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  • LF9050 Fleetguard Oil Filter Spin On Cummins 4016657

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    Fleetguard air filter,LF9050,Fleetguard OIL FILTER SPIN ON CUMMINS QSK38 QSK45 QSK50 QSK60 LF9050,Fleetguard LF9050 Oil Lube Filter Cummins Filtration,Fleetguard Oil Lube Filter Cummins Filtration,LF9050 Fleetguard Oil Filter Spin On Cummins 4016657



    Fleetguard air filter,LF9050,Fleetguard OIL FILTER SPIN ON CUMMINS QSK38 QSK45 QSK50 QSK60 LF9050,Fleetguard LF9050 Oil Lube Filter Cummins Filtration,Fleetguard LF9050 Oil Lube Filter Cummins Filtration,LF9050 Fleetguard Oil Filter Spin On Cummins 4016657
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    Thread: M90 x 2.0
    O.D.: 4 23/32 (119.9)
    Length: 11 5/8 (295.3)
    Replaces: Cummins 4016657; Fleetguard LF9050
    Qty per Carton: 6
    Carton Weight: 31.46
    Filters are sold in case lots only
    Cross Reference
    Wix: 57139
    Donaldson: P554560
    Baldwin: BD7176
    Mann Filter: WP 12 905
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