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272742ZG0A+F102 112202ZG1A+R304 113202ZG1A+R304 117202ZG0A+E108 BELT-ALTNTR 170402ZG0A+A117 210602ZG0A+A406 623102ZG0A+P115 214102ZG1A+F102 23300Y3000+A008 244102ZY0A+E105 260102ZG0A+E304 260602ZG0A+E304 265505JG0A+Z002 265555JG0B+Z002 265108990A+E316 288902ZG0A+F302 2TZ0051+A006 PUMP ASSY-WATER 2TZ0058.01+A006 2TZ0059+A006 2TZ0060+A006 301002ZG0A+B003 302102ZG0A+B003 402022ZG2A+C319 402062ZG0A+B401 DISC-FR BRAKE 432102ZG0A+B403 490012ZG1A+D001 491102ZG1A+D021 545005JG0A+B900 545015JG0A+B900 545245JG0A+B900 545255JG0A+B900 561102ZG1A+C205 631002ZG0A+Z001 631012ZG0A+Z001 651002ZG0A+Z001 727002ZG0A+G004 797002ZG0A+G020 7B101601308+B103 801002ZG0A+Z001 801012ZG0A+Z001 821002ZG0A+Z001 821012ZG0A+Z001 850102ZG0A+L038 926002ZG1A+F102 934002ZG0A+Z001 963012ZG0E+P224 963022ZG0E+P224 985152ZG0A+D017 D10602ZG0A+B401 933002ZG0A+Z001 933012ZG0A+Z001 288902ZG1A+F302 620222ZG0H+P115 808205JG0A+L013 808215JG0A+L013 460102ZG1A+D505 460102ZG3A+D505 CYLINDER ASSY-BRAKE MASTER 284422ZG0A+E510 285E32ZG0A+D021 SW ASSY-SMART KEYLESS 288862ZG0A+F302 02117-KA24 28200-VK420 23710-Y3000 27270-82P00 26550-5KS5A 26555-5KS5A 2TZ0019+A006 NOZZLE ASSY & HOLDER SPROCKET 6177+A006 MAIN BEARING SHELL 2TZ0071+A006 PISTON COOLING THE FUEL INJECTOR ASSERMBLY 5104+A006 KNOCK SENSOR 6069+A006 OIL PRESSURE ANNUCIATOR 7134+A006 PCV VALVE 11253P2902+A006 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 7049+A006 RE-FUELLING COVER 6119+A006 BEARING SHELL,CONNECTING ROD 6116+A006 CONNECTING ROD SUB-ASSY 6184+A006 THRUST WASHER(UP&DOWN) 2TZ0014+A006 RING SET-PISTON 2TZ0015.01+A006 PISTON 2TZ0026+A006 EAHAUST VALVE 2TZ0030+A006 INTAKE VALE 2TZ0077+A006 CHAIN-CAMSHAFT 2TZ0027+A006 RETAINER-VALVESPR,LWR 2TZ0033+A006 OIL SEAL SUB-ASSY,VALVE 2TZ0057+A006 INJECTION CONTROL VALVE COMPONENTS A3134+A006 INLET PRESSURE SENSOR A15T0065+A006 OXyG0N SENSOR 165002ZG0B+A201 CLNR ASSY-AIR 165472ZG0B+A201 PACK-AIR CLNR COVER 165752ZG1A+A201 DUCT ASSY-AIR 165572ZG0B+R304 MTG-AIR CLNR,RUB 14950JN00A+A024 CANISTER ASSY-EVAP 2TZ0111+A006 MANIF ASSY-INT 2TZ0068+A006 CAMSHAFT POSITON SENSOR 3TZ0021+A006 ECU SENSOR-WATER TEMPARATURE 206514JA0D+Z002 MTG-EXH,RUB 206514JA0C+Z002 MTG-EXH,RUB 20651CD00A+Z002 MTG-EXH,RUB 7163.01+A006 THERMOLATOR KIT 6098+A006 GASKET,THERMOSTAT GUIDE 2TZ0050+A006 GSKT-WATER PUMP 2TZ0089.02+A006 PIPE,WATER BY-PASS B2.008+A006 INLET PIPE 2TZ0055+A006 Pump pulley 215082ZG0A+R304 MTG-RAD 214982ZG1A+P102 SEAL-RAD SIDE,RH 214962ZG3A+P102 SEAL-RAD 214962ZG0A+P102 SEAL-RAD,UPR 215012ZG0A+R211 HOSE-RAD,UPR 217102ZG0A+R311 TANK COMPL-RAD RESVR 215062ZG0A+R304 MTG-RAD,UPR ZG0030+A006 CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR 2TZ0056.01+A006 ECU 2TZ0056.02+A006 ECU 244202ZW0A+L002 FRAME-BAT 244252ZY1B+L002 ROD-BAT FIX 648602ZG0A+P102 BRKT ASSY-BAT MTG 248102ZG0C+E610 METER ASSY-COMB 255702ZG0A+E706 SW ASSY-MIRROR CONT 25360KA60A+E707 SW ASSY-DOOR 254012ZG0A+E706 SW UNIT-POWER WDW,MAIN 253212ZY0A+E707 SW ASSY-STOP LAMP 253202DT0A+E707 SW ASSY-STOP LAMP 254112ZG0A+E706 SW UNIT-POWER WDW 252802ZG0A+E706 SW ASSY-FUEL LID OPENER 251902ZG0A+E706 SW ASSY-RETRACTOR 253312ZU0A+E408 POWER SOCKET ASSY 285562ZG0A+D017 SEN-AIR BAG 255542ZG0B+E706 WIRE ASSY-STRG 282682ZG0A+E404 SW ASSY-REMOTE 284B22ZG0A+E404 CONT UNIT-BCM 284D22ZG0A+E025 CONT UNIT-CAN GATEWAY 261508993C+E317 LAMP ASSY-FOG 269102ZG0A+P115 BRKT ASSY-FOG LAMP,RH 269152ZG0A+P115 BRKT ASSY-FOG LAMP,LH 264303ZA1A+E309 LAMP ASSY-MAP 264395JG0A+P223 BRKT-MAP LAMP 264102ZS6A+E304 LAMP ASSY-ROOM 2626189965+Z002 BULB-WEDGE BASE 272202ZG0A+F102 MOTOR & FAN ASSY-BLOWER 282152ZG0A+E513 BASE-ANT 282162ZG0A+E513 ROD-ANT 288812ZG0A+F302 ARM ASSY-WS WIPER,DRIVER 288802ZG1A+F302 ARM COMPL-WS WIPER 288802ZG0A+F302 ARM COMPL-WS WIPER,DRIVER 288002ZG0A+F302 DRIVE ASSY-WS WIPER 288822ZG0A+F302 COVER-WIPER ARM 289102ZG0A+F315 TANK ASSY-WS WASH 289202ZG0A+F315 MOTOR ASSY-WASH 289152ZG0A+F315 INLET ASSY-WASH TANK 289312ZG0A+F315 NOZZLE ASSY-WS WASH,LH 289322ZG0A+F315 NOZZLE COMPL-WS WASH,RH 306102ZG0A+C305 CYL ASSY-CLUTCH MASTER 308562ZG0A+R202 HOSE-CLUTCH,RESVR 306202ZG0A+C305 CYL ASSY-CLUTCH OPER 370002ZG1A+B302 SFT ASSY-PROP 371252ZG0A+B302 JOURNAL ASSY 3712530088+B302 UNIVERSAL JOINT Φ30×88 371252ZG0C+B302 JOURNAL ASSY 373002ZG2A+B302 SFT ASSY-PROP,RR 372002ZG0A+B302 SFT ASSY-PROP,FR 381892ZG0B+B403 SEAL ASSY-DRIVE PINION 383102ZG0A+B403 HSG,DRIVE-FINAL 381002ZG0A+B403 GEAR SET-HYP 384212ZG0A+B403 CASE-DIFF 400145JG0A+B401 KNU-STRG,RH 400155JG0A+B401 KNU-STRG,LH 402022ZG1A+C319 HUB ASSY-FR WHEEL 546112ZG0A+C207 STAB-FR 546132ZG0A+R304 BUSH-STAB 546145JG0A+L038 CLP-STAB 381642ZG0A+B403 Axle SFT (RH) 381652ZG0A+B403 Axle SFT (LH) 430852ZG0A+B403 SEAL-O ring 430822ZG0A+B403 CAGE-BRG,RR AXLE 251522ZG0A+B403 BRG -DIFF SIDE 251522ZG1A+B403 RING, SHAFT SNAP 432522ZG0A+B403 SEAL-OIL,RR AXLE SFT 432062ZG0A+B401 DRUM-RR BRAKE 383002ZG0A+B403 FINAL DRIVE ASSY 430102ZG0A+B403 REAR AXLE HOUSING ASSEMBLY 562002ZG2A+C205 ABS COMPL-SHOCK,RR 550202ZG2A+C209 SPR ASSY-RR 554905JG2A+R108 DAMPER ASSY-DYNAMIC 550462ZG0A+R304 BUSH-RR SPR,RR 552475JG0A+S001 CLIP-RR SPR 440002ZG0A+D504 BRAKE ASSY-RR,RH 552215JG0A+S001 SHACKLE-PLATE,RR SPR RR 552205JG0A+S001 SHACKLE ASSY-RR SPR,RR 440102ZG0A+D504 BRAKE ASSY-RR,LH 403422ZS00+L014 ORNAM ASSY-DISC WHEEL 410012ZG0A+B401 ALIPER ASSY-BRAKE,W/O PAD RH 410112ZG0A+B401 CALIPER ASSY-FR LH,W/O PAD LH 411212ZG0A+B401 PISTON 440602ZG00+D504 SHOE ASSY-RR BRAKE,LEADING 365312ZG0A+F001 CABLE ASSY-PKB,RR LH 365302ZG0A+F001 CABLE ASSY-PKB,RR RH 360105JG0A+F006 DVC ASSY-PKB 479002ZG0A+D504 SEN ASSY-ANTISKID,RR RH 479012ZG0A+D504 SEN ASSY-ANTISKID,RR LH 479102ZG0A+D504 SEN ASSY-ANTISKID,FR RH 985102ZG0A+D017 MODULE ASSY-AIR BAG,DRIVER D86402ZG1A+D001 OBJ(L) D85202ZG1A+D001 OBJ(R) 51110JR70A+Z002 HOOK ASSY-FR TOWING,RH 622225JG0A+L080 BRKT-FR BMPR SIDE,RH 622235JG0A+L080 BRKT-FR BMPR SIDE,LH 622562ZG0A+P115 FIN-FR BMPR,RH 622572ZG0A+P115 FIN-FR BMPR,LH 015530038U+Z002 CLIP-PUSH PIN 622542ZG0A+P115 GRILLE ASSY-FR BMPR 622945JG0A+L038 RET ASSY-FR BMPR SIDE,RH 622955JG0A+L038 RET ASSY-FR BMPR SIDE,LH 628902ZG0A+P103 EMBLEM-RAD GRILLE 623222ZG0A+P115 GRILLE-RAD,UPR 625102ZG0A+L008 SUPTASSY-RADCORE,UPR F25205JGMA+L023 SUPPORT-RADIATOR CORE SIDE,RH F25215JGMA+L023 SUPPORT-RADIATOR CORE SIDE,LH F25205JGEA+L023 SUPPORT ASSY-RADIATOR CORE 625502ZG1A+L008 STAY ASSY-HOOD LOCK SUPT 638425JG0A+H408 PROTR-FR FDR,RH 638435JG0A+H408 PROTR-FR FDR,LH 631825JG0A+L062 STAY-FR FDR,RH 631835JG0A+L062 STAY-FR FDR,LH 631225JG0A+P130 STFNR-FR FDR,RH 668945JG0A+L080 COVER-FR FDR,RH 668955JG0A+L080 COVER-FR FDR,LH 638265JG0A+P130 SPCR-FR FDR 641002ZG0A+Z001 HOODLEDGE ASSY,RH F41305JGMA+Z001 HOODLEDGEASSY-LWR,RH 641502ZG0A+L023 HOODLEDGE ASSY-UPR,RR RH 641012ZG0A+Z001 HOODLEDGE ASSY,LH 641312ZG0A+L023 HOODLEDGE ASSY-LWR,LH 641512ZG0A+L023 HOODLEDGE ASSY-UPR,RR LH 654002ZG0A+H402 HINGE ASSY-HOOD,RH 654012ZG0A+H402 HINGE ASSY-HOOD,LH 657702ZG0A+H107 ROD ASSY-HOOD SUPT 657712ZG0A+H107 ROD-HOOD SUPT 658105JG0A+R014 SEAL ASSY-RAD CORE 656012ZG0A+H013 LOCK ASSY-HOOD 656212ZG0A+F001 CABLE COMPL-HOOD LOCK CONT 656312ZG0A+H013 LOCK ASSY-HOOD,LH 663122ZG0A+L023 COWL TOP 0155305933+Z002 CLIP-TRIM 668305JG0A+R014 SEAL ASSY-COWL TOP F63245JGMA+Z001 BRACE-COWLTOP,SIDERH F63255JGMA+L062 BRACE-COWL TOP SIDE,LH 668625JG0A+H408 COVER ASSY-COWL TOP 727525JG0A+L013 MLDG-WS 727165JG2A+P130 DAM-SEALANT,FR RUB 803002ZG0A+G020 GLASS ASSY-FR DOOR,RH 803012ZG0A+G020 GLASS ASSY-FR DOOR,LH 807002ZG0A+H402 REG COMPL-FR DOOR,RH 807012ZG0A+H402 REG COMPL-FR DOOR,LH 803305JG0A+R014 GLASS RUN-FR DOOR WDW,RH 803315JG0A+R014 GLASS RUN-FR DOOR WDW,LH 508105JG1A+H408 COVER ASSY-FR UNDER G31125JGMA+Z001 ROOF 73998ZT50A+Z002 CLIP-TRIM G60225JGMA+Z001 BODY-SIDE,OTRRH G62145JGMC+L079 REINFORCE-FRONT PILLAR,OUTER RH G65705JGMA+L079 BRACE ASSY-CENTER PILLAR HINGE,RH G65145JGMA+L079 REINFORCE-LOCK PILLAR,OUTER RH G60235JGMA+Z001 BODY-SIDE,OTRLH G62155JGMC+L079 REINFORCE-FRONT PILLAR,OUTER LH G65715JGMA+L079 BRACE ASSY-CENTER PILLAR HINGE,LH G65155JGMA+L079 REINFORCE-LOCK PILLAR,OUTER LH 788105JG0A+L038 MUDGUARD ASSY-RR,RH 788115JG0A+L038 MUDGUARD ASSY-RR,LH 638505JG0A+L038 MUDGUARD ASSY-FR,RH 638515JG0A+L038 MUDGUARD ASSY-FR,LH 769215JG0A+R014 WELT-BODY SIDE,FR RH 769225JG0A+R014 WELT-BODY SIDE,FR LH 769235JG0A+R014 WELT-BODY SIDE,RR RH 769245JG0A+R014 WELT-BODY SIDE,RR LH 739424JA0A+P227 GRIP-ASSIST 805002ZG0A+H013 LOCK & RC ASSY-FR DOOR,RH 805012ZG0A+H013 LOCK & RC ASSY-FR DOOR,LH 806702ZG0A+H013 HANDLE&SW ASSY-FR DOOR INSIDE 806712ZG0A+H013 HANDLE ASSY-DOOR INSIDE,LH 806102ZG0A+H013 BRKT ASSY-DOOR O/S HANDLE,RH 806112ZG0A+H013 BRKT ASSY-DOOR O/S HANDLE,LH 806402ZG0B+H013 GRIP ASSY-F/DOOR O/S HANDLE,RH 806452ZG0A+H013 ESCUT-FR DOOR O/S HANDLE FR,LH 806462ZG0A+H013 ESCUT-FR DOOR O/S HANDLE RR,RH 809425JG0A+F218 CAP-ARMREST,FR RH 809435JG0A+F218 CAP-ARMREST,FR LH 828122ZG0A+K109 TAPE-RR DOOR OUTSIDE,RH 828132ZG0A+K109 TAPE-RR DOOR OUTSIDE,LH 828205JG0A+L013 MLDG ASSY-RR DOOR OUTSIDE,RH 828215JG0A+L013 MLDG ASSY-RR DOOR OUTSIDE,LH 823002ZG0A+G020 GLASS ASSY-RR DOOR,RH 823012ZG0A+G020 GLASS ASSY-RR DOOR,LH 827002ZG0A+G016 REG COMPL-RR DOOR,RH 827012ZG0A+G016 REG COMPL-RR DOOR,LH 825002ZG0A+H013 LOCK & RC ASSY-RR DOOR,RH 825012ZG0A+H013 LOCK & RC ASSY-RR DOOR,LH 906062ZG0A+H013 HANDLE ASSY-TAIL GATE 934705JG0A+H007 HINGE ASSY-RR GATE 90503P2700+H013 LOCK ASSY-RR GATE,LH 90502P2700+H013 LOCK ASSY-RR GATE,RH 904602ZG0A+H013 STAY ASSY-RR GATE 261602ZG0A+P224 LAMP ASSY-SIDE TURN SIGNAL,RH 261652ZG0A+P224 LAMP ASSY-SIDE TURN SIGNAL,LH 963732ZG0E+P224 GARN-DOOR MIRROR,RH 963742ZG0E+P224 GARN-DOOR MIRROR,LH 822905JG0A+L074 COVER-RR DOOR CORNER,OTR RH 822915JG0A+L074 COVER-RR DOOR CORNER,OTR LH 822925JG0A+L080 COVER-RR DOOR CORNER INR,RH 822935JG0A+L080 COVER-RR DOOR CORNER INR,LH 963212DR0A+H306 MIRROR ASSY-INSIDE 90889P2750+P103 ORNAM-BACK DOOR 487002ZG0B+H012 LOCK ASSY-STRG 391002ZG0A+B409 SFT ASSY-FR DRIVE 1293+A006 PLUG,DRAIN 2TZ0108+A006 GUIDE-OIL LEVEL GAUCE 7132+A006 PCV VALVES RUBBER SEAT 2TZ0052+A006 IDLER 231002ZG0A+E111 ALTNTR ASSY 2TZ0069+A006 TIMING SPOCKET ,CRANKSHAFT 2TZ0020.01+A006 THE CAMSHAFT COMPONENTS 2TZ0021.01+A006 EXHAUST THE CAMSHAFT COMPONENTS 172512ZG0A+H503 CAP ASSY-FILLER 201002ZG1A+A317 MFLR ASSY-EXH,MAIN 255502ZG0A+E706 SW ASSY-STRG 255605JG0B+Z002 SW COMPL-COMB 253252ZY9E+E706 SW ASSY-CLUTCH 2533949A0A+E408 RING-CIGARETTE LIGHTER 924002ZG0A+R206 HOSE-HEATER,INLET 7B251701059+B103 REVERSE SWITCH 8B2-1701060 Switch assy-reverse lamp 479502ZG0A+B403 GEAR 403002ZG0B+C310 WHEEL ASSY-DISC SPARE 403002ZG3A+C312 WHEEL-DISC,AL 265545JG0A+Z002 HSG ASSY-RR COMB LAMP,RH 265595JG0B+Z002 HSG ASSY-RR COMB LAMP,LH 8B21701060+B103 Switch assy-reverse lamp 850102ZG2A+L038 BMPR ASSY-RR 850645JG0A+L038 FIN RR STEP UPR 850302ZG2A+L038 REINF-RR BMPR SIDE,RH 850312ZG2A+L038 REINF-RR BMPR SIDE,LH 260102ZG1A+E304 LAMP ASSY-HEAD,RH 260602ZG1A+E304 LAMP ASSY-HEAD,LH 40110-2S400 40160-01G25 40160-3S600 33100-P3100 14111-25T01 13028-D22A.048 40202-M11003-2 30210-A5129DF 61877-MC00A 27140-3S110 27140-85P10 21410-Y3000 21410-P3101- 21410-S066-2 21410-S070 92110-F036 92110-F040 26550P2750+E305 REAR LAMP RH 963012ZY1A+P224 VIEW MIRROR RH 852102ZY2E+P102 REAR BUMPER 620202ZY2E+P115 FRONT BUMPER 26580P2750+E305 REAR FOG LAMP RH 26585P2750+E305 REAR FOG LAMP LH D183+A006 WATER PUMP BELT 623102ZY1A+P108 GRILLE-RAD 214102ZW0B+A414 RADIATOR ASSY D891.08+A006 ENGINE CONTROL MODULE 23300Y3700+A008 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 16402Y3701+A108 Fuel filter 921102ZW0A+F102 COND ASSY 620272ZY2A+P115 FASCIA ASSY-FR BUMP,LH 620262ZY2A+P115 FASCIA ASSY-FR BUMP,RH 938282ZY2E+P115 FENDER-OVER,REAR RH 938292ZY2E+P115 FENDER-OVER,REAR LH 26010P2750+E306 LAMP ASSY-FR COMB,RH 26060P2750+E306 LAMP ASSY-FR COMB,LH 985102ZY1B+H404 MODULE ASSY-AIR BAG,DRIVER D055.02+A006 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET D042+A006 CYLINDER HEAD 16546 P2700 ELEMENT ASSY -AIR (Round type) 21410P3100+A401 RADIATOR ASSY 16575P2700+R101 Duct assy air 2722001G03+F102 MOTOR BLOWER AC 28500-JX00B 48070-JX00A 24.52Y13-03065 half shaft rear axle 1608DB05-010 clutch booster P22011027-030 spider assy 1365935 C3415366 WATER PUMP C3902089 SEALO-RING 1109N12-030 AIR CLEANER INNER ELEMENT C3907177 SEAL RECTANGULAR RING 3944344 LINER CYLINDER C3928639 THERMOSTAT 1601R20-090 PLATE.CLUTCH.PRESSURE 1601R20-130 DISC.CLUTCH 37V66-01010 ALTERNADOR 3927772 BEARING.CRANKSHAFT A3900068 DOWEL.PIN A3901090 BEARING.MAIN A3901150 BEARING.MAIN A3901258 GEAR.CRANKSHAFT A3902343 DOWEL.PIN A3903796 BLOCK.CYLINDER A3900956 PLUG.EXPANSION A3901306 BUSHING A3903920 BLOCK.CYLINDER A3007635 PLUG.EXPANSION A3913917 CAP.MAIN.BEARING A3917611 BLOCK.CYLINDER A3917610 CASTING.CYLINDER C3900965 PLUG.EXPANSION C3904217 SCREW.HEXAGON.HEAD A3907803 CRANKSHAFT.ENGINE A3907803-MP CASTING.CRANKSHAFT A3919002 NOZZLE.PISTON.COOLING C3008468 PLUG.PIPE C3900257 DOWEL.PIN C3900687 PLUG.EXPANSION C3904483 DOWEL.PIN C3906619 PLUG.PIPE A3900709 SEAL.OIL C3903475 SEAL.RECTANGLE A3960319 GASKET.GEAR.COVER A3960661 GASKET.GEAR.HOUSING C3976797 HOSE.FLEXIBLE A3911584 BELT.V.RIBBED 3845N05-010 SENSOR.TEMPERATURE C3967251 SENSOR.OIL.PRESSURE A3924026 TENSIONER.BELT 1117N-010 FILTER.FUEL 1125N-010 FILTER.FUEL A3925529 SEAL.OIL A3912473 SEAL.RECTANGULAR.RING A3960313 GASKET.REAR.COVER A3960902 PUMP.FUEL.INJECTION 1106N-010 PUMP.FUEL.TRANSFER A3960041 MANIFOLD.FUEL 1012Q01-010 ELEMENT.LUB OIL A3907708 DIPSTICK 1011Q01-010-A12 PUMP.LUBRICATION OIL A3911535 GASKET.OIL.PIN A3901170 BEARING.CONNECTING A3902286 RING.COMPRESSION A3902401 RING.COMPRESSION A3903384 RING.OIL PISTON C3356586ZZ INJECTOR A3941476 BUSHING C3975389ZZ CAMSHAFT A3907431 GAER.CAMSHAFT A3592318 TURBOCHARGER A3901356 GASKET.TURBOCHARGER 3708Q01-010 MOTOR.STARTING A3960324 GASKET.AIR.INTAKE C3929881 GASKET.EXHAUST RQ86008210 FUEL SUPPLY HOSE-FUEL RETUR 1119G-019 FUEL PRELIFTER ASSY RQ860B10090 FUEL SUPPLY HOSE FUEL TANK 1101Q01-001 FUEL TANK ASSY 11QA-08011 ACCELERATING PEDAL 11V65-08050 ACCELELATING DRIVE CONTROL 11V50-09042 AIR FILTER SUCTION RUBBER 1109DJ10-001 AIR FILTER ASSY 11Q01-18114 RUBBER PIPE INTERCOOLER 3541V65A-001 EXHAUST.BRAKING VALVE 12DJ10-03010 MUFFLER AIR INLET ASSY 13Q01-03012 RADIADOR WATER OUTLET RUBB 13Q01-03011 RADIADOR WATER INJET PIPE 1311V65C-010-A EXPANSION CHAMBER.ASSY 13Q04-11066-B1 EXPANSION CHAMBER.BRACKET 13Q01-02001 RADIATOR Q5510825 KEY 1601R20-090 CLUTCH.COVER AND PRESSURE 16N-06060 REAR OIL PIPE ASSY.CLUTCH 1608N-001 BOOSTER ASSY 1604V45-010-A CLUTCH.MASTER.PUMP ASSY 1700C-120 2ND.3RD.SYNCHRONIZER TAPER 1700C-123 2ND.3RD.GEAR SYNCHRONIZER 1700-140 4TH.5TH.SYNCHRONIZER TAPER 1700-142 4TH.5TH.SYNCHRONIZER LOCK 2202D-084-A WASHER.CENTER BEARING BEAR 3202D-081-2 BEARING.SEAT.CENTER.BEARING 3000210 BEARING.CENTER.BEARING 2202D-085 OIL SEAL.CENTER BEARING 8047-25K CROSS.SHAFT.NEEDLE BEARING 2201D5-032 DUST.COLLAR 2201D5-031 CROSS.SHAFT 22D-02220-A2 CENTER.BEARING.BRACKET ASSY 28V66-03009 FRONT.BUMPER.ASSY 29C-01272 RUBBER.BUSH 2921Q01-010 SHOCK ABSORBER 2912DJ02-010 FRONT.LEAF SPRING ASSY 2912DJ02-020 1ST.SPRING.LEAF.WITH LINING 29Q07-01132-B U BOIT.FRONT SUSPENSION 2913Q17-010 REAR.LEAF.SPRING ASSY 29Q17-02131 U BOLT 2914Q68-010 ASSIST.LEAF SPRING ASSY 30Q54-01018 RIGHT.STEERING.KNUCKLE 30Q54-01017 LEFT.STEERING.KNUCKLE 30Q02-01021-B STEERING KNUCKLE KING PIN 30Q02-01035 THRUST.BEARING ASSY 30Q02-01022-01029 ADJUSTING SPACER-STEERING 30Q02-01031 WEDGE SHAPE LOCKPIN 30Q02-01019 BUSH-STEERING KNUCKLE 30Q02-01011 FRONT AXLE 31Q02-03030 EXTERNAL BEAR-FRONT WHEEL 31Q02-03020 INNER BEAR 31Q02-03015 FRONT WHEEL.HUB 31Q02-01061 NUT 31Q02-03080-A OIL SEAL-FRONT WHEEL HUB 35Q54-01075 FRONT BRAKING HUB 31Q02-03055 LEFT FRONT WHEEL NUT 24D-03064 GASKET-HALF AXLE 24Q-03065 REAR HOUSING HALF AXLE Q341B12 TYPE I HEX NUT Q40312 SPRING WASHER Q1211235 STUD BOLT-HALF AXLE 24C-06039 TAPARED BUSH-HALF AXLE BOLT 24C-01061 GASKET-REAR AXLE MAIN REDUCTOR 31Q02-04080-A REAR WHEEL HUB INNER QIL SAEL 32214 REAR WHEEL HUB INNER BEAR 35Q54-02075 REAR BRAKE DRUM 31Q02-04015-A REAR WHEEL HUB 31Q02-04055 LEFT REAR WHEEL OUTER.NUT 31Q02-04053 LEFT REAR WHEEL INNER .NUT 31Q02-04051 BOLT-LEFT EHEEL 33113X2 REAR WHEEL HUB OUTER BEAR 24T-01090 REAR WHEEL HUB OIL SEAL ASSY 24Q-01084 REAR EHEEL HUB OUTER OIL SEAT 3101Q15-015 5.50F-16 WHEEL.SET 3101Q01-013 5.50F-16 RING.SPRING 3106Q02-012 7.50-16 INNER TUBE Z1-01-5A INFLATION VALVE ASSY 3106Q02-014 7.50-16 FLAP 33DJ02-01001 STEERING DRAGLINK ASSY 3303Q02-059 TIE-ROD JOINT (LEFT) 3303Q02-060 TIE-ROD JOINT (RIGHT) 33Q02-03052 STEERING TIE-ROD 3404DJ10-001 STEERING DRIVE ASSY WITH ADJUS Q1840816 BOLT 3401V75A-001 STEERING GEAR ASSY 33DJ02-00315 STEERING GEAR BRACKET 34DM01-06065 RUBBER PIPE-OIL RESERVOIR TO 34DJ1306015 RUBBER PIPE-STEERING GEAR TO 34DH01-05030 HIGH PRESSURE HOSE ASSY 34DJ13-06040-A STEERING GEAR OIL INLET PIPE 34DJ1306045-A STEERING GEAR OIL RETURN PIPE Q67226 THIMBLE Q67220 THIMBLE 3501D-050-A FRONT ADJUSTING ARM ASSY 3501Q54-105 FRONT BRAKING PLATE FRICTION LI 3501.80G-082 RIVET 3519D-010-A FRONT AIR CHAMBER ASSY 35D-02050-A REAR ADJUSTING ARM ASSY 3530V50A-002 RIGHT SPRING BRAKE AIR CHAMBER 3501.80G-082 EEAR BRAKING PLATE FRICTIN LI 3501.80G-082 RIVET 35E-01039 BUSH 3501Q56-053 RETURN SPRING 3501.61G-095 RETURN SPRING 3514V66-001 BRAKE VALVE ASSY 35V66-06542 NYLON PIPE ASSY 35V66-06544 NYLON PIPE ASSY 35V66-06546 NYLON PIPE ASSY 35V66-06548 NYLON PIPE ASSY 35DJ02-06903 DUAL DIRECTIONAL QUICK RELEASE 35DJ02-06901 UNLOADER VALVE SET 35CB12-06422 Air pipe-rear axle 3-way joint to right 35CB12-06322 Air pipe-rear axle 3-way joint to right 35CB12-06420 Air pipe-rear axle 3-way joint to right 35CB12-06320 Air pipe-rear axle 3-way joint to right 35C-06037 END PIPE JOINT 37N-50120 BRAKE LAMP SWITCH 3517V66-001 HAND CONTROL VALVE ASSEMBLY 37VD1-24160 CABLE ASSY Q194B0830-P BOLT Q150B0820 BOLT 37V66-73010 REAR LEFT COMBINATION LAMP 37V66-73020 REAR RIGHT COMBINATION LAMP Q340B08 TYPE I HEX NUT Q40108 PLAIN WASHER Q40308 SPRING WASHER 37DE10-17010 LICENSE LAMP ASSY W5W BULB 37W66-32010 FRONT FOG LAMP ASSY 37W66-72010 FRONT LEFT SIGNAL LAMP ASSY 37W66-72020 FRONT RIGHT SIGNAL LAMP ASSY 37W66-11020-B FRONT RINHT HEADLAMP ASSY 37W66-11010-B FRONT LEFT.HEADLAMP ASSY 37W66-31010 LAMP ASSY MARKER.FRONT 37DH19-22025 CENTRAL SWITCH BOX SET 37QA-74010 COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY 37ZBC-35010 FLASHER 37N-35085-B RELAY ASSY 52V56-06011 FRONT WINDSHIELD 52V66A-06012 FRONT WINDSHIELD WEATHER STRI 52V66-05049 WIPER.ARM.BLADE.ASSY.LEFT 52V66-05050 WIPER.ARM.BLADE.ASSY.RIGHT 54V66-02025 SCREW ASSY-STEP PAD 54V66-02021 STEP SHROUD.LEFT 54V66-02022 STEP.SHROUD.RIGHT 54V66-01141 STEP.PAD.LEFT 54V66-01142 STEP.PAD.RIGHT 61V66A-07009 LEFT.DOOR.WEATHER STRIP ASSY 61V66A-07010 RIGHT DOOR WEATHER STRIP ASSY 61QA-03061 LEFT DOOR WINDSHIELD 61QA-03062 RIGHT DOOR WINDSHIELD 68DE11-00010 DRIVER SEAT ASSY Q32008 FLANGE NUT 70DE11-00010 SLEEPER ASSY (FOR B01, BO3) 8202Q68-010 REAR VIEW MIRRIOR ASSY LEFT 82V66-02010 REAR VIEW MIRRIOR ASSY RIGHT 8219Q68-010 DOWN VIEW MIRRIOR ASSY 82DE11-01010 INNER REAR VIEW MIRRIOR ASSY 39D-01058 SLEEVE WRENCH,WHEEL BOLT NUT QYL5D JACK ASSY (HYDRAULIC-5TN) 39C-01146 ROCKER ARM.TIRE LEVER AND JACK A3902666 GASKET,VALVE COVER 3937479 29N01287 3943888 3948578 3501ZB6105 3303N064 89000340068 M105R3038SE 5273338 24.52Y13-03065 half shaft rear axle 1608DB05-010 clutch booster P22011027-030 spider assy 1365935 3990517 Electronic Control Module A3903309 FIy Wheel Ring 2931A010 Push Rod Assy 33A03050 Tie Rod Steering Assy 33A01010 Drag Link Assy 37N21230 Relay Assy 37N0574010 Combined Switch Assy 3801N010B Instrument Board Assy 37A54050B Elector Management Valce 50A03010 Cylinder Assy L.H 1604010-C0101 BOMBIN DE EMBRAGUE . (N) 10011300 // 1120-1140-31 1608010-T1102 SERVO DE EMBRAGUE (N) 10706900 // DFL 3251/4251/41 C5301449 FILTRO SECUNDARIO DE COMBUSTIBLE(FS36247) // DFL 3 1109N-020/030 FILTRO DE AIRE PRIMA /SECUND (N) 10555000 // DFL1 A628-020/030 FILTRO DE AIRE PRIMA/SECUND.- (N) 10433900 // DFL C4058964 FILTRO DE AGUA – WF 2073 // DFL 3251/4251/4181 FS19816 FILTRO SEPARADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE (N) 10686900 // D 16N-02065 HORQUILLA DE EMBRAGUE.- (N) 10185000 // DFL 1120- FS36230 FILTRO SEPARADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE // DFL 3160 – KING 1700NB-043 RETEN DELANTERO DE CAJA (N) 10834700 // DFL 1120-1 D5000681013 FILTRO DE ACEITE TRACTO 420 (LF 667) 1700NB-169 RODAJE DE EJE PROPULSOR INTERNO// DFL 1140B 5000611-C0400 LETRAS DONGFENG (N) 10379400 // DFL 4251 A F99660 VALVULA SELECTOR – CAJA CAMBIOS.- (N) 10911800 // 1700NB-148 ANILLO BRONCE DE SINCRONIZADOR DE 5ta y 6ta //DFL 3704110-C0100 CHAPA DE CONTACTO (N) 11009000 // DFL 3251/4251/4 31ZHS01-04080 RETEN RUEDA POSTERIOR (CUBO) // DFL 3251A /35251A1 C3288475 FAJA DE VENTILADOR 8PK1733. (A) C3911620 // DFL 3251/4251/ 1608N29-001 SERVO DE EMBRAGUE (N) 10829900 // DFL1140B -KINGRU 35ZHS01-04017 ORING DE RUEDA POSTERIOR (CUBO) (N) 10202500 // D 3750060-C0100 INTERRUPTOR DE LUCES DE EMERGENCIA (N) 10088900 – 3690010-KC100 SENSOR DE NIVEL DE AGUAá (A) 3690010-KC100 // KING 8219020-C1100 ESPEJO RETROVISOR INFERIOR RECTANGULAR L.H. // DF C3976831 TEMPLADOR DE FAJA (N) 10164900 // KINGRUN 14/16/20 3774010-C0101 PALANCA DE LUCES.- (N) 10091600/ DFL1120/1140/1160/3160 1103010-T0500 TAPA DE TANQUE COMBUSTIBLE 10001400 //1120/1140/3251 5001150-C1100 AMORTIGUADOR DE CABINA POST.10103000/1120/1140/116 C5399705 DISCO DE EMBRAGUE ( A ) 10620700 // DFL 1120 / DFL C5310808 FILTRO SEPARADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE (FS36253) 6313N RODAJE DE EJE PROPULSOR (N) 10893900 // DFL 1140B C5272937 INYECTOR DE COMB.- … 4940640 3541Z66-001 FRENO MOTOR (ESCAPE) // DFL 3251/4251/4181 16N-02050-TX COLLARIN DE EMBRAGUE // 1602050-KD1H0 (N) 108 // D 3731010-C0100 FARO DE TECHO DE CABINA 10086200 /3251/4251/1140 14287 RODAJE DE AGUJASá – EJE INTERMEDIO // DFL 3251A 8406059-C1100 CUBIERTA DECORATIVA- PARACHOQUE DELT. L.H. (N) 101 C4937728 EMPAQUE DE CULATA DE MOTOR – (A) 3967059 // DFL 32 3750420-C0100 SWITCH DE PEDAL EMBRAGUE // DFL 3251/4251/4181/KIN C4934058 BOMBA DE AGUA.-VOLQT. – TRACTO (A) 3973114 // DF 3735015-C0101 FLASHER DE EMERGENCIA // DFL 4251A10 1700NB-128-B ANILLO BRONCE DE SINCRONIZADOR 3era y 4ta //DFL 11 D5010477855 FILTRO DE COMBUSTIBLE KINDLAND 420 // DFL4251A10 // FF5470 C2872277 SENSOR DE POSICION DE CIGUEÑAL // D4921686 3732020-C1100 FARO NEBLINERO L.H // DFL 1120-1140B- KINGRUN 14 C3929011 EMPAQUE DE ENFRIADOR INTERIOR (10528900) 1311010-K0300 RESERVORIO DE EXPASION DE AGUA // DFL 3251 /4251 / 3772020-C1100 FARO DELANTERO R.H. (N) 10091200 // DFL 1120-1140B C4988820 MODULO ELECTRONICO (ECM) (N) 10175800 // DFL 3251A 1703060-KM5K0 CABLE DE CAJA DE CAMBIO // KINGRUN 20 C4983071 SERVO DE DIRECCION (N) 11430500 // DFL1140B- KINGR 3773020-KC100 FARO POSTERIOR R.H.- (N) 10091500 // DFL 1120-114 8201102-C1100 BRAZO DE ESPEJO RETROVISOR R.H. // DFL 1120-114 3754110-Z06E0 ELECTROVALVULA DE 4 A 1 // DFL 3251a – 4251 – 1140 3741010-C0100 MOTOR DE LIMPIA PARABRISA // DFL 3251/4251/4181 8201101-C1100 BRAZO DE ESPEJO RETROVISOR L.H. // DFL 1120-114 30222 RODAJE DE RODILLOS INT. – CUBO DE RUEDA // DFL 325 1125020-K4300 FILTRO SEPARADOR DE COMBUST COMPLETO/ 3251A1 2872395 LAPIZ DE INYECTOR DE COMB.ISL 325IA (128MM) C3979316 POLEA TEMPLADORA FAJA DE A/C // DFL 3251/4251/418 8406060-C1100 CUBIERTA DECORATIVA DE PARACHOQUE DELANTERO R.H. C4954905 SENSOR DE TEMPERATURA DE MOTOR ISL// DFL 1120-1140 6104010-C0101 CREMALLERA DE LUNA DE PUERTA L.H.- (N) 10126200 F91444 RETEN DE TORRE DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS 150212K RODAJE DE EJE PROPULSOR .- (N) 10705800 // DFL 325 C4930793 SERVO DE DIRECCION (N) 10539300 // DFL 3251/4251/4 1308080-K2000 ACOPLE DE VENTILADOR.- (A) 1308080-T1700 (N) 10961 C4941464 BOMBA DE ACEITE.- (A) 3991123 .- (N) 10541900 // 3750110-C0100 SWITCH DE ACCIONAMIENTO DE TOMA DE FUERZA // DFL 42307E RODAJE COLA DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS FAST AA2978 FILTRO DE AIRE PRIM/SECU (A)A751-SET2 / AF26549 KI 8405310-C0100 ESTRIBO INFERIOR R.H. (N) 10425700 // DFL 3251/42 3750740-C1100 INTERRUPTOR DE LUNA ELECTRICA R.H // DFL1120B – DF 3541N-010 FRENO DE MOTOR (ESCAPE) (N) 10587400 //DFL 1120B- 3519N-001 PULMËN DE FRENO DELT. LH. 1140 /3519N-001-B/ 3773010-KC100 FARO POSTERIOR L.H.- (A) 3773010-KC100 // DFL 1120 3735090-C0100 RELAY DE AIRE ACONDICIONADO 10086700 // DFL 3251/ C3973509 EMPAQUE DE CARTER (N) 10536900 // DFL 3251/4251/41 C3968562 RETEN DELANTERO DE CIG MOTOR ISL_EÑAL // DFL 3251/ 12JS160T-1703050 VALVULA SELECTORA DE ALTA Y BAJA (N) 10700100 // 1700NB1-146-B ASIENTO DE PIÑON DE 5TA Y 6TA // DFL 1140 C5257595 ACTUADOR DE BOMBA DE COMBUSTIBLE 3527Z27-001 VALVULA RELE/BRAKE // DFL 1120-1140B – KINGRUN 14 3519N-002 PULMON DE FRENO DELT. R.H. (N) 3519N-002-B // DFL 6105121-C0100 MANIJA EXTERIOR DE PUERTA R.H. (N) 10127900 // DF 4936437 POLEA LOCA DE KINGRUN 16 (65X32.2mm) 8403065-C1100 GUARDAFANGO POSTERIOR L.H.- R.H. // DFL 1120-1140 F96006 TUERCA DE EJE AUXILIAR DE ALTA Y BAJA // DFL 3251 3750730-C1101 INTERRUPTOR DE LUNA ELECTRICA L.H // DFL1120B – DF 3732030-C1100 FARO NEBLINERO RH // DFL 1120-1140B -KINGRUN 14/16 1308010-N9FC0 PALETA DE VENTILADOR.- (A) 1308ZB7C-001 // DFL 3 25ZHS01-02067 RETEN DE CORONA DLT.PARTE POST. (N) 10467400// DFL 1700NB-114-G SINCRONIZADOR 1era y 2Da //DFL 1140B -KINGRUN 16 C4931169 SWITCH DE PRESION DE ACEITE (N) C4931169 (A) 36A47D-10040 8201010-C1100 ESPEJO RETROVISOR RECTANG.R.H/L.H. (N) 10136400 / 32315 RODAJE DE PIÑON DE ATAQUE // DFL 3251A / 3251A1 C3960755 VOLANTE MOTOR CON CREMALLERA (N) C3960755 5001120-C1100 GANCHO SUPERIOR POSTERIOR R.H. DE CABINA // DFL 1 2921FB-010-A AMORTIGUADOR DELANTERO (N) 10038100 // DFL 1140B C3977620 SOLENOIDE DE CORTE DE COMBUSTIBLE // DFL 3251/4251 37ZB1-73010 FARO POSTERIOR L.H. (N) 10498900 // DFL 3251A – D 32216 RODAJE DE CORONA 80X140X35.25 19109-2 RETEN POSTERIOR DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS 8406034-C1100 REJILLA SUPERIOR R.H.- PARACHOQUE CENTRAL // DFL 1 3543010-K0200 SECADOR DE AIRE (N) 10488500 // DFL 3251A1 1308060-KD101 PALETA DE VENTILADOR C/VICOSTATICO (N) 11270400 // 8406059-C0100 CUBIERTA DECORATIVA- PARACHOQUE DELT. L.H.- (N) 10 5001025-C1100 SOPORTE L.H. DELANTERO DE CABINA // DFL 1120-1140 C3966365 ENFRIADOR DE ACEITE // DFL 3251/4251/4181 5005010-C1102 VALVULA DE LEVANTE CABINA // DFL 1120-1140B- KING 3530N-001 PULMON DE FRENO POSTERIOR L.H. (A) 3530N-001-B (N 5001026-C1100 SOPORTE R.H. DELANTERO DE CABINA // DFL 1120-140B 1601080-T0802 COLLARIN DE EMBRAGUE // DFL 3251/4251/4181 8406060-C0101 CUBIERTA DECORATIVA DE PARACHOQUE DELANTERO R.H. 3513010-KC100 TANQUE DE AIRE // DFL1140B / 3251 C4946619 EMPAQUE DE CULATA // DFL1140B – KINGRUN 16 5003010-C1102 PISTON DE LEVANTE DE CABINA R.H // DFL1120 -1140B- 3543010-KC100 SECADOR DE AIRE – (A) 3543010-KM5K0 // DFL 1120/11 3543010-KM5K0 SECADOR DE AIRE – (N) 3543010-KC100 // KINGRUN 114 3543ZD2A-001 SECADOR DE AIRE (N) 11570700 // DFL3251 A 8406105-C1100 SOPORTE DE PARACHOQUE DELANTERO (N) 10147100 // DF JS180-1601021-5 HORQUILLA DE EMBRAGUE.- (N) JS180-1601020-8 / JS18 1308060-T3100-1 PALETA DE VENTILADOR – (N) 10750800 // DFL 3251A1 8406059-C0101 CUBIERTA DECORATIVA- PARACHOQUE DELT. L.H. // DFL 8219010-C0100 ESPEJO INFERIOR REDONDO 10139400 // 1140/3251/4251 C4946620 EMPAQUE DE CULATA DFL1120B 30Z01-01035 RODAJE DE PIN DE DIRECCION // DFL 4251 A 29ZB3A-06025 BARRA CORTA DE SUSPENSION // DFL 3251A1 8406036-C1100 REJILLA INFERIOR DE PARACHOQUE CENTRAL // DFL 1120 D5260246 “SENSOR DE PRESION COMUN RIEL//KINGRUN 1140 B(N)529” C4076930 SENSOR DE PRESION DE ACEITE // DFL 1120/1140 B -KI 1700KD100-470 SWITCH DE RETROCESO (N) 11246800 // DFL 1120-1140 A-4740 VALVULA AUXILIAR DE CAJA // DFL 3251A 8406020-C1100 PARACHOQUE DELANTERO R.H. 10145700 //1120/1140/116 C3945967 VALVULA DE PRESION DE ACEITE //DFL 3251 A C2834176 TURBO COMPRESOR.- // DFL 1140B – KINGRUN 16 A-C09005 SINCRONIZADOR DE ALTA Y BAJA (9JS119/RT-11509C 5001110-C1100 GANCHO SUPERIOR POSTERIOR L.H. DE CABINA // DFL 1 3703138-KD100 TAPA DE BATERIA // DFL 1120-1140B – KINGRUN 14/16 MY100-38231L0 SENSOR DE OXIGENO // KINGRUN 20 GNV 1308060-KC401 VENTILADOR C/VICOSTATICO (N) 11231200 // DFL1140B 8406033-C1100 REJILLA SUPERIOR L.H.- PARACHOQUE CENTRAL // DFL 1 2402346-ZH01A ARANDELA DE SATELITE.- (A) 2402ZHS01-346 // DFL 3 2402ZHS01-346 ARANDELA DE SATELITE.- (N) 2402346-ZH01A // DFL 3 3530N-002 PULMON DE FRENO POSTERIOR R.H. (N) 11432300 // DFL C4939588 BOMBA DE ACEITE // DFL 1140B – ISBE CM2150 FF5840 FILTRO DE COMBUSTIBLE KINDLAND 420 // DFL4251A10 1119010-KM5K0 INTERCOOLER // DFL 3160- KINGRUN 20 8405309-C1100 ESTRIBO INFERIOR L.H. // DFL 1120-1140B- KINGRUN 8406019-C0101 PARACHOQUE DELANTERO L.H. // DFL 3251A/3251A1 1700NB2-144-B BOCINA DE PIÑON DE 6TA // DFL 1140B- KINGRUN 16 8405226-C1100 PROTECTOR DE ESTRIBO SUPERIOR R.H. // DFL 1120-1 8211520-C1100 AGARRADERA DELANTERA – EXTERIOR DE CABINA R.H. // 1700NB-147 DESLIZANTE DE SINCRONIZADOR 5ta y 6ta //DFL 1140B C4047105 TURBO COMPRESOR KINGRUN DFL 1120B 1109010-KC400 PORTAFILTRO DE AIRE COMPLETO // DFL 1140B- KINGRU C4940640 INYECTOR DE COMB.- … DESDE SERIE MOTOR ISD : 877 C4389022 FILTRO DE ACEITE // TRACTO 520 5301601-C0300 ESQUINERO R.H. DE CABINA (N) 10394800 // DFL 4251 30Z01-1000 JGO.DE PINES Y BOCINAS T-LIFT (244X52) C3964715 VARILLA DE BALANCIN // DFL 3251/4251/4181 1700010-KH1Q0 CAJA DE CAMBIOS (Moderna) // DFL 1140B- KINGRUN 16 3530B06-010-B PULMON DE FRENO POSTERIOR L.H. // DFL 1120B -1416/ 3530B06-015-B PULMON DE FRENO POSTERIOR R.H. // DFL 1120B / 1416 3772010-C0100 FARO DELANTERO LH (N) 10375200 // DFL 3251/4251/41 1109DJ10-020/030 FILTRO DE AIRE COMPLETO – PRIMA./SECUN. (A) 11096B C4935793 BOMBA DE AGUA // OLIMPIC 8.5-10.5-13.5 / DF-913/D 38N-18010 ALARMA DE RETROCESO DE 24V 1012010-E4100 FILTRO DE ACEITE // DF-612e/DF-512E/DF312B (E22-34 C66411-020/030 FILTRO DE AIRE PRIMARIO/SECUNDARIO // DF- 1016E/DF FF5236 FILTRO DE COMBUSTIBLE // DF-612B FS1216 FILTRO SEPARADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE // DF-612B 1604010-C48112 BOMBIN DE EMBRAGUE // DF-913 / DF-1416/1016 1604AB32-010 BOMBIN DE EMBRAGUE (A) 1604V45-010 /8/8.5/10.5/13 C4936133 PLATO DE EMBRAGUE // OLIMPIC 17 / DF-1416/1516/112 C51542-020/030 FILTRO DE AIRE PRIM/SEC DF1716/DF1718 653L-0020A4 COLLARIN DE EMBRAGUE // OLIMPIC 10.5/DF-1014/1016B 2202D-080 SOPORTE DE CARDAN /8/8.5/10.5/13.5/1014/913 1311010-C66411 TANQUE DE REFRIGERANTE CON TAPA /1016 FS26389 FILTRO SEPARADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE // DF-1016e 16HW3-02050 COLLARIN DE EMBRAGUE // DF-1416 / 1516 C4938325 DISCO DE EMBRAGUE/(A) FD330-1601200/ (N) 1601.6B-1 1103DH39-001 TAPA DE TANQUE DE COMBUSTIBLE /1014/1216/1716 C4937400 PLATO DE EMBRAGUE.- (A) 1601R20-090 // OLIMP 08 / C2872279 SENSOR DE POSICION DE CIGUEÑAL MOTOR ISB //1016/12 30.59Q40A-01041 SOPORTE DE BARRA DE DIRECCION// OLIMP 5/612 16056B-010 SERVO DE EMBRAGUE // OLIMPIC 03.5 / 05 152092DB0A FILTRO DE ACEITE COMPLETO // CAPTAIN 714 37DE10-50020 INTERRUPTOR DE CORTE CORRIENTE // OLIMPIC 08/17 C5301401 FAJA DE ALTERNADOR // DF-1016 37DN14-74010 PALANCA DE LUCES/10.5/13.5/913/1416/1216/1016/1014 37DN14-32010-B FARO NEBLINERO LH /8.5/10.5/13.5/1014/1016/1216/14 37D52-36010-A VALVULA DE CORTE ELECTRICO.- (A) 37D52-36010 //OLI C3967250 SENSOR DE TEMPERATURA DE MOTOR // OLIMPIC 08/10 C4982415 RETEN POSTERIOR DE CIGUEÑAL 130X150X12 // OLIMPIC AF26599 FILTRO DE AIRE //CAPTAIN 714/714 DC/H01-221 C4936134 DISCO DE EMBRAGUE // DF-1416/1516/1120/1140 1608010-C47032 SERVO DE EMBRAGUE – DF1216 1608010-C74021 SERVO DE EMBRAGUE // DF- 612e/1014/1016/410/1216 E21321-020 FILTRO DE AIRE PRIMARIO DF612e DONG FENG 37DN14-32020-B FARO NEBLINERO RH /8.5/10.5/13.5/1014/1016/1216/14 37QA-47030-B INYECTOR- LIMPIA PARABRISAS.- (N) 37QA-47030 // OL 3303Q99-059 TERMINAL DE DIRECCION L.H.// OLIMPIC 10.5/13.5 3303Q99-060 TERMINAL DE DIRECCION R.H. // OLIMPIC 10.5/13.5 3750410-C50032 SWITCH DE PEDAL DE FRENO // DF-1016e – DF-1216e 3517DH39-001 VALVULA DE FRENO DE MANO 3517V66-001 // 8.5/10.5/1 1608010-C42012 SERVO DE EMBRAGUE // DF-1416/1516 11DS31-08010 PEDAL DE ACELERADOR // DF-1416/1016 1703060-C42015 CABLE DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS // 1416/1516 30WS04A-01044 BRAZO DE DIRECCION // DF-1416 // DF-1216 // DF-1 82DN14-02020 ESPEJO RECTANG.LH/RH /1016/1216/1416/10.5/13.5/101 C4991305 RETEN DELANTERO DE CIGUEÑAL // OLIMPIC 08.5/10.5/1 16D5-02050 COLLARIN DE EMBRAGUE // DF-1216e C5260382 POLEA DE ACCESORIOS // DF-1716 2201D5-030 CRUCETA DE CARDAN// OLIMPIC 08/08.5/10/10.5/ 13.5( 2921C-010-A AMORTIGUADOR DELANTERO /10/13.5/1014/1016/1216/141 3517010-C62711 VALVULA DE FRENO DE MANO 3517010-C26711 (REQ. NIP 3711010-C42034 FARO DELANTERO L.H. //913/1014/1016/1216/1416/1516 1703060-E33021 CABLE DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS // OLIMPIC 05/3.5/DF-410/ 51DN15-02060 CUBIERTA DE PALANCA DE CAMBIOS // OLIMPIC 08.5-10. C3968563 RETEN POSTERIOR DE CIGUEÑAL // DF-1516 C4931563 FAJA DE VENTILADOR // DF-1416/1516 54DN21-02039 DEFLECTOR LATERAL L.H. -CABINA // OLIMPIC 08.5/10. 1311N-010-A RESERVORIO DE EXPANSION DE AGUA // DF-1416 1601130-E21321 DISCO DE EMBRAGUE 265mm// DF-611/DF-612e (MOTOR DO 61DN15-05016 MANIJA DE PUERTA RH // 8.5 / 10.5 3726020-C42034 FARO DIRECCIONAL RH // 1016/1216/1416/1516 Q33101-020 FILTRO DE AIRE // DF-612 54DN15-02080 GUARDAFANGO LATERAL R.H. // OLIMPIC 10.5/1014/1216 17V65-03060 CABLE DE PALANCA CAMBIOS // OLIMPIC 10 / 10.5 (ROJ 37DN14-11010-B FARO DELANTERO L.H // OLIMPIC 8.5 /13.5 61DN15-02065 AGARRADERA SUP. DE PUERTA LH./08.5/10.5/13.5/1016/ 37DN14-11020-B FARO DELANTERO R.H. // OLIMPIC 08.5 / 13.5 8202050-C62837 ESPEJO RETROVISOR CUADRADO // DF-612/1016/1417 3836010-C22012 SENSOR DE VELOCIMETRO // DF-913/DF-1016e 2202N-080 SOPORTE DE CARDAN.- (N) 2202DC-080 // OLIMPIC 17 10Q01-01020-B SOPORTE DELANTERO DE MOTOR 08.5/1216 3533N1-010 VALVULA DESFOGUE RAPIDO.- (A) 35VD1-06904 – 3533N- 5301095-C42532 MASCARA DELANTERA INFERIOR // DF-913/DF-1014/DF121 F3100-3509100C COMPRESORA DE AIRE // OLIMPIC 05 / 07.5 / DF-610/D C4938300 ALTERNADOR .- (A) 37V66-01010 // OLIMPIC 08.5/ 10. 61DN15-02066 AGARRADERA SUP. DE PUERTA RH //OLIMP 08.5/10.5/101 3726010-C42034 FARO DIRECCIONAL LH // 1016/1216/1416/1516 61DN15-05015 MANIJA DE PUERTA LH // 8.5 / 10.5 1700DE-120 SINCRONIZADOR de 1RA – 2DA. // DF-1416e/DF-1516e 3832V56C-010 SWITCH DE PARKEO // OLIMPIC 08 F5000-1112100-011 INYECTOR DE COMBUSTIBLE // DF-410e / DF 612e / DF- 37QB10H-73010-B FARO POSTERIOR LH // DF-1016 / DF-1417 EURO IV C3973746 VOLANTE DE MOTOR // OLIMPIC 08 / 08.5 10D5-02150 RETEN POSTERIOR DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS – 1016/1216 33A01-01010-B BARRA CORTA DE DIRECCION // OLIMPIC 05 82AB23-02020 ESPEJO RETROVISOR L.H / R.H // OLIMPIC 05/06 DF-41 3412110-C93411 BARRA CORTA DE DIRECCION // DF-1216 E0401-1115100 SOLENOIDE DE CORTE COMBUSTIBLE// OLIMPIC 05 / 03.5 1301DH01-001 RADIADOR DE AGUA // OLIMPIC 08.5 37AB32-32010 FARO NEBLINERO LH // OLIMPIC 03.5 / 05 53BG35-01078 MASCARA DELANTERA LATERAL R.H. //OLIMPIC 05 3846DE10-010 SENSOR DE PRESION DE AIRE // DF-1016e 54DN15-02079 GUARDAFANGO LATERAL L.H. // OLIMPIC 10.5 //1014/12 1301010-C42012 RADIADOR DE AGUA // DF-1416 C4988676 COMPRESORA DE AIRE // DF-1516B 30DS03-01019 BOCINA DE DIRECCION // DF-913 – DFA1065TZ5BD3 C5254972 RODAJE PILOTO // DF-1416 30DS03-01021 PIN DE DIRECCION // DF-913 – DFA1065TZ5BD3 1119121-C48785 MANGURA // DF-1716 54DN21-02040 DEFLECTOR LATERAL R.H. -CABINA //OLIMPIC 08.5/10.5 C5272211 SERVO DE DIRECCION // 1416/1516 3827N-010-B SENSOR DE NIVEL DE COMBUSTIBLE // OLIMP 13.5/1016/1416/1516 C3283570 EMPAQUE DE CULATA // OLIMPIC 13.5 C5288683 ARRANCADOR DF 1014/1216 37DE10-54010-C ELECTRO VALVULA – FRENO MOTOR // OLIMPIC 08.5 C4937403 COMPRESORA DE AIRE (A) 3509Q17-010 // OLIMP 08/10 3772020-T2100 FARO DELANTERO DERECHO // DF-1716 C5268408 INYECTOR DE COMBUSTIBLE // DF-1416 – DFL 1140B -K 3515010-C12031 VALVULA DE AIRE DE 4 VIAS //612/915/CAPTAIN 712 E4 523L-0040A8 COLLARIN DE EMBRAGUE // DF-612 / DF-712 53DN15-01070 MASCARA SUP. DELANT C/ LETRAS DFAC // OLIMPIC 08. 3410010-C42712 RESERVORIO DE ACEITE DE DIRECCION // DF-1416 G2C00-1113540 MEZCLADOR DE GAS // BUS URBANO 8.5 1601130-C51542-L DISCO DE EMBRAGUE // DF-1716 EURO IV 3513060-CD63411 TANQUE DE AIRE // C4040382 TURBO COMPRESOR // OLIMPIC 08.5 / 10.5 4076493 SENSOR DE PRESION DE AIRE / ADMISION HQ2402Q01-025/026 PIÑON Y CORONA DE DIFERENCIAL // OLIMPIC 08 / 08.5 C5285409 VOLANTE DE MOTOR // DF-1016 1700010-C42722 CAJA DE CAMBIOS COMPLETA // DF-1416/1516 28BG35-03010 PARACHOQUE DELANTERO // OLIMPIC 05/06/07.5 – DF-4 5301554-T0110 ESQUINERO COMPLETO RH // DF-1716 1700010-C66317 CAJA DE CAMBIOS COMPLETA // DF-1016e ( C66-317 ) 1109010-LD4101 PORTAFILTRO DE AIRE // DF-1716 1109131-C48742 MANGUERA DE ENTRADA DE AIRE // DF-1716 1301010-C48785 RADIADOR DE AGUA DF-1716C 130282DB0A CADENA DE DISTRIBUCION // H01-121 130702DB0A TEMPLADOR DE CADENA // H01-121 1309011-C48785 CONCENTRADOR DE AIRE DF-1716C 1703060-C66317 CABLE DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS // DF-1016C 30T10A-01017A MUÑON DE DIRECCION LH DF-1716C 30T10A-01018A MUÑON DE DIRECCION RH DF-1716C 3401005-C39545 CAJA DE DIRECCION DF-1716C 523L-0021A16 CAMPANA DE CAJA DE CAMBIOS // DF-512 DF-312 5301553-T0110 ESQUINERO COMPLETO LH // DF-1716 6800020-T0101 ASIENTO PILOTO DF-1716C 8403741-T0110 GUARDAFANGO LH DF-1716C 8403742-T0110 GUARDAFANGO RH DF-1716C 8405674-T0100 ESTRIBO SUPERIOR RH // DF-1716 8405694-T0100 ESTRIBO INFERIOR RH // DF-1716 C5368463 VENTILADOR DE MOTOR // DF.1716 S52LA-1005360 VOLANTE DE MOTOR C/CREMALLERA (YUCHAI // DF-915 E S6000-3708100 ARRANCADOR // DF-915 C5316033 ALTERNADOR // DF-1716 3701010-E4115 ALTERNADOR // CAPTAIN 712 61AB23-00120-B PUERTA DELANTERA DERECHA // DF-1516 61AB23-00119-B PUERTA DELANTERA IZQUIERDA // DF-1516

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