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    Weipa brand it is belong to TAIZHOU CINA AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD,this brand is focus on roof rack accessories parts,such roof rack bar,багажник кошик,roof rack box,roof rack cargo carrier etc.
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    Detailed Technical parameters:
    Capacity (L)480
    Load (КГ) More than 70KG
    розмір (СМ) 170*76*40
    installation mode U-Type Bolts
    Material Abs+asa/pmma
    Product Features
    Outdoor equipment, luggage and daily necessities can be

    Weipa Car Top Features:
    1, large capacity, self-driving travel, convenient and practical;
    2, з 2 thick rust-proof square tube strengthened beam, foreign trade standards, strong and durable, strong bearing, not easy deformation;
    3, imported Abs+asa material, toughness, high temperature resistance, anti-aging;
    4, cushion damping folding support rod, with buffering force, folding convenient, міцний;
    5, з 4 sets of U-type bolts solid connection, unarmed installation, applicable to a variety of rail luggage rack, more convenient and firmer installation;
    6, streamline design, stylish atmosphere, more noodles, with the body, dynamic, highlighting taste;
    7, improve anti-theft lock design, the new upgrade 3 lock ring design, ensure the safety of goods in the box, travel more assured;

    Веіпа багажник вантажний ящик номер пункт CINATF327
    横杆 - Weipa roof rack cargo box item number CINATF327

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