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    Weipa brand it is belong to TAIZHOU CINA AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD,this brand is focus on roof rack accessories parts,such roof rack bar,roof rack basket,roof rack box,roof rack cargo carrier etc.
    More information you need,you email us,we can send you our parts catalogue
    Weipa roof rack cargo bag Item number CINA1209
    First, the roof rain-proof Package classic general:FILTRO DE COMBUSTIBLE DIESEL: 108*81GA022
    Embrague de cilindro esclavo zhonghua: 1680 Oxford cloth
    Second, the roof rain-proof package classic General Features:
    1. Anti-splashing treatment on surface (1680D waterproof oxford cloth) Waterproof and scratch resistant
    2, health and environmental protection, does not contain eight heavy metals and harmful substances to the human body
    3, High-strength nylon flip, polymer material refining and high strength is not easy to break
    4, Zipper Edge has 2-3cm rain effective protection bit chain by rain erosion
    5, high density gun color zipper, special PU pull piece, enhance the service life wear-resisting
    Three added, safe and practical:
    Addendum 1: Anti-rain bag bottom Add 8 luggage rack connecting buckle and Bar direct connection multiple spacing selection
    2: The top of the rain-proof bag is increased by 4 belts (around two belts), the bumpy road is more stable and safe
    3: Rain-proof package four weeks to increase the 6 lifting handle (3 lifting handle before and after), disassembly more labor-saving easier to carry
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