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FAW Bestune and hongqi car spare parts


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1012010-37K#P1 Oil filter element 1012010A26L#P1 Oil filter assembly 1012015-14L Oil filter 1012016-14L Oil filter gasket 102301114L Ribbed belt 102301126L V belt 1023011BQ01 V-ribbed belt 1023012BQ01 Elastic multi wedge belt 1105020EY#P1 Fuel filter element 1106010BQ01 Fuel pump (with oil gauge sensor) assembly 1106030BQ01 Fuel oil pump assembly 11090204V7 Air filter element 1109160DD01 Air filter element assembly 1109160EY Air filter element 1205500BQ02B Tight coupling catalytic converter assembly – 8AT 1500010BQ01A Automatic hydraulic transmission assembly – 8AT 1502030BQ01 Breather assembly 1704755-A5K Pressure filter element assembly 1BA015909/102301126L V belt 1BA033031 Steering knuckle (LH) 1BA05064001 Right front door windowsill outer sealing strip assembly 1BA051555 Rear left fog lamp assembly 1BA051565 Right reverse lamp assembly 1BA061P11 A/C filter 1BA067482 Washing pump assembly – washer 1BA073020#M3 Left rear door welding assembly 1BA079120#E1 Parking assist radar rear sensor unit 1BA1500U1 Front bumper left bracket 1BA1501T102 Mid grille-front bumper 1BA150221#E1 Rear bumper face shield 1BA15023102 Spoiler-rear bumper 1BA151750 CHINA FAW badge 1BA161A70 Flap actuator assembly 1BA179110 Controller assembly – parking assist radar 1BA25078102 Mid grille-rear bumper 1BA25078L02 Left grille-rear bumper 1BA25078R02 Right grille-rear bumper 1BA250C1202 Buferin orta nikeli sağ 1BA250C2202 Left grille II-front bumper 1BA351030 Right headlamp assembly 1BA46912X#E1 Sağ güzgü 1BA55071002 Radiator grille assembly – black 1BA655100H1027 Instrument panel body assembly – tile gray 1BA866DSXB Stereo assembly 1EA013Z40 Filter – air filter assembly 1EA013Z50 Filter element-air duct 1EA015300 Inter-cooler 1EA032270 Steering Outer Lever 1EA034900 Front Right Shok Absorber 1EA050070#M3 Front bumper cross beam welding assembly – 1.2L 1EA050696 Rear right door protection molding assembly 1EA05071002 Radiator grille assembly – without panoramic view, 1EA0507T0A02 Water chute grille assembly – black 1EA050C12#E1 Right grille II – front bumper 1EA050E10A02 Cabin trim panel assembly I-black 1EA050E20B02 Cabin trim panel assembly II-black 1EA050E30B02 Cabin trim panel assembly III-black 1EA050EK1 Rear trailer cover 1EA051030 Headlamp assembly – right front, without rhythm 1EA051270 Rear license plate lamp assembly 1EA051350A Right front turn signal lamp assembly – ordinary b 1EA0515M5 Rear fog lamp and reflex reflector assembly – left 1EA052310#M3 Engine hood subassembly 1EA052410#M3 Right hinge assembly – engine hood 1EA052420#M3 Left hinge assembly – engine hood 1EA053110A Front end frame assembly 1EA0568DX Luggage compartment switch 1EA061190C Air conditioning controller 1EA061P11 Air conditioning filter 1EA062020#M3 Back door subassembly 1EA066DSXB Sound assembly 1EA066DSXF Stereo assembly 1EA067330A Left wiper blade assembly-front wiper 1EA067AV3 Panoramic monitoring camera – front 1EA067RCAA02 Rear view camera assembly-black 1EA113200 Intake duct assembly 1EA150710A02 Radiator grille assembly-black 1EA150710C02 Radiator grille assembly – with panoramic view, ni 1EA151030B Headlight assembly-Right front 1EA151040B Headlight assembly-Front left 1EA1513F0 Rear lamp assembly-Right side of trunk lid 1EA160950 Fuel pump fine filter 1EA163900A Windshield glass assembly-Front 1EA2669DTB02 Infotainment display terminal – 8 inch & 12.3 inch 1EA267060E Luggage compartment harness 1EA350C1102 Rigth Grille I – From Bumper 1EA513Z40 Filter – air filter assembly 2803111BQ02#E1 Front bumper upper cover – no probe 2803341BQ01A02 Front bumper lower grille 2803352BQ010212 Front bumper right grille trim strip – silver plat 3401010EY Mechanical steering with tie rod assembly 34010204V7C01SP Interior link assembly 34010654V7C01SP Nakoneçnik sol (External tie rod assembly(left) 3402020BQ03B59 Steering wheel body assembly 3501111BK01 Front brake disc 3502020A4V7C00 Rear right brake caliper assembly (with motor) – 2019 35330-TFA060 Oil filter assembly 35330-TFA130 Oil filter assembly 3550015A4V7A#E1 ESP electronic hydraulic control unit – wet type 3602045-13L Crankshaft position sensor assembly 3707010-13L-BP Spark plug assembly 3707010-27L Spark plug 3707010-27L-BP Spark plug assembly – spare parts 3707010-37K Spark plug 3707010A26L-BP Spark plug 37080101BA0 Starter assembly 3711020-7V2 Right Head Lamp Assy 3711025BQ02 Left LED head lamp assembly 3721020BQ01 Bass horn and bracket assembly 3722020BQ01 Battery distribution box assembly 37261108V602 Hazard warning switch assembly – black 3785065BQ01A09 Panoramic monitoring camera – rear (including brac 3785095BQ01 Front view camera 3785250BQ01A Panoramic monitoring unit (with bracket) 39H7037501A F-ADS II CABEL 5006081BQ0102 Engine room decorating plate I 5006547FG Wheel casing shield – left front 52050804V7A Right blade assembly-front wiper 5303233BQ0102 Turn on Buffering pin 5407330BQ01A02 Right front door trim assembly 5407415BQ0209 Left wing panel trim assembly – 6at sport 5407610BQ01B02 Front right wheel casing molding assembly 5704055BQ0116 Left top cup decorative strip assembly 5BA013Z40 Air filter element 5CA03303XA Steering knuckle assembly – left 5CA050260B-#M3/5CA050260B Rear bumper cross beam welding assembly 5CA052211A-#M3/5CA052211- Wing – left front 5CA0561J1A Left rear wheel casing shield 5CA06887002 Trunk left surface cover assembly – black 5CA068870A02 Trunk left surface cover assembly – black 5CA06889X02 Trunk rear wall back plate assembly – black 5CA068960A02 Back door lower back plate assembly – black 5CA1502J1 Left Support Rear Bumper 5CA240100A Right rear muffler assembly 5CA25023102 Spoiler – rear bumper, without radar hole 5CA262020#M3 Back Door 5CA262020-#M3 Back Door 5CC066DSX02 Multimedia assembly-black-12.1″ large screen 5DA015909 V belt 5GA051920 Air exit assembly 5GA061P11 A/C filter element 5GA32050XA Exhaust manifold and catalytic converter welding a 5JA115909/5JA215909 V-belt 6101020BQ01#M3 Front right door welding assembly 6101750BQ01A09 Front right door B pillar decorating panel 61030204V7 Glass assembly, door (FR, RH) 6207120BQ01B Right back door seal assembly 6207140BQ01A Right rear door seal 63010102C3#M3 Rear back door assembly 6305010DA01 Back door lock assembly 6309635BQ02 Back door left electric strut 7901010BQ01B Stereo assembly 8103020-7V2-C00/B Cool-air Compressor Assy 8107040EY A/C filter element 8113040BQ02 Air conditioner air filter assembly 8114210BQ01 Blower motor assembly 8401550BQ033B Radiator grille assembly – 6AT sport red paint 8402015BQ01#M3 Engine bonnet subassembly 8403351BQ01A#M3 Front left fender FA031335XA#P1 Fuel pump with fuel sender gauge assembly FC0132420B Steering high pressure hose – 2.0 FC0160950 Fuel filter element,
1012010-37KH Oil filter – 1.8, 2.0 1012010-59K Oil filter – 3.0 1023011-39L Multi – wedge band 102301145L Multi – wedge band 1023011A45L Dedicated for BSG V-ribbed belt 102301239L Multi – wedge band 102301339L Multi – wedge band 102301245L Elastic multi – wedge belt 102301252L Elastic multi – wedge belt 1109160DA01 Air filter element assembly 1109160DB01 Air filter element assembly 1109160DD01 Air filter element assembly 1130530DA01 Carbon canister air filter assembly 35330-TRB010 Filter assembly 3707010-27L-A-BP Spark plug assembly – spare parts 3707010-39L-BP Spark plug assembly – spare parts 8107041MHA A/C filter element 8107041QR01 A/C air cleaner element 9H5DF300AA PM2.5 A/C filter element B1106013DD11 Fuel filter element 2309015-DD01 Left front drive shaft – inner universal joint repair kit 2803341DD01 Front bumper lower grille 3418310DD01A 3418310DD01C Parallel shaft electric steering gear & tie rod assembly 6105285DD026L Left front door cover – brilliant blue 1311010FL Expansion tank assembly 2803157DD01 Front bumper left trim 2803158DD01 Front bumper right trim 2803341DD01 Front bumper lower grille 2901035DD01A Front upper mount assembly 2905015DD11A Left front shock absorber assembly 2905020DD11A Right front shock absorber assembly 3778080DB01 Tire pressure sensor assembly 5207046DD01 Liquid level sensor 5407620DD01105 ” 5407620DD01A105″ Rear right wheel eyebrow trim panel assembly 8401550DD02115 Radiator grille assembly – black 5608510DD01100 5608510DD01A100 Luggage case shelf assembly – black 6302180DD01106 Rear door right shield assembly – crystal grey 5303020DD01100 Glove compartment assembly – black 6203015DD01 Left rear door glass assembly 6203020DD01 Rear right door glass assembly FQ907200616B Bolt 3785110DD01 Parking radar controller assembly 5303243DA01 Damper 3610350DD03 Electrically adjustable steering column controller assembly 6201710DD01004 Rear right door trim bright bar assembly – bright chrome 5206050DB05 Windshield assembly 2820815QR01 Rear sub-frame front mounting assembly 2820835QR01 Rear subframe rear suspension assembly 2905051QR01 Left front damper connecting fork 2905052QR01 Right front damper connecting fork 2906Q31DA01 Hexagon lock nut with non – metallic insert 3501Q61MH Screw 3506312QR01 Front right hose bracket 3506311QR01 Front left hose bracket 3617222QR01 Front right wheel speed sensor harness bracket Ⅲ 3617221QR01 Front left wheel speed sensor harness bracket Ⅲ CQ40112T28F38 Flat washer class a T1851290TF38K Hexagon flange bolt truncated cone guide end 2902115QR01 Air spring with continuous damping control shock absorber assembly 8403350QR01S2 Right front fender assembly 8403345QR01S2 Left front fender assembly 8403410QR01S2 Right front fender connection plate assembly 8403405QR01S2 Left front fender connection plate assembly 8403415QR01S2 Fender bracket I assembly 8403425QR01S2 Fender bracket Ⅱ assembly 8403435QR01S2 Fender bracket III assembly 8403450QR01S2 Front right fender bracket Ⅱ assembly 8403445QR01S2 Front left fender bracket Ⅱ assembly T2300614B Hexagon socket lobular pan head screw and plain washer group 5401042QR01S2 Right side enclosure panel 5401041QR01S2 Left enclosure panel 2803510QR01S2 2803510QR01 Front bumper cross member assembly 3617245QR01 Front wheel speed sensor assembly 3778080DB01 Tire pressure sensor assembly 3711030QR02 Front right combination lamp Ⅰ assembly 3712050QR02 Front grid flag symbol lamp assembly 3711080QR01 Front right combination lamp Ⅱ assembly 3711105QR03 3711105QR03B Front right combination lamp Ⅲ assembly 3716040QR03 3716040QR03A Rear right combination lamp Ⅰ assembly – high-level configuration 3716070QR02 3716070QR02A Rear combination lamp Ⅱ assembly 3716115QR02 Rear left combination lamp Ⅲ assembly 3716120QR02 Rear right combination lamp Ⅲ assembly 3724140QR02 Front bumper harness assembly Exterior temperature sensor assembly 360201537K Coolant temperature sensor assembly 3602015-37K Coolant temperature sensor assembly 3602035-39L Intake pressure temperature sensor assembly 360203545L Intake pressure temperature sensor assembly 3602045-27L Crankshaft position sensor assembly 360204535K Crankshaft position sensor assembly 3602055-27L Camshaft position sensor assembly 3602055-37K Camshaft position sensor assembly 3602065-37K Knock sensor assembly 3602085AND Tsp linear oxygen sensor assembly 3602085CF50 Linear oxygen sensor assembly 3501077MH Countersunk head screw 3501111DA01 Front brake disc 3501X75QR01 Front brake friction plate kit 3506515QR01 Front brake hose assembly 3501077MH Countersunk head screw 3502020QR01 Rear right caliper assembly 3502015QR01 Left rear caliper assembly 3502111QR01 Rear brake disc 3502X75QR01 Rear brake friction plate kit 3560015QR01 Brake electronical booster with master cylinder and liquid storage tank assembly 3560075QR01 Liquid reservoir cap assembly 3560091QR01 Nut 3560092QR01 Sealing ring 1206020DB31 Vacuum tank coupling hose assembly (pattern diagram) 1206035DB31 Vacuum tank assembly 3501025DB01 Front left brake caliper subassembly 3501030DB01 Front right brake caliper subassembly 3501X75DB01 Front brake friction plate kit 3502015DB01 Rear left brake caliper assembly 3502020DB01 Rear right brake caliper assembly 3502095DB01 Rear electronic abrasion alarm assembly 3502X75DB01 Rear brake friction plate kit 3504020DB01 Brake pedal and bracket assembly 3506515DB01 Front left brake hose assembly 3506520DB01 Front right brake hose assembly 3510060MG Electric vacuum pump assembly 3539010DB01 Vacuum booster with master cylinder and liquid storage tank assembly 3539093DB01 Sealing gasket 3539096DB01 Brake master cylinder seal ring 3550820DB01 ESC unit assembly (wet type) 3560075QR01 Liquid reservoir cap assembly 3560091QR01 Nut 3560092QR01 seal ring 1001115DB01 Powertrain left mount assembly 1001115DB31 Powertrain left mount assembly 1001120DB01 Powertrain right mount assembly 1001120DB31 Powertrain right mount assembly 1001165DB01 Powertrain rear mount assembly 1001325DB01 Powertrain rear mount assembly 1002041-59K Side bolt gasket 1002061-45L Sealing rubber ring 1003030-39L Left cylinder gasket assembly 1003030-45L Cylinder gasket assembly 1003042-39L Left frame gasket 1003042-45L Valve chamber cover gasket 1026040-45L Camshaft drive chain assembly 1026045A45L Camshaft drive chain tensioning arm assembly 1026050-45L Camshaft drive chain guide assembly 1026060-52L Camshaft chain tensioner assembly 1026060A59K Crankshaft chain assembly 1026064-45L Camshaft chain tensioner sealing gasket 1026065-43L Left camshaft chain assembly 1026065-45L Balance shaft drive chain assembly 1026070-43L Right camshaft chain assembly 1026084-59K Sealing bolt gasket 1026120-45L Balance shaft chain tensioner assembly 3418310QR01 Parallel shaft type electric steering gear with pull rod assembly 3418025QR01 Inner tie rod assembly 3418140QR01 Right outside tie rod assembly 3418135QR01 Left outside tie rod assembly 3418029QR01 Hexagon nut 3418320QR01 Parallel shaft electric steering gear short assembly 3418026QR01 Dust cover 3418027QR01 Clamp – big end 3418028QR01 Clamp – small end 3418Q61E16 Combined bolt 3418027DB01 Steel strip – big end 3418028DB01 Clamp – small end 3418029DB01 Hexagon nut 3418135DB01 Left outer pull rod assembly 3418140DB01 Right outer pull rod assembly 3418310DB01 Parallel shaft type electric steering gear with pull rod assembly 3418320DB01 Parallel shaft electric steering gear short assembly 3418Q61E16 Combined bolt 2309015QR01 Front left driving shaft with bracket assembly 2309020QR01 Right front drive shaft assembly 2309Q09DA01 Nut Q185B1040TF38K Hexagon flange bolt thick rod (standard type) 2309030QR01 Driving shaft fixed section assembly maintenance kit 2309040QR01 Driving shaft fixed section sheath maintenance kit 2409030QR01 Driving shaft fixed section assembly maintenance kit 2409040QR01 Driving shaft fixed section sheath maintenance kit 1701012BA5K Locating ring 2309Q09DA01 Nut 2409015QR01 Rear left driving shaft with bracket assembly 2409020QR01 Rear right drive shaft assembly 2409026QR01 Intermediate shaft bracket I Q185B1040TF38K Hexagon flange bolt thick rod (standard type) Q185B1050TF38K Hexagon flange bolt 3103030QR01 Front hub and bearing assembly 3104030QR01 Rear hub bearing assembly 2403070DB01 Output oil seal 2409X30DB01 Fixed section repair kit 2409X40DB01 Fixed section sheath repair kit 2410022DA01 Rear final drive front mount upper limit cover 2410025DA01 Rear final drive front mount lower limit cover assembly 2410Q01DB01 Rear final drive mounting standard part I 3104040DB01 Rear hub bearing assembly 3104040E15 Rear hub bearing assembly

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