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    BS3-8202021 Electric rearview mirror assembly-driver’s side BS3-8202020 Electric rearview mirror assembly-passenger side BS3-3104010 Rear wheel hub bearing unit assembly BS3-2803111 front bumper BS3-2804510 rear bumper BX5A-4116010 Right front fog lamp BS3-2803213 / BS3-2803214 Front bumper fog lamp trim BS3-4121011 Right front combination lamp assY BS3-4121010 Left front combination lamp assY BS3-4133011 Right rear combination lamp assY BS3-4133010 Left rear combination lamp assY BS3-2904039 Right front shock absorber BS3-2904049 Left front shock absorber BS3-2915010 rear shock absorber BS3-2904038 Front Suspension Shock Absorber Strut Mounts “BS3-2906220 / BS3-2906210” right Front suspension link assembly /LEFT Front suspension link assembly engine belt BS3-3501210 Front brake disc assembly BS3-3502070 Rear brake disc “BS3-3501011 / BS3-3501021” “Left inner brake block assembly / Right inner brake block assembly” 35D06195 / 35D06196 Rear brake block assembly B20-2904020B Right front swing arm assembly B20-2904010B Left front swing arm assembly MW250963 Ignition coil assembly BS3-1301020 radiator BS3-8105050 Condenser assembly BS3-1109011 Air filter element C20-8201010A2 Inside rearview mirror BS3-4135010 Left rear reflector assembly BS3-4135011 Right rear reflector assembly BS3-2803611 Front grille body( upper) BS3-2803112 Front bumper lower grille BS3-6105220 / BS3-6105221A /… Inner door handle assembly BS3-6105210 / BS3-6205211 /… /… Outer door handle assembly BS3-5303020 / BS3-5303020A1 glove box 37MA-20010 Brake light switch BS3-5504121 Right door threshold assembly BS3-5504120 Left door threshold assembly “BS3-5512201 / BS3-5512202” “Right front wheel mudguard front left front wheel mudguard front” REVERSING RADAR PROBE BS3-5406011 Right triangle window glass assembly BS3-5406010 Left triangle window glass assembly BS3-5501011 / BS3-5501010 BS3-1001230 / BS3-1001020 /…. engine mounting
    181070037 8402020-D0001 ENGINE LOCK ASSY 181030014 2803101-D0001 FRONT BUMPER BODY 181030015 2803102-D0001 HAULING HOOK CAP OF FRONT BUMPER 181030016 2803103-D0001 LEFT FOG LIGHT COVER PLATE OF FRONT BUMPER 181030018 2803105-D0001 LOWER GRILLE OF FRONT BUMPER 181030024 2804102-D0001 HAULING HOOL CAP OF REAR BUMPER 181030454 2804101-D0002 REAR BUMPER BODY 181030269 5509011-D0001 UPPER GRILLE 181030419 5509012-D0001 FRONT COVER PLATE OF ENGINE ROOM 181030413 5512111-D0001 SPLASH PAD 181030414 5512112-D0001 RIGHT SPLASH PAD 181030388 8202100-D0001 OUTER REAR-VIEW MIRROR, LH 181030450 8202100-D0002 OUTER REAR-VIEW MIRROR, LH 181030389 8202200-D0001 OUTER REAR-VIEW MIRROR, RH 181910016 1109102-D0001 Air filter element 181010047 1117100-D0001 Fuel filter 181010073 1301100-D0001 Radiator body assy 181910005 1308102-D0001 Motor with fan (seven blade) 181010125 2905110-D0001 Front shock absorber column(LH) 181010130 2906101-D0001 Front horizontal stabilizer sleeve 181010133 2906200-D0001 Front horizontal stabilizer connecting rod assy 181930002 3501112-D0001 Front brake friction block 181010202 3501130-D0001 Front wheel hub bearing assy. 181010285 3502105-D0002 Rear brake disc 181020099 8105100-D0001 OVERCOOLING CONDENSER ASSY 181020068 4116100-D0001 REAR FOG LAMP ASSY (LH) 181020069 4116200-D0001 REAR FOG LAMP ASSY(RH) 181020070 4121100-D0001 LEFT FRONT COMBINAED LAMP ASSY 181020071 4121200-D0001 RIGHT FRONT COMBINED LAMP 181940081 6301000-D0001 REAR DOOR SHEET METAL ASSY 181940086 8402010-D0001 ENGINE HOOD ASSY 181050266 8403011-D0001 LEFT FENDER 181050267 8403012-D0001 RIGHT FENDER 181050251 8400600-D0001 FRONT ANTICOLLISION BEAM 8402130-D0001 LEFT HINGE OF ENGINE HOOD ASSY 8402140-D0001 RIGHT HINGE OF ENGINE HOOD ASSY 1308101-D0001 Electronic fan frame 2803011-D0001 FRONT BUMPER LEFT MOUNTING BRACKET 2803012-D0001 FRONT BUMPER RIGHT MOUNTING BRACKET 2804011-D0001 LEFT MOUNTING BRACKET OF REAR BUMPER 2804012-D0001 RIGHT MOUNTING BRACKET OF REAR BUMPER 2810100-D0001 Subframe welded assy. 2904110-D0001 Lower swinging arm welded assy. (LH) 2904120-D0001 Lower swinging arm welded assy. (RH) 2904150-D0001 Lower swinging arm ball-pin assy 2905101-D0001 Upper mounting bearing of front shock absorber 2905103-D0001 Buffer block of front shock absorber 2905104-D0001 Dust cover of front shock absorber 2905120-D0001 Front shock absorber column(RH) 2906102-D0001 Mounting bracket of front horizontal stabilizer 2906110-D0001 Stabilizer assy. 2911110-D0002 Rear torsion beam welded assy. 2911111-D0001 Trailing arm bushing assy. 2915011-D0001 Dust cover of rear shock absorber upper fixing nut 3501105-D0001 Front brake disc 3501142-D0001 Front wheel hub flange 3502106-D0001 Brake shoe with friction plate 4133100-D0001 LEFT REAR COMBINED LAMP ASSY 4133200-D0001 REAR RIGHT COMBINED LAMP ASYY 8400000-D0001 FRONT SHEET METAL ASSY CP08-3502130 Internal friction block with alarm blade assy.(LH)
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