKEPS,M6-1.0,[8],G1009 1109003-00-D HV HARN,FDU,M3 1109004-10-G HV HARN,ANCILLARY,M3 1109006-00-C HV BKT,SKI,BTM,M3 1109008-00-C HV BKT,SKI,TOP,M3 1135228-00-A CAP, DU PLUG, HVBAT, M3 1501773-10-D HIGH VOLTAGE BUSBAR, 1 PHASE,CP,MY 1507971-00-B AC Compressor Harness 1552447-00-A BOLT,HF,M8-1.25×22,[109],G0110,MAT 1521609-00-A DSEMS,HX,M6x31,[98],G1009[L],MAT 1530060-00-A BOLT,HF,M6-1.0×45,[88],G0309,SD 1533981-00-C BRKT TOP, BUSBAR, 1-PHASE, CP, MY 1533982-00-C BRKT BTM, BUSBAR, 1-PHASE, CP, MY 1063260-00-C BOLT&WSHR,HX,M8x23.5,STL[109],PTC,ZNNI 1493736-S0-A Y MY FRONT FASCIA SVC, UNPAINTED 1493736-S1-A MY FRONT FASCIA SVC, diamond BLACK-PBSB 1493736-S2-A MY FRONT FASCIA SVC, RED MULTI-COAT-PPMR 1493736-S3-A MY FRONT FASCIA SVC,PEARL WHITE MULTI-COAT-PPSW 1493736-S4-A MY FRONT FASCIA SVC, MIDNIGHT SILVER METALLIC-PMNG 1493736-S5-A MY FRONT FASCIA SVC,DEEP BLUE METALLIC-PPSB 1484190-00-A NUT HF M6-1.00X18 (ZnAl) 1454534-00-A SEMS[CON],HX,M6-1×25,[98],G0110[B],MAT 1128951-00-B SCR ST WSHR M5 X 20 ZnNi 1446114-00-B 3 BOLT,HF,M10x130,STL[109],ZNFL,MAT 1120775-00-A 3 BOLT,HF,M10-1.5×150,[149],ZNNI 1135014-00-A 3 BOLT, HF, M10x1.5×75.75, STL[109], ZN 1493746-S2-A MY CVR TOW FRT FASCIA, RED MULTI-COAT-PPMR 1493746-S3-A MY CVR TOW FRT FASCIA, PEARL WHITE MULTI-COAT-PPSW 1493746-S4-A MY CVR TOW FRT FASCIA, MIDNIGHT SILVER METALLIC-PMNG 1493746-S5-A MY CVR TOW FRT FASCIA,DEEP BLUE METALLIC-PPSB 1077570-00-D 3 TOW HOOK 1106818-00-A 3 SENSOR, AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE, HCC 1493735-S1-A M3 REAR FASCIA SVC, SOLID BLACK-PBSB 1493735-S2-A M3 REAR FASCIA SVC, RED MULTI-COAT-PPMR 1493735-S3-A M3 REAR FASCIA SVC, PEARL WHITE MULTI-COAT-PPSW 1493735-S4-A M3 REAR FASCIA SVC, MIDNIGHT SILVER METALLIC-PMNG 1493735-S5-A M3 RR FASCIA SVC,DEEP BLUE METALLIC-PPSB 1014130-00-A STUD CL,M10x25,STL[109],ZNNI 1454548-00-A NUT,HF,M10-1.5,[10],G0110 1511000-S0-A MY ASY- BODY SIDE OUTER LH SVC E-COATED 1512000-S0-A MY ASY- BODY SIDE OUTER RH SVC E-COATED 1549228-S0-A MY A B PLR BODY SIDE OTR, LH SVC E-COAT 1549229-S0-A MY A B PLR BODY SIDE OTR, RH SVC E-COAT 1549230-S0-A MY REAR QUARTER OUTER ASY, LH SVC E-COAT 1549231-S0-A MY REAR QUARTER OUTER ASY, RH SVC E-COAT 1487421-S0-A MY REAR QUARTER OUTER PNL, LH SVC E-COATED 1487422-S0-A MY REAR QUARTER OUTER PNL, RH SVC E-COATED 1487427-S0-A MY BIW BSO FRT CAP LH SVC E-COATED 1487428-S0-A MY PNL, BSO Front CAP, RH SVC E-COATED 1487447-S0-A MY MY BIW BSO FNDR BRKT LH SVC E-COATED 1487448-S0-A MY PNL, BSO FNDR BRKT, RH SVC E-COATED 1487443-S0-A MY MY BIW FENDER LWR BRKT ASSY LH SVC E-COATED 1487444-S0-A MY MY BIW FENDER LWR BRKT ASSY RH SVC E-COATED 1487431-S0-A MY ROOF RACK BRKT FR LH SVC 1487432-S0-A MY ROOF RACK BRKT FR RH SVC 1487433-S0-A MY ROOF RACK BRKT RR LH SVC 1487434-S0-A MY ROOF RACK BRKT RR RH SVC 1487697-S0-A MY ASY — DOOR RING OUTER LH SVC E-COATED 1487698-S0-A MY ASY — DOOR RING OUTER RH SVC E-COATED 1487725-S0-A MY ASY — DOOR RING INR W/ HEADER REINF LH SVC E-COATED 1487726-S0-A MY ASY — DOOR RING INR W/ HEADER REINF RH SVC E-COATED 1526249-S0-A MY SIDE SILL INSERT SVC E-COATED 1487693-S0-A MY ASY — COWL SIDE IP BULKHEAD LH SVC E-COATED 1487694-S0-A MY ASY — COWL SIDE IP BULKHEAD RH SVC E-COATED 1487729-S0-A MY COWL SIDE BULKHEAD LH SVC E-COATED 1487730-S0-A MY COWL SIDE BULKHEAD RH SVC E-COATED 1516583-S0-A MY SILL INNER LWR REINF SVC E-COATED 1516584-S0-A MY SILL INNER LWR REINF SVC E-COATED 1518729-S0-A MY SILL INNER FRONT CLOSE OUT LH SVC E-COATED 1518730-S0-A MY SILL INNER FRONT CLOSE OUT RH SVC E-COATED 1474167-S0-A MY Extn,Sill Inner Lwr-LH SVC E-COATED 1474168-S0-A MY Extn,Sill Inner Lwr-RH SVC E-COATED 1487480-S0-A MY ASY — CENTER UNDERBODY SVC E-COATED 1092743-S0-C MY ASY — CROSSMEMBER FRONT FLOOR RR SVC E-COATED 1074825-S0-C MY GLOVE — FSF CROSSMEMBER LH SVC E-COATED 1074826-S0-C MY GLOVE — FSF CROSSMEMBER RH SVC E-COATED 1108045-S0-B MY ASY — FSF SEAT MOUNT REINF SVC E-COATED 1073935-S0-D MY GLOVE — FSR CROSSMEMBER LH SVC E-COATED 1073936-S0-D MY GLOVE — FSR CROSSMEMBER RH SVC E-COATED 1127874-S0-B MY ASY — REINF FSR CROSSMEMBER INBOARD SVC E-COATED 1137378-01-D ASY,HVBAT,E3,AWD,1PH,MY,RMN 1459652-00-A ASY,HV DMY PLUG,HC-STAK 1100055-01-C ASY,ECOAT,FRNT SKID PLATE,ENCL,MDL3 1098630-00-G ASY,VENT W/ SHROUD,HVBAT,M3 1112601-00-C ASY,RETAINER,FLOOD PORT 1089308-01-D SKID PLATE,REAR,ECOAT,ENCLOSURE,MDL3 1104743-00-B BOLT,TE,M6x18,STL[109],ZNNI,PC 1478576-01-A ASY,12V DC,PCS,PH,MDL3,3PH 1109531-00-E ASY,HV HEADER,4P,600V 1109535-00-D ASY,HV HEADER,HC-STAK 25,BAT,M3 1112247-00-A BOLT,HF,M8x28,[109],ZNNI,PC 1092553-00-A BOLT,14EPL,M8x130,STL[109],ZNNI,PTC 1092592-00-B BOLT,14EPL,M8x44,STL[109],ZNNI,SDOG 1089657-00-C BOLT,HF,M12x35,STL[109],ZNFL,PC 1036536-00-A SCREW,HF,M6X20,TAP 1117105-00-B BOLT,TE,M12x29,STL[149],ZNNI,SMAT 1119905-00-A BOLT,HF,M10x27,[109],ZNFL,SMAT 1467057-00-D SEAL,PERIMETER,PENTHOUSE,MDL3 1086725-00-L ASY, PENTHOUSE COVER, HVBAT 1108907-00-B BREATHER, NITTO Z-PLUG-S 1097686-00-C INSULATOR,HV JOINT 1110933-00-F ASY,INSULATOR,LWR,FASTCHARGE ASY,M3 1095145-00-J ASY,FC CONTACTOR,HVBAT,MDL3 1104475-00-F BOLTANDWSHR[DBL],M8x23,STL ZNFL,SDOG ADH 1112243-00-A BOLT,TE,M5x22,[88],ZN,MAT 1110932-00-A COVER, AC INLET TERMINAL, 1PH, M3/Y 1095891-00-G ASY,DC LINK,POS,HVBAT,MDL3 1089334-02-J ASY,PACK CONTACTORS,SWITCH,HV 1064689-00-I 3 DISCONNECT,BATTERY,PYRO 1088608-00-E INSULATOR,ACCESS,SHUNT 1088609-00-B INSULATOR,ACCESS,FUSES 1110699-00-E COVER, LEFT TERMINALS, PENTHOUSE 1104654-00-B NUT&WSHR[DBL],M8,BRS,SEALER 1116867-00-A NUT,HF,M6-1.0,[8],ZNNI[B] 1107984-00-B SCREW,TE,50×20,STL,DPT,R,ZNNI 1107566-00-C ASY,PROBE LID,PENTHOUSE COVER,HVBAT 1108958-00-A SEAL,PROBE LID,HVBAT 1117669-00-A BOLT,5-LOBE,M6x19,[109],ZNNI,MAT,PTP,SEAL 1107310-00-B COVER,ACCESS,FC ASY,HVBAT,M3/Y 1106394-01-L ASY,HV SYS CTRLR PCBA,MDL3,E3 1106394-02-L ASY,HV SYS CTRLR PCBA,MDL3,E1 1092739-00-E ASY,HARNESS,4P,240V,AC FILTER 1508009-00-A BOLT,TE,M6-1.0×14,[88],G1009,CA 1088607-00-G INSULATOR,ACCESS,FASTCHARGE,HVBAT,M3 1006772-00-A FASTENER, SCREW, TORX30, M6-1.00X10MM 1015197-00-A 6.7mm CABLE TIE CLIP 1078426-00-E ASY,HARNESS,CHARGER OUTPUT TO DC BUS 1078835-00-G ASY,SHUNT,M3 1084659-00-D BUSBAR,FASTCHARGE,INPUT,NEG 1084660-00-C BUSBAR,FASTCHARGE,INPUT,POS 1084661-00-C BUSBAR,FC CONTACTOR TO DC BUS,NEG 1084662-00-C BUSBAR,FC CONTACTOR TO DC BUS,POS 1095042-00-C BOLT,5-LOBE,M6X13,SHL[10X8],[88],ZNNI,MAT 1096401-00-C COVER,MOD 2 TO PYRO,HVBAT 1096402-00-C COVER,BUSBAR,SHUNT TO MOD 3 1097623-00-A FUSE,63A,700VDC,AR,14×51,TAB 1101626-00-D HINGE,TRAY,HV CONTROLLER,MDL3 1101938-00-J ASY,HARNESS,AWD,PENTHOUSE,HVBAT,M3 1108281-00-B HV DUMMY HEADER,4P 1111040-00-C SUPPORT,HINGE,HVC 1111869-00-E COVER,PENTHOUSE BUS,LH 1115777-00-A BOLT&WSHR[BDL],HX,M5x21,[88],ZNNI.MAT 1507802-00-B HVCON,HDR,2P,600V,HVIL,BB,MY 1125106-50-G Y叶子板灯 M3 LAMP ASY, SIDE REPEATER CAMERA (LH) 1125107-50-G Y叶子板灯 M3 LAMP ASY, SIDE REPEATER CAMERA (RH) 1031683-00-B BOLT&WSHR,HX,M6x25,STL[9.8],ZNFL,CON,MAT 1473202-00-A PIN GROMMET,6,0.75-0.95 GRIP,RUBBER,4WAY 1453379-00-A M3 SAE HEADLAMP FASCIA BRACKET SCREW 1453374-00-A M3 SAE HEADLAMP ECU SCREW 1104335-00-B GROMMET,8×0.5-0.9 GRIP,RUBBER,4WAY 1104926-00-B GROMMET,8.2×12.2,1.3 GRIP,2WAY 1453381-00-A M3 BODYSIDE LAMP T-STUD GASKET 1453382-00-A M3 BODYSIDE LAMP CONNECTOR GASKET 1453383-00-A M3 LIFTGATE LAMP DOUBLE-ENDED STUD GASKET 1453384-00-A M3 LIFTGATE LAMP CONNECTOR GASKET 1495819-00-B LAMP ASY, CHMSL 1131087-00-G 3卡片 KEYCARD, SLEEVE ASY, NFC, M3 1131087-00-F 3卡片 KEYCARD, SLEEVE ASY, NFC, M3 1104284-00-F 3卡片 KEYCARD, NFC, M3 1056770-00-A WASHER LEVEL SENSOR 1056771-00-A WASHER LEVEL SENSOR GROMMET 1110164-00-B M3 WASHER PUMP 1056773-00-A WASHER PUMP GROMMET 1490398-00-A WASHER HOSE SUB ASSY MODEL Y 1056769-00-A FILLER NECK O-RING 1497892-00-B WASHER TANK NECK MODEL Y 1131028-00-A CAP WASHER BLACK 1490400-00-B WASHER SYSTEM ASSY MODEL Y 1083017-00-A BOLT&WSHR,HX,M6x18,STL[88],ZNNI[BLK],MAT 1469611-00-A SEMS[CON],HX,M6-1×28,[98],G1009[B],MAT 1490242-00-A MY WIPER MODULE LHD 1490247-00-A MY WIPER BLADE DR LHD 1490250-00-A MY WIPER BLADE PS LHD 1116490-00-A NUT,HF,M10x1.5,[10],ZNNI 1116646-00-B BOLT&WSHR[FL],M6x27,[88],ZNNI,SMAT 1490245-99-A MY ARM&BLADE ASSY DR LHD 1490248-99-A MY ARM&BLADE ASSY PS LHD 1585278-00-A MY WIPER MODULE GROMMET 1507242-00-B HORN ASSEMBLY MY 1188695-00-A PEDAL KIT — LHD BASE 1188695-01-A PEDAL KIT — LHD PERFORMANCE 1044685-00-A SERVICE ACCEL PEDAL SCREW, MODEL 3 1515037-00-B MODEL Y SERVICE KIT — HVAC SENSOR 1127502-08-C Val APP USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Sunset Red 1127502-01-D VAL APP USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Solid Black 1127502-13-D USS APP RADIAL, DCR, ASSY, DEEP BLUE 1127503-08-C VAL UPA USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Sunset Red 1127503-01-D VAL UPA USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Solid Black 1127503-11-D USS UPA RADIAL, DCR, ASSY, PEARL WHITE 1127503-13-D VAL UPA USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Deep Blue 1129182-00-B ASY,12V BATT AND VENT PLUG,M3 1533172-00-B REAR HOOK, STRAP TIE-DOWN, 12V BATTERY, 1534346-00-A STRAP, 12V BATTERY, MY, M3 1542795-00-A BOLT,HF,M6-1.0×105,[88],G1009,MAT 1450463-00-A BOLT,HF,M6-1×17[98],[G0110],PTP,TE5 1093060-00-A NUT&WSHR,M8,STL[9],DOUBLE SEMS 1128096-00-B SCR,HF,M8-1.25×20,[STL],SNZN,PTC,T2000 1510061-00-C ASY,GND STRAP,12V- DCDC,MY 1508949-00-A SCR,HF,M6x22,[STL],SNZN,PTC,T2000 1585793-00-A Adapter, Vent tube, M3, MY, CHINA 2489056-00-B ASY,HARN,HP THERMAL SUB,MY 1037938-00-A 7MM X 12MM WHITE ONE SIDED TAPE-ON CLIP 1063292-00-A 7×12 CLIP,OFFSET 1106074-00-C Clip, Dual Omega, M3 AC Lines 1101561-00-A CLIP, STANDOFF, 25 MM, HT 157-00219 1046484-00-A CLIP, TAPE ON, 90 DEG 1045235-00-A CLIP,FIR,7×12,BK,TIESTRAP 1098536-00-A CLIP,FIR,7×12,BK,TIESTRAP 1043828-00-A CLIP,OMEGA,25-30mmOD,BK,ZIPTIE 1489040-04-C ASY,HARN,IP,MY,LHD,NA,PREM,HT PUMP 1100827-00-C ASY,CABLE,USB,1R HUB TO IP,M3 2067956-02-B ASY,HARN,CENTER CONSOLE,PREM,THUB 1106984-00-B BRKT,IP HARNESS,ROUTING,M3 1015212-00-A CABLE TIE EDGE CLIP 1043671-00-A CLAMP, 7X12, TAPE, BLACK 1050036-00-A CLIP, ASY 1026702-00-A CLIP, CABLE CLAMP, 10.2-14mm OD 1063649-00-A CLIP, EDGE, TAPE ON 1099732-00-A Clip, Oval Hole, Standoff, 12.5 MM 1104442-00-A CLIP,EDGE,TAPEON,1-3mm,BK 1104255-00-A CLIP,OFFSET,TAPEON,FIRTREE,7×12,32mm,WH 1034197-00-B CLIP,TAPE ON,OFFSET,25mm,6.5mm 1036841-00-A CLIP,FIR,TIE,OFFSET,12.5mm 1047344-00-A CLIP,TAPE ON,OFFSET,35mm,6.5mm 1037939-00-A CLIP,TAPEON,7×12,BLACK,DOUBLE SIDED 1051409-00-A CLIP,TIE,7×12,2.6mm,BK 1032387-00-A CLIP,TIE,7×12,2.6mm,BK 1068854-00-A HT 156-00871 1489044-00-C ASY,HARN,FR LH DOOR,PREMIUM,LHD,MY 1489052-00-C HARNESS, FRONT RH, DOOR, LHD, MY 1489053-00-C ASY,HARN,RR LH DOOR 1489054-00-C ASY,HARN,RR RH DOOR 1489055-00-C ASY,HARN,LIFTGATE,PREM,MY 1489055-02-D ASY,HARN,LIFTGATE,PREM,MY 1489063-01-D ASY,HARN,LIFTGATE TRIM,MY 1086957-00-A CLIP, FIRTREE, 6.3-7 HOLE 1046598-00-A CLIP,7×12,FIR,OFFSET,TAPE ON 1489049-00-C ASY,HARN,HEADLINER 1489058-10-D ASY,HARN,FRONT,MY,LHD,NA,ACOIL,HTPMP 1489041-00-C ASY,HARN,BODY LT,LHD,PREM 1489042-00-C ASY,HARN,BODY RT,LHD,PREM 1506643-00-A BRKT,HARNESS GUIDE,MY,B PILLAR,LEFT 1019619-00-A Cable Tie,6MM Slot,4.6,PA66HS, Stud Mount 1029539-00-A HT 157-00083 1057310-00-A CLIP,7X12,OFFSET,FIRTREE,BK 1047158-00-A Clip, Offset, Band 1031956-00-A CLIP,STUD MOUNT,TIESTRAP,M6 1489051-01-C ASY,HARN,FR SUBFRAME,AWD,COIL,M#/MY 1489059-01-C ASY,HARN,RR SUBFRAME,COIL,NA 1078487-00-A CLIP, M6 THREADED HOLE, HT 157-00112 1046227-00-A CLIP, TAPE ON, 90 DEG 1015203-00-B CLIP,FIR,7×12,BK,TIESTRAP 1015200-00-A CLIP,TAPEON,7×12,BLACK,DOUBLE SIDED 1102647-00-A CLIP,7×12,TAPEON,55DEG,OFFSET,BK 1047469-00-A CLIP,TAPE ON,ONE SIDED,90 RIGHT 1489060-02-C ASY,HARN,1R SEAT,LH,PREM,TOS,SBR,M3/MY 1489060-03-C ASY,HRN,1RSEAT,RH,PREM,TOS,OCS,STPS,M3/ MY 1489061-00-B ASY,HARN,NV56 1589061-00-B ASY,HARN,5S,REAR SEAT,MY,40PERC 1518299-00-B ASY,HARN,5S CENTER BACKREST,MY 2517067-00-A MY 2R SC HEAT PAD INLINE HARNESS 1525193-00-C Y 2R 5S SEAT HARNESS ELASTIC STRAP 2489057-00-B ASY,HARN,GLASS,MY 1497847-00-D ASY, MY, LV PREM CONTROLLER, LH 1497846-00-D ASY, MY, LV PREM CONTROLLER, RIGHT 1497317-00-F ASY. VC FRONT, GEN3 1508179-00-C ASY, REAR BLE 1497327-00-B SHIELD,VCFRONT,MY 1121401-00-C SCR&WSHR,HX,M6x28,STL,ZNFL,T2000 1085499-00-A BOLT HF M6x14 STL[109] ZNFL MAT 1108647-00-D 3ACC模块 RADAR, SEVEN PIN PERPENDICULAR 1514448-00-D ASSY, TRIPLE CAMERA, RVM, MY 1011416-00-B SCR,M3-0.5X8,PH,TRX-T10,STL,ZNC,PATCH 1098383-00-G ASY, SECURITY CAMERA, M3/MY 1539475-00-A HVAC Blower Motor 1494714-99-E HVAC Module Assembly, Model Y 1107681-00-A HVAC, COMBINATION FILTER 1509536-00-B Fresh Intake Duct 1500623-00-A HVAC, Upper and Lower Actuator, Model Y 1500627-00-A HVAC, Intake Actuator, Model Y 1500640-00-A HVAC, Bleed Actuator, Model Y 1500645-00-A HVAC, Evaporator Thermistor, Model Y 1500650-00-A HVAC, Thermistor Duct, Model Y 1547266-00-C HVAC, Harness, Model Y 1552079-00-A HVAC, NVH Seal 1552080-00-A HVAC, Drain Seal 1552081-00-A HVAC, Fresh Air Inlet Seal 1111737-00-A WASHER, 3/8, STL ZN, SEAL 1111738-00-A WASHER, 1/2, STL ZN, SEAL 1111740-00-A WASHER, 3/4, STL ZN, SEAL 1501057-00-A HVAC, J-Nut M6x1.0 1508015-00-A KEPS[FL],HX,M6-1.0,[8],G1009[B] 1552082-00-A M4 Screws, 6 mm external hex, internal T20 1501068-00-A HVAC,2ND ROW FLOOR DUCTING,MAIN, Model Y 1501069-00-A HVAC,2ND ROW FLOOR DUCTING,RIGHT, Model Y 1494175-00-A Radiator, Model Y 1493996-00-A M3, CFM, ISOLATOR KIT 1118811-00-A BOLT HF M6x48 PC109 MAT 1502022-00-C AC Line Assembly, Supermanifold to HVAC 1502020-00-B AC LINE ASY, SUCT-LIQ COMBO, R1234yf, M3 1452640-00-A AC FILL PORT CAP, LOW PRES, 1452639-00-A AC FILL PORT CAP, HIGH PRES, R1234yf 1086494-00-A Bolt,HF,M8x30,STL[109],MAT 1460668-00-A Nut HF M8-1.25,[10],G0110[B] 1111155-00-A BOLT,HF,M8-1.25×52,[109],ZNFL,SMAT (Dual Slimline to Manifold Bolt) 1501256-00-G AC COMPRESSOR, XXCC 1506443-00-A AC Compressor Bracket Assembly, Model Y 1115661-00-A Cable Tie,200X4.6X2,PA66 1100157-00-B Ancillary Connector Dash Mount Bracket 1533850-00-A BOLT,HF,M8-1.25×72,[88],G1009,M 1532914-00-A BOLT,HF,M6x1.0-50,[88],G0110,MAT 1502213-00-A AC Compressor Acoustic Cover, Model Y 1547595-00-B Supermanifold Assembly 1133851-00-G Service Kit, Coolant Pump 1606746-00-A O-RING, VMQ 70A, 65X3MM 1107171-00-A SCREW, PF, M4X22 1127414-00-A BOLT,PN,M5-0.8×18,[88],ZN,MAT 1506803-00-E Coolant Bottle Assembly 1506859-00-A Octovalve Assembly 1510047-00-A PT Sensor, High Pressure 1510048-00-A PT Sensor, Low Pressure 1501348-00-A Hose (PT), FDU OIL COOLER OUTLET 1501332-00-A Hose, Radiator Inlet 1501334-00-A Hose, HV Batt Return 1501293-00-A Hose, Chiller to Battery, LHD 1077577-00-E TUBE (BATT), FRONT MANIFOLD, LEFT 1504721-00-A HOSE, POWERTRAIN SUPPLY 1504722-00-A HOSE, FDU INVERTER TO OIL COOLER 1501325-00-A Hose (PT), Radiator Outlet 1530129-00-A HOSE (PT), FDU INLET 1530123-00-A HOSE (PT), TUNNEL BUNDLE 1530128-00-A HOSE (PT), TUNNEL TO PUMP2 1530118-00-A TUBE (BATT), BATT RETURN, M3 1077595-00-D HOSE (PT), RDU OUTLET 1077585-00-D TUBE (PT), RDU INV TO OIL COOLER, M3 1537115-00-A LBL,MODEL Y VECI AWD US/CANADA 2020 1465392-00-A LBL,BLANK TIRE INFO 1026768-00-B LBL,BLANK STOCK FOR MONRONEY FOR N.A 1077825-00-D 3 L M3/MS/- KAB A/B, LH 1077823-00-G 3 M3/MY — PASSENGER A/B, NAR 1077826-00-D 3R M3/MS/- KAB A/B, RH 1112060-00-B M3 — DAB HARNESS ASSY 1116594-00-B BOLT,EHS,M6x19,[88],ZN,SMAT,ADH 1112138-00-C BOLT,EHS,M6x33,[98],G0109,MAT,ADH 1143753-00-A M3-KAB Label 1490551-97-C MY CURTAIN A/B LH 1490552-97-C MY CURTAIN A/B LH 1493782-01-B MY 1R RETRACTOR ASSY, LH, NA 1493783-01-B MY 1R RETRACTOR ASSY, RH, NA 1068130-01-B ATL AT EXTREMES 1090323-01-D M3 -1ST ROW BUCKLE, BLK 1117250-00-A BOLT,PN,7/16×15,STL,BLK,ADH 1515051-00-A SBOLT[9×13],7/16×10,[109],G0109[B],PTP 1117247-00-A M3 — M8x1.5 25mm HA70 captured fastener 1099592-00-D 1R, DRIVER OS 1130363-00-B 1R, SBR, BOX, CLIP, M3 1493784-01-B MY 2R RETRACTOR ASSY, OTB, NA, BLK 1493785-01-D MY 2R RETRACTOR ASSY, CTR, NA, BLK 1493786-01-B MY 2R BUCKLE, OTB, BLK 1506020-01-B MY 2R BUCKLE, CTR, BLK 1057091-00-D BOLT&WSHR,HX,M10x30,STL[10.9],PTC,ZNFL 1117251-00-B M3-M10 2R OTB RETRACTOR FASTENER 1117931-00-A BOLT,HF,M10-1.5×30,[109],ZN,MAT 1090322-01-C 3 M3 — DRVR LAP PT 1090324-01-C 3 M3 — PSSGR LAP PT 1117248-00-A BOLT,FH,SHLDR,7/16×28.7,STL[109],ZN 1512876-00-A Restraint Control Module — universal 1129025-00-A BOLT,HF,M6-1.0×30,[88],ZNNI,SMAT 1096035-00-A M3 1R SEAT TRACK PS 1128592-00-A SCREW,PF,40×16,STL,ZNNI,DELTA PT 1079734-00-C ANTENNA,GPS,GNSS,M3 1507444-00-D MIMO ANTENNA, MY 1089543-00-H ASY,CENTER DISPLAY,M3 1775000-S0-E TLA,AP3.1.CAR.COMP,MY,NA — PROVISIONED 1507350-00-C DRIP.GUARD,CARCOMP,MY 1504492-00-A M3 Car Computer Coolant Plug 1507154-00-D SUBWOOFER ASSEMBLY 1137563-00-A KEPS[CON],HX,M6-1.0,[8],ZNNI,PTP 1542768-00-A T2000,SEMS,HF,M6-1.0×24,STL,SNZN 1507152-00-A AUDIO AMP ASSEMBLY, MY 1098737-00-B AUDIO,SPEAKER,TWEETER,PASSIVE,25MM 1079741-00-A AUDIO,SPEAKER,TWEETER,ACTIVE,25MM 1466365-00-A DPT,PF,50-1.8×16,STL,G1109[B] 1527974-00-C RADIO TUNER FM/HD 1044521-88-Q DEVIATED FR SUBF ASSY, MDL3 1044531-00-B FR SUBF ASSY MDL3/Y 1461643-00-A BOLT,HF,M12-1.75×99,[109],ZNFL,CMAT 1461652-00-A BOLT,HF,M10-1.5×36,[109],ZNFL,CMAT 1456640-00-A DBL,HF,M14x120+M10x16,CMAT,[109],ZNFL 1461654-00-A BOLT,HF,M10-1.5×94,[109],ZNFL,CMAT 1044575-00-F RR SUBF ASSY, FULLY ISOLATED,MDLY 1044576-00-B RR SUBF SHR PLT,FR 1044573-00-B RR SUBF SHR PLT,FL 1461657-00-A BOLT,HF,M14-2.0×120,[109],ZNFL,CMAT 1188311-00-D FR KNUCKLE, LH 1188316-00-D FR KNUCKLE, RH 1111145-00-A NUT,HF,M10-1.5,[10],ZNNI,PTP 1064834-00-B BOLT,BH,M10-1.5×59,[10.9],ZNFL,SMAT 1109263-00-B NUT&WSHR[SW],M14x1.5,[10],ZNFL,PTP 1188386-00-A FR STABAR ASSY 31MM x 4.7MM 1111543-00-A NUT,HF,M12-1.75,[10],ZNNI,PTP 1188341-00-C FRONT LOWER LATERAL LINK ASSEMBLY 1044321-00-G FR UPR CTRL ARM ASSY, LH 1044326-00-G FR UPR CTRL ARM ASSY, RH 1109823-00-B BOLT,HF,M14-1.5×83,[109],ZNFL,SMAT 1112245-00-A NUT,HF,M14-1.5,[10],ZNNI 1109912-00-A BOLT,HF,M14-2.0×65,STL[109],ZNFL

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