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  • chery automatic transmission oil pump OEM 019CHA-1502610

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    chery automatic transmission oil pump OEM 019CHA-1502610



    chery automatic transmission oil pump OEM 019CHA-1502610,
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    019CHA-1502151 VENT PLUG 019CHA-1502529 STEEL BELT 019CHA-1502565 NEEDLE ROLLER BEARING 202000281AA FR SHOCK ABSORBER-RH 372-1007081 TIMING BELT 372-1306020 THERMOSTAT 416AHA-4004011AA10 TRANSMISSION LUBRICATION OIL 472-1007042 LWR BODY-TIMING GEAR COVER 472-1307010 WATER PUMP 473H-1005110 FLYWHEEL 473H-1007060AB TENSIONER 477F-3708110BB THE STARTER ASSEMBLY 480-1007050 TENSIONER 481H-1007050 RR TIMING GEAR COVER 481H-1007070BA IDLER 481H-1008111 EXHAUST MANIFOLD 481H-1009010CA OIL PAN 481H-1009010EA OIL PAN 481H-1306011AB THERMOSTAT HOUSING LWR 481H-1306021AC THERMOSTAT COVER 481H-BJ1005013 CRANKSHAFT BEARING 484F-1303011 STEEL PIPE-WATER INLET 484FC-1307010 WATER PUMP 484H-1004015AB PISTON 484H-1006030BA EXHAUST CAMSHAFT 484J-1005070 CRANKSHAFT PULLEY 519EHA-1602520 SPLIT FORK A11-1101151 SEAL RING OF FUEL TANK A11-1311111BA EXPANSION TANK A11-2906023 RUBBER SLEEVE A11-3614011 AIR FLOW SENSOR A11-3617011 SENSOR-WATER TEMPERATURE A11-3701315BA BELT A11-3722021BB FUSE A11-3735011BB RELAY A11-3735015 RELAY A11-3773013 BULB A11-3900107 SPANNER A11-8111210CA IDLER A11-8402017BF LOCATION SEAT A13-1100015BA FUEL TANK BAND 1 A13-1100025BA FUEL TANK BAND 2 A13-1101110BA FUEL TANK A13-2803539 GRILLE-AIR INTAKE A13-3407020FT PUMP ASSY A13-3412103 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT AND SINGLE COIL SPRING A13-3773070 BRAKE LAMP A13-5205153BA BLADE FRT WIPER DS A13-6105010 FRONT DOOR LATCH LH A13-6105020 FRONT DOOR LATCH RH A13-6204010BD REGULATOR ASSY RR DOOR LH A13-7901150 RR SPEAKER COVER-LH A13-8107015 AIR INLET HOUSING A13-8402220 HOOD STAY ASY A13-BJ6104130DB GLASS REGULATOR MOTOR-DOOR LH A13-BJ6104140DB GLASS REGULATOR MOTOR-FR DOOR RH A15-1001110BA RR SUSPENSION CUSHION-LH A15-1001510BA FRONT SUSPENSION CUSHION A15-1703090CA SELECTING&SHIFT CABLE A15-5305430CM BUCKLE-STORAGE BOX A15-5608090BD TRUNK LID PANEL A15-7903010 ANTENNA A21-1121010 FUEL TRACK&INJECTOR A21-1129010 THROTTLE A21-1311110 EXPANSION TANK A21-2909010BB FR CONTROL ARM-LH A21-2915010 RR SHOCK ABSORBER A21-3402080FN CLOCK SPRING A21-3605010DA ECU A21-6105230 OTR HANDLE SEAT-FR DOOR LH A21-8CB3704017 IGNITION LOCK CORE A21-XLB3AF2203111C REPAIR KIT-OTR CV JOINT SLEEVE-FR B11-1106610DA FUEL PUMP B11-1157031 CONTROL VALVE-CAMSHAFT GEAR B11-3402080BB CLOCK SPRING B11-3700019MA RELEASE SWITCH-TRUNK LID B11-3701110BB GENERATOR ASSY B11-3701315BA BELT B11-3708110BA STARTER B11-3802020CA SPEED SENSOR B11-5305440MA HANDLE-HOOD B11-6204120BA RR GLASS REGULATOR-RH B11-8201010MA INR VIEW MIRROR CH-10003TY SPANNER-OIL FILTER CH-20003-A TIMING SCREW-CRANKSHAFT CH-20010 CAMSHAFT TIMING FIXTURE CH-20013-A GUIDE SLEEVE-VALVE SEAL CH-20014-A FLYWHEEL FIXTURE CH-20018-B REMOVER-VALVE SPRING D4G15B-1003042 GASKET-CYLINDERHEADCOVERS D4G15B-1008110AB EXHAUST MANIFOLD ASSEMBLY D4G15B-1008130 GASKET-EXHAUST MANIFOLD D4G15B-1021021 TIMING GEAR BELT D4G15B-1306110 ELECTRIC THERMOSTAT ASSEMBLY DP0-8200295286 HYDRAULIC DISTRIBUTOR H13-1109110 AIR FILTER H13-2803612 RH BRACKET-FR BUMPER H13-6201000-DY SLIDE DOOR J26-1001310 SUSPENSION CUSHION-RH J26-2804111BB-DQ RR BUMPER BODY J26-3102114 MUDGUARD-RR WHEEL RH J26-6102021 INR HANDLE-FR DOOR LH J26-6102022 INR HANDLE-FR DOOR RH J26-8403101-DY FR QUARTER PANEL-LH J42-1301110AB RADIATOR J42-2803515-DQ FR BUMPER BODY J42-2803519 AIR INTAKE GRILLE-MD J42-3610013 IMMOBILLZER COIL J42-3610015 ANTI-THEFT REPEATER J42-4421010 LEFT HEADLAMP J42-4421020 RIGHT HEADLAMP J42-8401110 FRONT GRILLE ASSY J52-1031110AB ENGINE TRIM COVER ASSY J52-1311111 EXPANSION TANK ASSY J52-3611021 ENGINE SPEED SENSOR J52-3611061 OXYGEN SENSOR J52-8103010BA COMPRESSER ASSEMBLY J60-8105010 CONDENSER ASSEMBLY J69-1001110BA MOUNT ASSY LH J69-1001310 MOUNT ASSY RH J69-1001510 MOUNT ASSY FRT J69-1504010QF GEAR SHIFT ASSY AT J69-1504310 SHIFT CABLE ASSY J69-2803518 RIGHT FOG LAMPS DECORATIVE PLATE J69-2803519 LEFT FOG LAMPS DECORATIVE PLATE J69-2803521 FRONT BUMPER BRACKET LH J69-2803522 FRONT BUMPER BRACKET RH J69-2803523 LEFT BRIGHT FOG LAMP DECORATION J69-2803524 RIGHT BRIGHT FOG LAMP DECORATION J69-2909010 CONTROL ARM ASSY LH J69-2909020 CONTROL ARM ASSY RH J69-3401010BB POWER STEERING GEAR WITH LINKAGE ASSY J69-3401330 OTR BALL PIN LH J69-3401430 OTR BALL PIN RH J69-3600030 BODY CONTROL MODULE J69-3605010AD ENGINE CONTROL UNIT J69-3621010 TRANSMISSION CONTROL UNIT J69-3630010 FL SENSOR ASSY J69-3820010 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER J69-4301180 W H A ENGINE MANEGEMENT J69-4423010BA FRONT INTERIOR DOME LAMP J69-5611110 REAR WIPER MOTOR ASSY J69-5611133 REAR WIPER BLADE J69-6101010-DY FR DOOR-LH J69-6101020-DY FR DOOR-RH J69-6201010-DY RR DOOR-LH J69-6201020-DY RR DOOR-RH J69-6301010-DY TAIL DOOR J69-8107150 EVAPORATOR CORE J69-8112010 MANUAL AC CONTROL PANEL J69-8202010-DQ RR VIEW MIRROR OTR-LH J69-8202011 LENS-RRVIEWMIRROROTRLH J69-8202020-DQ RR VIEW MIRROR OTR-RH J69-8202022 LENS-RR VIEW MIRROR OTR RH M11-1208110 CARBON BOX M11-1301110CA RADIATOR M11-1311110 EXPANSION TANK M11-2909060 BALL JOINT M11-6104110BA FR GLASS REGULATOR-LH M12-5206020 RR WINDSHIELD GLASS Q21-3402018BA STEERING WHEEL BODY Q21-5305070 LH AIR OUTLET Q22-2906020 CONNECTING ROD Q22-2909010 LH CONTROL ARM Q22-2909020 RH CONTROL ARM Q22-3732010 FR FOG LAMP-LH Q22-3732020 FR FOG LAMP-RH Q22-5205153 FR WIPER BLADE-RH Q22-6104010AB FR GLASS REGULATOR-LH Q22-6104020AB FR GLASS REGULATOR-RH QR512-3AD1701280 DRIVING GEAR-5TH SHIFT QR523-1701203 OILSEAL-DIFFERENTIAL S11-1308030BA RADIATOR FAN S11-1311110KA EXPANSION TANK S11-1311120 EXPANSION TANK CAP S11-3100020AN ALUMINIUM WHEEL S11-3100030AB TIRE S11-3102046 MUDGUARD-FR WHEEL RH S11-3701110BA THE GENERATOR S11-3701315 BELT S11-3820030CH INSTRUMENT CLUSTER S11-5101021 RH TRIM PANEL-WHEEL ARCH S11-5101031 PRESSURE PANEL-FR DOORSILL LH S11-5203114 QUARTER WINDOW GLASS-FR DOOR RH S11-5205210 WIPER INTERLOCKING ROD S11-5205370 WIPER BLADE-RH S11-5605010 AIR SPRING S11-7901070 DOOR SPEAKER S11-9CN6105PBA LOCK SET S12-1001710DA SUSPENSION CUSHION-RR S12-1101110 FUEL TANK S12-1106610 FUEL PUMP S12-3401010BB STEERING MECHANISM&TRACK ROD S12-3707130CA HIGH TENSION LEAD-1ST CYLINDER S12-3707140CA HIGH TENSION LEAD-2ND CYLINDER S12-3707160CA HIGH TENSION LEAD-4TH CYLINDER S12-XLB3AH2203111A REPAIR KIT-OTR CV JOINT SLEEVE-FR S18-1109210BA AIR INTAKE HOSE S18-3720030 BRAKE SWITCH ASSY. S18-6101010-DY FR DOOR-LH S18-6104130BD GLASS REGULATOR BRACKET-FR DOOR LH S18D-1001310 SUSPENSION CUSHION-RH S18D-1001720 LWR CUSHION-RR SUSPENSION S21-1001310 SUSPENSION CUSHION-RH S21-1601020BA CLUTCH COVER S21-1601030BA CLUTCH PLATE S21-2906030 FR CONNECTING ROD S21-3772050NA HEADLAMP SWITCH T11-1001110FA SUSPENSION CUSHION-LH T11-1001310BA SUSPENSION CUSHION-RH T11-1001310EA SUSPENSION CUSHION-RH T11-1001510EA SUSPENSION CUSHION-FR T11-1001710EA SUSPENSION CUSHION-RR T11-1101110BA FUEL TANK ASSY T11-1301110BA RADIATOR T11-1301110DA RADIATOR ASSY T11-1308120 RADIATOR FAN T11-1308120BB LEFT RADIATOR FAN ASSY T11-1308130BA RADIATOR FAN-SUB T11-1308130BB RIGHT RADIATOR FAN ASSY T11-1308130CA RADIATOR FAN-SUB T11-1504005BB SHIFT MECHANISM&CABLE T11-1504010AC SHIFT MECHANISM T11-1602030 PIPE 1 T11-2203010GA FR PROPELLER SHAFT-LH T11-2203020GA FR PROPELLER SHAFT-RH T11-2804111PF-DQ MD BODY-RR BUMPER T11-2804312PF-DQ RH END BODY-RR BUMPER T11-2901110 BRACKET T11-2906030BU FR CONNECTING ROD T11-3401010BB POWER STEERING GEAR ASSY T11-3406310BA RETURN PIPE ASSY T11-3407010BB STEERING PUMP T11-3408010BB STEERING RESERVOIR ASSY T11-3501075 FR BRAKE DISC T11-3501075BA BRAKE DISC T11-3550030AB WHEEL SPEED SENSOR ASSY RH T11-3550040AB WHEEL SPEED SENSOR ASSY RH T11-3732020 FR FOG LAMP-RH T11-3773010BA TAIL LAMP-LH T11-3773020BA TAIL LAMP-RH T11-5305820PF PAB T11-5608010HE PARCEL SHELF PANEL T11-5608010PF PARCEL SHELF PANEL T11-6104110CA FR GLASS REGULATOR-LH T11-6104120CA FR GLASS REGULATOR-RH T11-6105040PD FR DOOR LOCK-RH T11-6105120PF INR HANDLE-FR DOOR RH T11-6105130PF INR HANDLE-FR DOOR LH T11-6205030PD RR DOOR LOCK-LH T11-6205040PD RR DOOR LOCK-RH T11-6205120PF INR HANDLE-RR DOOR RH T11-6301010-DY TAIL DOOR T11-6305030PB LOCK-TAIL DOOR T11-8105110 CONDENSER T11-8107011NA CORE-AIR INLET FILTER T11-8107130 HEATER ASSY T11-8403030-DY FR WHEEL ARCH-LH T11-XLB3AH2203041F REPAIR KIT-INR CV JOINT SLEEVE T15-1308010BA COOLING FAN T15-3600210BA PASSIVE ENTRY AND PASSIVE START T15-3746130AB GLASS REGULATOR SWITCH-RR DOOR LH T15-3746150 GLASS REGULATOR SWITCH T15-3746150AB GLASS REGULATOR SWITCH T15-5820011BB Multi-function button T15-9CN6105350 BLANK KEY(FOLDING) T21-1001310 SUSPENSION CUSHION-RH T21-1001710CA SUSPENSION CUSHION-RR T21-1109111 CORE-AIR FILTER T21-1200012 HANGER T21-1301110 RADIATOR T21-2803601BD-DQ FR BUMPER BODY T21-2803601-DQ FR BUMPER BODY T21-2803603BD THE LEFT FRONT FOG LAMP T21-2803604BD RIGHT FRONT FOG LAMP T21-2803607BD FRONT BUMPER CENTRAL GRILLE T21-2803609BD THE LOWER PART OF FRONT GRILLE T21-2803611BD MIDDLE LWR BRACKET UPR RH T21-2803612BD SIDE BRACKET FRT BUMPER RH T21-2803614 UPR BRACKET RH-FR BUMPER T21-2803617 MD BRACKET-FR BUMPER T21-2803617BD THE CENTRAL FRONT BUMPER REINFORCING BRA T21-2803619BD FRONT BUMPER DECORATIVE BOARD LWR T21-2803621BD CAN BLOCK ABSORPTION OF FRONT BUMPER T21-2803626BD RIGHT FOG LAMP COVER DECORATIVE FRAME T21-2905010 FR SHOCK ABSORBER-LH T21-2905020 FR SHOCK ABSORBER-RH T21-3401010BB STEERING MECHANISM&TRACK ROD T21-3501080 FR BRAKE PAD T21-3605010AJ ECU T21-3621010FA TRANSMISSION CONTROL UNIT T21-3721010 HORN-HIGH TONE T21-3721020 HORN-LOW TONE T21-3774110BC SWITCH-HEADLAMP&TURNING&FOG LAMP T21-3820010BB INSTRUMENT CLUSTER T21-4416030BA FOG LAMP ASSY.-LH/RR T21-4416040BA FOG LAMP ASSY.-RH/RR T21-4421010 LH HEADLAMP T21-4421010BC LH HEADLAMP T21-4421020 RH HEADLAMP T21-4421020BC HEAD LAMP RH T21-4433010BA FIXED REAR LAMP LH T21-4433020BA TAIL LAMP-RH T21-4433030BA RCL MOVING ASSY T21-4433040BA RCL MOVING ASSY RH T21-5207023 DOUBLE MOTOR T21-5512020 TRIM PANEL-FR WHEEL GUARD RH T21-8401010BD RADIATOR GRILLE AND CAC LOGO ASSY. T21-XLB6GN3501067 REPAIR KIT-GUIDE PIN,”10149 (Original) 90499157 (Original) 90570925 (Original) 93382730 (Original) AT2065 (Original)” “GM: ASTRA 01/95…12/09 2.0 16V GM: ASTRA 01/95…12/09 2.0 8V GM: ASTRA 01/99…12/02 GL 1.8 8V/ GLS 2.0 8V GM: BLAZER / S10 01/01…12/06 2.4 MPFI 4CIL GM: IPANEMA 01/97…12/98 GL 1.8 8V 4CIL GM: IPANEMA 01/97…12/98 GL 2.0 8V 4CIL GM: KADETT 01/89…12/98 GL 2.0 MPFI GLS 2.0 MPFI 1.8 SLE/GLS/GL/SL GM: MONZA 01/87…12/96 2.0 GM: OMEGA/SUPREMA 01/93…12/98 2.0 8V GL/GLS GM: VECTRA 01/08… GT/GTX 2.0 8V GM: VECTRA 01/97… GLS/GL/CD2.0/2.2MPFI 8V GM: ZAFIRA 01/99… 2.0 8V 1.8 8V” “10210 (Original) XS6E6600AG (Original)” “FORD: COURIER SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.6 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: ECOSPORT SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.0 SUPERCHARGER 4 CIL FORD: ECOSPORT SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.6 ZETEC ROCAN 4 CIL FORD: FIESTA SEDAN SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.0 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: FIESTA SEDAN SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.6 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: FIESTA SEDAN SEM POLIA 01/04…12/06 1.0 SUPERCHARGER FORD: FIESTA SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.0 SUPERCHARGER FORD: FIESTA SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.0 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: FIESTA SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.6 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: FOCUS SEM POLIA 01/04…12/06 1.6 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: KA SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.0 ZETEC ROCAN FORD: KA SEM POLIA 01/03…12/06 1.6 ZETEC ROCAN” “10131 (Original) 94657310 (Original) AT2045 (Original)” “GM: IPANEMA 01/87…12/97 1.8 8V GM: IPANEMA 01/87…12/97 2.0 8V GM: KADETT 01/87…12/97 1.8 8V GM: KADETT 01/87…12/97 2.0 8V GM: MONZA 01/87…12/96 1.8 8V GM: MONZA 01/87…12/96 2.0 8V GM: OMEGA 01/93…12/94 2.0 GM: SUPREMA 01/93…12/94 2.0” “10056 (Original) 10110 (Original) 85NU6600A (Original) AT3035 (Original)” “FORD: BELINA II 01/78…12/89 1.6 CHT FORD: CORCEL 01/78…12/86 1.6 CHT FORD: DEL REY 01/81…12/91 1.6 CHT FORD: ESCORT 01/83…12/92 1.6 CHT FORD: PAMPA 01/82…12/92 1.6 FORD: PAMPA 01/90…12/93 1.6 AE FORD: PAMPA 01/91…12/96 1.6 CHT” “0291151051 (Original) 0291151057 (Original) 10105 (Original) AT1250 (Original) AT1251 (Original)” “VOLKSWAGEN: GOL 01/93…12/96 1.0 AE VOLKSWAGEN: GOL ENGRENAGEN DE 30MM 01/90…12/94 1.6 AE VOLKSWAGEN: PARATI 01/90…12/95 1.6 AE VOLKSWAGEN: SAVEIRO 01/90…12/96 1.6 AE VOLKSWAGEN: VOYAGE 01/90…12/94 1.6 AE” “10052 (Original) 4395895 (Original) 7555208 (Original) AR7030 (Original)” “FIAT: 147 01/77…12/86 1.3 FIAT: ELBA 01/87…12/91 1.3 FIAT: FIORINO 01/85…12/86 1.3 FIAT: FIORINO 01/94…12/96 1.0 FIAT: FIORINO EXCETO MOTO FIRE 01/94…12/96 1.0 FIAT: OGGI 01/83…12/85 1.3 FIAT: PALIO EXCETO MOTO FIRE 01/96…12/00 1.0 FIAT: PALIO WEEKEND 01/96…12/00 1.0 FIAT: PRÊMIO 01/85…12/91 1.3 FIAT: PRÊMIO 01/85…12/91 1.5 FIAT: SIENA EXCETO MOTO FIRE 01/98…12/00 1.0 FIAT: UNO 01/85…12/91 1.3 FIAT: UNO 01/91…12/00 1.0” “10089 (Original) 7533576 (Original) AT7035 (Original)” “FIAT: ELBA 01/91…12/96 1.5 FIAT: FIORINO 01/03…12/04 1.3 FIAT: FIORINO 01/89…12/98 1.5 FIAT: PALIO 01/96…12/98 1.5 FIAT: PALIO WEEKEND 01/96…12/98 1.5 FIAT: PICK UP WORKING / TREKKING 01/97…12/99 1.5 MPI FIAT: PRÊMIO 01/89…12/93 1.5 FIAT: SIENA 01/99…12/02 1.5 FIAT: SIENA 6 MARCHAS 01/99…12/00 1.0 FIAT: STRADA 01/99…12/02 1.5 FIAT: UNO 01/89…12/96 1.5 FIAT: UNO EXCETO MOTOR FIRE 01/99…12/06 1.0” “70832261 (Original) 93330219 (Original)” “FIAT: DOBLÓ 01/02…12/06 1.8 16V GM: MERIVA 01/05…12/06 1.8 16V” 55223582 (Original) “FIAT: BRAVO 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: DOBLÒ 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: GRAND SIENA 13… 1.6 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: IDEA 11… 1.6 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: IDEA 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: LÍNEA 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: PALIO 11… 1.6 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: PALIO WEEKEND 11… 1.6 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: PALIO WEEKEND 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: PUNTO 11… 1.6 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: PUNTO 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: SIENA 11…12 1.6 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: STRADA 11… 1.8 E-TORQ 16V FIAT: STRADA 13… 1.6 E-TORQ 16V” “10121 (Original) 646042 (Original) 90411568 (Original) 90442362 (Original) 90541506 (Original) 90570921 (Original) AT2060 (Original)” “GM: ASTRA 01/95…12/06 2.0 8V GM: ASTRA 01/99…12/02 1.8 GM: BLAZER 01/93…12/98 2.4 GM: BLAZER 01/96…12/99 2.2 GM: IPANEMA 01/97…12/98 2.0 8V GM: KADETT 01/97…12/98 2.0 8V GM: OMEGA 01/93…12/98 2.2 GM: S10 01/93…12/98 2.4 GM: S10 01/96…12/00 2.2 GM: SUPREMA 01/93…12/98 2.2 GM: VECTRA 01/94…12/05 2.0 8V GM: VECTRA 01/97…12/05 2.2 8V GM: ZAFIRA 01/01…12/04 2.0 8V” 55205942 (Original) “FIAT: DOBLÓ 02…09 EX CARGO 1.3 MPI FIRE 16V FIAT: PALIO 01…03 1.0 FIRE 4CIL 16V FIAT: PALIO 01…09 1.3 FIRE 4CIL 16V FIAT: PALIO WEEKEND 01…03 ELX 1.0 FIRE 4CIL 16V FIAT: PALIO WEEKEND 01…09 ELX 1.3 FIRE 4CIL 16V FIAT: SIENA 01…09 EX/ELX 1.0/1.3 FIRE 16V”

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