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    Jac refine spark plug,1026106GAA,
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    3711920 front head lamp (right)? 61500010037 FRONT CRANK SHAFT OIL SEAL 61500010100 REAR CRANK SHAFT OIL SAEL 61560010029 BUSH OF CAMSHAET 61560060050 Water pump assembly 612600020220 Flywheel assy 612600040355 Cylinder head gasket 1408502100801 Appertain of cluch 2409000100201 Cylinder liner 2409000420300 Connecting rod bearing 2409001100301 Cylinder head cover sealing ring 2409001300100 Flywheel cover 2409001300202 Clutch cover 2409001900300 Thermostat 2409003010000 Starting motor assembly 09110-4A000 JACK ASSY. 09120-V7010 TRIANGLE WARNING PLATE 09127-43200 ON VEHICLE TOOLS 09127-4A100 ON VEHICLE TOOLS 1000001GB ENGINEASSY 1000001GH010Z ENGINEASSY 1000001U7101 ENGINEASSY 1000010U8010 ENGINEASSY 1000GG010P engine repair kit 1001010Z8 ENG?NE REAR SUP R CUSH?N BL 1001020FA060 LEFT BRACKET,ENGINE 1001030E5QZ-yaS SOFT MAT 1001030FA060 RIGHT BRACKET,ENGINE 1001070Z14 SOFT MAT 1001100U8010 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001100U8014 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001100U8020 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001100U8130 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001100U8180 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001100X1010 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001100X1011 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001110U2080 CUSHION ASSY – REAR SUSPENSION 1001120U1050 Rear Mounting Bracket 1001120U1170 Rear Mounting Bracket 1001120U2010 Rear Mounting Bracket 1001120U7150 Rear Mounting Bracket 1001120U8050 BRACKET ASSY – REAR MOUNTING 1001121U2010 BRACKET – REAR SUSPENSION 1001121U2040 BRACKET – REAR SUSPENSION 1001121U2080 BRACKET – REAR SUSPENSION 1001200U8180 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING RH 1001200X1011 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING RH 1001230U1050 BRACKET ASSY – CONNECTION FR 1001300U8010 ENGINE MOUTING 1001300U8020 FRONT SUSPENSION 1001310U2010 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING RH 1001310U2040 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING RH 1001310U2080 Engine Right 1001321U2010 BRACKET – MOUNTING RH 1001321U2020 BRACKET – MOUNTING RH 1001321U2080 BRACKET – MOUNTING RH 1001321U7020 BRACKET – MOUNTING RH 1001321U7101 BRACKET – MOUNTING RH 1001400U8010 ENGINE MOUTING 1001400U8020 CUSHION ASSY – REAR SUSPENSION 1001400U8130 CUSHION ASSY – REAR SUSPENSION 1001400U8180 CUSHION ASSY – REAR SUSPENSION 1001400X1011 CUSHION ASSY – REAR SUSPENSION 1001401U1010 BOLT 1001410U2010 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001410U2080 CUSHION ASSY – MOUNTING LH 1001420U2010 BRACKET ASSY – LH MOUNTING 1001420U2020 BRACKET ASSY – LH MOUNTING 1001420U2080 BRACKET – MOUNTING LH 1001420U7020 BRACKET – MOUNTING LH 1001430U1010 BRACKET ASSY – LH 1001503U7150 RUBBER CUSHION 1001504U7150 SLEEVE – STEEL 1001601U1010 BOLT – HEXAGON HEAD 1002011GG010 DOWEL PIN 1002012FA060 TIMINGGEARCASE 1002012FA080 TIMINGGEARCASE 1002014FA TIMINGGEARCHAMBERCOVER 1002014FA040 TIMINGGEARCHAMBERCOVER 1002016GA OIL SEAL – CRANKSHAFT REAR 1002017FB BEARING – CRANKSHAFT THRUST 1002017GA METAL ASSY – THRUST 1002018GG010 Main bearing upper liner 1002019GG010 Main bearing lower liner 1002021GG010 METAL ASSY – THRUST 1002022FB DOWEL PIN 1002025FB SLEEVE – CLUTCH POSITION 1002027GG010 CYLINDER-HEADBOLT 1002029GG010 cylinder head gasket 1002029GG010-01 GASKET – CYLIDER HEAD 1002032GG010 SLEEVE – CLUTCH POSITION 1002040GG010 Camshaft rear oil seal component 1002050FB GASKET – CYLIDER HEAD 1002060FB OIL SEAL – CRANKSHAFT REAR 1002101GA CYLINDER BLOCK 1002102GG010 MAINBEARINGCAPBOLT 1002112GA MAINBEARINGCAPBOLT 1002115GA CRANKSHAFT MAIN 1002210GD050 GASKET-CYLINDER HEAD 1002220GA BOLT-CYLINDER HEAD 1002246FA CYLINDER-HEADBOLT 1002300FA060 OILDIPSTICKMODULE 1002300FA080 OILDIPSTICKMODULE 1002300FB ROD ASSY – OIL LEVER GUAGE 1002300FB010 ROD ASSY – OIL LEVER GUAGE 1002300GA ROD ASSY – OIL LEVER GUAGE 1002300GB Oil meter sets 1002300GC Oil meter sets 1002300GD050 Oil meter sets 1002300GD052 Oil meter sets 1002300GD120 Oil meter sets 1002310FB Oil meter sets 1002310FB010 Oil meter sets 1002310GA OILDIPSTICKMODULE 1002310GAJC Dipstick 1002310GB OILDIPSTICKMODULE 1002413FA METAL ASSY – THRUST 1002420FA OIL SEAL – CRANKSHAFT FRONT 1002430FA OIL SEAL – CRANKSHAFT REAR 1003011FA EXHAUSTVALVE 1003012FA INTAKE VALVE 1003012GG010 INTAKE VALVE 1003012GG013 VALVE – INLET 1003013FA VALVESPRINGUPPERSEAT 1003013GG010 EXHAUSTVALVE 1003013GG013 VALVE – EXHAUST 1003014FB VALVE – INLET 1003014GG010 VALVESPRING 1003015FA VALVESPRING 1003015FB VALVE – EXHAUST 1003015GG010 VALVESPRINGUPPERSEAT 1003016FA VALVEOILSEAL 1003016FB SPRING – VALVE 1003017FB RETAINER – VALVE SPRING 1003017GA INLETMANIFOLDGASKET 1003017GE INLETMANIFOLDGASKET 1003018FA GASKET – INLET MANIFOLD 1003018GG010 VALVEOILSEAL 1003020-051-0000M CYLINDER HEAD GASKET 1003020FA060 WASHER – EXHAUST MANIFOLD 1003021FB HANGER – FRONT ENGINE 1003025FB PLUG – BOWL SHAPE 1003025GG010 OUTLET PIPE 1003035GA HANGER – FRONT ENGINE 1003035GC HANGER – FRONT ENGINE 1003037GA SEAL – OIL (CAMSHAFT) 1003040FB SEAL – VALVE 1003101GG010 CYLINDER HEAD 1003103GA CAP – CAMSHAFT BEARING 1003103GG010 SEAT – INTAKE VALVE 1003104GG010 RINGSEATEXHAUSTVALVE 1003107GA SEAT – INTAKE VALVE 1003107GE SEAT – INTAKE VALVE 1003108GA RINGSEATEXHAUSTVALVE 1003108GE RING – EXHAUST VALVE SEAT 1003201GA EXHAUSTVALVE 1003201GC EXHAUSTVALVE 1003201GD050 VALVE – EXHAUST 1003201GE EXHAUSTVALVE 1003202GA INTAKE VALVE 1003202GE INTAKE VALVE 1003205GA VALVESPRING 1003210GA VALVESPRINGUPPERSEAT 1003220GA EXHAUSTPIPEGASKET 1003307GA SEAL – OIL (CAMSHAFT) 1003342FA CYLINDERHEADCAPSEALRING 1003561FA060 PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1003620FA01 air conditioner compressor bracket 1003631FA060 air conditioner compressor bracket 1004010FA020 CONNECTINGRODASSY 1004010GG010 CONNECTINGRODGROUP 1004010GH010 CONNECTINGRODGROUP 1004011-454-0000 piston 1004011-D9A Piston 1004011GA PISTON 1004011GD PISTON 1004011GD030 PISTON 1004011GDZC4 PISTON 1004011GE PISTON 1004012GA PISTONPIN 1004012GC PISTONPIN 1004012GG010 BOLTCONNECTING 1004021FA01 RING – BAFFLE 1004022FA020 PISTON 1004022FA040 PISTON 1004022FA40 PISTON 1004022FB PISTON 1004022GG010 PISTON 1004022GH010 PISTON 1004023FA01 PISTONPIN 1004023FB PIN,PISTON 1004023GG010 PISTONPIN 1004024FB PISTON PIN CIRCLIP 1004024GG010 Head land compression ring 1004025GG010 Second compression ring 1004026FA CONNECTINGRODBEARING 1004026GG010 Connecting rod shafts upper bearing 1004030GG010 Composite oil ring 1004101GA CONNECTINGRODGROUP 1004101GC CONNECTINGRODGROUP 1004102GA CONNECTINGRODBEARING 1004103GA NUTCONNECTING 1004104GA BOLTCONNECTING 1005011FA CRANKSHAFT 1005011FA020 CRANKSHAFT 1005011FA090 CRANKSHAFT ASSY 1005011FB CRANKSHAFT ASSY 1005011GG010 BOLT – FLYWHEEL 1005014GG010 BOLT – CRANKSHAFT 1005016GG010 CRANKSHAFT PULLEY 1005016GG020 CRANKSHAFT PULLEY 1005022GG010 FLY WHEEL & RINGGEAR 1005022GG012 RING – GEAR (FLYWHEEL) 1005030GG010 CRANKSHAFT 1005030GG020 CRANKSHAFT 1005030GH010 CRANKSHAFT 1005032FA FLY WHEEL & RINGGEAR 1005032FB010 RING – GEAR (FLYWHEEL) 1005034GG010 DOWEL PIN 1005120_6DF2D-21-018 Flywheel 1005202GA FLY WHEEL & RINGGEAR 1006011FA060 Camshaft 1006011FB CAMSHAFT 1006020GG010 COMPONENTS,INTAKE CAMSHAFT 1006020GH010 COMPONENTS,INTAKE CAMSHAFT 1006032GG010 DOWEL PIN 1006100FB Valve Tappet 1007020GAZC ROCKER ARM ASSY 1008011FA060 INTAKEMANIFOLD(DEER) 1008011FA080 INTAKEMANIFOLD(DEER) 1008013GG010 PCV valve connecting hose 1008014GG010 BRACKET 1008020GG010 Vacuum power boost connecting hose component 1008021GD120 BRACKET – CHARCOAL CANISTER SOLENOID 1008101FA060 MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 1008101FB INTAKE MANIFOLD (1.3L) 1008101FB010 INTAKE MANIFOLD (1.3L) 1008103GG010 GASKET;INL MANIFOLD 1008104GG010 Throttle seal ring 1008200GB INTAKEMANIFOLD(DEER) 1008200GD050 INTAKE MANIFOLD (1.3L) 1008503FA080 COOLING DEVICE-EGR 1009011FA oil pan gastet 1009013GAZC PAN – OIL 1009013GC OILPANASSY 1009013GD037ZC PAN – OIL 1009021GG010 OILDRAINSCREWPLUGASSY 1009100GG010 OIL PAN SUBASSY 1009100GG020 PAN ASSY – OIL 1009101GG010 OILPANASSY 1009108FA PLUG – DOORAIN 1010012FA OILFILTERRING 1010018FB RING – “O” 1010051GA BOLT – HEXAGON FLANGE 1010100GA PUMP – OIL 1010100GC PUMP – OIL 1010100GD050 PUMP – OIL 1010100GG010 SCREEN ASSY – OIL 1010100GG010XZ SCREEN ASSY – OIL 1010103GA GEAR – DOORIVEN 1010103GC GEAR – DOORIVEN 1010111GA GEAR – DOORIVE 1010111GC GEAR – DOORIVE 1010200FB PUMP ASSY – OIL 1010200GA BRACKET – OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE 1010200GC BRACKET – OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE 1010200GD120 BRACKET – OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE 1010200GG010 OILPUMPSET 1010210GD052 FILTER ASSY – OIL 1010211GG010 Camshaft front oil seal 1010300GG010 Oil meter sets 1010301FA FILTER ASSY – OIL 1010301GA OIL SEAL OIL PUMP 1010302GA FRONT CRANKSHAFT SEAL 1010302GG010 OILDIPSTICKMODULE 1010320FB FILTER ASSY – OIL 1010410GA SCREEN ASSY – OIL 1010410GB SCREEN ASSY – OIL 1010410GC SCREEN ASSY – OIL 1010410GD050 SCREEN ASSY – OIL 1011015A155-0000 lubricating oil PUMP ASSY 1012010/4K-1020 lubricating oil filter 1012015-051-0000 LUBR?CAT?NG O?L F?LTER ELEMENT 1014010U8010 PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1014012FB O-RING FUEL-INJECTOR 1014103GG010 Cylinder head cover seal ring 1014110FA080 SEPARATOR ASSY – FUEL AND AIR 1014111U1050 PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1014111U1050Z PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1014120GG010 Seal ring component 1014140GG010 PCV VALVE 1014206GA OIL FILLER CAP 1014210GC PVC VALVE 1015101GA STEERING PUMP 1015101GB STEERING PUMP 1015101GB01 STEERING PUMP 1015101GD120 STEERING PUMP 1015201GA STARTER 1015201GA00A STARTER 1015201GB001 STARTER 1015201GC030 STARTER 1015201GD002 STARTER 1015202GA BOLT – STARTER 1015202GB BOLT – STARTER 1015301GA Generator assembly 1015301GALS Generator 1015601GA BELT – “V” 1015602GD120 TENSIONER 1016010GE EXHAUST MANIFOLD SUBASSY 1016011GA MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 1016011GD050 MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 1016018GA EXHAUSTPIPEGASKET 1016018GE EXHAUSTPIPEGASKET 1016040GB01 BRACKET – EXHUAST MANIFOLD 1016504GD050 HEXAGON FLANGE NUT 1017013GG010 BRACKET – OIL FILTER 1017014GG010 Oil filter support gasket 1017110GG010 OIL FILTER 10178-08223 SCREW 10188-05203 T SCREW 1020-3103014-0100 wheel hub bolt(right) 1021015GG010 Track 1021020GG010 Motional track component 1021030GG010 TENSIONER 1021040GG010 TIMING CHAIN 1022011GA SHAFT – BALANCE RH 1022011GD SHAFT – BALANCE RH 1022011GD050 SHAFT – BALANCE RH 1022013GA SHAFT – BALANCE LH 1022013GC SHAFT – BALANCE LH 1022013GD SHAFT – BALANCE LH 1022013GD050 SHAFT – BALANCE LH 1023602GAA SENSOR – CRANKSHAFT POSITION 1023608GA IDLE GEAR 1025014GG010 BELT – “V” 1025014GG010XZ BELT – “V” 1025014GH050 BELT – “V” 1025100GG010 Generator 1025100GH010 Generator 1025107GE VACUUM HOSE 1025110GAA ASSY,INJECTOR (1.3L) 1025110GE INJECTOR 1025200FB STEERING PUMP 1025200GG010 IDLE GEAR 1025300FB TENSIONER 1025300GG010 STEERING PUMP 1025300GH010 STEERING PUMP 1026030GG010 Hall sensor 1026040GG010 Relief valve 1026050GG010 SWITCH-OIL PRESSURE 1026060GG020 SENSOR MAP 1026070GG020 SENSOR EJE LEVAS 1026070GH050 SENSOR EJE LEVAS 1026080GG010 SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 1026080GG013 SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 1026080GG020 SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 1026090GG010 IGNITION COIL 1026090GG020 COIL,IGNITION 1026102GAA COIL,IGNITION 1026104GAA HIGH TENSION CABLE 1 (LONG) 1026106GAA SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 1026106GAAXZ SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 1026106GC SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 1026108GAA HIGH TENSION CABLE 3 1026110FA040 SENSOR,CRANKSHAFT POSITION 1026120FA040 Camshaft position sensor 1026130FA040 TMAP SENSOR WITH SEAL WASHER ASSY 1026201GB BANDSTRAPE 1026401U8050 COIL,IGNITION 1026403GAA VALVE – SOLENOID 1026410GC Booster PRESSURE SENSOR 1026501GA SWITCH-OIL PRESSURE 1026501GAA SWITCH-OIL PRESSURE 1026602GAA SENSOR,CRANKSHAFT POSITION 1026602GD052 SENSOR – CRANKSHAFT POSITION 1026602GD120 SENSOR – CRANKSHAFT POSITION 1026602GE SENSOR,CRANKSHAFT POSITION 1026603GAA KNOCKING SENSOR 1026603GB KNOCKING SENSOR 1026603GE KNOCKING SENSOR 1026604GAA WATERTEMPERATURESENSOR 1026604GE WATERTEMPERATURESENSOR 1026605GA OXYGEN SENSOR 1026605GAA OXYGEN SENSOR 1026605GB OXYGEN SENSOR 1026605GB01 SENSOR – OXYGEN FRONT 1026605GD050 SENSOR – OXYGEN REAR 1026607GA030 SENSOR – OXYGEN REAR 1026607GB SENSOR – OXYGEN REAR 1026609GE SENSOR – OXYGEN REAR 1026610FA080 EGR VALVE ASSY 1026610GAA Camshaft position sensor 1026630GD040 EGRVALVE 1026630GE EGRVALVE 1026701GC Air Temp Sensor 1026701GE OPERATOR 1027110GA WATER PUMP 1027110GB WATER PUMP 1027110GC WATER PUMP 1027110GD050 WATER PUMP 1027207GB OUTLET PIPE 1027305GA TEMPERATUREADJUSTER 1027305GB TEMPERATUREADJUSTER 1027402GA WATERPUMPPULLEY 1027402GB WATERPUMPPULLEY 1027402GD120 BELT PULLEY,WATER PUMP 1027403GA FAN CLUTCH 1041011GG010 COVER THERMOSTAT 1041015GG010 BOLT 1041018GG010 WATERPUMPPULLEY 1041032FB BELT PULLEY,WATER PUMP 1041050FB THERMOSTAT 1041100FB ASSY,WATER PUMP 1041100GG010 WATER PUMP 1041200GG010 TERMOSTAT 1042012GG010 Oil pressure guide cushion block 1042015FB CLIP 1042100GG010 Oil Nozzle 1042200FB ASSY,INJECTOR (1.3L) 1042200FB010 ASSY,INJECTOR (1.3L) 1043100FB STARTER 1043100FB010 STARTER 1043100GG010 STARTER 1043100GG012 STARTER 1044011FB WASHER – EXHAUST MANIFOLD 1044013GG010 WASHER – EXHAUST MANIFOLD 1044014GG010 BRACKET – EXHUAST MANIFOLD 1044021GG010 EXHAUSTPIPEGASKET 1044100GG010 MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 1044100GH010 MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 1044201FB MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 1044201FB010 MANIFOLD – EXHAUST 10681-10220 WASHER 1100110FA HIGHVOLTAGEOILPUMPFUELRETURNHOSE 1100200FA020 ASSY,INJECTOR (1.3L) 1100200FA040 ASSY,INJECTOR (1.3L) 1100202FA040 O-RING FUEL-INJECTOR 1100700FA060 VACUUMPIPE 1100710FA060 VACUUM HOSE 1101001U7150 TANK ASSY – FUEL 1101011G1QZ fuel tank cap 1101100U8050 FUEL TANK ASSY. 1101110U1010 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U1050 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U1081 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U2010 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U2090 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U7101 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U7150 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U8010 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101110U8050 BODY,FUEL TANK (EⅢ) 1101142U1010 HOSE 1101150U1010 REAR SHEATH,HEAT INSULATION 1101150U1020 REAR SHEATH,HEAT INSULATION 1101150U2010 REAR SHEATH,HEAT INSULATION 1101150U7150 REAR SHEATH,HEAT INSULATION 1101300U1010 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U1020 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U1050 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U1510 supply tube assy 1101300U2010 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U7101 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U7150 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U8010 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U8050 FUELFILTERPIPEHOSE 1101300U8510 supply tube assy 1101310U8010 FUELFILLERCAPASSY 1101310U8160 FUELFILLERCAPASSY 1101310U8200 Filler cap assy 1101312U7150 CLIP – REFUELING PIPE FIXING 1101510U8010 FUEL INLET NYLON PIPE 1101901U7150 FASTENER 1103120U7240-05 ASSY,CONNECTING ROD 1103400U1010 CARBONCANISTERASSY 1104113U1010 VACUUM HOSE 1104113U1212 VACUUM HOSE 1104116U1010 FUELEVAPORATIONPIPE 1104117U1010 TUBE CLIP 1104120U8010 RETUENOILNYLONPIPEASSY 1104125U1010 FUEL INLET NYLON PIPE 1104125U1020 FUEL INLET NYLON PIPE 1104170U2010 PIPE ASSY – INLET 1104170U2010XZ PIPE ASSY – INLET 1104170U2020 PIPE ASSY – INLET 1105020DX150 fuel filter 1105100U1050 FILTER ASSY – FUEL 1105100U1170 FILTER ASSY – FUEL 1105100U2010 Fuel filter 1105100U7150 FILTER ASSY – FUEL 1105100U8010 FILTER ASSY – FUEL 1105100U8050 ASSY,FUEL FILTER 1105100U8160 Fuel Filter 1105104U1050 SENSOR SET,WATER TEMP. 1106010U7101 Fuel pump 1106010U8010 FUEL PUMP 1106010U8050 FUEL PUMP 1108095-450-JH20 eletricity flameout 1108100U8050 Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108200U1010 Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108200U2010 ACCELERATORPEDALASSY 1108200U7020 ASSY,THROTTLE PEDAL 1108200U7101 ACCELERATORPEDALASSY 1108200U7150 Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108200U7280 Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108200U8010 Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108200U8014 Electronic accelerator pedal assembly 1108210U1140 Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108300U1510 PEDAL – ACCELERATOR 1109010G1QZ(SL) AIR FILTER UNIT 1109010G1QZ-1 AIR CLEANER ASSY (NEW MODEL)2008 1109010U8010 AIRFILTERASSY 1109010U8010Z AIRFILTERASSY 1109010U8014Z ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109010U8020 AIRFILTERASSY 1109010U8020Z ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109010U8130 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109010U8130Z ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109012U8010 AIR FILTER 1109030U8020 Air inlet pipe B assembly 1109100U1010 AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U1010Z AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U1050 AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U1140 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U1140Z ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U1170 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U1510 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U2010 AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U2010Z ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U7020 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U7020Z ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U7150 AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U7150-2 AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U7150Z AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U7170 AIRFILTERASSY 1109100U7280 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U8050 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109100U9020 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 1109101U1010 AIROUTLETPIPEAIRFILTER 1109101U7130 air induction pipe 1109102U8050 MANIFOLD ASSY – INLET 1109103U2010 CONNECTING PIPE 1109120H1110 air filter bracket 1109120U2010 Air Filter 1109121U1010 BUSH 1109122U1010 PAD ,SHOCK 1109140U7150 PIPE – AIR INLET 1109140U7280 PIPE – AIR INLET 1109201U7170 PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1109310U2010 PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1109310U7020 PIPE – CRANKCASE VENTILATION 1109600U1510 BRACKET-AIR CLEANER 1109800U1510 FASTENER 1111010A450-JH20E FUEL INJECTOR ASSEMBLY 1112010-520-0000 FUEL INJECTOR ASSEMBLY 1116100U8050 VALVE – SOLENOID 11233-08303 BOLT 11234-12283 BOLT 11251-06161 BOLT 11251-08251 BOLT 11254-08251 BOLT 11254-08351 BOLT 1129010/025/4DF2-13 1st cylinder high pressure fuel pipe assembly 11293-06163 BOLT 1130400U1010 CARBONCANISTERASSY 1130400U1020 Charcoal Canister 1130400U2010 CARBONCANISTERASSY 1130400U7150 CARBONCANISTERASSY 1130400U7170 CARBONCANISTERASSY 1130400U7280 Charcoal Canister 1130400U8010 CARBONCANISTERASSY 1130400U8050 CANISTER ASSY – CHARCOAL 1130410U1010 CARBONCANISTER 1130418U1010 TUBE CLIP 11403-06181 BOLT 11404-10653 BOLT – FLANGE 11406-10101A BOLT – HEXAGON FLANGE 11407-06163 BOLT – FLANGE 11415-06163 BOLT – FLANGE 11415-08163 BOLT – FLANGE 1200105U8050 BOLT 1200108U7150 RUBBERGASKET 1200117U7150 FASTENER 1200230U8010 GASKET II – SEAL 1200240U8010 GASKET I – SEAL 1200240U8012 GASKET I – SEAL 1200400U7170 OXYGEN SENSOR 1200410U2010 BRACKET – HARNESS 1201100U8050 MUFFLERASSY 1203070E0 SEAL CUSHION 1204101U1010 PLATE – HEAT INSULATION 1205100U8020 CONVERTER ASSY – THREE WAY CATALYTIC 1205130U8010 SENSOR – OXYGEN REAR 1206100U2010 OXYGEN SENSOR 1207010FA060 EGR VALVE ASSY 1207113U1050 FASTENER 1207320FA060 BRACKET – CONTROL HARNESS 12201-06143 SCREW – CROSS RECESSED PAN HEAD 12431-04081 SCREW 12431-04121 SCREW 12431-06141 SCREW 12492-04123 SCREW 12492-06203 T SCREW 12493-04143 SCREW 12493-04163 SCREW 1301100U1010 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U1010Z RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U1050 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U1050Z RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U1140 RADIATOR 1301100U1152 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U1170 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U1510 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U2010 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U2080 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U2080Z RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U2090 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U7054 radiator 1301100U7110 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U7130 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U7150 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U7170 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U8010 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U8020 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U8020Z RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U8050 RADIATORBRAKCET 1301100U8160 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301100U8510 RADIATOR ASSY. 1301200U7054 condensor 1302101U7130 left bracket of radiator upper suspension 1302102U7130 right bracket of radiator upper suspension 1303012G1510 water outlet hose 1303101U1010 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U1050Z HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U1140 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U1152 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U1170 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U2010 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U2020 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U2080 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U7020 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U7101 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U7150 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303101U7150-2 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303101U7170 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303102U1010 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U1050Z WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U1152 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U1170 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U2010 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U2020 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U2080 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U7020 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U7050 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U7101 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U7150 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303102U7150-2 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303102U7170 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303103U8010 CLAMP 1303110U7280 HOSE-RADIATOR WATER INLET 1303110U8010 upper inlet pipe assembly of radiator 1303110U8020 Upper water inlet pipe assembly of radiator 1303120U7280 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 1303120U8020 Lower outlet pipe assembly of radiator 1303501U7170 RIGHT VENT PLATE 1303601U7170 LEFT VENT PLATE 1307011FA WATERPUMPSEALRING 1307014FA060 OILCOOLERWATERINLETHOSE 1307015FA060 OILCOOLERWATEROUTLETHOSE 1307070FA080 HOSE – WATER INLET 1307080FA080 HOSE – WATER OUTLET 1307100FA WATERPUMPSET 1307210FA TEMPERATUREADJUSTER 1307511FA060 HOSE – WATER INLET 1308010C002-0010 FAN ASSY 1308100U1010 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U1152 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U1510 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U2010 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U2090 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U7150 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U8010 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 1308100U8160 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 13104-18001 NUT – HEXAGON 1311100U8010 TANQUE EXPANSION RADIADOR JAC STAR, VELOCE 1311105U1010 TUBE CLIP 1311105U1140 TUBE CLIP 13114-12001 BOLT 13134-10001 NUT – SLOTTED 13141-16001 NUT – SLOTTED 13385-10003 HEXAGON FLANGE NUT 13467-14001 NUT – HEXAGON 13468-10001 NUT – HEXAGON 13468-12001 NUT – HEXAGON 13468-14001 NUT – HEXAGON 13468-16001 NUT – HEXAGON 14300-02251 COTTER PIN 14300-03251 COTTER PIN 14300-04301 COTTER PIN 14300-04401 COTTER PIN 14301-10231 LOCKPIN 14711-44008 TUBE CLIP 14711-65001 TUBE CLIP 14720-18008 TUBE CLIP 14910-05000 FASTENER 14921-04490 CLIP 1600010U1050 CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE 1600020GA DISC ASSY – CLUTCH 1600020U1050 CLUTCH DISC(1.3L) 1600031GA BOLT – CLUTCH 1600050GB BOLT – CLUTCH 1600050U1050 BOLT 1600200GB DISC ASSY – CLUTCH 1600200GB001 DISC ASSY – CLUTCH 1600200U2010 CLUTCHDISC(JILIN) 1600200U7101 CLUTCHDISC(JILIN) 1601100FA followed tray 1601100U8010 CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE 1601100U8020 Pressure Plate 1601100U9020 COMPONENTS,CLUTCH PLATEN(1.3L) 1601200FA01 CLUTCH PLATE 1601200U8010 Clutch Disk 1601200U8020 Clutch Disk 1601210Y-K-1BQ CLUTCH DRIVEN DISK ASSY 1601300U8020 Release Bearing 1601310-4AK-05D Clutch pressure plate 1601310U1010-0 FRONTCOVER 1601310U1010-01 FRONTCOVER 1601310Y-K-1BQ CLUTCH COVER&PRESSURE PLATE ASSY 1602005U1010 CLUTCHRELEASEBEARING 1602005U1010-00 CLUTCHRELEASEBEARING 1602005U1040 CLUTCHRELEASEBEARING 1605100D0-1107 clutch slave 1607012U7150 HOSE – RESERVOIR 1607090U1040 Clutch Hose 1607090U1050 Clutch Hose 1607090U1140 Clutch Hose 1607100U8010 Main pump with oil bottle assembly of clutch 1607300U8020 Clutch separate cylinder and sucker assembly 1607310U2040 Clutch Hose 1607310U7280 Clutch Hose 1607620U8130 BRACKET 1635034U1010 BUSH 1635040U1010 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635040U1050 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635040U1150 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635040U2010 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635040U2030 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635040U7101 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635040U7150 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635046U1010 BUSH – NYLON 1635050U1050 Brake switch connector 1635050U7150 BRAKELAMPSWITCH 1635100U8010 Clutch pedal assembly 1635200U8010 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635200U8014 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635200U8020 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 1635206U8010 BRAKELAMPSWITCH 1635206U8014 BRAKELAMPSWITCH 1701010D124 transmission 1701100U8020 TRANSMISSIONASSY 1701101U1010-01 HOUSING, CLUTCH(S110) 1701101U1040 SW-REVERSE LAMP 1701101U1140-01 HOUSING,CLUTCH (S160) 1701101U1370-01 HOUSING,CLUTCH (S160) 1701101U1510-05 ASSY,DIFFERENTIAL MECHANISM(S110) 1701101U1510-09 COVER – BLOCK 1701102U1010-01 BUSH 1701102U1040 RELEASEFORK 1701103U1040 BREATHERPLUG 1701104U1010-00 ASSY,ODOMETER SENSOR 1701104U1040 ASSY,ODOMETER SENSOR 1701104U1510-02 PLANETARY GEAR 1701104U1510-03 HOUSING,DIFFERENTIAL MECHANISM 1701104U1510-05 AXLE SHAF GEAR 1701104U1510-06 RIVET 1701104U1510-08 BEARING – TAPER ROLLER 1701104U1510-09 Planetary gear shaft 1701106U1510-02 BUSH 1701106U1510-03 HOUSING, CLUTCH(S110) 1701106U1510-04 DOWEL PIN 1701107U1010-0 WIRE CLIP 1701107U1010-01 WIRE CLIP 1701107U1510-01 BUSH 1701108U1010-00 MAGNET 1701109U1510-02 PAD ,SHOCK 1701112U1010-00 BOLT – HEXAGON FLANGE 1701115U1010-00 BOWLTYPEEXPANSIONPLUG 1701116U1140-00 FIXING BRACKET 1701116U1370-00 FIXING BRACKET 1701118U1140-00 WIRE CLIP 1701118U1370-00 WIRE CLIP 1701119U1140-00 BRACKET 1701202U8010 crankshaft 1701251U1010-01 OUTPUT SHAFT 1701252U1010-01 PRESSURPLATE 1701277U1010-01 REVERSE SHAFT 1701278U1010-04 REVERSE GEAR 1701283U1010-00 DRIVE GEAR-ODOMETER 1701286U1010-02 SW-REVERSE LAMP 1701287U1010-0 DOWEL PIN 1701287U1010-00 DOWEL PIN 1701297U1370-00 HANGER – FRONT ENGINE 1701320-A1H 3/4 synchro ring and cone ass’y 1701515U1010-00 OILDRAINSCREWPLUGASSY 1701900U1010 BOLT 1702110U1010-01 GEARCHANGEROCKERARM 1702115U1010-01 SHIFTINGSHAFT 1702117U1010-01 DUSTCOVER 1702124U1010-01 PALTE – INTERLOCKING 1702125U1010-01 SCREW – CHECK 1703030G1510 flexible shaft assembly, selector 1703040D800 changing gear soft shaft 1703040E0BB changing gear soft shaft 1703040E0BB GEAR SELECT-SOFT SHAFT ASSY 1703040G1510 flexible shaft assembly, gear shift 1703100U7150 GEAR SHIFT COVER ASSY 1703120D0 dust defend cover 1703200U1150 CONTROL MECHANISM ASSY (SHIFT GEAR) 1703200U1171 CONTROL MECHANISM ASSY (SHIFT GEAR) 1703200U1510 CONTROL MECHANISM ASSY (SHIFT GEAR) 1703200U1580 GEARBOX OPERATION MECHANISM ASSY 1703220U1050 CLIP 1703300U1010 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U1040 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U1050 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U1056 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U1171 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U1510 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U2010 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U2040 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U2080 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U7020 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U7150 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U7165 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U7170 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U8010 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U8020 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U8050 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U8130 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703300U9020 GEAR SHIFT CABLE 1703304U1040 SPRINGCLIP 1703305U1010 SPRINGCLIP 1703306U1010 LOCKPIN 1703307U1010 LOCKPIN 1703405U1010 WASHER 17313-16000 HOLE PLUG 17313-20000 HOLE PLUG 17313-25000 HOLE PLUG 17313-25350 PULG 17313-35000 HOLE PLUG 17449-20000 STRIP 17912-08029 FUEL HOSE 17993-13000 STRIP 17993-25000 BAND 1800019-S504 RETAINER 1800035-S504 RING – BLOCK 1804000-S504 GEARASSY 18645-08019 BULB 18818-11051 SPARK PLUG (1.3L) 20910-42D00 engine repair kit 2105114U8180 30A FUSE 2105114X1020 30A FUSE 2107604X1011 RELAY 21171-42000 COVER 21515-V7040 BOLT 21835-4A000 BUSHING 21880-4A000 BOLT 2200100U8020 Left front driving shaft 2200107U1010 WASHER 2200108U1010 LOCKNUT 2200109U1010 BOLT-DRIVE SHAFT 2200200U7020 right front driving shaft 2200200U8010 right front driving shaft 2200200U8010XZ right front driving shaft 2200200U8020 right front driving shaft 2200200U8130 right front driving shaft 2200300U1010 right front driving shaft 2200300U1020 right front driving shaft 2200300U1050 right front driving shaft 2200300U1370 left front driving shaft 2200300U1510 left front driving shaft 2200300U2010 right front driving shaft 2200300U2040 left front driving shaft 2200300U7050 right front driving shaft 2200300U7150 right front driving shaft 2200300U7170 right front driving shaft 2200300U7280 left front driving shaft 2200300U8160 left front driving shaft 2200300U8180 left front driving shaft 2200300U8510 left front driving shaft 2200300U9020 right front driving shaft 2200300U9020-01 JOINT – THREE PIN 2200308U1010 GASKET – SPRING 2200308U7150 WASHER 2200310U1020 left front driving shaft 2200310U1050 left front driving shaft 2200310U2010 left front driving shaft 2200310U2040 left front driving shaft 2200310U7150 left front driving shaft 2200310U7170 left front driving shaft 2200310U8050 left front driving shaft 2200310U9020 left front driving shaft 2202000E22-VT MIDDLE TRANSMISSION SHAFT UNIT 2202000G104 MIDDLE TRANSMISSION SHAFT UNIT 22211-33000 INTAKE VALVE 22221-38000 VALVESPRING 22222-38000 VALVESPRINGUPPERSEAT 22320-38000 BOLT-CYLINDER HEAD 2303102U1010-01 BEARING – TAPER ROLLER 2303110U1010-01 ASSY,DIFFERENTIAL MECHANISM(S110) 2303112U1010-00 RETAINER 2303131U1010-00 BEARING – TAPER ROLLER 23111-42020 CRANKSHAFT ASSY 23124-42032 CRANKSHAFT PULLEY 23126-42200 WASHER 23311-26000 BOLT – FLYWHEEL 23362-42000 SPRING – TENSION 2400009-G1510 half shaft oil seal 2400009-HF12010C outer oil seal 2400009-HF16016 OIL SEAL 2402000-HF13014-0001 differential assy 2402204-HF13014 OIL SEAL 2402407U1010 BOLT 2403004U1010 Planetary gear shaft 2403101U1010 HOUSING,DIFFERENTIAL MECHANISM 2403201U1010 AXLE SHAF GEAR 2403202U1010 PLANETARY GEAR 24110-42501 CAMSHAFT ASSY. 24410-38001 TENSIONER 25211-38401 WATERPUMPPULLEY 25212-38001 V BELT 25310-V3800 RADIATORBRAKCET 25310-V7010 RADIATOR ASSY. 25310-V7040 RADIATOR ASSY. 25310-V7110 RADIATOR ASSY. 25350-4A100 FANSHIELD 25350-4A800 FANSHIELD 25350-V3590 FANSHIELD 25350-V7110 FAN ASSY – DOUBLE 25410-4A100 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 25410-V3590 WATER OUTLET PIPE ASSY,RADIATOR 25460-4A005 COOLER ASSY – OIL 25470-4A820 Fuel Inlet Pipe Assy 25470-4A870 RETURN TUBE ASSY. 25490-V7040 COOLER ASSY – OIL 25500-38400 TEMPERATUREADJUSTER 25510-42100 THERMOSTATASSEMBLY 25655-43610 COOLING FAN 25720-43600 FAN CLUTCH 26250-38410 SCREEN ASSY – OIL 26300-35500 OIL FILTER ASSY 26465-44001 GASKET – SEAL 26510-38000 OILFILLERCAP 26611-42941 ROD ASSY – OIL LEVER GAUGE 27301-38020 IGNITION COIL ASSY 2802100U1510 GUIDE BOARD 2802400U7101 engine plastic shield 2803010P101 FRONT BUMPER 2803100U7101Z FRONT BUMPER 2803101U8010 front bumper energi absorption pad 2803101U9090 BUMPER – FRONT 2803103U8010 front bumper face guard 2803103-U8050 Front grid (up bumper) 2803105U8050 left fog lamp cover 2803110U1010 Front bumper 2803110U1152 Front bumper 2803110U7150XA BUMPER – FRONT 2803110U8050 Front bumper 2803110U8260 BUMPER – FRONT 2803110U9080 BUMPER – FRONT 2803111U1010 RIGHT BRACKET,FRONT BUMPER 2803111U1152 RIGHT BRACKET,FRONT BUMPER 2803111U8010XZ BUMPER – FRONT 2803111U8050 left hand bracket of front bumper assy 2803112U1010 LEFT BRACKET,FRONT BUMPER 2803112U1152 LEFT BRACKET,FRONT BUMPER 2803112U8010 front bumper grille 2803112U8050 right hand bracket of front bumper 2803113U8010 front bumper wind net 2803121U8010 LF FOG LAMP SHADE 2803122U8010 RF FOG LAMP SHADE 2803150U1010 front bumper beam assembly 2803150U7101 Front anti-fog light frame L 2803160U7101 Front anti-fog light frame R 2803170U2010 front bumper left side mount support 2803170U7101 front bumper left side mount support 2803170U8010 front bumper left side mount support 2803170U8010XZ front bumper left side mount support 2803180U2010 front bumper right side mount support 2803180U7101 front bumper right side mount support 2803180U8010 front bumper right side mount support 2803180U8010XZ front bumper right side mount support 2803210U7101 Front Bumper Energy Absorbing Pad 2803230U7101 Front Bumper lower Energy Absorbing Pad 2803250U2010 Front Label Assy 2803280U7101 Bumper Net 2803300U2090 Buffer Beam Assy Of Front Bumper 2803401U1512 Front absorbanj pad 2803510U1510 LEFT MOUNTING BRACKET,FRONT BUMPER 2804100U1510 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804100U2150 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804100-U8050 Bumper assy rear 2804100U8260 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804100U9090 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804101U1510 S II rear bumper body 2804103U7150 BOLT – HEXAGON HEAD 2804103U8010 rear bumper energi absorption pad 2804110U7101 BUMPER GRILLE 2804110U7150 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U7150XA REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U7150XAZ REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U8010 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U8011 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U8030 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U8031 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110U8160 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804110X1010 REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804111U8030 Rear bumper left side mount support 2804112U8030 Rear bumper right side mount support 2804130U1010 REAR BUMPER 2804130U1100Z REAR BUMPER ASSY 2804130U1152 REAR BUMPER 2804130U8010 rear bumper frame 2804170U2010 rear bumper left mounting support 2804170U7101 rear bumper left mounting support 2804170U8010 rear bumper left mounting support 2804170U8010XZ rear bumper left mounting support 2804180U2010 rear bumper right mounting support 2804180U7101 rear bumper right mounting support 2804180U8010 rear bumper right mounting support 2804230U1010 FASTENER 2804300U1510 Rear bumper beam assembly 2804305U8510 FASTENER 2804401U1512 Rear absorbing pad 2804510U1510 REAR BUMPER LEFT RETAINING BRACKET ASSY. 2804520U1510 REAR BUMPER RIGHTRETAINING BRACKET ASSY. 2810030U1010 BLOCK – DAMP UPR 28100-V3200 ASSY,AIR CLEANER 2810100U1010 UNDERFRAME ASSY 2810100U1510 UNDERFRAME ASSY 2810100U8050 UNDERFRAME ASSY 2810100U9020 UNDERFRAME ASSY 2810110U7150 FRAME ASSY – SECONDARY 2810120U1010 BUSH 2810200U2010 UNDERFRAME – REAR ASSISTANT 2810200U7150 UNDERFRAME – REAR ASSISTANT 28113-32510 air cleaner element 28113-V3490 air cleaner element 28114-V7110 CLAMP SPRING 28116-22000 BRACKET-AIR CLEANER 28128-44000 BUSH 28150-V7010 NUT – PLASTIC 28161-4A102 AIRINTAKETUBEASSY 28161-V3590 AIRINTAKETUBEASSY 28166-43500 MOUNTING BRACKET,AIR CLEANER EXIT 28310-38462 INTAKEMANIFOLD(DEER) 28411-38000 INLETMANIFOLDGASKET 28521-33020 EXHAUSTPIPEGASKET 28611-4A960 CONNECTING TUBE ASSY. 28611-V3590 CONNECTING TUBE ASSY. 28611-V3800 CONNECTING TUBE ASSY. 28620-4A910 Catalytic Convertor 28620-V2440 Catalytic Convertor 28620-V3701 Catalytic Convertor 28620-V3730 Catalytic Convertor 28752-34500 GASKET – SEAL 28764-28020 GASKET – SEAL 28764-4A000 GASKET – SEAL 2901100U8010 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2901100U8050 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2901200U8010 RIGHT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2901200U8050 RIGHT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2901304U8010 SEATCOILSPRINGUPPER 2901307U8010 DUSTCOVER 2901308U8010 helical spring 2901308U8180 SPRING – SPRIAL 2901310U8010 ABSORBER ASSY – SHOCK LH FRONT 2901311U8010 front upper support assembly 2901410U8010 ABSORBER ASSY – SHOCK RH FRONT 2901420U8050 FRT COIL SPRING 2901440U9080 BLOCK – DAMPER 2901500U8010 FRT WHEEL HUB 2901500U8010XZ FRT WHEEL HUB 2901510U8010 FRONT WHEEL HUB 2901511U8050 SHIELD – SPLASH 2901512U8050 CLAMP SPRING 2901520U8010 Bearing 2901530U8050 FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING 2901530U9080 FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING 2901700U8010 left front steering knuckle 2901700U8050 STABILIZER 2901700U9080 STABILIZER 2901713U8050 GASKET 2901800U8010 right front steering knuckle 2901890U8010 CLAMP SPRING 2901900U8010 STABILIZER BAR 2901900U8010Z STABILIZER ASSY – FRONT 2901913U8050 GASKET 2901940U8010 front stabilizer bar bushing 2901950U7101 front stabilizer bar bush 2901950U8010 Stablizer link front L 2901960U8010 Stablizer link front R 2902011U1010 FRONTCOILSPRING 2902011U1510 FRT COIL SPRING 2902101U2010 FRONTCOILSPRING 2902101U7050 FRT COIL SPRING 2902101U7101 FRONTCOILSPRING 2904100U1510 Front Left column assembly 2904100U2010 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2904100U2080 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2904151U1510 BLOCK – BUFFER FR 2904160U1010 BLOCK – DAMPER 2904161U1510 COVER – DUST FR 2904200U1510 Front Right column assembly 2904200U2010 RIGHT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2904200U2080 RIGHT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2904300U1010 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2904302U7150 BOLT 2904303U1010 BOLT – FLANGE 2904304U1010 BOLT – FIXING 2904305U1010 WASHER – THRUST 2904350U1010 SLEEVE – RUBBER 2904400U1010 RIGHT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 2904500U7150 ASSY,LEFT REAR SWING ARM 2904600U7150 ASSY,RIGHT REAR SWING ARM 2905010D2 absorber unit 2905010P101 front absorber assembly 2905010U1010 AMORTIGUADOR DEL LH REIN 4X2 2.0L S2904L21022-00007 AMORTIGUADOR DEL REIN 2905020U1010 ABSORBER ASSY – SHOCK RH FRONT 2905100U1510 ABSORBER ASSY – SHOCK LH FRONT 2905100U7050 shock absorber FL 2905110U2010XZ ASSY,LEFT FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER 2905120U2010 Upper installing base assy 2905171U2010 BLOCK – BUFFER FR 2905200U1510 ABSORBER ASSY – SHOCK RH FRONT 2905200U7050 shock absorber FR 2905210U2010XZ ASSY,RIGHT FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER 2905210U7101XZ ASSY,RIGHT FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER 2906014U1010 SLEEVE – RUBBER 2906020U1510 FRONT STABILIZER BAR LINK ASSEMBLY 2906041U1010 LOCKNUT 2906100U7150 STABILIZER ASSY – FRONT 2906101U7150 FRONT STABILIZER ROD 2906110U7150 CONNECTINGBOLTFROTNSTABILIZERBAR 2906200U2010 FRONT STABILIZER ROD 2906200U7101 FRONT STABILIZER ROD 2906231U7101 Connecting sleeve of front antisway bar 2906911U1010 STABILIZER 2911010U8010 ARM CONTROL 2911010U8010Z ARM CONTROL 2911010U8160Z ARM CONTROL 2911011U1010 GASKET – SPRING 2911015U1010 BOLT – FLANGE 2911016U1010 NUT – HEXGON FLANGE 2911018U1010 REAR COIL SPRING 2911019U1010 BOLT – HEXAGON HEAD 2911022U1010 SHIM – REGULATER 2911100U1510 UNDERFRAME – REAR ASSISTANT 2911100U8010 REARSTABILIZERBAR 2911200U8050 REARSHOCKABSORBERASSY 2911220U1010 SLEEVE – RUBBER 2911240U8010 rear stabilizer bar fixing bracket 29112-V1010 CLIP,PARKING CABLE 2911300U8050 REAR COIL SPRING 2911310U8010 LOCKNUT 2911320U8010 SEATCOILSPRINGUPPER 2911350U8010 DUSTCOVER 2911380U8010 rear damper assembly 2911400U8050 REARWHEELHUBASSY 2911480U8010 rear damper assembly 2911510U8010 rear hub assembly 2911920U8010 LOCKNUT 2912011U1510 REAR COIL SPRING 2912101U2010 REAR COIL SPRING 2912101U7101 REAR COIL SPRING 29130-V1030 GUIDE BOARD 2914110U1010 SLEEVE – RUBBER 2914310U1010 SLEEVE – RUBBER 2914340U2010 MOUNTING BRACKET,RIGHT (1.3L) 2914401U1510 BOLT – HEXAGON FLANGE 2915010U1510 Rear shock absorber assy 2915100U7101 Left rare shock absorber 2915151U2010 REAR BUFFER BLOCKAGE 2915200U7101 Right rare shock absorber 2916010U1010 REARSTABILIZERBAR 2916010U1510 STABILIZER – REAR 2916020U1510 REAR STABILIZER ROD PULL ROD 2916100U2010 Rear Stabilizer Rod Pull Rod 2916121U2010 Rear Stabilizer Rod Bushing 3001101U1010 LEFT STEERING KNUCKLE 3001102U1010 RIGHTSTEERING KNUCKLE 3003600D302 Connecting rod 30613E(7813E) REAR WHEEL OUTER TAPER ROLLER BEARING 30T-01018 RIGHT STEERING KNUCKLE 3101010D2 WHEEL AND RIM 3101010Q314 Rim assy 3101010U2012 WHEEL ASSY 3101010U7101 WHEEL ASSY 3101010U7153 WHEEL ASSY 3101011U1010 WHEEL 3101011U2010 WHEEL 3101011U2150 WHEEL 3101011U7150 WHEEL 3101020U1010 TYRE ASSY 3101020U7150 TYRE ASSY 3101020U7153 TYRE ASSY 3101020U8010 TYRE 3101030U8010A TRIMCAP 3101031U7150 BOLT – HUB 3101032U7151 Wheel nut 3101040U7151 Wheel nut 3101040U8010 wheel nut assy 3101040U8050 BOLT – HUB 3101040U8050A BOLT – HUB 3101100U8010 TYRE ASSY 3102110U8050 Left Front Wheel Cap 3102150U1152 FRONT MUDGUARD,LH 3102160U1152 FRONT MUDGUARD,RH 3102170U1010 LR SPLASH GUARD 3102170U1152 LR SPLASH GUARD 3102180U1010 RR SPLASH GUARD 3102180U1152 RR SPLASH GUARD 3103101U1010 FRONT WHEEL HUB 3103111U1010 FRONT WHEEL HUB BOLT 3103111U2011 FRONT WHEEL HUB BOLT 3103111U7150 FRONT WHEEL HUB BOLT 3103200U7150 FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING 3103301U1510 FRONT MUDGUARD,LH 3103301U2011 FRONT MUDGUARD,LH 3103301U8510 FRONT MUDGUARD,LH 3103302U1510 FRONT MUDGUARD,RH 3103302U2011 FRONT MUDGUARD,RH 31034-4A200 FUEL TANK CHECK VALVE 31034-V3210 FUEL TANK CHECK VALVE 3103500U1010 FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING 3103500U1510 FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING 3103500U8010 FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING 3104011U7152 DUSTPROOFCOVER 3104100U7152 KNUCKLE – REAR LH 3104100U7152Z KNUCKLE – REAR LH 3104102-HF15015Y2 rear brake hub 3104102-HF18045 REAR BRAKE DRUM 3104104-HF13014 inner oil seal 3104104-HF16016 INNER OIL SEAL 3104110G1510 REAR WHEEL HUB LEFT BOLT 3104200U7152 KNUCKLE – REAR RH 3104200U7152Z KNUCKLE – REAR RH 3104301U2011 LR SPLASH GUARD 3104302U2011 RR SPLASH GUARD 3104400U1010 BEARING,REAR NAVE 3104501U2010 WASHER – THRUST 3104601U2010 NUT – LOCK 3105011U1010 BOLT 3105011U2010 BOLT 3105012U1010 WASHER 3105030U2010 WHEEL 31120-V2570 supply tube assy 31120-V7110 supply tube assy 31152-V2210 Fixed clasp of fuel pump 31312-V7110 RETURN TUBE ASSY. 31389-43000 CLIP 31420-V2210 CANISTER 31510-42850 HOSE ASSY. 31912-4A200 GASOLINE FILTER BRACKET 31970-43201 FILTER-FUEL 31980-4A000 FILTER ASSY – FUEL 31981-V7110 FILTER ASSY – FUEL 31982-V3800 BRACKET-FUEL FILTER 31982-V3890 BRACKET-FUEL FILTER 31982-V6110 BRACKET-FUEL FILTER 31982-V7110 BRACKET-FUEL FILTER 31Q02-04080-A Rear wheel hub oil seal 31T03-03015 FRONT WHEEL HUB 32702-V3730 Acceleration Pedal Assy 32702-V3730XZ Acceleration Pedal Assy 32702-V3730Z Acceleration Pedal Assy 32751-4A000 PULG 32751-4A000LK PULG 32802-4A000 CLUTCHPEDALASSY 32802-4A410 CLUTCHPEDALASSY 32802-4A440 CLUTCHPEDALASSY 32802-V3800 CLUTCHPEDALASSY 32850-4A100 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 32850-4A110 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 32850-4A800 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 32850-V1030 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 3301101U2011 KNUCKLE – REAR LH 3301102U2011 KNUCKLE – REAR RH 33406L21050-50002 Tie Rod 33406L21050-50003 Ball 3401100U1010 POWER STEERING GEAR ASSY. 3401100U7150 POWER STEERING GEAR ASSY. 3401110U1510 GEAR ASSY-STEERING 3401130U1010 DUSTCOVER 3402010U1010 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U1055 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U1080 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U1081 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U1171 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U1212 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U7150 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U7154 STEERING WHEEL 3402010U7165 STEERING WHEEL 3402020U2090 COVER ASSY – HORN 3402020U7140 COVER ASSY – HORN 3402100U1510 ASSY,STEERING WHEEL(BEIGE) 3402100U1581 ASSY,STEERING WHEEL(BEIGE) 3402100U8010 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3402100U8050 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3402100U8131 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3402100U8180 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3402100U8260 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3402260U8010 GASKET – SEAL 3402260X1011 GASKET – SEAL 3402300U8050 STEERING WHEEL 3402300U8051 STEERING WHEEL 3402300U8160 STEERING WHEEL 3402300U8262 STEERING WHEEL 3402400U2010XZ HORN COVER ASSY 3402400U8010 HORN COVER ASSY 3402400U8010A HORN COVER ASSY 3402400U8050 HORN COVER ASSY 3402400U8051 HORN COVER ASSY 3402400U9080 HORN COVER ASSY 3402500U8050 GEAR ASSY – STEERING 3404010U7150 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3404010U7165 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3404020U1010 BOLT 3406030U8010 RETURN PIPE 3406051U7150 OILRETURNHOSE 3406051U7150T OILRETURNHOSE 3406051U7280 FUEL RETURN HOSE 3406100U1010 PIPE ASSY – PRESSURE 3406100U2010 HOSE-OIL SUCTION 3406100U7150 PIPE ASSY – PRESSURE 3406100U7280 PIPE ASSY – PRESSURE 3406100U8020 Steering oil kettle assembly 3406130U7150 PRESSURESWITCHKIT 3406131U1010 WASHER 3406200U2010 PIPE ASSY – PRESSURE 3406200U2020 PIPE ASSY – PRESSURE 3406200U7101 PIPE ASSY – PRESSURE 3406200U8020 High pressure pipe assembly 3406300U1170 RETURN PIPE 3406340U8010 TUBE CLIP 3406400U7101 RETURN TUBE ASSY. 3406500U2010 POWER STEERING GEAR ASSY. 3406500U2090 POWER STEERING GEAR ASSY. 3406500U8010 GEAR ASSY – STEERING 3406500U8160 GEAR ASSY – STEERING 3406500U8180 GEAR ASSY – STEERING 3406600U8010 Return oil band pipe 3406740U2010 BRACKET 3406750U2010 TENSION MECHANISM 3407100FA power steering pump assy 3407100FA060 PUMP ASSY – POWER STEERING OIL 3407100FA080 PUMP ASSY – POWER STEERING OIL 3407400FA1 V BELT 3408121U1010 RUBBERGASKET 3408200U7050Z power steering oil can 3412030U1510 STEERING SHAFT DUST BOOT 3412100U1010 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3412100U1171 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3412100U2010 STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3412100U2010Z STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3412100U7101Z STEERING COLUMN ASSY. 3500023U1010 BRACKET,LEFT FRONT BRAKE HOSE 3500023U7150 BRACKET,LEFT FRONT BRAKE HOSE 3500024U1010 BRACKET,RIGHT FRONT BRAKE HOSE 3500024U7150 BRACKET,RIGHT FRONT BRAKE HOSE 3500130U1010 FRONTBRAKEOILPIPELH 3500130U7150 FRONTBRAKEOILPIPELH 3500140U2010 FRONTBRAKEPIPEASSYRH 3500141U8010 GASKET – BUFFER 3500150U7150 REARBRAKEOILPIPEASSYLH 3500160U1010 FR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY RH 3500160U2010 FR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY RH 3500160U7150 FR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY RH 3500190U1010 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE LH 3500190U2010 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE LH 3500190U7150 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE LH 3500192U1010 BRACKET 3500196U1010 PISTON 3500200U8510 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 3500202U1010 SLEEVE 3500205U1010 BLOCK 3500220U1010 RIGHT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500220U1153 RIGHT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500220U2010 RIGHT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500220U7152 RIGHT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500222U1010 BRACKET 3500224U1010 PISTON 3500231U1010 DUSTCOVER 3500231U7150 LOCKPIN 3500250U1010 LEFT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500250U1153 LEFT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500250U2010 LEFT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500250U7152 LEFT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3500270U8010 REARBRAKEHOSEASSY 3500271U1010 BOLT – HEXAGON HEAD 3500284U1010 BAFFLE 3500294U1010 BAFFLE 3500300U1010 VACUUM HOSE ASSY. 3500300U2010 VACUUM HOSE ASSY. 3500300U2020 VACUUM HOSE ASSY. 3500300U7020 VACUUM HOSE ASSY. 3500300U7101 VACUUM HOSE ASSY. 3500300U7150 VACUUM HOSE 3500300U7170 VACUUM HOSE 3500300U7280 VACUUM HOSE 3500310U2080 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER AND THE VACUUM BOOSTER ASSEMBLY 3500320U7150 TANK ASSY – RESERVE 3500320U7170 TANK ASSY – RESERVE 3500320U8510 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE RH 3500330U8010 front brake disc 3500350U8010 rear brake drum 3500350U8510 DRUM SET,BRAKE REAR 3500370U1010 VACUUMBOOSTERASSY 3500370U1140 VACUUM BOOSTER ASSY. 3500630U8010 Main brake pump 3500660U8010 VACUUM HOSE 3500660U8020 VACUUM HOSE 3500730U8180XZ TANK ASSY – VACUUM 3501010U8050 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE LH 3501012U8050 PISTON 3501015E4AA front wheel hub 3501015U8050 SCREW 3501018U8050 BRACKET-CALIPER 3501019U8050 CLIP – SPRING 3501020U8050 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE RH 3501024U8050 BOLT – HEXAGON FLANGE 3501150G1510 front adjust arm unit (L) 3501200C10QZ brake shoe with friction linging unit 3501200D120XZ brake shoe with friction linging unit 3501200Z1 brake shoe and brake shoe lining assy 3501250G1510 front adjust arm unit (R) 3502030D8 rear brake slave cylinder 3502030U8050 DRUM SET,BRAKE REAR 3502030Z14-1107 wheel cylinder body 3502060Z1-1107 wheel cylinder(right) 3503011U1510 Front brake disk 3503100U1510 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE LH 3503100U1520 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE LH 3503100U1520-01 FRONT BRAKE PAD 2 3503200U1510 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE RH 3503200U1520 CALIPER – FRONT BRAKE RH 3504011U1510 REAR BRAKE DISC 3504100U1510 LEFT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3504200U1510 RIGHT REAR BRAKE CALIPER ASSY. 3506230U8050 REARBRAKEHOSEASSY 3507010Z8 PARKING BRAKE UNIT 3508051U7150 CLAMP 3508061U1010 CLAMP SPRING 3508061U2010 CLIP 3508100G1QZ-1059 manual valve 3508300U8010 Left parking brake wire drawing assembly 3508400U8010 Right parking brake wire drawing assembly 3509044/4K-011 compressor belt 3510010D306-1059 vacuum booster with brake main jar unit 3510100U8050 VACUUM POWER ASSIST 3519200C10QZ rear brake sham. Right 3569100U1510 BRAKE PEDAL ASSY. 3569100U1510-01 BRAKE LAMP SWITCH 35HA-02085 rear brake shoe with friction lining 3603020U1510 SENSOR ASSEMBLY 3603030U1510 REVERSE RADAR WIRING HARNESS 3603200U8010 Sensor Assy 3603300U1171 REVERSE RADAR WIRING HARNESS 3604200U7053 SENSOR ASSEMBLY 36120-37310 SWITCH ASSY – STARTER MAGNETIC 3630400U8010 Right rear wheel ABS speed sensor assembly 3700922Z1 WIRING HARNESS CLIP 3701010C/4K-02 alternator 3701010FA WATERTEMPERATURESENSOR 3701180FA140 alternator bracket 3701300FA080 VACUUMPIPE 3701320FA SWITCH-OIL PRESSURE 3703001U8050 BATTERY 3703021U1510 BATTERY SEAT 3703051U1510 BATTERY PRESSURE PLATE 3703100U1010 BATTERY 3703100U1050 BATTERY 3703100U1160 BATTERY 3703100U2010 BATTERY 3703100U2010A BATTERY 3703100U8010 BATTERY 3703100U8050 BATTERY 3703100U8160 BATTERY 3703901U8130 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U1010 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U1050 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U2010 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U2080 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U8010 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U8014 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U8050 BATTERY SEAT 3703902U8180 BATTERY SEAT 3703902X1010 BATTERY SEAT 3703903U1010 BATTERY PRESSURE PLATE 3703903U2010 BATTERY PRESSURE PLATE 3703903U8010 BATTERY PRESSURE PLATE 3703910U7150 BATTERY SEAT 3704030U1510 LOCK CYLINDER – FRONT DOOR LH 3704100U1010Z LOCK CYLINDER ASSY 3704100U1160Z LOCK CYLINDER ASSY 3704900U1171Z LOCK CYLINDER ASSY 37110-37002 BATTERY 3711910D800 left head lamp 3711920D800 right head lamp 3711920E0-1-SJ upper front head lamp (right)? 3712910E0 front corner lamp(left) 3712920E0 front corner lamp(right)? 3714950BA002 PTO switch 37160-V7040 BATTERY PRESSURE PLATE 3721100U1010 SACKBUT 3721100U8010 SACKBUT 3721200U1010 ALTHORN 3725001U8050 LIGHTER ASSY – CIGARETTE 3725100U1010 HARNESS – CIGARETTE LIGHTER 3726910B800 side steering light 37300-42360 GENERATOR 3735901U1010 RELAY 3735901U7150 RELAY 3735902U7150 RELAY 3735904U8010 RELAY 3735905U7150 RELAY 3735908U7150 FLASHERRELAY 3735908U8010 FLASHERRELAY 3736910D4JC MAIN SWITCH – CUT OFF 3741960D4 wiper rubber wich only 3741960E0 wiper rubber wich only 3750020U7101A Right front door switch assy 3750030U7101A Left-rear door switch assy 3750040U8510 SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR 3750070U1510 WARNING LIGHT SWITCH 3750100U7150 SWITCH – MIRROR 3750121U1510 The clutch switch assembly 3750310U8010 Left front door switch panel 3750320U8010 Right front door switch panel 3750330U8010 Back door switch panel 3750510U8050 WARNING LIGHT SWITCH 3750530U8050 A/C SWITCH 3750903U1010 SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR 3750903U1171 SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR 3750903U2010 SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR 3750903U2010A SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR 3750903U7150 SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR 3750903U8012 SWITCH – WINDOW REGULATOR

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