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    1003010-05 Cylinder craft component
    1003050-05 Cylinder pad assembly
    1003093-05 locating bush—cylinder cover to cylinder body
    1003095-05 EGR hole cover plate
    1003096-05 seal gasket—EGR hole cover plate
    1004011-05 piston
    1004015-05 Combination of oil ring
    1004035-05 piston pin
    1004047-05 snap ring—piston pin
    1004050-05 conneting lever component
    1004091-05(1#) Connecting rod
    1005051-05 belt pulley—crankshaft
    1005062-05(1#) Upper main shaft bushing
    1005071-05 thrust plate
    1005090-05 flywheel assy
    1005091-05 locating pin-flywheel
    1005170-05 oil seal assembly-after crankshaft
    1005172-05 front oil seal-crankshaft
    1006040-05 Timing chain
    1006045-05 Chain wheel—Crankshaft timing gear
    1006046-05 Timing chain tensioner
    1006050-05 Timing chain tensioner plate assembly
    1006051-05 Timing chain tensioner plate fastening bolt
    1006060-05 Timing chain guide plate assembly
    1006070-05 Air intake camshaft components
    1006082-05 Chain wheel—Exhaust camshaft timing
    1006088-05 Camshaft sprocket wheel fastening bolts
    1006090-05 The exhaust camshaft Assembly
    1007011-05 intake valve(1.3L)
    1007012-05 exhaust valve(1.3L)
    1007013-05 spring,valve
    1007014-05 Valve spring upper seat
    1007016-05 Valve spring down seat
    1007017-05 Valve gutter
    1007018-05 valve lifter
    1007030-05 Valve seal assembly
    1007041-05 sealing gasket—cylinder head cover
    1008010-05 Intake manifold Assembly
    1008012-05 Port bar—intake manifold to cylinder head
    1008014-05 Elbow—Integrity gate to the intake manifold
    1008021-05 sealing gasket—Air inlet port bar
    1008023-05 Bracket—intake manifold
    1009021-05 “Oil sump assembly

    1012010-05 oil filter assy
    1012018-05 adapter—oil filter
    1014011-05 Rubber hose—PVC exit pipe
    1014021-05 PCV valve
    1014022-05 seal cartridge—PVC valve
    1124011-05 fuel rail and injector assy
    1124015-05 fuel rail and injector assy
    1124021-05 heel block—oil rail to cylinder head cover
    1132010-05 throttle valve assembly
    1132021-05 Gasket assy—cable accelerator cylinder head cover
    1132031-05 Throttle preheat feed line water inlet pipe
    1132032-05 Throttle preheat feed line water outlet pipe
    1132041-05 Sealing gasket—throttle body
    1306010-05 thermostat assembly
    1306020-05 thermostat seat assembly
    1306031-05 thermostat cover
    1306041-05 Sealing gasket—thermostat seat to cylinder cover
    1307010-05 Water pump Assembly
    1307021-05 belt pulley—pump
    1307023-05 pipe assy,water inlet
    1600020-05 clutch press disc assy
    1600020-05 clutch press disc assy
    1600030-05 clutch driven disc
    1600030-05 clutch driven disc
    3611011-05 Intake air temperature and pressure sensor
    3611021-05 camshaft phase sensor
    3611030-04 revolution speed transducer
    3611051-05 water temperature sensor
    3701010-05 generator assy
    3701023-05 Belt–generator water pump
    3705010-05 Ignition Coil
    3705020-05 Spark plug
    3708010-05 cranking motor
    5T10F-1602010 release bearing assembly
    5T10F-1701013 Input Shaft Oil Seal
    5T10F-1701025 Rear case outlet oil sealing
    5T10F-1701025 Rear case outlet oil sealing
    5T10F-1701113 input shaft rear bearing adjustment gasket
    5T10F-1701134 3rd/4th/5th needle roller bearing
    5T10F-1701150 Main 5th gears assembly
    5T10F-1701160 3/4 synchronizer ASSEMBLY
    5T10F-1701163 3/4/5 Synchronizer Gear Ring
    5T10F-1701163 3/4/5 Synchronizer Gear Ring
    5T10F-1701164 3/4/5 sliding block assembly
    5T10F-1701164 3/4/5 sliding block assembly
    5T10F-1701170 5th speed synchronizer assy
    5T10F-1701203 Bearing behind output shaft bearing
    5T10F-1701230 1/2 speed synchronizer assy
    5T10F-1701251 5th driven gear
    5T10F-1701255 Output shaft lock nut
    5T10F-1701503 differential rear bearing
    5T10F-1701504 differential rear bearing adjusting shim
    5T10F-1702100 1/2 fork shaft components
    5T10F-1702200 1/2 fork shaft components
    5T10F-1702300 5th /rev. speed fork-axle component
    A811101120 Electronic fuel pump assembly
    A811101151 Seal, fuel pump
    A811104200 Oil filler cap assembly
    A811108200 Throttle cable assembly
    A811109101 Air filter element
    A811109102 air filter assy
    A811117110 Gasoline filter assembly
    A811201021 Front hang
    A811201022 Hang, main muffler
    A811201023 Hang, tail pipe
    A811201024 Exhaust pipe sealing pad
    A811301022 Left-upper support, radiator
    A811301023 Right-upper support of radiator
    A811301100 Radiator assembly
    A811302011 Rubber cushion, radiator
    A811302012 Lower rubber cushion, radiator
    A811303011 Coolant inlet pipe, engine
    A811303012 Coolant outlet pipe, engine
    A811303021 Plastic clamp, hose
    A811308100 Electronic fan and grille assembly
    A811311021 Overflow pipe, expansion tank
    A811311100 Expansion tank assembly
    A811602100 Clutch cable assembly
    A811703100 Control mechanism, transmission
    A811703200 Gear lever assembly, gearbox
    A812203100 Left-front drive shaft assembly
    A812203200 Right-front drive shaft assembly
    A842803101 Front anti-collision beam rear left installation plate
    A842803102 Front anti-collision rear right installation plate
    A842803110 Front anti-collision front beam outside plate
    A842803131 Left front absorbing energy beam upper plate
    A842803132 Right front absorbing energy beam upper plate
    A842803133 Left front absorbing energy beam lower plate
    A842803134 Right front absorbing energy beam lower plate
    A842804101 Rear anti-collision beam body
    A842804102 Rear anti-collision beam absorbing energy beam
    A842804103 Rear anti-collision beam installation plate
    A845000011 Spring piece, oil filler cap
    A845000012 A column strengthened beam
    A845010013 Left side connection plate
    A845010014 Right side connection plate
    A845401030 Oil filler cap assembly
    A845701011 Top cover metal plate assembly
    A845701014 Top cover 3rd beam
    A845701015 Top cover 4th beam
    A846101010 Front left door assembly
    A846101010 Front left door assembly
    A846101020 Front right door assembly
    A846101020 Front right door assembly
    A846101070 Rear guide assembly, left-front door window
    A846101080 Rear guide assembly, right-front door window
    A846106010 Upper hinge assembly, left-front door
    A846106020 Upper hinge assembly, right-front door
    A846106030 Lower hinge assembly, left-front door
    A846106040 Lower hinge assembly, right-front door
    A846201010 door welding assy,rear left
    A846201010 door welding assy,rear left
    A846201020 door welding assy,rear right
    A846201020 door welding assy,rear right
    A846201070 Rear guide assembly, Left-rear door window
    A846201080 Rear guide assembly, right-rear door window
    A846206030 Upper hinge assembly, left-rear door
    A846206040 Hinge assembly, right-back door
    A846206050 Lower hinge assembly, left-rear door
    A846206060 Lower hinge assembly, right-back door
    A846300010 Back door welding assembly
    A846301030 Back door welding assembly
    A846306010 Hinge assembly, back door
    A848402010 engine hood welding assy
    A848402010 engine hood welding assembly
    A848402030 Left hinge assembly, engine hood
    A848402040 Right hinge assembly, engine hood
    A848403001 Left front fender
    A848403002 Right front fender
    A852803011 Left fog lamp cover
    A852803012 Right fog lamp cover
    A852803016 Upper deflector, front bumper
    A852803021 Bracket(LH), front bumper
    A852803022 Bracket(RH), front bumper
    A852803101 Front bumper assembly (plain colored)
    A852803105 Lower deflector, front bumper
    A852803301 Front bumper unti- flake assembly
    A852804011 Bracket(LH), rear bumper
    A852804012 Bracket(RH), rear bumper
    A852804101 Rear bumper assembly(without radar)
    A855006011 Left trim strip, top cover
    A855006012 Right trim strip, top cover
    A855006013 Clamp, trim strip, top cover
    A855006013 Clamp, trim strip, top cover
    A855206011 Front Windshield glass
    A855206021 Water catcher (LH), front windshield
    A855304011 Ventilation panel assembly
    A855304013 Left end plate, vent cover body
    A855304015 Sealing strip, vent cover body
    A855304015 Sealing strip, vent cover body
    A855306012 Front passenger’s airbag cover
    A855306320 Air vent assembly, instrument panel
    A855306500 Combination instrument cover assembly
    A855306600 A/C control panel assembly
    A855306700 Air vent assembly, instrument panel center
    A855512011 Anti-splash cushion (LH)
    A855512012 Anti-splash cushion (RH)
    A855512013 Anti-splash cushion, left wheel
    A855512014 Anti-splash cushion, right wheel
    A855512015 Left-rear mudguard
    A855512016 Right-rear mudguard
    A855512017 Guard, oil filling pipe
    A855512021 Plug, fender (LH)
    A855512022 Plug, fender (RH)
    A855513011 Shield, air outlet
    A855513101 Outlet assembly
    A855514011 Deflector, upper side of radiator
    A855514012 Deflector(LH)
    A855514013 Deflector(RH)
    A855602011 Trunk plate assembly
    A856102100 Triangle plate assembly, left– front door
    A856102301 shield,RH door(high configuration)
    A856102311 Left front door outer handle assembly
    A856103100 glass,front left door
    A856103200 glass,front right door
    A856104100 Lifter assembly, door window (LH, FR)
    A856104200 Lifter assembly, door window (RH, FR)
    A856105100 Left-front door lock assembly
    A856105101 Internal vehicle handle
    A856105108 Door lock
    A856105108 Door lock
    A856105200 Right-front door lock assembly
    A856105500 Internal door (LH) handle assembly
    A856105500 Internal door (LH) handle assembly

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