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    12JSDX240T-1701170 1st/2nd speed synchronizer assy 12JSDX240T-1701190 3rd,4th speed gearshift synchronizer assy 6DS100T-1701058 stoper ring, countershaft 12JSDX240T-1701057 Spacer 12JSDX240T-1701048-2 Left countershaft 12JSDX240T-1701049-2 Right countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701050 3rd speed gear,countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701051 4th speed gear ,countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701052 5th speed gear ,countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701056 Transmission gear of countershaft 16980 Steel wire circlip for shaft 150212K Single row radial ball bearing with stopping slot and dust cover DS100-1701085 Cylindrical roller bearing F91444 Oil seal 990.12.71.0041-3 Pressure switch 791.00.71.0068-1 Pressure switch 12JS160T-1701107 Clamp of gear , reverse speed 12JS160T-1701106 Washer of gear ,main shaft 12JSDX240T-1701126 Bearing raise 6217N-YB Deep slotted ball bearing 14347 Seal gasket 192311E Short cylindrical roller bear RTD-11609A-1707156 Gasket of rear rear cover , main shaft 16JSS300T-1707109 Conical roller bearing 19109-2 Oil seal 30208GB-T297-94 Conical roller bearing 32205GB-T297-94 Conical roller bearing QH50-4211220 Oil seal QH50F-4211220 Oil seal QH50-4211207 Bearing cover gasket 102309E Short cylindrical roller bear ZL6.5Q1-3000004A Oil seal seat ring 32314-2 Inner tapered roller bearing outer ring 32310-2 Outer tapered roller bearing outer ring Q700B01 Lubricating nipple AK614.13.0062 Seal ring HFF2918227 CK FT Seal ring of shaft HFF2918218 CK FT Bearing oil seal cover 6313HAC3 Cylindrical roller bearing 6216HAC3 Cylindrical roller bearing 33115 Differential bearing ZL300S1-2512005 Oil seal-rear thru shaft lock nut ZL300S1-2512006 Oil seal-rear thru shaft lock nut 1418322003002 Propeller shaft assy H0356F02002A0 Dryer assy (ISMe cummins with silencer) H0373040029A0 Switch 1B24983100052 Upper trim panel of bumper 4973373 Thermostat H0543020701A0 Left front wheel fender skirts H0543020801A0 Right front wheel fender skirts 1B24981220034 Evaporator mounting assy R300S52-2405031A1282 ST64801014A1573 Turbo charger ST64801011A1573 Turbo charger 3772742 Turbo charger 1B24984504061 1B24984504062 H0531011300A0 1B24953104072 H0831010005A0 Trim strip of bumper 1B24984504610 H0543022001A0 H0543022002A0 1B24984504064 H0531011022A0 12JS160T-1702015 H0571010016A0 1B24981211051 1B24981211052 1B24981280076 ZL300SI-3104006B 1200 X 22.5 1B24984504063 H0342020001A0 Steering Wheel Assy 14765 O’RING SEAL 14341 14344 O’RING SEAL 14345 O’RING SEAL 14349 Q43117 SPRING CIRCLIP 612600061360 612600090201 61200090162 612600082647 1332111987001/02 612600081320 612600090352 612600090561 32311-1 YD02-2201022 QDT3502068 QDT3502168 YD02-2201031 1113834002022 Steering Oil tank 1B20053100201 FRONT BUMBER ASSY QT300S1-2400029 SOCKET BOLT ZL300S1-2400001A SEAT RING QT300S50-3104002 OIL RETAINER QT300S52-2405100 REDUCER HOUSING 1525711702002 1B18061000611 0-281-014-277 1701511-108 H0845010022A0 Lower Step H0843022021A0 Rear Fender assy Lh h0843022022A0 Rear Fender assy Rh H0531011023A0 Grille 4070801 Fuel Filter 2882674 Oil Filter ZL6.5QI-3501101 Front Brake Shoe QRT485-3502122 Friction Lining- rear brake 3501408-4E Rivet ZL6.5Q1-3501103A Lower friction lining – front brake shoe ZL6.5Q1-3501102A Upper friction lining – front brake shoe ZL6.5Q1-3501106 Rivet 1B24950280042 Cab Shock H0505010030A0 “FOTON” label (wedge) H0292190038A0 Front Spring Bracket Q151B1465 Hexagon Bolt H0292190034A0 Lh. Rear Bracket H0292190035A0 Rear Frame Assy H0292150003A0 Front Hanger Q151C1280 Hexagon Bolt Q151C1285 Hexagon Bolt H2292050002A0 Front Stabilizer Bar H4292050003A0 Front Stabilizer Bar Rubber Mat H0292190050A0 Connecting Shaft 1325129580009 Balance Shaft H0295280019A0 Flange Bolt and Nut H0295280018A0 Flange Bolt and Nut H0295280020A0 Flange Bolt and Nut H4295310002A0 Rear Stabilizer Rubber Mat H2295310001A0 Rear Stabilizer Rod H0295282000A0 Stabilizer Boom H0295280017A0 Flange Bolt and Nut 1331311926013 Bracket 1425334033002 Steering Box 0501.328.744 Clutch Release Bearing 491QE-1105010 Gasoline filter assembly K0119002002A0 Air filter assy 486Q-1308010 Fan component element 491Q-1307020A Water Pump Assy. 486Q-1300011 Fan Belt 486Q-1005012 Crankshaft timing sprocket wheel 486Q-1011020 Oil Pump Assy 491Q-1107010D Carburetor assy 491Q-1601090 Clutch Cover 491QME-1601130 Clutch friction 4T150-1700040-A Clutch Slave Cylinder Assy 491Q-1003010-W Cylinder Head Assy 491Q-1003090 Cylinder Gasket Assy 486Q-1106020 Gasoline pump assy 491Q-1003110 Check Valve Assy 486Q-1006012 Camshaft timing gear 486Q-1006070 Timing chain(06BT 486Q-1006030 Tensioner module 486Q-1006020 Damping module 486Q-1007070 Tappet module 491Q-1003103 Exhaust valve seat 491Q-1003104 Intake valve seat 491Q-1006015 Camshaft 486Q-1009010 Oil Pan Assy 1648635300001 PARKING BRAKE FRONT PART ASSY 1648635500002-1 Brake master cylinder 1648613100011 Radiator assy 1648613100007 Shield assembly M12649/M12610 WHEEL HUB OUTER 3103011 Front nave LM48548/LM48510 Bearing LM48548 3103020 GUARD RAIL 3501011 Brake disc assembly 3501070-00 Brake pad assembly 6486-2901090-01 Lower cross arm 1648616300018 MASTER CYLINDER ASSY – CLUTCH K0377010002A0 Lower voice horn 1K16937600026 Combination Instrument Assy 1K16937600045 Fuel sensor assy K0381020000A0 Speedometer Sensor 1K16937300026 Combination switch assy 1K16937300007 Danger warning lamp switch 1K16937300040 Parking brake lamp switch 1K16982600002 Radiator cover assy 1K16961000002 Driver door weldment 1K16961000001 Assistant driver door weldment 1K16962000021 Rear side door welding-on assy 1K16953000050 Front wall welded assy K0630200309A0 Back door weldment S9JS200T-1701123A1287 STOPPER RING S6DS100T-1701058A1287 STOPPER RING S14750A1287 STOPPER RING 12JSDX240TA-1707030 DRIVING GEAR 9JS200T-1701123 STOPPER RING 22.5X9.00 H0375020002A0 FH4311030105A0A0072 FH4311030103A0A0030 1K18081100059 1106629200017 1106629200016 1108911800005 12JSDX240TA-1701116 Input Gear RTD-11609A-1707067-1

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