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    Бренд Weipa принадлежит TAIZHOU CINA AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.,этот бренд специализируется на аксессуарах для багажника на крыше,такой багажник на крыше,корзина багажника на крыше,коробка багажника на крыше,багажник на крышу багажник и т. д..

    Коленчатый вал MG Rover 1,4 л в сборе OEM LEF101770
    Detailed Technical parameters
    Bearer (КГ)100 (Сердечник отопителя в сборе)
    Aviation Aluminum + Manganese Steel
    Product Accessories
    Hexagon WRENCH + Руководство по эксплуатации + key
    Product use: Can carry the bicycle frame, the vehicle top, the luggage box, the rain-proof bag and so on rides the traveling equipment
    Примечание: The original car must have a suspended type of luggage rack (longitudinal) to install this bar

    Weipa Characteristics of catfish section of roof Rails
    1 Fashion modelling is full of motion, the modelling is more obvious the atmosphere vogue, simple but not simple
    2 High quality aviation aluminum abrasive texture, lightweight, surface oxidation treatment, corrosion-stronger
    3 High quality nylon end-head molding casting, after the molding after 15 hours of high-temperature water boiling, more resistant to high temperature and low cold deformation resistant to aging
    4 thickness 3.1mm carbon steel plywood, catfish mouth type gluing + high-quality carbon steel splint firmer, with the body contact with soft plastic bag angle
    5 anti-theft Lock configuration is more secure, each pair of bars are equipped with 4 corresponding lock core code anti-theft key
    6 strong bearing capacity of the single root bearing 100kg, good rod bearing articles duly
    Примечание: The original car must have a suspended type of luggage rack (longitudinal) to install this bar
    Three major breakthroughs:
    1 Use mute technology wind noise ≈0, pure aviation descent, Bionic Eagle Wing design, tens of thousands of wind dynamic experiments
    2 Stainless steel compression spring, farewell to the old-fashioned card groove expansion is not bad, the built-in spring to increase outward expansion force, more firmly safe
    3 The heightening and thickening does not affect the skylight opening

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