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  • faw B70 Automatic tensioning device FC0115980

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    faw B70 Automatic tensioning device,FC0115980



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    FC0115980 B70 Automatic tensioning device B70,X80 FC0118370 Support-generator X80 FC0118400 Starter assembly-2.3 X80 FC0118520#P1 Battery assy–electricity FC011899X Support-tensioning device X80 FC0120210 Bracket Assy – Air Filter–engine FC012055XB FC0125421 Snap ring-transmission shaft X80 FC012550X B50 FC012560X B50 FC012615X Rear wheel hub and bearing assembly X80,B50 FC01261A1 Right rear wheel hub bearing B70 FC01261B1 Left rear wheel hub bearing B70 FC0126251A Rear brake disk B70 FC0126261 Dust disc – right rear brake–chassis B70 FC0126271 Dust disc – left rear brake–chassis B70 FC0127060 B70 FC0127060A B70 FC0128011 Rear helix spring B70 FC0128012 RUBBER,SPRING SHEET B50 FC01280A3 RUBBER,SPRING SHEET B50 FC0128155 PLATE,REAR STABILIZER–chassis X80 FC0128156 Rubber split sleeve – Rear Stabilizer Bar–chassis B70 FC0128300A Right lower control arm assy – Rear Suspension–chassis FC0128350A Left lower control arm assy – Rear Suspension–chassis FC0128473 SHIM,LOWER CONTROL ARM–chassis FC012866Y NUT,LOWER CONTROL ARM–chassis X80 FC0128700 B70 FC0128700B Rear shock absorber assembly B70 FC0128720B Rear Shock Absorber Right Bracket assy–chassis B50 FC0128730B Rear Shock Absorber Left Bracket assy–chassis B50 FC0128C10 UPPER CONTROL ARM,-REAR SUSPENSION–chassis B50 FC0132211 cover assy,steering shaft–chassis X80 FC0132410 oil return pipe assy–chassis FC0132420 Steering high-pressure hose-2.0 X80 FC0132554 Gasket – oil reservoir cover–chassis X80 FC0132650B Power steering pump with liquid tank assembly X80 FC0132682 Fuel return hose X80 FC0132684 oil return hose–chassis X80 FC013302X KNUCKLE(R),STEERING B50 FC013303X KNUCKLE(L),STEERING B50 FC0133047 BEARING,WHEEL B50 FC0133048 Snap Ring – front wheel hub bearing–chassis B70 FC0133060 Front wheel hub assembly S B70 FC013325XA Front brake disk B70 FC0133261 Dust disc – right front brake–chassis B70 FC0133271 Dust disc – left front brake–chassis B70 FC0134011 B70 FC0134012 Rubber pad-front helical spring X80 FC0134015 Dust cover-front sliding column B70 FC0134111 Buffering stopper – front strut–chassis B50 FC0134155 Clamping board-front lateral stabilizer bar X80 FC0134156 Rubber split sleeve – front transverse stabilizer bar–chassis B50 FC0134300 ARM,LOWER B50 FC013438Y Suspension assembly-front sliding column B70 FC0134611A right rear bracket,front auxiliary frame–chassis B50 FC0134616A left rear bracket,front auxiliary frame–chassis B50 FC0134700 B70 FC0134700A Right front shock absorber assembly B70 FC0134711 Right lower stay fork – front shock absorber–chassis B50 FC0134900 B70 FC0134900A Left front shock absorber ass B70 FC0134911 Left lower stay fork – front shock absorber–chassis B50 FC0134H91 Sub-frame cross beam X80 FC0134J00 ARM(R),LOWER B50 FC0134J50 ARM(L),LOWER B50 FC01-3501010 CALIPER(L),PADLESS-FRONT B50 FC01-3501012 SUPPORT,front brake–chassis FC01-3501020 CALIPER(R),PADLESS-FRONT B50 FC01-3501051 SEAL & BOOT SET,CAL.-FRT–chassis FC01-3501054 BOOT,GUIDE PIN–chassis FC01-3501055 Guide pin–chassis FC01-3501056 Front brake disk B50 FC01-3502010 CALIPER(L),PADLESS-REAR B50 FC01-3502012 LEVER(L),OPERATING–chassis FC01-3502013 BRACKET(L),CABLE–chassis FC01-3502015 SPRING(L),LEVER–chassis FC01-3502016 SUPPORT,MOUNTING–chassis B50 FC01-3502019 LINK,CONNECTING–chassis FC01-3502020 CALIPER(R),PADLESS-REAR B50 FC01-3502022 LEVER(R),OPERATING–chassis FC01-3502023 BRACKET(R),CABLE–chassis FC01-3502025 SPRING(R),LEVER–chassis FC01-3502033 SPRING–chassis FC01-3502035 RING,SNAP-RR CALIPER–chassis FC01-3502036 repair kit,rear brake caliper–chassis FC01-3502037 COVER,CASE–chassis FC01-3502039 PIN,LOCK–chassis FC01-3502041 Guide pin,top with rubber sleeve–chassis FC01-3502048 BOOT,GUIDE PIN–chassis FC0137060 B70 FC013719X Wheel spoke embelisher assy,logo B–chassis FC013719XA Wheel spoke embelisher assy,logo A–chassis X80,OLEY FC0137971 Spare wheel fixing support–chassis B50,OLEY FC0139061 Engine right suspension support-2.3 X80 FC0140305 Sealing ring-exhaust pipe assembly X80 FC0142231 PIPE,FILLER–engine FC0142232 HOSE,BREATHER–engine FC0142239 CLAMP,HOSE–engine FC0142241 proof dust cover–engine FC0142250 CAP-FILLER B50 FC0142252 O-Ring–engine X80,OLEY FC0142410 Filler cap assembly B70 FC0142451 Opening spring leaf–body B50 FC0142459 Spring plug–body B50 FC0142764 PAD,FUEL TANK–engine FC0143090 Gasket – Control Unit–electricity FC0143152 Split pin–chassis FC0143443 Separating pad X80 FC0143490 Vacuum hose assembly-vacuum booster X80 FC0143635 Clip – rear brake hose–chassis FC0143853 Braking line joint X80 FC014401023 B70 FC014401033 B70 FC0144375 Clip – Hand brake control cable–chassis FC0145911 Pipe bracket – front brake pipe–chassis FC0145914 Pipe bracket – front brake pipe–chassis FC0145915 Pipe bracket – front brake pipe–chassis FC0146300 CABLE,INTER LOCK B50 FC0150031 红旗奔腾 FC0150070 红旗奔腾 FC01500Z1 Screwed insert nut–body B50 FC01500Z5 Screwed insert nut–body B50 FC0150151 B70 FC0150151H FC0150161 B70 FC0150161H FC0150171 B70 FC01501K5 Snap-fit B50 FC01501T1 红旗奔腾 FC01501T1H FC0150221 红旗奔腾 FC0150260 Rear bumper cross beams assembly B70 FC01502H1 B70 FC01502H1H FC01502J1 B70 FC01502J1H FC01502M1 红旗奔腾 FC01505A1 Blanking cover B70 FC0150629 Snap-fit-trim strip of roof X80 FC0150640 Right front door window sealing strip assembly B70 FC0150650 Left front door window sealing strip assembly B70 FC0150660 Right rear door window sealing strip assembly B70 FC0150670 Left rear door window sealing strip assembly B70 FC0150710 红旗奔腾 FC0150715 Fastening screw–body B50,OLEY FC01507R0 Right water tank cover plate assembly B70 FC01507S0 Left water tank cover plate assembly B70 FC0150814 Protective belt B70 FC01508V1 Black-covering film-right front door and window frame B70 FC01508V2 Black-covering film-right rear door window frame B70 FC01508V3 Black-covering film-right front door and window frame B70 FC01508V4 Black-covering film-right rear door window frame B70 FC01508V5 Black-covering film-right front door and window frame B70 FC01508V6 Black-covering film-right rear door window frame B70 FC01508V7 Black-covering film-right front door and window frame B70 FC01508V8 Black-covering film-right rear door window frame B70 FC01508W1 Black-covering film left front door and window frame B70 FC01508W2 Black-covering film left rear door window frame B70 FC01508W3 Black-covering film left front door and window frame B70 FC01508W4 Black-covering film left rear door window frame B70 FC01508W5 Black-covering film left front door and window frame B70 FC01508W6 Black-covering film left rear door window frame B70 FC01508W7 Black-covering film left front door and window frame B70 FC01508W8 Black-covering film left rear door window frame B70 FC0150920 Right side wall trim strip assembly B70 FC0150930 Left side wall trim strip assembly B70 FC01509H0 Right roof trim strip assembly B70 FC01509H1 B70 FC01509L0 Left roof trim strip assembly B70 FC0150C11 B70 FC0150C21 B70 FC0150E11 红旗奔腾 FC0150E12 红旗奔腾 FC0150E12A Left clamping board-front bumper cover B70 FC0150EJ0 Trailer hook assembly X80 FC0150EM1 Protective tape X80 FC0150ES1 Card holder X80,B50,OLEY FC0151030 Right front lamp-halogen B70 FC0151040 Left front lamp-halogen B70 FC01510K0 FC01510L0 B70 FC0151120 Right steering lamp assembly 红旗奔腾 FC0151121 Bulb-license plate lamp, room lamp, side steering lamp B70 FC0151130 Left steering lamp assembly 红旗奔腾 FC015113X B70 FC0151150 红旗奔腾 FC0151160 红旗奔腾 FC0151261 Hole Cover–body inside X80 FC0151264 Hole Cover–body inside FC01514C5 Light – Luggage compartment–electricity OLEY FC015169X B70 FC0151750 红旗奔腾 FC0151832 Screwed insert nut–body B50 FC0151833 Buckle–body B50 FC0151840 B70 FC0151850 B70 FC0151861 Lock nut–body B50 FC0151870 B70 FC0151880 B70 FC015189X B70 FC0151920 Air outlet assembly X80,OLEY FC0151PB1 Right wing trim strip 红旗奔腾 FC0151PC1 Left wing trim strip 红旗奔腾 FC0151SJ3 Buckle–body X80 FC0152111 红旗奔腾 FC015215Y B70 FC0152211 红旗奔腾 FC0152310 Sub-assembly of engine hood 红旗奔腾 FC0152410 Right hinge assembly-engine hood X80,OLEY,B70 FC0152420 Left hinge assembly-engine hood X80,OLEY,B70 FC0152610 FC0152710 Right hinge assembly-trunk lid B70 FC0152720 Left hinge assembly-trunk lid B70 FC0153110 B70 FC0153110H Front end frame assembly B70 FC0153116 B70 FC0153118 B70 FC015354X Steering column bracket assy–chassis FC0154727 Supporting plate – At rear segment of the left-hand side of floor–body FC015525619 B70 FC015603X Battery platen assy–electricity FC015604Y Battery Bracket–electricity FC0156052 Hole Cover–body inside FC0156053 Hole Cover–body inside FC0156054 Plug–chassis FC0156056 Adhesive hole-sealing pad–body inside FC0156058 Hole plug X80 FC0156070 Hole cover assy–body FC01560B1 Hole Cover–body inside FC0156130A Right front wheel casing shield assembly B70 FC0156140A Left front wheel casing shield assembly B70 FC0156145 Buckle–body B50,OLEY FC01561J1 Left rear wheel casing shield B70 FC0156225 FC0156251 Radiator right lower guard–body B50,B70 FC0156253 Radiator left lower guard–body B50,B70 FC0156341 right front wheel side mudguard assy–body B50 FC0156342 Left front wheel side mudguard assy–body B50 FC0156375 Gland nut–body B50 FC0156399 Snap-fit B70 FC0156411 Shock foam pad–body B50 FC0156420 Sealing plate assembly-right wing B70 FC0156430 Sealing plate assembly-left wing B70 FC0156458 pad–body B50 FC0156486 Shock foam pad–body B50 FC015651Y Front wall left central reinforcement plate welding assy–body FC0156615 Overflow hole clogged–body inside FC0156620A Lock assembly-engine hood X80 FC0156639 Cover the auxiliary hole–body inside FC0156651 Strut-engine hood B70 FC0156681 Thermal insulation pad-engine hood B70 FC0156694 Snap-fit B70 FC0156720 Unlocking wiredrawing-engine hood B70 FC0156750 Rear hidden sealing strip-front engine cover B70 FC0156760 Water tank sealing strip-engine cover B70 FC0156770 Water tank cover sealing strip B70 FC0156786 Rubber limiting stopper – Engine hood–body B50 FC0156787 Rubber limiting stopper – Body front fender–body B50 FC0156803 B70 FC0156804 Rubber limiting stopper – Boot lid–body B50 FC0156833 Buckle – Fuel filler cap opening cable–body FC0156840 Lock pin assey – Boot–body B50 FC0156860 Fuel filler cap opening handle fixing support–body B70 FC015686256 Filler cap opening handle-10 type, sand color B70 FC0156890 Fuel filler cap opening actuating mechanism–body B50 FC0156930A Inflatable strut-trunk lid s B70 FC0156970 Right decorating parts assembly-rear trunk lid B70 FC0156980 B70 FC0156D20 Wiper fixing support welding assy–body B50 FC015704102 B70 FC015704402 B70 FC015705102 B70 FC015705202 B70 FC015705302 B70 FC015705402 B70 FC0157425 Plug–chassis FC0157529 Lock – Rear seat cushion–body inside FC015763156 Cover plate – Height adjuster mount, sand gray–body inside FC015763180 Cover plate – Height adjuster mount, cream–body inside FC015768041 B70 FC015777Z Holder assy – Seat belt–body inside FC015796056 Height adjuster – sand gray–body inside FC015796080 Height adjuster – cream–body inside FC0157K0002 FC0157K30 FC0157K30A FC0157K7003 FC0157K70A02 Airbag-copilot’s side, black B70 FC0157L3021 B70 FC0157L3031 B70 FC0157L3041 B70 FC0157L30A21 FC0157L30A31 FC0157L30A56 FC0157L30A80 FC0157L9021 B70 FC0157L9031 B70 FC0157L9041 B70 FC0157L90A21 FC0157L90A31 FC0157L90A56 FC0157L90A80 FC0158020 Right front door welding assembly (S) B70 FC0158210 front door hinge,right upper & left lower–body B50 FC0158270 Front door check assy–body inside B50 FC0158319 seal pad–body inside FC0158330 B70 FC0158412 Large-head mount – Right front door outward-opening handle, halfway primer–body inside FC0158413 Tie-rod – Right door outward-opening handle, halfway primer–body inside FC0158419 Connecting joint – Boot lid–body FC0158511 Right front door glass B70 FC0158590 B70 FC0158605 Glass guide slot of right front door B70 FC0158760 Right front door sealing strip B70 FC0158762 Snap-fit Oley FC0158763 Snap-fit B50 FC0158764 Snap-fit X80,B50 FC015876X Front door lower sealing strip B70 FC015876Y Right column B sealing strip assembly B70 FC0158866 Plug–body inside X80 FC0158873 Shock rubber stop–body inside X80,OLEY FC0158972 B70 FC0159210 front door hinge,left upper & right lower–body B50 FC0159330 B70 FC0159412 Large-head mount – Left front door outward-opening handle, halfway primer–body inside FC0159413 Tie-rod – Left door outward-opening handle, halfway primer–body inside FC0159511 Left front door glass B70 FC0159590 B70 FC0159605 Glass guide slot of left front door 红旗奔腾 FC0159760 Left front door sealing strip B70 FC015976Y Left column B sealing strip assembly B70 FC0159972 B70 FC016 80 B70 FC016 81 B70 FC0160223 Lamp/Light–body inside B50 FC0160397 Instrument panel side locating pin support –body inside FC0160398 Instrument panel central locating pin support –body inside FC0160950 Fuel filter element–engine B50 FC0160950H FEUL FILTER FC0161151 air intake duct–air condition FC0161211 No.1 water inlet B70 FC0161212 No.2 water outlet B70 FC0161217 Fixing clip–air condition FC0161224 Heater pipe bracket–air condition FC0161238 Hole Cover–body inside FC0161462A Low-pressure hose assembly 1 B50 FC016146Y Fixing clip–air condition FC0161477 Fixing clip–air condition X80 FC01614EX Support assy–air condition FC0161756 Hose – Indoor air,automatic AC–air condition B50 FC0162410 OUT HANDLE ASSY B50 FC0162864 Protection belt – Rubber boot limiting stopper–body B50 FC0162868A plug – Boot lid–body B50 FC0162869 Rubber plug–body inside FC0163900A FC0163930 Rear windshield glass assembly B70 FC016409031 B70 FC016409041 B70 FC0164345 Snap spring X80 FC0164416 Support I – Auxiliary instrument panel–body inside FC016442021 B70 FC016442031 B70 FC0166250 Cigarette lighter X80,OLEY FC0166251 Lighting ring X80,OLEY FC016635002 Electric window lifter switch – Driver side, black–body inside B50 FC016635003 红旗奔腾 FC0166350A02 FC0166350B02 FC016637003 FC0166370A02 FC0166370B02 FC016660002 08 electric rear-view mirror switch – Black–body inside B50 FC01666R003 Instrument dimmer switch-type type X80 FC01666R0A03 Instrument light adjusting switch X80 FC0166780 Horn–electricity FC0166790 Horn,Woofer–electricity FC01667B1 Horn support–electricity B50 FC0166850 Backup power-dawn black Oley FC0166991 Capacitor X80 FC01669H0 B70 FC0167014 Fixing clip – Rear seat lock cable–body inside FC0167054 Buckle – Fuel filler cap opening cable–body OLEY FC0167321 B70 FC0167321A Left wiper arm-Zhejiang B70 FC0167330 B70 FC0167350 B70 FC0167360 B70 FC0167366 cap ,seal–body B50 FC0167381 B70 FC0167381A Right wiper arm-Zhejiang B70 FC0167395 Decorative cover-wiper arm B70 FC0167481 FC0167521 Glue-right wing B50 FC0167530 B70 FC0167C99 Pipe clip – front overflow pipe–body inside FC0167PP1 Adhesive hole-sealing label–body inside FC0168 021 B70 FC016803030 B70 FC0168032 Snap-fit-pad X80 FC01682G131 B70 FC01682H141 B70 FC01684BX17 B70 FC01684L631 B70 FC01684L641 B70 FC01685BX17 B70 FC01685BY17 B70 FC0168625 Wrenching screw cap X80 FC016867025 B70 FC016867035 B70 FC01686F156 sand gray cover,Fuel filler cap opening actuating mechanism–body FC01686F180 cream color cover,Fuel filler cap opening actuating mechanism–body FC01686L1 Adhesive hole-sealing label–body inside FC01686L2 GASKET,BRAKE BRACKET–body inside FC01686L3 Gear shift cable pad–body inside FC016871021 B70 FC016872031 B70 FC016873031 B70 FC016881X03 B70 FC016885003 B70 FC0168865 Buckle–body inside X80 FC016888502 Buckle–electricity B50 FC016889X02 B70 FC01688E0 Jack cover plate – At right-hand side of luggage compartment–body inside FC0168911 Sealing strip of right front door hole B70 FC0168912 Sealing strip of left front door hole B70 FC0168913 Right rear door sealing strip B70 FC0168914 Left rear door sealing strip B70 FC0168966 Handle – Boot lid inner liner, black–body inside FC0168AA5 Air duct fixing screw–air condition FC0168AD5 Embedded nut X80 FC0169065 Fuel label–body inside OLEY FC0169065A Fuel oil label Oley FC0169101 Triangle warning sign–body inside FC016912X 红旗奔腾 FC016912XA#E1 FC016918X 红旗奔腾 FC016918XA#E1 FC01691G1 B70 FC016926155 Visor permanent seat-light X80 FC016927020 B70 FC016927030 B70 FC016927040 B70 FC0169270B55 Right visor assembly-gray X80 FC016932020 B70 FC016932030 B70 FC016932040 B70 FC0169320C55 Left visor assembly-gray X80 FC0170032 A pillar lower reinforcement plate (right)–body FC0170065 Right front wall reinforcement plate–body B70 FC0170110 Right rear pillar inner plate assembly B70 FC0170140 Right door sill rear end reinforcing plate assy S–body FC0170350 Right column B reinforcing plate welding assembly (S) B70 FC0170500A Parcel shelf assembly (S) B70 FC0170600 FC0170750#M1 FC0171032 A pillar lower reinforcement plate (left)–body FC0171065 Left front wall reinforcement plate–body B70 FC0171110 Left rear pillar inner plate welding assembly S B70 FC0171140 Left door sill rear end reinforcing plate assy S–body FC0171350 Left column B reinforcing plate welding assembly (S) B70 FC0172020 Right rear door welding assembly (S) B70 FC0172210 upper hinge S,right rear door–body B50 FC0172240 lower hinge S,right rear door–body B50 FC0172270 Door check arm assy–body inside B50 FC0172412 Large-head mount right rear door – Middle coating–body inside FC0172511 Right rear door glass B70 FC0172590 B70 FC0172602 Central guide rail of right rear door B70 FC0172605 Glass guide slot of right rear door B70 FC0172608 Transitional parts- central guide rail of right rear door B70 FC0172651 Triangular window sealing strip of right rear door B70 FC0172661A Triangle window glass of right rear door B70 FC0172760A Right rear door sealing strip assembly B70 FC017276X Lower sealing strip of the rear door B70 FC0172837 B70 FC0173020 Left rear door welding assembly (S) B70 FC0173210 upper hinge S,left rear door–body B50 FC0173240 lower hinge S,left rear door–body B50 FC0173412 Large-head mount left rear door – Middle coating–body inside FC0173511 Left rear door glass B70 FC0173590 B70 FC0173602 Central guide rail of left rear door B70 FC0173605 Glass guide slot of left rear door B70 FC0173608 Transitional parts- central guide rail of left rear door B70 FC0173651 Left rear door triangular window sealing strip B70 FC0173661A Triangle window glass of left rear door B70 FC0173760A Left rear door sealing strip assembly B70 FC01V1P11 A/C filter element,A/C B50 FC0215383 Water pipe-liquid accumulator B50 FC0232420 Steering high-pressure hose-2.3 X80 FC0233880 Right brake hose bracket assy–chassis FC0233890 Left brake hose bracket assy–chassis FC0241661 sleeve pipe–chassis FC02501K5 Snap-fit B50 FC0250715 Fastening screw–body B50,OLEY FC0251030 红旗奔腾 FC0251030A FC0251040 红旗奔腾 FC0251040A FC0251580 High braking lamp assembly-type 10 B70 FC025169X LAMP UNIT-F FOG,LH B50 FC025189X LAMP UNIT-F FOG,RH B50 FC0255256W04 B70 FC0255442W02 B70 FC0255442W04 B70 FC0255443W02 B70 FC0255443W04 B70 FC0256051 Hole Cover–body inside FC0256052 Hole Cover–body inside FC0256145 Snap-fit X80,B50,OLEY FC025704102 B70 FC025705102 B70 FC0257425 Sealing sticker X80 FC0257K30 FC0257K30A FC0257KC0 B70 FC026119018 FC026119019 FC0261477 Fixing clip–air condition FC0263900 红旗奔腾 FC0264610W02 B70 FC0266990 FC02669H0 B70 FC0267481 FC0267730A Normally-open relay X80 FC026803030 B70 FC026803040 B70 FC02684F6W02 B70 FC0268885 Buckle,carpet–body inside X80 FC026911Y02 Right high pitch loudspeaker decorative cover assembly-with tweeter B70 FC026912X 红旗奔腾 FC026912XA#E1 FC026917Y02 Left high pitch loudspeaker decorative cover assembly-with tweeter B70 FC026918X 红旗奔腾 FC026918XA#E1 FC02691G1 B70 FC02691G7 B70 FC02698M020 B70 FC02698M030 B70 FC02698M040 B70 FC0269924 Pipe clip – Rear overflow pipe–body inside FC0269926 Joints – overflow pipe–body inside FC0270600 FC0279120A10 FC0279120A12 FC0279120A26 FC0279120A33 FC0279120A37 FC0279120A38 FC0279120A61 FC0279120A66 FC0279120A71 FC0279120A73 FC0279120A88 Type 08 sensor assembly-silver black B70 FC0279130A Sensor installation clip L-type 08 primer B70 FC0279170 Buzzer S X80 FC0279180B Reversing sensor wiring harness B70 FC0350F21 B70 FC0350H11 红旗奔腾 FC0356051 Hole Cover–body inside FC0356052 Overflow hole clogged–body inside FC0357K30 FC0357K30A FC0357KM0 FC0357KN0 FC036 80 B70 FC036 81 B70 FC036 84 B70 FC036635002 FC0366BTC BLUETOOTH MOBILE CONTROL UNIT–body inside B50 FC0367481 FC0367530 B70 FC03682G131 B70 FC03682G141 B70 FC03682H131 B70 FC03682H141 B70 FC0368865 Snap spring X80 FC04506K8 Clip seat–body B50 FC0450EA1 Buckle–body B50,OLEY FC0456052 Overflow hole clogged–body inside FC0456135 Screwed insert nut–body B50 FC0457K0002 FC0457K7002 FC1115909 V belt B50 FC1118400 Starter assembly-2.0 X80,B50 FC1120370 Vacuum tube–vacuum tube assembly X80 FC112055XB FC1139061 Engine right suspension support-2.0 X80 FC1151745 红旗奔腾 FC2141443 Flange pad–chassis FC2143028 Pad-pedal X80 FCC971627 Engine harness assy–electricity FCC971627C Engine harness assy–electricity FD162866ZB Eccentric adjusting bolt – lower control arm–chassis B70 FF5114 FQ060326163A Wheel nut,steel spoke–chassis FQ1291230T Screwed stud–engine FQ1291250T Screwed stud–engine FQ1291270T Screwed stud–engine FQ150B12130TF36 Bolt–engine FQ1840835T Bolt – steering pump assy –chassis FQ1841035TF36 Bolt–engine FQ1841040TF36 Bolt–engine FQ1841050TF36 Bolt–chassis FQ1841065TF36 Bolt–chassis FQ1841080TF36 Hexagon flange bolts–engine FQ1841090TF36 Hexagon flange bolts–engine FQ1841230TF36 Bolt–engine FQ1841275TF36 Bolt–engine FQ6101412B Flexible clamp,hose–engine FQ6101815B Hose clip – steering return pipe–chassis FQ6102015B Hose clip – steering return pipe–chassis FQ6102212B Hose clip – Oil suction Hose–chassis FQ6102412B Flexible hose clamp–engine FQ6102512B Flexible hose clamp,Ф24–air condition FQ6102712B Flexible hose clamp,Ф28–air condition FQ6103212B Flexible clamp,hose–engine FQ6103815B Flexible clamp,hose–engine X80 FQ6104015B Flexible clamp,hose–engine X80,OLEY FQ62014120 Flexible clamp,hose–engine FQ62040120 Flexible clamp,hose–engine FQ63166076 Closed clamp–chassis FQ63210076 Closed clamp–chassis FQ904400825 Screw X80 FQ907200612 Bolt X80,OLEY FQ907200616 Bolt–body B50 FQ907400516B Screw–body B50,OLEY FQ907860612 Self-tapping screw–engine FQ907860614 Screw–body inside FQ907860616 Screw–chassis B50 FQ907860616B Screw–body B50 FQ907860620 Screw–electricity FQ907860620B Tapping screw X80 FQ907860625 Screw–electricity B50 FQ907860816 Screw–electricity B50 FQ907860820 Screw–body FQ907861040 Bolt – used to fix the fuel tank hanger–engine FQ907960616 Bolts, hexagon head with fit neck–engine B50 FQ909010801 Nut–body B50 FQ909010802 Nut – Boot lid–body B50 FQ9923208229 Connection pin–chassis FQ992831000 Clamp – Hose–engine FQ992831200 Clamp – Hose–engine FQ994520612 Bolt–air condition X80 FQ994540895 Flange bolt X80 FQ994590612 Self-tapping screw–electricity FQ994590616 Self-tapping screw – Extended–electricity FQ994590820 Grounding bolt X80 FQ994630612 Screw–body FQ994640616B Bolt–body inside FQ994640625 Bolt X80 FQ994650616 Flange Bolt–air condition FQ994660616 Screw–body FQ994790616 Bolt–body FQ995621000 Gasket – hollow bolt–chassis FQ995621400 Gasket – high-pressure hose assy–chassis X80 FQ99658F3010 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3015 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3020 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3025 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3030 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3035 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3040 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3045 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3050 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3055 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ99658F3060 balance weight,aluminum spoke–chassis FQ997260612 Bolt–air condition FQ997260816 Bolt – Tightening the air filter bracket on the left front side-member–engine FQ997350416B Tapping screw X80 FQ997350510 Self-tapping screw–body FQ997561290 Bolt–engine FQ997801025 Bolt – Rear stabilizer bar clip board–chassis X80 FQ997860612 Screw–chassis FQ997860616 Screw–body inside FQ997860635 Screw–chassis FQ997860816 Screw–chassis FQ997860820 Screw–chassis FQ997960612 Bolt–air condition FQ997960616 Flange Bolt–chassis FQ997960620 Bolt–air condition FQ997960635 Hexagon flange bolt X80 FQ997960812 Bolt–chassis B50 FQ997960820 Bolt –chassis FQ998241055E Spare wheel fixing bolt–chassis OLEY FQ998310816 Screw–chassis X80 FQ998320408 SCREW-TAPPING–body B50 FQ998340510 Screw–electricity FQ998450616 SCREW-TAPPING–body inside X80 FQ998610516 Tapping screw X80 FQ998640420B Self-tapping screw–electricity FQ998650512 Tapping screw Oley FQ998650516 Self-tapping screw–body inside FQ998650516B Self-tapping screw–electricity B50 FQ998650520 Screw–electricity FQ998720520E Screw – Sun visor–body inside FQ998910600 Nut–engine FQ998910800 Nut–body FQ999100407 NUT–body B50 FQ999100501 Screwed insert nut–body B50 FQ999100503 Embedded nut X80 FQ999100506 Screwed insert nut–body FQ999370600 Nut–body inside FQ999400503 Flange Nut–body B50 FQ999400600 Flange Nut–body inside FQ999400601 Flange Nut–air condition FQ999400603 Flange Nut–electricity B50 FQ999400800 Flange Nut–electricity FQ999400801 Lock nut–chassis X80 FQ999400801S Flange Nut–chassis FQ999400803 Flange Nut–engine B50 FQ999401000 Flange nut – Rear seat lock–body inside FQ999401201 Fixing nut – Rear engine mount–engine FQ999401401 Flange Nut – front subframe–chassis FQ999460800 Lock nut–chassis FQ999481200 Self-locking nut – Steering wheel–chassis X80 FQ999511022 Flat shim – Right engine mount cushion–engine FQ999581222 Washer – lower control arm–chassis FQ999581226 Flat shim – Left engine mount support–engine FQ9CF600516B Self-tapping screw–body B50,OLEY FQ9CH600516B Right front wheel shield assembly-B50F GJ6A-56342 5BA056140 Left front wheel shield assy-B50F B50 5BA056130 Right front wheel shield assy-B50F B50 FQ9CN100412G Self-tapping screw–body OLEY FQ9G4B01020 Bolt – front transverse stabilizer bar clip-board–chassis X80 FQ9GC970295 Fixing bolt – Rear engine mount–engine FQ9WA601001B Flange nut–body B50 FQ9WABD1001 Nut – Right engine mount cushion–engine FQ9XG036627L Locking nut – Front exhaust pipe and catalytic converter assy–engine FQ9YA010502 Bolt–body B50 FQ9YA020629 Bolt–body B50 FQ9YA020642 Bolt – high-pressure hose assy–chassis FQ9YA020811A Screw–body FQ9YA020834 Bolt – Door hinge–body B50 FQ9YA020849 Bolt–body B50 FQ9YA020851 Bolt X80 FQ9YA021012B Bolt–chassis B50 FQ9YA021072B Fixing bolt – Right/Left engine mount–engine FQ9YA021076 Bolt–chassis FQ9YA021077 Bolt – Rear Stabilizer bar–chassis B50 FQ9YA021079 Bolt–body inside FQ9YA021102A Bolt–body inside FQ9YA021223A Bolt–chassis X80 FQ9YA021240A Combination bolt – Steering gear–chassis X80 FQ9YA021259 Bolt – lower control arm–chassis X80 FQ9YA021275 Bolt – Rear Shock Absorber Lower Hinge–chassis FQ9YA021284 Bolt–chassis FQ9YA021291 Bolt–engine FQ9YA021428B Combination bolt – rear wheel hub axle–chassis FQ9YA02A016A bolt – front suspension upper control–chassis B50 FQ9YA02A024 Bolt–chassis B50 FQ9YA02A207 Bolt–engine FQ9YA02A209 Plain bolt X80 FQ9YA02A219 bolt–chassis FQ9YA02A225 Bolt – front brake calipers–chassis FQ9YA110607 Bolt–body B50 FQ9YA110612 Bolt–body B50 FQ9YA410612 Bolt–electricity FQ9YA410615 Screw–electricity B50 FQ9YA410616 Screw–body B50 FQ9YA410803 Bolt – Instrument panel–body inside FQ9YA420603 Screw–body inside FQ9YA421201 Bolt–chassis FQ9YA42A808 Bolt – Earthing–electricity FQ9YA430501A Bolt–body FQ9YA500601B SCREW-TAPPING–body inside FQ9YA590602A Bolt–body B50 FQ9YA770501 Self-tapping screw–body inside X80 FQ9YA941003 Bolt X80 FQ9YB040604A Hexagon flange nut Oley FQ9YB040802 Flange Nut – front strut–chassis FQ9YB041001 Self-locking Nut – shock absorber rod–chassis FQ9YB041024B NUT-FLANGE–chassis B50 FQ9YB041203 Flange Nut–chassis FQ9YB041212 Nut – Right engine mount–engine FQ9YB041221D Flange Nut–chassis FQ9YB041222C Flange Nut – front suspension upper control arm ball pin–chassis FQ9YB041229B Flange Nut – front auxiliary frame rail–chassis FQ9YB041601A Flange Nut – front suspension lower control arm ball pin–chassis FQ9YB121001 Nut X80 FQB00143694A Connecting bolt–chassis FQB00156170C Jack fixing bolt welding assy–Accessory and Tools FQB00237160A Wheel nut,aluminum spoke–chassis X80 FQB09260408 Spring nut X80 FQB25D32422A Hollow bolt – high-pressure hose assy–chassis X80 FQB31R40584 Double end bolt-exhaust manifold flange X80 FQB45532099B Combination Bolt – Steering Shaft–chassis X80 FQB45555561 Bolt – Auxiliary instrument panel–body inside FQFB015619XA Bolt–electricity FQFD162866ZB Bolt X80 FQFU5119065 Nut–chassis FQGA2A500Z6 Self-tapping screw–body B50 FQGA2A52403A Bolt X80,B50 FQGJ2133042B NUT-LOCK B50 FQGJ6A53317A Bolt–body FQGJ6A58225A Bolt B50 FQGP9A46116A Screw X80 FQGS1D39067 Taper shim–chassis OLEY FQH04366154 Bolt component X80 FQH26628091 Flange Nut–chassis FQH26628316 Bolt – Front shock absorber lower stay fork–chassis FQLA0133042B NUT-LOCK B50 FQLC623909XA Fixing nut – Left engine mount support–engine FQN 906 867 01 Clamp – Fuel Pipe–engine FQN0138487 Gasket – high-pressure hose assy–chassis OLEY FQN10106903 Bolt–chassis FQN10240001 Bolt–chassis FQN10328001 Flange Bolt–air condition OLEY FQN10636601 Bolt–electricity FQN90308605 Bolt – Pulley–chassis FQN91004101 Starter stud – MT–electricity FQN91059301 Starter stud – AT–electricity B50 FQN91108201 Hexagon socket head bolt with multi-tooth–chassis FQS10H46301 Clip X80 FQZ1841005 Bolt-front absorber X80 FQZ1841204 Bolt-lower stay fork of front absorber X80 FVA3901 FVN 10-206 Punch–Accessory and Tools FVN 12-551 Centring tool–Accessory and Tools FVN 2010 Pressing sleeve–Accessory and Tools FVN 2036 Valve assembling device–Accessory and Tools FVN 2037 Valve spring compressor–Accessory and Tools FVN 2040 Pressing sleeve–Accessory and Tools FVN 2085 Oil seal extractor–Accessory and Tools FVN 3002 Thrust plate–Accessory and Tools FVN 30-14 Pipe barrel–Accessory and Tools FVN 30-205 Thrust piece–Accessory and Tools FVN 30-23 Extended parts–Accessory and Tools FVN 30-555 Thrust piece–Accessory and Tools FVN 3066 Installation tools–Accessory and Tools FVN 3067 Locating tools–Accessory and Tools FVN 3124 Thrust washer–Accessory and Tools FVN 3158 Pressure plate–Accessory and Tools FVN 3203 Oil seal extractor–Accessory and Tools FVN 3221 Transmission supporting tool–Accessory and Tools FVN 3259 Tube–Accessory and Tools FVN 3265 Installation sleeve–Accessory and Tools FVN 3345 Wheel bearing tube–Accessory and Tools FVN 3365 Installation tools–Accessory and Tools FVN 3415 Support (stop tools)–Accessory and Tools FVN 40-21 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN KUKKO17/1 Separator (H775-75) 17 / 1–Accessory and Tools FVN KUKKO18/1 Puller–Accessory and Tools FVN KUKKO21/5 Inner puller V/89.1–Accessory and Tools FVN KUKKO21/7 Inner puller–Accessory and Tools FVN KUKKO22/1 Puller support 22/1–Accessory and Tools FVN KUKKO22/2 Puller support 22/2–Accessory and Tools FVN T10020 Double hole wrench with pin–Accessory and Tools FVN T10053 Installation tools–Accessory and Tools FVN T10055 Extractor–Accessory and Tools FVN T10071 Installation tools–Accessory and Tools FVN T10079 Guide pin–Accessory and Tools FVN T10080 Hold-down device–Accessory and Tools FVN T10081 Hold-down device–Accessory and Tools FVN T10082 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN T10083 Punch retainer–Accessory and Tools FVN T10084A Thrust plate–Accessory and Tools FVN T10085 Thrust piece–Accessory and Tools FVN T10086 Central spindle–Accessory and Tools FVN T10122 Installation tools–Accessory and Tools FVN T10161 Wedge–Accessory and Tools FVN T10174 Press block–Accessory and Tools FVN T10175 Press block–Accessory and Tools FVN T10176 Press block–Accessory and Tools FVN T10177 Press block–Accessory and Tools FVN T40008 Pressure head–Accessory and Tools FVN VAG1582 Tapered roller bearing puller–Accessory and Tools FVN VAG1582/3 Clamping device–Accessory and Tools FVN VAG1582/4 Clamping accessories–Accessory and Tools FVN VAG1924 ATF filler system–Accessory and Tools FVN VW385/17 Gauge block plate (platen)–Accessory and Tools FVN VW401 Platen–Accessory and Tools FVN VW402 Platen–Accessory and Tools FVN VW407 Punching tool–Accessory and Tools FVN VW408A Punching tool–Accessory and Tools FVN VW412 Punching tool–Accessory and Tools FVN VW415A Pressure tube–Accessory and Tools FVN VW422 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW423 Pressure tube–Accessory and Tools FVN VW431 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW432 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW447H Platen–Accessory and Tools FVN VW454 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW455 Installation sleeve–Accessory and Tools FVN VW472/2 Thrust tool with insulation sleeve–Accessory and Tools FVN VW510 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW516 42MM casing pipe–Accessory and Tools FVN VW541/1A Valve stem (valve strut)–Accessory and Tools FVN VW541/6 Pressure tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW558 Reverse clutch bracket–Accessory and Tools FVN VW771 Multi-tools–Accessory and Tools FVN VW771/37 Hanging hook–Accessory and Tools FW432410227 FZ8107065-5H4 FZ8107065-Q3 G 0530SL44H 红旗奔腾 G 0540SM44H 红旗奔腾 G CFL12 15H 红旗奔腾 G00167061 Protective pad–chassis G03060248 Self-tapping screw–body inside G14V2615XB Rear wheel hub and bearing assy S B50 G14V26471 Ring gear-ABS rear sensor–chassis G-1700000J G21D56451D Body rear insulator plate I–body G22C42710 Fuel tank hanger / right–engine G22C42720 Fuel tank hanger / left–engine G22C5958XC Right rear door motor assy–body inside G26A281B0 Cushion-rear suspension B70 G26A2831X Reinforcing support-right lower control arm B70 G26A2831X Reinforcing support-right lower control arm B70 G26A2832X Reinforcing support-left lower control arm B70 G26A32290 红旗奔腾 G28J64426A Support II – Auxiliary instrument panel rear segment, MT–body inside G2YD3328Z Brake pad G2YD3328ZH BRAKE PAD,FRONT BRAKE–chassis B70 G81412 GA2A26071 Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Cap–chassis GA2A26071A Rear wheel hub bearing cap B70 GA2A64394 Spring clip–body inside GA5R61J23 Screw,manual AC–air condition GB/T276-84 (6305) GB/T276-94 GB/T276-94 (6206N) GB/T276-94* GB1099-79 GB1235-76 GB276-64 GB277-82 GB277-82* GB308-64 GB308-64(8) GB308-89 D9.525 GB7825-86 GB848-85 GB879-86 GB893.1-86 GB894.1-86 GB9074.14-88 GB97.1-85 GBT276-94 (6304 ) GD3425411 红旗奔腾 GE4T55161 Instrument panel upper seal–body inside GE4T66370A02 Electric window switch assy – Black–body inside B50 GE4T67C31 Fixed clip – Front the overflow pipe–body inside GE4T68865A Buckle–body inside GE4T7046X Nut plate assy–body GG3E5686256 Fuel filler cap opening handle – sand gray–body GG3E5686280 Fuel filler cap opening handle – cream color–body B50 GJ1268865 Snap spring–body inside GJ6A28155 Clamping card-rear stabilizer bar B50 GJ6A281A0A cushion block–chassis B50 GJ6A28860A Right upper rubber mounting – rear subframe–chassis B50 GJ6A2886XA Left upper rubber mounting – rear subframe–chassis B50 GJ6A28890A Front lower rubber mounting – rear subframe–chassis B50 GJ6A2889XA Rear upper rubber mounting – rear subframe–chassis B50 GJ6A2889Y Rear lower rubber mounting – rear subframe–chassis B50 GJ6A3212X 红旗奔腾 GJ6A33023C Bush B70 GJ6A33024C Bush B70 GJ6A34012 Dust Cover Kit PK158 B50/MAZDA GJ6A34050F Right reinforcing plate assy – front shock absorber upper mount–chassis GJ6A34060F Left reinforcing plate assy – front shock absorber upper mount–chassis GJ6A34155 Clip board – front transverse stabilizer bar–chassis B70 GJ6A34470B Rubber holder-front sub-frame 红旗奔腾 GJ6A34541A Dust cover-lower control arm B70 GJ6A34551A Dust cover arm B70 GJ6A34710A Rubber hinge-lower stay fork of shock absorber B70 GJ6A42763 Shock pad–engine GJ6A43041A Footrest–chassis GJ6A45912 Pipe clip–chassis GJ6A45916 Pipe clip–chassis GJ6A45919 Pipe clip–chassis GJ6A45922 Pipe clip–engine GJ6A45923 Pipe clip–chassis GJ6A45924 Pipe clip–chassis GJ6A45942 Pipe clip–engine GJ6A501K5 Snap-fit Oley GJ6A53271 REINF.(RR/R),APRON-LOWER–body GJ6A53890A Right support assy – Luggage compartment floor–body GJ6A54271 REINF.(RR/L),APRON-LOWER–body GJ6A5478XA Support assy – Left seat S–body GJ6A54890A Left support assy – Luggage compartment floor–body GJ6A55161 Instrument panel lower seal–body inside GJ6A5522502 Decoration cover – Black–body inside GJ6A55242 Instrument panel locating pin jacket –body inside GJ6A55420B02 Combination instrument guard assy – Black–body inside GJ6A56442C Upper insulator plate – Body intermediate insulator plate–body GJ6A56802A Rubber limiting stopper – Boot hinge–body B50 GJ6A56864 Protection belt–body B50 GJ6A56880B#L1 CABLE,F/LID OPENER B50 GJ6A5732XE Right locking mechanism – Right rear seat, sand gray–body inside GJ6A5732XE80 Right locking mechanism – Right rear seat, cream–body inside GJ6A5732YC Left locking mechanism – Left rear seat, sand gray–body inside GJ6A5732YC80 Left locking mechanism – Left rear seat, cream–body inside GJ6A58361A Lock ring–body inside GJ6A58512 Glass holder–body B50 GJ6A5858XC Right front, left rear door motor assy S–body inside GJ6A5958XF Left front door motor assy S–body inside GJ6A60245 Control light holder–body inside GJ6A60246 Control light shade–body inside GJ6A61450J Compressor assembly S B70 GJ6A61461B A/C cooling tube B70 GJ6A61472 Support–air condition GJ6A61474 Fixing clip–air condition GJ6A61A01 Housing A – manual Air conditioner–air condition GJ6A61A02A Housing B – manual Air conditioner–air condition GJ6A61A03 Housing C – manual Air conditioner–air condition GJ6A61A04A Housing D – manual Air conditioner–air condition GJ6A61A07A Air duct – manual Air conditioner–air condition GJ6A61A11 Seal,AC–air condition GJ6A61A12 Bushing Manual AC–air condition GJ6A61A20 Linkage mechanism assy – Temperature,manual AC–air condition GJ6A61A30 Linkage mechanism assy – Mode,manual AC–air condition GJ6A61A80 Housing – manual Air conditioner–air condition GJ6A61B04 Bush B70 GJ6A61B15 Variable resistor assy,blower,manual AC–air condition GJ6A61J06 Gasket,manual AC–air condition GJ6A61J12A Gasket,manual AC–air condition GJ6A61J15B refrigerating pipe,manual A/C GJ6A61J19 O-ring–air condition B50 GJ6A61J22 Sensor – Evaporator,Manual AC–air condition B70 GJ6A61J31 Gasket,manual AC–air condition GJ6A61L20A GJ6A6408XB Glove box buffer assy –body inside GJ6A64101 Glove box lock ring–body inside GJ6A64426A Support II – Auxiliary instrument panel rear segment, AT–body inside GJ6A64470B02 Rear end plate assy – Auxiliary instrument panel rear segment, black–body inside GJ6A64660A02 Ash tray assy – Auxiliary instrument panel rear segment, black–body inside GJ6A6495002 Right-hand side cover plate assy instrument panel – Black–body inside GJ6A6496002 Left-sand side cover plate assy instrument panel – Black–body inside GJ6A66461 Bulb X80 GJ6A664M0A02 GJ6A66546A Self-tapping screw – Door switch GJ6A68162 Lock pillar – Buckle–body inside GJ6A68611A Engine upper insulation pad–body inside GJ6A68612B Engine lower insulation pad–body inside GJ6A68619A Engine compartment left pad–body inside GJ6A68AB1 Buckle–body inside B50 GJ6B501K5 Snap-fit Oley GJ6B61P11 红旗奔腾 GJ6B61P11H A/C filter element B70 GJ6E61J19 O-ring–air condition B50 GJ6G61J13 Insulator pad,manual A/C GJ6G66450 Parking light switch–chassis GJYA2643Z 红旗奔腾 GJYA2648Z Rear brake pad GJYA2648ZH BRAKE PAD,REAR BRAKE–chassis GJYA61J1ZB EVAPORATOR & OIL,manual A/C B50 GK2A501K5A Buckle–body GK2E501K5A Buckle–body GN5A64280A34 Instrument panel left lower guard assy – sand gray–body inside GN5A64280A80 Instrument panel left lower guard assy – cream–body inside GP182550X GP182560XC GP7A26998 Lock stop pin X80 GP9A28450 Rubber pad B70 GP9A56110A 红旗奔腾 GP9A61A60 Servo motor assembly-temperature B70 GP9A61A70A Servo motor assembly-mode B70 GP9E61B10 The blower motor assembly-B70 B70 GPYD34200 Right upper control arm assembly-front suspension B70 GR1A33020 GR1A33030 GR1A33062 Bolt-front wheel hub B70 GR1A34460 Rubber hinge-lower control arm 红旗奔腾 GR1A61A10 Radiator,manual AC–air condition GR1A6444102 Glove box – Auxiliary instrument panel rear segment, black–body inside GR1E39040A Engine rear suspension components B50 GR1E3908XB Hydraulic suspension X80 GR1L6998X Support – Front interior light–electricity GR9V39060C Engine right suspension assembly-AT B70 GV2A53220A Fender welding assembly-right front wheel casing (S) B70 GV2A53661 Body front floor girder S–body GV2A53751 Luggage compartment floor–body B50 GV2A54220 Fender welding assembly-left wheel casing (S) B70 GV2A56410 Insulator plate I assy – Body intermediate insulator plate–body GV2T675RYB GV2W67560 GV7D26281 Support–rear brake X80 GV7D26692 Dust cover X80 GV7D26695 Guide pin X80 GV7D33691 Bleeder screw-rear brake X80 GV7D5391Z Right support assy–body GV7D5491Z Left support assy–body GV7D61501 Liquid accumulator X80 GV7D61A09 Water pipe fixation clamp X80 GV7D61A10 Heating core assembly X80 GV7D61A11 Sealing strip X80 GV7D61A60 Servo motor assembly of temperature air door X80 GV7D61A70 Mode air door servo motor assembly X80 GV7D61B01 Blower shell 1 X80 GV7D61B10 Blower motor X80 GV7D61B15 Resistor X80 GV7D61B15 Resistor X80 GV7D61B60 Outside and inside circulating servo motor X80 GV7D61J10 Evaporator assembly X80 GV7D61J14 Expansion valve X80 GV7D61J15 Outlet pipe X80 GV7D61J22 Evaporator temperature sensor X80 GV7D61J70 Air inlet joint X80 GV7D70446 Support – Rear end panel–body GV7E33693 Bleeder screw cap-rear brake X80 GV7E61A20 Air mixed control pull rod assembly X80 GV7E61A60 Servo motor assembly of temperature air door X80 GV8D61J17 “O”-ring X80 GV8D61J19 “O”-ring X80 GVYD2648Z GY ZXL100PG 025 Compressor Oil (250ML)-B50–air condition GY0115140 Fan blades I–engine B50 GY0715140 Fan blades II–engine B50 H00143443 Shock insulator – Vacuum Booster–chassis H04366154 Bolt Components–Accessory and Tools H-1000053 H-1002010 H-1003010 H-1004011 H-1004028 H-1005022 H-1009010J H-1601000 H38056231 Hook bolt–electricity HFJ-1109130-DB HFJ-1109130-FV J00Y33062 Bolt – Rear Wheel Hub –chassis B70 J-1000017J J-1000018 J-1000053 LJ465Q-1000053 J-1000077 LJ465Q-1000077 J10013112 Metal clip X80 J-1004028 J-1008029JA-085 J-1009010J 465Q-1009010J J-1307010 465Q-1307010 J-1308010J 465Q-1308010J J1312018FV JA1345,90 JB2581-79 JB2581-79(1) JB465Q-1AE1 JDQZ01-01 JE1613298 Pipe unions – desorption tube assy–engine OLEY JE5013840 VALVE,CHECK B50,OLEY K/32*37*27 K-1006013 K223237 K435124 K455029 K505830 K606535 K606538 KL471317X Three-way Through Pipe – desorption tube assy–engine OLEY L026 103 139 Cylindrical pin–engine L026 103 485 J OIL FILLER CAP B50 L026 105 635 D THRUST WASHER B50 L032 121 142 E Fixed Spring–engine L036 105 269 F FLYWHEEL,COMPL. B50 L036 109 651 Split type taper valve lock–engine L036 141 026 MH COVER-CLUTCH B50 L037 253 039 D Seals–engine B50 L038 103 085 P SEAL B50 L038 103 085 Q SEAL B50 L038 103 085Q SEAL B50 L038 103 151 R SEALING FLANGE,FRONT OIL SEAL–engine B50,前油封,与L038 103 151 J互换 L03C 905 377 KNOCK SENSOR B50 L03D 906 051 A PRESSURE TRANSDUCER B50 L050 105 189 B Pulse generator–engine L050 121 113 C THERMOSTAT B50 L050 198 401 A set of connecting rod components(four cylinder)–engine L050 905 471 A Ignition high-voltage wire support–electricity L051 105 301 Washers,AT–engine L056 105 303 Compensation Gasket,AT–engine L058 109 641 Spring Seat–engine L06A 100 045 E Engine partial,EURO 3–engine L06A 100 045 F Engine partial,EURO 4–engine L06A 103 011 E Cylinder block–engine L06A 103 063 DS cylinder head with valves, camshaft and the chain tensioner,Euro 3–engine L06A 103 171 G SEALING FLANGE B50 L06A 103 171G SEALING FLANGE B50 L06A 103 212 Ventilation Tube–engine L06A 103 383 AP CYLINDER HEAD GАSKЕT B50 L06A 103 469 AN Cylinder head cover,with ventilator–engine L06A 103 538 B Rear partition–engine L06A 103 601 AD Oil pan–engine L06A 103 601AD OIL SUMP B50 L06A 103 638 P Jacket–engine L06A 105 021 A CRANKSHAFT B50 L06A 105 209 D Crankshaft wheels–engine L06A 105 255 K PULLEY B50 L06A 105 263 F TOOTHED BELT PULLEY (WHEEL) B50 L06A 107 065 BL PISTON W.RINGS B50 L06A 107 441 C RETAINING RING–engine L06A 109 111 B TOOTHED BELT WHEEL B50 L06A 109 119 JH TIMING BELT B50 L06A 109 147 Q Toothed belt guard–engine L06A 109 175 H Toothed belt guard,lower–engine L06A 115 105 C OIL PUMP B50 L06A 115 251 K Suction pipeline–engine L06A 115 405 BL Oil filter bracket–engine B50 L06A 115 441 L Seals–engine B50 L06A 121 011 QH WATER PUMP B50 L06A 121 065 DQ Water pipe – MT–engine L06A 121 065 EA Water pipe – AT–engine L06A 121 121 F Joint–engine L06A 121 132 AK Flange w/sealing ring – AT–engine L06A 121 132 AM Flange w/sealing ring – MT–engine L06A 129 723 AG Pillar, support–engine L06A 129 763 B Rubber mounting–engine L06A 133 047 C Spring Clip–engine L06A 133 062 BC THROTTLE VALVE B50 L06A 133 203 FB Intake pipe, upper components–engine B50 L06A 133 206 BJ intake pipe, lower components–engine L06A 133 227 F Seals–engine L06A 133 317 BC Fuel distributor–engine L06A 133 366 AF AKF tube–engine L06A 133 778 N Vacuum hose–engine L06A 253 033 BA exhaust manifold–engine B50 L06A 253 047 A Fixed mount–engine L06A 903 103 C Holder – Ignition transformer–electricity L06A 903 315 M STAYS TIGHT COMPONENTS B50 L06A 905 131 D Holder – Ignition Cable–electricity L06A 905 430 AJ Ignition Cable – 2nd cylinder–electricity B50 L06A 905 430 AP Ignition Cable – 3rd cylinder–electricity L06A 905 430 AQ Ignition Cable – 4th cylinder–electricity L06A 906 031 CJ INJECTOR B50 L06A 906 262 DT OXYGEN SENSOR FROTNT B50 L06A 906 433 N PULSE GENERATOR B50 L06A 919 081 E OIL PRESSURE SWITCH B50 L06A 971 858 AB Oil Dipstick Bracket,EURO 3 only–engine L06B 103 623 J Oil splash plate–engine L06B 105 561 B 001 CRANKSHAFT BEARING SHELL B50 L06B 105 561 B 002 CRANKSHAFT BEARING SHELL B50 L06B 105 561 B 007 CRANKSHAFT BEARING SHELL B50 L06B 105 561 B 010 CRANKSHAFT BEARING SHELL B50 L06B 105 591 B 007 CRANKSHAFT BEARING SHELL B50 L06B 105 701 L Connecting rod bearing – Yellow–engine L06B 105 701 M CONNECTING ROD B50 L06B 109 101 G CAMSHAFT B50 L06B 109 123 E Toothed belt guard,up–engine L06B 109 145 E Toothed belt guard–engine L06B 109 417 DH ROLLER ROCKER ARM–engine L06B 109 601 E INTAKE VALVE B50 L06B 109 611 F EXHAUST VALVE B50 L06B 109 675 B Valve oil-seal–engine L06B 905 106 A IGNITION TRANSFORMER B50 L06D 103 634 B Dipstick tube–engine L06J 109 423 H SUPPORT ELEMENT B50 L-1001021J L101 905 610 B SPARK PLUG B50 L14049130 Left door tie-rod assy – Halfway primer (Yantai HUF)–body inside B50 L14049220 Halfway primer large-head mount assy – Left front door (Yantai HUF)–body inside B50 L14049330 Right door tie-rod assy – Halfway primer (Yantai HUF)–body inside B50 L14049420 Halfway primer large-head mount assy – Right front door (Yantai HUF)–body inside B50 L14050120A Large-head mount assy,left rear door – Middle coating–body inside L14050320A Large-head mount assy,right rear door – Middle coating–body inside L1C0 906 517 A SOLENOID VALVE B50 L281 971 847 B CLIP–engine L32114302H B70 L32513890A PCV valve X80 L32713460A Exhaust manifold gasket B50 L32715351B Liquid accumulator B50 L32715355 Cap-liquid accumulator B50 L32715381B Water pipe-liquid accumulator B50 L32715V04 O-Ring – Radiator–engine L32715V11 Bottom reservoir – Radiator–engine L32815V11 Bottom liquid accumulator-radiator B50 L32915150 Fan Motor–engine B50 L33015210A Fan shroud assy–engine B50 L33615170 L34113203 Sealing ring-PCV valve X80 L36C188G1C L36D18861B L-3701010JA L3A140581 Sealing ring-exhaust manifold to ternary catalytic X80 L3G610238 Fixed cushion–engine decorative cover X80 L3G610400D L3J640100 L3J740200 L3R413640 L3R413972 Fuel vapor suction hose II – vacuum tube assy–engine B50 L3R415909B L3Y218110 红旗奔腾 L3Y218110H L4612GS1DB0203 Washer X80 L5031000101 Pressure switch X80 L81313201A Air-intake duct–engine B70 L81313202 Air-intake duct–engine L81313221A Inlet hose X80 L81313363A Rubber damping pads–engine L81313973 Desorption tube I – desorption tube assy–engine OLEY L81313974 Fuel vapor suction hose I – vacuum tube assy–engine L8131397Z Desorption tube assy – canister–engine L81313Z02B Lower body – air filter assy–engine L81313Z27 Ω-clip – Air Filter Assy–engine L81315536C Engine oil cooling water pipe I B50 L81320361 Fuel vapor suction pipe – vacuum tube assy–engine B50 LA0157425A Cover–chassis LA1068D21 Snap spring–body inside LB8264046 Cushion pin–body inside LB8264345 Snap spring–body inside LF01102C8 Sealing washer-oil separator X80 LF0120310 Vacuum tube-EGR valve X80 LF1014302H B70 LF1513895 PCV pipe X80 LF1518741 Electromagnetic valve (VTCS) X80 LF1715197B Transition pipe–engine LF3313 LF6613680 Water pipe assembly X80 LF8218740 Solenoid valve assembly(VIS & VTCS) X80 LF9410400D LF9415100A 红旗奔腾 LF941517Z Water outlet assembly B50 LF9415260A Hose assembly-small circulation B50 LFG115980C LFH1188G1D LFH218861B LFY713ZE0 红旗奔腾 LFY713ZE0H B70 LJ-1701116 LJ-1702040 LJ462Q-1-1008031D LJ462Q-1-3708010DW LJ465-1701047-4 LJ465-1701047-4B LJ465-1701047-4C LJ465Q-1000053 LJ465Q-1701012 465-1701012E1 (E1QS) LJ465Q-1701030 LJ465Q-1701047 LJ465Q-1701105 LJ465Q-1701112 LJ465Q-1701113 LJ465Q-1701115 LJ465Q-1701115A LJ465Q-1701124 LJ465Q-1701125 LJ465Q-1701126 LJ465Q-1701131 LJ465Q-1701144 LJ465Q-1702089 LJ465Q-1702103

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