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    S6302121B32 Tail door interior,upper
    S6302131B03 Tail door trim panel,left
    S6302131B32 Tail door interior,left
    S6302141B03 Tail door trim panel,right
    S6302141B32 Tail door interior,right
    S6302151B31 后背门内扣手 Tail door inner handle
    S6303110 后背门玻璃总成 Tail door glass
    S6305110 后背门锁体总成 Tail door lock assy.
    S6305170 后背门锁扣组件 Tail door lock buckle
    S6305180 后背门外扣手总成 Tail door out handle
    S6306110 后背门铰链 Tail door hinge
    S6307111 后背门密封条 Tail door seal
    S6307112 后背门玻璃左密封条 Tail door glass seal,left
    S6307114 Tail door glass seal,lower
    S6307212 后背门玻璃右密封条 Tail door glass seal,right
    S6309110 后背门气动撑杆本体 Trunk door pneumatic spring
    S6309121 Tie-rod 1,pneumatic rod
    S6309122 Tie-rod 2,pneumatic rod
    S6310100 后背门雨刮器摆臂刮刷总成 Tail windshield wiper
    S6310211 Rear wiper motor sleeve
    S6800100A2B28 驾驶员座椅 Driver’s seat assy.
    S6800100A4B28 驾驶员座椅 Driver’s seat assy.
    S6800100A4B32 Driver seat
    S6800100C4B28 Driver’s seat assy.
    S6800100C4B32 驾驶员座椅 Driver’s seat assy.
    S6800100H1B28 驾驶员座椅
    S6800100K2B28 驾驶员座椅
    S6802111B1B28 Recliner adjuster, driver seat
    S6802111B28 Recliner adjuster, driver seat
    S6802111B32 Recliner adjuster, driver seat
    S6802112B28 Cap
    S6802113B28 Driver seat stand,F/L
    S6802113B32 Driver seat stand,front left
    S6802114B28 Driver seat stand,F/R
    S6802114B32 Driver seat stand,front right
    S6802115B28 Driver seat stand,R/L
    S6802115B32 Driver seat stand,rear left
    S6802117B1B28 Driver cushion cover, left
    S6802117B28 Driver cushion cover, left
    S6802117B32 Driver cushion cover, left
    S6802118B1B28 Driver cushion cover, right
    S6802118B28 Driver cushion cover, right
    S6802118B32 Driver cushion cover, right
    S6802120B1B28 Front pillow locking sleeve
    S6802120B28 Front pillow locking sleeve
    S6802120B32 Headrest guide with lock
    S6802130B1B28 Front pillow guiding sleeve
    S6802130B28 Front pillow guiding sleeve
    S6802130B32 Headrest guide without locking
    S6804911 Seat heating cushion
    S6804911B1 Seat heating cushion
    S6804912 X60-座椅加热控制器 Seat heating controller
    S6804912B1 Seat heating controller
    S6808100A2B28 Front seat pillow
    S6808100A4B28 Front seat pillow
    S6808100A4B32 Front seat pillow
    S6900100A2B28 副驾驶员座 Front passenger’s seat assy.
    S6900100A4B28 副驾驶员座 Front passenger’s seat assy.
    S6900100A4B32 副驾驶座椅 Front passenger seat
    S6900100B4B28 副驾驶员座 Front passenger’s seat assy.
    S6900100F4B28 副驾驶员座 Front passenger’s seat assy.
    S6900100G1B28 副驾驶员座 Front passenger seat
    S6900100H2B28 副驾驶员座
    S6900100J1B28 副驾驶员座
    S6900100J2B28 副驾驶员座
    S6900113B28 Front passenger’s seat stand,F/L
    S6900113B32 Front passenger seat stand,front left
    S6900114B28 Front passenger’s seat stand,F/R
    S6900114B32 Front passenger seat stand,front right
    S6900115B28 Front passenger’s seat stand,R/R
    S6900115B32 Front passenger seat stand,rear right
    S6902111B1B28 Recliner adjuster, front passenger seat
    S6902111B28 Recliner adjuster, front passenger seat
    S6902111B32 Recliner adjuster, front passenger seat
    S6902117B1B28 Front passenger cushion cover, left
    S6902117B28 Front passenger cushion cover, left
    S6902117B32 Front passenger cushion cover, left
    S6902118B1B28 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    S6902118B28 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    S6902118B32 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    S6903100F4B28 杂物盒盖 Passenger seat cushion
    S6903100G4B28 杂物盒盖 Passenger seat cushion
    S7002120B1B28 Rear pillow locking sleeve
    S7002120B28 Rear pillow locking sleeve
    S7002120B32 Headrest guide with lock
    S7002130B1B28 Rear pillow guiding sleeve
    S7002130B28 Rear pillow guiding sleeve
    S7002130B32 Headrest guide without locking
    S7003001 Hook sleeve
    S7003100A2B28 Rear seat cushion,left
    S7003100A4B28 Rear seat cushion,left
    S7003100A4B32 Rear seat cushion,left
    S7003400A2B28 Rear seat cushion,right
    S7003400A4B28 Rear seat cushion,right
    S7003400A4B32 Rear seat cushion,right
    S7003430A4B28 rear right seat cover assembly
    S7005100A2B28 Rear seat backrest,left
    S7005100A4B28 Rear seat backrest,left
    S7005100A4B32 Rear seat backrest,left
    S7005130A4B28 left back cover assembly
    S7005142B1B28 Rear backrest adjuster
    S7005142B28 Rear backrest adjuster
    S7005142B32 Rear backrest adjuster
    S7005400A4B28 Rear seat backrest,right
    S7005400A4B32 Rear seat backrest,right
    S7005430A4B28 rear right back cover assembly
    S7008100A2B28 Rear seat side pillow
    S7008100A4B28 Rear seat side pillow
    S7008100A4B32 Rear seat side pillow
    S7008200A2B28 Rear seat middle pillow
    S7008200A4B28 Rear seat middle pillow
    S7008200A4B32 Rear seat middle pillow
    S7901500 CD player
    S7901500A2 CD player
    S7903110 收放机天线体总成 Antenna
    S7903140 Antenna wire harness

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