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  • Baw Sasuka Sliding outer door Handle OEM 009BR-6205180

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    Baw Sasuka Sliding outer door Handle OEM 009BR-6205180



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    W-1701110-4D32 input shaft and clutch gear ring combination element X-1701210-02 needle roller bearing (output shaft front) W-1701201 output shaft X-1701220-01 4th-5th speed synchronizer X-1701221-01 4th-6th speed synchronizer clutch hub W-1701231-00 5th speed drive gear combination element X-1701236-01 thrust washer(output shaft 3rd speed gear) W-1701241-00 3rd speed drive gear combination element W-1701251-00 2nd speed drive gear combination element W-1701281-00 1st speed drive gear combination element W-1701291-00 reverse speed drive gear combination element X-1701291-03 output shaft reverse gear bushing X-1701321-02 thrust washer(reverse gear) W-1701331-00 1st/reverse speed synchronizer clutch hub W-1701332-00 1st/reverse speed synchronizer clutch sleeve N-1701371-02B output shaft flange W-1701400-00 counter shaft W-1701400-01 counter shaft 2nd speed gear W-1701400-02 counter shaft 3rd speed gear W-1701400-05 counter shaft 2nd-3rd speed gear spacer W-1701400-04 counter shaft drive gear W-1701400-03 counter shaft 5th speed gear X-1701442-00 5th speed-drive gear spacer X-1701521-02B rear cover X-1702111-03 transimission cover X-1702113-02 transimission cover gasket X-1702212-02 4th-5th speed shift fork shaft X-1702232-02 2nd-3rd speed gearshift fork X-1702233-02 2nd-3rd speed shift fork shaft X-1702243-02 1st/R speed shift fork shaft W-1601310-13A-01 clutch cover W-1601310-4D32 input shaft front cover X-1601320-00 input shaft oil seal W-1701619-00 washer(counter shaft front) M-1701231-01/02/03 adjust washer X-1701361-01 speedometer drive gear spacer N-1700021-00 speedometer shaft bushing oil seal N-1701003-01 double head bolt N-1701004-00 shift fork support bolt N-1701005-00 shift fork support bolt O-ring N-1701131-00 snap ring N-1701222-01/02/03 snap ring (4th-5th speed gear) NUP309ENV input shaft bearing 6309NC3Z2 ball bearing (output shaft rear) 4-GB308-84 steel ball N-1701223-01 4th/5th syncronizer clutch sleeve N-1701224-00 synchronizer shift key(2nd/3rd speed,4th/5th speed) N-1701225-00 synchronizer shift key spring ( 4th/5th speed ) N-1701226-00 synchronizer gear ring( 4th/5th speed gear) N-1701235-00 snap ring (3rd speed drive gear ,2nd/3rd gear hub,counter shaft 5th speed gear) N-1701260-02 needle roller bearing (drive 1st,2nd,R gear) N-1701260-01 needle roller bearing (output shaft 3rd speed gear) N-1701270-02 synchronizer(2nd/3rd speed gear) N-1701271-02 synchronizer clutch hub (2nd/3rd speed gear) N-1701272-02 synchronizer clutch sleeve(2nd/3rd speed gear) N-1701274-00 synchronizer shift key spring ( 2nd/3rd speed gear) N-1701276-01 synchronizer gear ring ( 2nd/3rd speed gear) N-1701334-01 synchronizer shift key spring ( 1st/R speed gear) N-1701335-02 synchronizer gear ring ( 1st/reverse speed gear ) N-1701362-02 speedometer drive gear N-1701372-02 O-ring 2200072EO driveshaft bolt N-1701374-01 output shaft nut N-1701375-01 wave washer N-1701431-03 counter shaft front spacer N-1701443-00 counter shaft woodruffkey NJ307EN counter shaft bearing W-1701480-00 reverse speed gear N-1701483-01 reverse speed gear shaft N-1701511-01 transimission side cover Q1501018F3 hexagon bolt (side cover) GB 93-87 10 spring washer N-1701512-01 side cover seal gasket N-1701522-02 rear cover oil seal N-1701524-02 rear cover seal gasket N-1701513-00 bolt (speedometer shaft bushing ) Q1500825F3 bolt (rear cover) GB 93-87 8 spring washer N-1702112-00 transimission cover oil seal N-1702153-00 control box nut N-1701513-02 bolt (upper cover) N-1701513-03 bolt (lower cover) X-1702160-03 gearshift rocker arm (outside) N-1702172-00 neutral thrust ring N-1702174-02-02 reverse speed limiting spring N-1702176-00Z washer (reverse speed limiting location spring ) N-1702180-02 gearshift rocker arm(inside) N-1702190-00Z select rocker arm(inside) N-1702193-00 plain washer N-1702200-01 select rocker arm(outside) N-1702211-01 4th/5th gearshift gate N-1702230-02 gearshift fork (4th/5th speed gear) N-1702231-00 shift fork block N-1702241-01 1st/R gearshift gate W-1702242-00 2st/R gearshift fork N-1702251-00 shift fork shaft blockage N-1702254-01 lock ball spring N-1702255-01 interlock pin N-1702256-00 lock ball screw plug N-1601310-03 clutch housing gasket Q1501240F3 bolt(clutch and transimission) GB 97.1-85-12-Zn·D plain washer GB 93-87 12 spring washer GB 1235 24×2.4 O-ring(speedometer shaft bushing ) N-1701001-06 hexagon magnetism outlet oil screw plug Q617B16F3 hexagon inlet oil screw plug GB 93-87 14 spring washer(transimission hosuing) GB 894.1-86 -35 retaining ring (counter shaft rear bearing) 6.35-GB308-84 steel ball(reverse speed shaft) Q9001 vent plug JK611 backup lamp switch GB 879-86 5×25 spring roll pin GB 879-86 3×25 spring roll pin 8.731-GB308-84 steel ball GB 70-85-M6×12 inside hexagon column head screw Q5240440 roller pin Q5221022 roll pin GB305-100/106.5 thrust ring GB305-80/86.6 thrust ring W-1601310-13A3-01 release bearing retainer 986911K release bearing X-1601310-13A2 release fork X-1601310-13-09 release fork arm X-1601310-13A1 release fork arm blockage X-1601310-13A4 bearing retainer snap spring Q5500625 woodruffkey XS–0460004 oil pipe X-1601310-13A5 cover board Q701B70 lubrication fitting M-1605622 release fork shaft roller bearing 3507100S5 praking brake 3508100EO cable 1005086-X2 1001025-X01J B14Q+L-front suppor cushion 1001030-X01J B14Q+R-front suppor cushion 1001042-X2 B14Q+engine support bracket 1005105-X2 1001066-C105 Rear hanger 1001067-C012 front hanger 1002010HX2B1/P cylinder block 1002013-X2 Bowl type plug 53 1002017-X2 Blockage 1002019-X2 Bowl type plug 28 1002026-X2 140 cylinder sleeve 1002027AX2 Double-head stud 1002028AX2 Flange nut 1002031-D1 Bowl type plug 18 1002031-X2 Bowl type plug 18 1002039-D1 washer 1002065-X2 cover Plate – gear room cover 1002068-D1 Flywheel housing rubber Blockage 1002069-C012 gasket 1002076-X2 Water inlet sealing rang 1002082AX2 Partition board gasket (rubberizing) 1002960-C012 140+gear timing cover and front oil seal ,seal ring 1003020AX2-H/P cylinder head 1003022-X2 Copper jacket 1003023-X2 Water injection elbow 1003024-X2 Blockage 1003027AX2 Bowl type plug 35 1003028-X2 Bowl type plug 24 1003036-C012 cylinder head cover bolt 1003040-5X4 B14D+cylinder head cover 1003046-X2 B14B+seal gasket -cylinder head cover 1003047-X2 Bushing -Cylinder head cover 1003050-X2 B14Q +oil filling cap and gasket 1004021-X3 B14Q+piston pin 1004027-55D 1004022-X3 spring washer 1004058-C012 1005021-C012/P crankshaft 1005037-X2 shaft bushing –input shaft 1005040-C012 Shock absorber assembly-Crankshaft 1005041-X2 Timing indicator-Crankshaft 1005051-X2 Nut-Crankshaft pullet 1005078-X2 Bolt-Crankshaft main bearing cap 1005102-X2 Sealing gasket 1005115-C129 B14N+flywheel gear ring 1005118-X2 Flywheel bolt 1005128-X2 Bolt-Flywheel housing 1005160-X2 B14E+thrust washer 1005950-X2 B141+rear oil seal and oil seal retainer 1006016-X2A1 B14N +camshaft 1006019-X2 B14L+camshaft thrush washer 1006021-X2 Bolt-Camshaft timing gear 1006022-X2 Washer 1006051-X2 Bushing-Camshaft 1st journal 1006052-X2 Bushing-Camshaft 2st journal 1006053-X2 Bushing-Camshaft 3st journal 1006056-X2 Bushing-Camshaft 4st journal 1006057-X2 Bushing-Camshaft 5st journal 1007011-X2 B14J+intake valve 1007012-X2 B14J+exhaust valve 1007021-X2 Valve spring 1007022-X2 Valve spring seat 1007024-X2 Valve spring seat gasket 1007028-X2 Lock-Intake valve 1007029-B1 Lock-Exhaust valve 1007032-X2 B14J+intake /exhaust valve guide 1007035-X2 B14J+valve oil seal 1007051-X2 B14O+valve pushrod 1007061-X2 B14O+valve lifter 1007081-X2 Intake valve seat 1007082-X2 Exhaust valve seat 1007090-X2 B14L+rocker arm shaft 1008013-X2 Gasket 1008014-4B1B1 Air preheater seat 1008051-X2 B14J+intake manifold gasket 1008055-X2 B14C+exhaust manifold gasket 1008073-F001 Nut-Turbocharger 1008074-C012 Nut-Turbocharger 1009010-5X4 B14N+oil pan 1009012-X2 gasket 1009018CB1 Oil draining plug-Oil pan 1009019CB1 Washer 1009022-X2 O-seal ring 1009030-X2 BN14J+oil dipstick 1010010-X2 B14L+oil strainer 1011021-X2 gasket-oil pum housing 1011022-X2 Rubber sealing ring 1011040-X2 Pressure relier valve assembly 1012005-X2 B14K+oil filter and bracket 1012063-X2 Heat insulating cover 1012064AX2 Sealing gasket-Oil filter 1013030-C012 B14E+oil cooler and cover board 1013031AX2 Spacer 1014022BX2 Breathes the hose 1014029-X2 Pipe clip 1014030-5X4 B14Q+water/air separator 1014038-5X4 Pipe clip 1014049-5X4 Pipe clip 1104030-X03 return fuel pipe 1104058-D1 return fuel pipe clip 1104066-D6 The hollow bolt – lubricates the oil line or pipe 1104087-D1 washer 1104101-X2 Blockage rubber pipe 1104102-X2 return fuel pipe -injector 1104305-X2 Spring ring hoop 1111014-X2 washer 1111103-X2 bracket 1111201-X03 gasket- injection pump 1111216-C107 B14B+injection pump timing gear 1112012-X2 injection pump seal gasket 1112021-X2 Injector pressing plate 1112022-X2 Ball spacer 1118011-Y01 Gasket-Turbocharger to Exhaust pipe 1118036-4X4 Oil inlet pipe adapter-Turbocharger 1118038AY01 Oil inlet adapter 1118038-X25 Oil inlet adapter 1303042-X2 Oil return pipe 1303050-X21 B14J+heater switch 1305010-S01 B14F+drain switch joint element 1306010-X2 B14J+thermostat 1307018-X2 gasket –waster pump 1307071-X2 gasket -8 1308010-X21 B14K+fan 1601210AY01 B14Q+clutch plate (clutch driven plate) 1601310-Y01 B14Q+clutch housing S3407024-C122 gasket- power steering pump 3407099-C012 cover board -power steering pump 3509056-C012 B14B+air compressor drive gear 3509110-X25 B14F+air compressor intake oil pipe 3509294-C012 bracket–counter shaft 3509296-C012 gasket–air air compressor 3509297-C012 bolt 3551093-X2 Spring ring hoop 3701321-C117 B14F+alternator bracket 3701341-C117 Alternator adjusting arm bracket S3708010-C122 B14F+stater 3754010-E51G idle-speed-valve 3808040-X2 B14J+water temprature sensor 4001011-X12 B14I+oil pump drive gear 4001015-C012 B14I+oil pump counter gear 4001017-C012 B14O+air compressor counter gear shaft 4001018-C012 gasket 4001025-C012 B14I+counter gear inlet oil pipe 8103070-C012 B14F+tensioner pulley with bracket AV13-1015 B14K+belt V type AV13-1325 B14K+belt V type B1003030-C012 B14G+cylinder gasket B1004016-C012 B14O+piston B1005980-C012 B14E+main bearing element B1104060-C107 lubricating oil pipe B1117001-C117 B14C+X21fuel filter and C117supply fuel pipe B1118010-C129 Turbocharger assembly B1118022-4X4 gasket(turbocharger–exhaust assy) 1118045-C012 B14G+turbocharger return oil pipe B8103061-C012 bracket C1006030-C012 B14I+timing counter gear C1104050-C012 B14F+return diesel pipe-(injector–injection pump 1118021-4X4 Turbocharger turbine wheel rear exhaust pipe D8103062-C221 slip gate- air compressor 1002080-X05T Gear room partition board assy S1004001-C012 B14E+oil cooler nozzle S1004045-C012 B14O+connecting rod S1004100-C012 B14E+connecting rod bearing S1004110AX3 B14E+piston ring(oil ring and compressure ring S1005031-C012 B14O+crankshaft timing gear S1005121-C129 Flywheel casing S1006018-C012 B14B+camshaft timing gear S1006041-C012 B14O+timing counter gear shaft 1006043-C012 Cover-For tightening timing intermediate gear shaft S1008011-C221 B14B+intake manifold 1008021B4X4 B14B+exhaust manifold S1008056-C221 flange–intake connection pipe S1008073-C012 Nut-Turbocharger S1009025AC012 Oil dipstick guide assembly S1011010-C012 B14B+oil pump S1014034-C122 Hose S1111010-C221 B14B+injection pump S1111101-C012 B15B+injection pump bracket S1112010-C012 B14G+injector S1118012-C226 B14K+rubber hose pipe (turbocharger outlet) S1118032-C012 bolt 1118035-C012 B14G+turbocharger inlet oil pipe S1129100BC012 B14G+high pressure pipe element B1307010-C145 B14N+inlet water pipe S3509010-C226 B14F+water pump S3701010-C118 B14B+air compressor S3750001-C226 B14F+alternator S1303020-C221 B14H+preheater plug AV13-1340 B14K+belt V type 4100QBZL-08.01 air heater assy 4100QBZ-03.03.02 oil filling cap (4102QB-01-006~009) sets of main bearing BP17807911001 BP10443760522 BP10653760522 BP17803730303 BP19953730303 BP17803730318 BP19953730318 BP17803730319 BP19953730319 BP17803730321 BP19953730321 BP17803730021 BP19953730021 BP19953730308 BP17803730301 BP10653760006 BP17803711003 136-5205020 BP19958110022 BP17808110012-07A BP17808110012-04A BP17807040101 BP19957040101 BP17803740105 BP10444010301 BP19954002301 BP10654010301 BP17803740002 BP17803740004 BP17803740008 BP17805060102 BP17803721002E BP17803721003E BP19954114010 BP19954117010 BP10441720003 BP10441720004 BP10651720203 BP17805251100 BP10651310211 BP10441310211 BP10441311013 BP10653590044 BP10653560318 136-3721010 BP10652200102 BP10653630111 BP10653550111 YF30BQ4-01025 3502T13-081 3502T13-082 QST022-13 3502T13-061 3502T13-062 3502F-105 3502T13-031 3502T13-032 31Q01-04015-B QST022-13 3502T14-031 3502T14-032 3502Q30-081-A 3502Q30-082-A LG5T30LF-1701356 305JH1(无线) LG5T30-1601017 LG5T30LF-1701011 LG305-1701358 LG305-1701410 LG305JH1-2091 LG305K-1702030 PTJ520-1701015B1 GB/T6177.2-2000 LG5T30-1601015 305HZ-1701363EQ LG5T35KY1-1701361 LG528-1701357C LG5T30-1702016 LG525GEQ-1601019 LG525GEQ-1601018 538-1702023 GB5846-86 305JH1-1701371 PTJ525-1701354-11 LG305-1701412 LG528-1701413 LG528-1701415 LG305-1701416 LG305-1701418 GB896-86 LG5T35BQ2-1601016 LG525GEQ-1601016 LG525GEQ-1601013 JB/T5312-2001 LG5T35BQ-I LG5T30LF-1702017 5T30-1702019 5T30-1701021 LG5T30-1701013 HM-002 LG5T35BQ2-1601012 LG5T35BQ2-1701362 LG5T30LF-1701355 LG520-1702061K28 LG528-1702071A LG5T35BQ-1702133 LG528-1702072 LG528-1702073 LG528-1702074 PTJ520-1702028B2 GB1235-76 GB308-89 LG531B-1701319-1324 LG528-1701302 LG528-1701304-1308 LG528-1701307 LG528-1701309 LG520-1701311B1 LG520-1701312 LG305K-1701310 LG531-1701314 LG528-1701315 LG531-1701327 538-1701326 LG531-1701325 LG531-1701334 LG528-1701336 LG528-1701340 LG528-1701341 LG531-1701344 538-1701345 538-1701352 538-1701323 LG5T30LF-1701301 GB/T283 GB305-89 520-1702080E27 528-1702141D LG5T35BQ-1702142 LG5T35BQ-1702015 LG5T30-1702021 LG5T30-1702022 LG531-1702024 BC131-1702040 NJ130-1702035 LG5T30-1702020 LG528-1702011A LG528-1702012 LG528-1702014A LG528-1702016 LG5T30-1702027 LG5T30-1702026 LG5T30-1702025 LG528-1702023 BC131-1702123 LG528-1702011 135-1701343-V LG5T35BQ-1702018 GB308-88 LG5T30-1702061 528-1702062 520-1702081E27 LG305-1701135G LG305-1701127G LG305-1701133G GB894.1-86 LG5T30-1701129 LG305K-1701213 LG305K-1701212 GB1099 LG531-1701214 LG528-1701215 LG531-1701211 LG528-1701218 LG528-1701217 LG305EQ2-1701362 LG5T35BQ-1601015 GB5783-86 GB5783 GB93-87 GB6170 LG5T35BQ-1601019 LG5T35BQ-1601021 LG5T35BQ-1701009 LG6T46-1703020 LG5T35BQ-1703021 LG6T46AF-1703031 LG6T46/GB1153-79 LG5T35BQ-1601020A LG5T35BQ-1601016A GB70-85 LG5T30-1701016 BC131-1701018 LG6T46-1703030 LG5T30-1702097 305Z2-1701361 LG528-1702132 LG5T35BQ-1702075 GB91 Q38108 PTJ525-1702079-11 GB97 LG5T35BQ-1701129A 1000012-X2 1000013-X2 1000014-X2 1000017-X2 1000018-X2 1000021-X2 1001900-X2A1 1002010-55D/P 1002080-55D 1002087-55D 1002960-55D 1003020-55D/P 1003030-C012 1003044-X2 1003048-X2 1004001-C012 1004016-55D 1004045-C012 1004100-C012 1004110-55D 1005031-55D 1005980-C012 1006016-55D 1006018-55D 1006030-55D 1006041-C012 1007050-X2A1 1007061AX2 1008011-55D 1008073-C012 1009025-55D 1011010-55D 1014022-55D 1014030-C109 1014039-5X4 1104034-55D 1104036-55D 1104040-55D 1104041-55D 1104050-55D 1111216-55D 1112013-55D 1112031-55D 1112033-55D 1117010-55D 1118022-4X4 1118032-Y01 1118068-Y06 1118073-C012 1118090-Y06 1128031-55D 1129050-55D 1129065-55D 1303012-X2 1303017-55D 1303022-X2 1303026-X2 1303033-X2 1303035-C012 1303041-X2 1308010-C122 1601210-E3 1601310-E3 3509283-C122 3601115-55D 3602105-55D 3602120-55D 3602125-55D 3602130-55D 3602160-55D 3701010-55D 3708010-X2 3724020-55D 3724021-55D 3724024-55D 3724026-55D 3724027-55D 3750010-X2 3818020-X2 8103061-55D 9001051-X2 9001052-X2 9001053-X2 9001054-X2 9002016-X01J AV13-1205 AV13-1300 C1005115-C298 S1003040-C299 B1005121-C300 S1005126-55D S1005127-55D S1303020-C300 S8103062-C299 S8103070-C313 T67414646 CQ1481090B 8103061-55D CQ1461070 C3407010-C313 T67417246 1005115-55D 1303020-55D 8103061-55D S1005121A55D T67414646 BP17803750301 BP17803750303 BP17803750312 BP17803735306 BP17803750308 BP17803750304 BP17803750310 372602005 BP17803750311 BP17803750314 BP17803735316 BP17803735305 BP17803750309 D3650140AA D3650131AA G4BA-1003040 CYLINDER HEAD COMPLETE 009B-220100 DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY 009B-3540010 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER WITH VACUUM BOOSTER. 009B-3415010 STEERING BOX. G4BA-1005030 DAMPING PULLEY COMPONENTS etc. 009BR-6800100 The front left seat assembly 009BR-6900100 front right seat assembly 009B-3540010 braking master cylinder with vacuum booster assembly 009B-4133200 Right rear combination lamps 009B-4133100 left rear assembled light G4AA-3808060 knock sensor 009B-4101400 RHD cars right front combination lamp ASSY 009B-4101300 RHD cars left front combination lamp ASSY 009B-3610010 ECU controller (customer service parts) 009BR-1108020 acceleration petal assembly G4BA-1005030 damping pulley components 009B-1200041 一Sealing pad1 009B-5403501 LR side panel glasses (new spec ) 009BR-6203100 slide door glass ASS (new spec ) 009BR-5403601 Right rear side wall glass (new spec ) 009BR-5403201 Right front side glass ( new spec ) 009B-3540010 braking master cylinder with vacuum booster assembly ROOF AERIAL 009BR-1602010 clutch petal assembly 009B-6105150 left front door outer spiker assembly 009B-6105160 right front door outer spiker assembly 009B-6105300 left front door inner spiker assembly 009B-6105400 right front door inner spiker assembly 6490XBD1-6402010-T P size glass lining 009B-3508060 left rear parking braking cable assembly CLAC-ZC1 SLIDING DOOR CONNECTING ROD 02 CLAC-D1 SLIDING DOOR CONNECTING ROD 03 009B-5173012 SPLASH PROTECTION CENTRE 009B-4011300 front panel wire harness 009B-5101630 RADIATOR LOWER CRADLE 009B-3415010 steering box 009B-2902050 pole installing base assembly 009B-1607012 clutch hose 009BR-6205120 sliding door front lock body assembly 009BR-3506011 front brake hard pipe 009BR-3506012 rear brake hard pipe 009B-5702111 CEILING MOUNT BUCKLE 009B-5509301 Front grille trim 009BR-5306111 trim strip right ASS 009BR-5306171 shift gears fender ASS 009B-5512103 LR fender 009B-5512104 RR fender 009B-5512101 LF fender 009B-5512102 RF fender 009B-6107115 left front door glass weatherstrip 009B-6107116 right front glass weatherstrip 009B-6107111 left front door glass outer infeed weatherstrip 009B-6107112 Right front door glass outer transverse sealing strip 009BR-6205130 sliding door back lock body assembly 009BR-6205140 SLIDING DOOR LOCK LOWER 009BR-6205120 sliding door front lock body assembly 009BR-5401651 FRONT DOOR APERTURE LEFT 009BR-5401611 FRONT DOOR APERTURE RIGHT 009B-5401560 REAR TAIL LAMP PANEL POST LEFT 009B-5401550 REAR TAIL LAMP PANLE POST RIGHT 009B-8402010 The front cover welding assembly 009BR-6201010 Sliding door welding assembly 009BR-6301010 Rear back door welding assembly 009BR-5401541 SIDE PANEL OUTER LEFT MIDDLE 009BR-5306141 RHD CD panel. 009B-5504101 front chasis fender G4BA-1003040 CYLINDER HEAD COMPLETE 009B-3402020 steering pipe ASS 009B-2201000 drive axle assembly 009BR-6205190 SLIDING DOOR INNER HANDLE 009B-2909015 Rubber sleeve 009B-2906012 Front stabilizer gum cover G4BA-1100020A Nozzle assembly 009BR-4133100 009BR-4133200 009BR-4121300 009BR-4121400 009B-2803101 009B-5509201 009BR-5205130 Wiper Arms LEFT 009BR-5205140 Wiper Arms RIGHT 009-4116100 Bumper Spotlamps LEFT 009-4116200 Bumper Spotlamps RIGHT G4BA-1307020A G4BA-1300030 G4BA-1002010
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