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    Lifan 820 auto parts wholesales at compeititive price,better quality



    Lifan 820 auto parts,we do wholesales for all lifan car models,and we supply Lifan 820 oil filter,Lifan 820 air filter,Lifan 820 ac filter,Lifan 820 brake pad,Lifan 820 brake disc,Lifan 820 bearing,Lifan 820 front shock absorber,Lifan 820 rear shock absorber,Lifan 820 front brake pad,Lifan 820 rear brake pad,Lifan 820 front brake disc,Lifan 820 rear brake disc,Lifan 820 spark plugs,Lifan 820 ECU,Lifan 820 ignion coil,Lifan 820 ignition switch,Lifan 820 rear bumper,Lifan 820 front bumper,Lifan 820 headlamp,Lifan 820 headlight,Lifan 820 mirror,Lifan 820 shock absorber,Lifan 820 fender,Lifan 820 bonet,Lifan 820 engine hood,Lifan 820 rear lamp,Lifan 820 front door,Lifan 820 bearing,Lifan 820 fog lamp,Lifan 820 grille,Lifan 820 rear door,Lifan 820 roof,Lifan 820 wing,Lifan 820 fuel filter,Lifan 820 sensor,Lifan 820 axle,Lifan 820 engine,Lifan 820 gearbox,Lifan 820 piston,Lifan 820 piston ring,Lifan 820 door strip,Lifan 820 car parts,Lifan 820 timing belt,transmission for Lifan 820,Lifan 820 accessories,Lifan 820 radiator,Lifan 820 water pump,Lifan 820 alternator,Lifan 820 compressor,Lifan 820 starter,Lifan 820 clutch disc,Lifan 820 clutch,Lifan 820 body parts,Lifan 820 gearbox,Lifan 820 rear axle,Lifan 820 right brake caliper,Lifan 820 left brake caliper,Lifan 820 brake pump,Lifan 820 master cylinder,Lifan 820 universal joint,Lifan 820 clutch pedal,Lifan 820 speed sensor,Lifan 820 radiator fan,Lifan 820 exhaust manifold,Lifan 820 oxygen sensor,Lifan 820 cylinder head,Lifan 820 crankshaft pulley,Lifan 820 idle control valve,Lifan 820 washer nozzle,Lifan 820 water pot,Lifan 820 wiper motor,Lifan 820 wiper blade,Lifan 820 water reservior,Lifan 820 wiper link
    S3506770 右后制动管Ⅴ Rear right brake tube V
    S3506840 Brake tube clamp I
    S3506860 Brake tube clamp III
    S3506911 Brake tube clamp VIII
    S3506920 Clamp for 6 tubes
    S3506981 Eye bolt
    S3506982 紫铜垫片 Washer
    S3508100 左驻车制动拉索总成 parking brake left cable
    S3508200 右驻车制动拉索总成 Parking brake right cable
    S3508300 驻车制动操纵杆总成 Parking brake lever
    S3508300A2 Parking brake lever
    S3508400 驻车制动拉索前段总成 Parking brake cable,front part
    S3508811 Clamp,parking brake cable
    S3540000 制动总泵带助力器带油壶总成 Brake pump with booster and liquid can
    S3540400 真空助力器 Brake booster
    S3540700 Fluid pot
    S3540710 Fluid pot cap
    S3540931 Vacuum hose
    S3550100 ABS机构总成 ABS ECU
    S3550710 ABS bracket
    S3612100 发动机ECU ECU
    S3612100C1 发动机ECU ECU
    S3612200 凸轮轴位置传感器 Camshaft position sensor
    S3612300 氧传感器 Oxygen Sensor
    S3614110 油量传感器 Fuel gauge sensor
    S3614160B1 Fuel floater
    S3630300 左前轮速传感器总成 right front wheel speed sensor assy
    S3630354 Washer
    S3630400 右前轮速传感器总成 Right front wheel speed sensor assy
    S3630500 左后轮速传感器总成 Left rear wheel speed sensor assy
    S3630600 右后轮速传感器总成 Right rear wheel speed sensor Assy
    S3658100 安全气囊ECU Airbag ECU
    S3658100B1 安全气囊ECU SRS ECU
    S3658210 安全气囊前碰撞传感器
    S3658300 安全气囊时钟弹簧 Airbag clock spring
    S3658300B1 安全气囊时钟弹簧 Airbag clock spring
    S3661220 环境光传感器 Ambient light sensor
    S3674100 BCM Body control module(BCM)
    S3703100 蓄电池总成 Battery
    S3703211 蓄电池压杆 Battery press bar
    S3703212 蓄电池拉杆 Battery draglink
    S3703213 Battery holder
    S3703220 Battery bracket
    S3705100 点火线圈 Ignition Coil
    S3710400 危险警告灯开关 warning light switch
    S3721100 高音电喇叭总成 Alt horn
    S3721200 低音电喇叭总成 Bass horn
    S3722100 Central control case
    S3722211 Central control case cap
    S3722212 Upper fuse box cover, engine compartment
    S3722220 Fuse box bracket, engine compartment
    S3741400 后雨刮电机总成 Rear wiper motor
    S3745200 内外循环风门执行器 self-circle air door actuator
    S3745300 模式伺服电机总成 Mode switch motor
    S3745400 冷暖伺服电机总成 Temperature switch motor
    S3746100 左前门扶手及玻璃升降开关总成 Inner handrail with switches,front left door
    S3746100B28 Armrest with switch assy.F/L
    S3746200 右前门扶手及玻璃升降开关总成 Inner handrail with switches,front right door
    S3746200B28 Armrest with switch assy.F/R
    S3746300 左后门扶手及玻璃升降开关总成 Inner handrail with switches,rear left door
    S3746300B28 Armrest with switch assy.R/L
    S3746400 右后门扶手及玻璃升降开关总成 Inner handrail with switches,rear right door
    S3746400B28 Armrest with switch assy.R/R
    S3746510 Power window motor
    S3747120 洗涤泵双向电机 Front wiper pump motor
    S3750300 Steering wheel switch assy.
    S3750310 Steering wheel switch,left
    S3750320 Steering wheel switch,right
    S3750511 备用开关堵盖 Spare switch plug
    S3750530 Low beam adjuster
    S3759300 座椅电加热开关 Seat heater switch
    S3759700 Passenger seat heating switch
    S3774300B1 组合开关总成 SWITCH – COMBINATION
    S3781120 安全气囊时钟弹簧
    S3782000 开关组件 Switch combination
    S3782000B28 Switch assy.
    S3784100 Power resource connector
    S3787810 Central lock swicth
    S3787820 后背门锁开关 Tail door lock switch
    S3820000 组合仪表 METER ASSY
    S3901110 Tools bag
    S3901114 Wrench for wheel nut
    S3901120 Jack
    S3901140 Jack crank
    S3901191 拖车钩 Front hook
    S3921111 前部装饰标牌 Front LOGO“LLL”
    S3921211 后部装饰标牌 Rear trim plate
    S3921212 排量标识 Side LOGO“1.8VVT”
    S3921213 车尾车型标识牌 Rear emblem“X60”
    S4001350 Wire harness,battery negative
    S4001500 发动机舱线束 Engine room cable
    S4002100 Wire harness,vehicle body
    S4002800 Wire harness,rear bumper
    S4003100 仪表板线束 Dashboard cable
    S4003100D1 仪表板线束
    S4003600 安全气囊线束总成 HARNESS ASSY – AIR BAG
    S4003600B1 安全气囊线束总成 HARNESS ASSY – AIR BAG
    S4006100 Wire harness,F/L door
    S4006200 Wire harness,F/R door
    S4006300 Wire harness,R/L door
    S4006400 Wire harness,R/R door

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