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  • Lifan X60 right headlight OEM S4121200

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    Lifan X60 right headlight OEM S4121200



    Lifan X60 right headlight,S4121200
    C1123100 Fuel pump
    C1130110 Fuel evaporation hose
    C1130121 Canister vavle hose
    C1130200 Can canister
    C1200040 Front muffler bracket
    C1200210 Gasket 1
    C1200220 Gasket, smaller
    C1201600 Rear muffler
    C1205300 Exhaust purifier, rear part
    C1205300A2 Exhaust purifier, rear part
    C1208111 Front heat Insulator
    C1208211 Middle heat Insulator
    C1208310 Rear heat Insulator
    C1301000 Radiator assy.
    C1301150 Radiator cap
    C1303110 Radiator intake pipe
    C1303210 Radiator drain pipe
    C1311100 Expansion tank with return tube assy.
    C1311101 Return hose
    C1602100 Clutch pedal assy.
    C1607111 Clutch pump intake tube
    C1607310 Clutch pump controlling tubeⅠ
    C1607340 Clutch pump controlling tubeⅡ
    C1608100 Clutch master pump
    C1700000-L Transmission assy.
    C1701053-L Drive gear, 4th speed
    C1701138-L Driven gear, 4th speed
    C1703100 Gearshift mount assy.
    C1703500 Gear shift cable
    C2203100 Left axle shaft assy.
    C2203114 Nut, axle shaft
    C2203600 Right axle shaft assy.
    C2304111 Left steering knuckle
    C2304611 Right steering knuckle
    C2803000 Front anti-collision beam assy.
    C2803110 Front bumper
    C2803112 Air intake filter of front humper
    C2803113 Left hook cap front bumper
    C2803114 Right hook cap front bumper
    C2803121 Front bumper damper
    C2803131 Front bumper bracket, left
    C2803132 Bumper trim, left
    C2803133B1 Daytime running light cover, left
    C2803141 Front bumper bracket, right
    C2803142 Bumper trim, right
    C2803143B1 Daytime running light cover, right
    C2804001 Rear anti-collision beam
    C2804100 Rear anti-collision beam bracket, left
    C2804111 Rear bumper
    C2804160 Rear bumper left bracket, front
    C2804170 Rear bumper left bracket, middle
    C2804180 Rear bumper left bracket, rear
    C2804200 Rear anti-collision beam bracket, right
    C2804260 Rear bumper right bracket, front
    C2804270 Rear bumper right bracket, middle
    C2804280 Rear bumper right bracket, rear
    C2901012 Dust cap
    C2901035 Stopping damper
    C2901100 Sub-frame assy.
    C2901211 Front stabilizer bar cover panel, left
    C2901261 Front stabilizer bar cover panel, right
    C2901410 Left front bracket corbel
    C2901430 Stiffening plate, left
    C2901460 Right front bracket corbel
    C2901470 Stiffening plate, right
    C2901510 Dash panel beam
    C2901611 Suspension connecting rod
    C2901651 Sub-frame bracket, left
    C2901661 Sub-frame bracket, right
    C2904100 Front swingarm assy, left
    C2904110 Ball pin assembly
    C2904111 Bolt
    C2904200 Front swingarm assy, right
    C2905005 Front shock absorber mount
    C2905012 Front shock absorber subplate, right
    C2905018 Front shock absorber spring seat
    C2905020 Shock absorber dust proof
    C2905022 Front shock absorber spring
    C2905025 Shock absorber spring washer, lower
    C2905026 Shock absorber spring washer, upper
    C2905110 Front left shock absorber
    C2905610 Front right shock absorber
    C2906110 Front stabilizer bar
    C2906200 Front stabilizer bar connecting bar
    C2906341 Front stabilizer bar sleeve, right
    C2906351 Front stabilizer bar sleeve, left
    C2911000 Rear axle assy.
    C2911001 Rear axle bracketⅠ, left
    C2911002 Rear axle bracketⅠ, right
    C2911004 Rear axle bracket Ⅱ, left
    C2911005 Rear axle bracket Ⅱ, right
    C2915181 Rear shock absorber spring washer, upper
    C2915182 Rear shock absorber spring washer, lower
    C2915200 Rear shock absorber
    C2915511 Rear shock absorber spring
    C3101211 Aluminum rim
    C3102510 Decorative cap
    C3103100 Front wheel hub
    C3104100 Rear wheel hub
    C3401100 Steering gear
    C3401630 Steering tie rod assy., left
    C3401640 Steering tie rod end, right
    C3401710 Steering tie rod, right
    C3401811 Boot
    C3402100B28 Steering wheel
    C3402100B2B28 Steering wheel
    C3402120B2 Steering wheel switch, left
    C3402130B2 Steering wheel switch, right
    C3404100 Upper steering shaft assy.
    C3404400 Lower steering shaft assy.
    C3404711 Steering gear dust proof I
    C3404731 Steering gear dust proof II
    C3404740 Dust proof bracket
    C3406000 Steering gear pipe assy.
    C3501110 Front brake disc
    C3501200 Front brake caliper, left
    C3501431 Front left mud guard 2
    C3501432 Screw, Connecting Bearing mount
    C3501433 Screw, steering knuckle bracket
    C3501700 Front brake caliper, right
    C3501931 Front right mud guard 2
    C3502111 Rear brake disc
    C3502200 Rear brake caliper, left
    C3502351 Rear left brake backing plate
    C3502700 Rear brake caliper, right
    C3502851 Rear right brake backing plate
    C3504100 Brake pedal
    C3506010 Daul-circuit valve
    C3506110 Brake pump primary outlet pipe
    C3506160 Brake pump secondary outlet pipe
    C3506210 Front left brake tube I
    C3506240 Front left brake tube II
    C3506310 Front right brake tube I
    C3506340 Front right brake tube Ⅱ
    C3506358 Single clamp A
    C3506359 Single clamp B
    C3506410 Rear left brake tube I
    C3506440 Rear left brake tube II
    C3506470 Rear left brake tube III
    C3506510 Rear left brake tube IV
    C3506540 Rear left brake tube V
    C3506610 Rear right brake tube I
    C3506640 Rear right brake tube II
    C3506670 Rear right brake tube III
    C3506710 Rear right brake tube IV
    C3508100 Parking brake cable, right
    C3508200 Parking brake cable, left
    C3508300B28 Parking brake lever
    C3508400 Parking brake cable, front part
    C3540000 Brake pump with booster and liquid can
    C3540210 Brake pump assy.
    C3540240 Fluid pot
    C3540270 Fluid pot cap
    C3540344 Fluid pot pin
    C3540930 Booster pipe
    C3550100 ABS ECU
    C3550710 ABS bracket
    C3550811 ABS sleeve
    C3605011 Immobilizer chip
    C3605200 Immobilizer coil
    C3605200B1 Immobilizer recognition
    C3612100 ECU
    C3630300 Wheel speed sensor, front left
    C3630400 Wheel speed sensor, front right
    C3658100 Airbag ECU
    C3658300 Airbag clock spring
    C3658300B1 Airbag clock spring
    C3670950 Remote controler
    C3671100B1 Front BCM
    C3671200 Rear BCM
    C3673210 Remote control
    C3673310 Outer handle antenna,F/L door
    C3673320 Internal antenna
    C3673330 Trunk antenna
    C3673410 F/L door switch
    C3673420 Trunk switch
    C3703211 Battery press beam
    C3703213 Battery draglink
    C3703214 Battery bottom
    C3703220 Battery bracket
    C3703230 Battery bracket support
    C3704200B1 key
    C3710400 Warning switch
    C3722100 Central control case
    C3722161 Sheet puller
    C3722200 Fuse box, engine compartment
    C3725100 Cigarette lighter
    C3741100 Wiper motor
    C3745100 Blower motor
    C3745180 Governor, blower
    C3745200 Self-circle air door actuator
    C3745300 Mode switch motor
    C3745400 Temperature switch motor
    C3746110B28 Inner handrail, front left door
    C3746120 Glass lifter, front left door
    C3746210B28 Inner handrail, front right door
    C3746220 Glass lifter, front right door
    C3746300B28 Inner handrail with switches, rear left door
    C3746310B28 Inner handrail, rear left door
    C3746320 Glass lifter, rear left door
    C3746400B28 Inner handrail with switches, rear right door
    C3746410B28 Inner handrail, rear right door
    C3746420 Glass lifter, rear right door
    C3746510 Power window motor, F/L
    C3746530 Power window motor, F/R
    C3746550 Power window motor, R/L
    C3746570 Power window motor, R/R
    C3746700 Moter sunroof
    C3747120 Front washing motor
    C3750500B28 Wing mirror switch assy.
    C3774000B1 hex flange bolt
    C3781120 Brake lamp switch
    C3787800D1 Central control panel switch assy.
    C3787800E1 Central control panel switch assy.
    C3820000 Instrument cluster
    C3901191 Front hook
    C3921211 Rear LOGO“720”
    C3921212B1 Rear model LOGO”LF7162″
    C4001350 Battery negative cable
    C4001600 Engine room cable
    C4002020 Defrost earth wire
    C4002100 Left body harness
    C4002111 Clip
    C4002300 Rear body harness
    C4002600 Right floor harness
    C4002800 Reverse radar harness
    C4003100 Dashboard cable
    C4003600 Airbag cable
    C4005100 Roof cable
    C4006100 Front left door harness
    C4006200 Front right door harness
    C4006300 Rear left door harness
    C4006400 Rear right door harness
    C4006600 Tail door cable
    C4009230 ABS wheel speed sensor cable, rear left
    C4009240 ABS wheel speed sensor cable, rear right
    C4108100 Lisence plate light
    C4111300 Srteering light, left
    C4111400 Srteering light, right
    C4115100 Daytime running light, left
    C4115200 Daytime running light, right
    C4121100 Front left head lamp
    C4121200 Front right head lamp
    C4123100B03 Front ceiling light
    C4123100B1 Front ceiling light
    C4123100B1B03 Front ceiling light
    C4123400 Rear ceiling light
    C4123400B03 Rear ceiling light
    C4131100 Door lock warning light, left front
    C4131200 Door lock warning light, right front
    C4133300 Left tail lamp
    C4133400 Right tail lamp
    C4134100 High-mount brake lamp
    C4135310 Left rear reflector
    C4135320 Right rear reflector
    C5130000 Rear floor assy.
    C5205100 Window wipers connecting rod with motor
    C5205300 Master wiper brush assy.
    C5205320 Master wiper brush
    C5205351 Wiper arm cap
    C5205400 Sub-wiper brush assy.
    C5205420 Sub-wiper brush
    C5206110 Front wind-shield glass
    C5206120 Rear wind-shield glass
    C5206122 Rear wind-shield glass seal
    C5206211 Front wind-shield seal, upper
    C5206213 Front wind-shield seal, left
    C5206214 Front wind-shield seal. Right
    C5207100 Washer fluid reservoir
    C5207113 Water filling hose
    C5207114 Water filling hose cap
    C5207300 Windshield washer hose assy.
    C5207330 Washer nozzle
    C5303100B28 Glove box assy
    C5304110 Ventilation cover assy.
    C5304211 Front windshield cover,left
    C5304212 Front windshield cover,right
    C5304213 Middle cap, ventilation cover
    C5304214 Rear cap, ventilation cover
    C5304311 Seal,cowl top grille
    C5305100B28 Console assy.
    C5305113 Console rear cover
    C5305140 Decorative frame
    C5305160 Front ashtray assy.
    C5305180 Rear ashtray assy.
    C5305200B28 Console box
    C5305300B28 Shift panel assy.
    C5305411B28 Console trim fender, left
    C5305421B28 Console trim fender, right
    C5306100B28 Dashboard panel assy,upper
    C5306110B28 Dashboard fender,upper
    C5306130B28 Center vent, air distribution
    C5306131B28 Sun light sensor sensor plug
    C5306141 Spring nut
    C5306210B28 Dashboard panel assy, left lower
    C5306212 Damper washer
    C5306220B28 Notes box
    C5306250B28 Dashboard panel assy, right lower
    C5306300B28 Left ventilation nozzle
    C5306400B28 Right ventilation nozzle
    C5306500B28 Air distribution, center
    C5306810 Dashboard trim assy,left
    C5306820 Dashboard trim assy,right
    C5306831B28 Dashboard end cover, left
    C5306841B28 Dashboard end cover, right
    C5306891B28 Instrument cluster cover
    C5306911B28 Steering pillar shield upper
    C5306912B28 Steering pillar shield lower
    C5401010 Left cowl assy.
    C5401020 Right cowl assy.
    C5401300 Fuel filler cap
    C5402111B03 Left upper fender, A-pillar
    C5402121B28 Left lower fender, A-pillar
    C5402130B03 Left upper fender, B pillar
    C5402141B28 Left lower fender, B pillar
    C5402150B03 Left upper fender, C-pillar
    C5402161B28 Left lower fender assy, C-pillar
    C5402170B28 Left middle fender, C-pillar
    C5402181B28 Front left threshold fender
    C5402183B28 Threshold, front left door
    C5402191B28 Rear left threshold fender
    C5402211B03 Right upper fender, A-pillar
    C5402221B28 Right lower fender, A-pillar
    C5402230B03 Right upper fender, B pillar
    C5402241B28 Right lower fender, B pillar
    C5402250B03 Right upper fender, C-pillar
    C5402261B28 Right lower fender assy, C-pillar
    C5402270B28 Right middle fender, C-pillar
    C5402281B28 Front right threshold fender
    C5402283B28 Threshold, front right door
    C5402291B28 Rear right threshold fender
    C5406410 Fuel filler cap cable assy.
    C5406420 Fuel filler cap switch
    C5506110 Engine hood decoration
    C5506210 License plate trim
    C5509110 Front grille assy.
    C5509112 Front emblem
    C5512111 Front left mudguard I
    C5512112 Front left mudguard II
    C5512113 Front left smaller mudguard
    C5512114 Front mudguard bracket
    C5512115 Front left mudguard 1
    C5512121 Front right mudguard I
    C5512122 Front right mudguard II
    C5512123 Front right smaller mudguard
    C5512125 Front right mudguard 1
    C5512211 Rear left mudguard I
    C5512212 Rear left mudguard II
    C5512213 Rear left smaller mudguard
    C5512215 Tail plate, rear left mudguard
    C5512221 Rear right mudguard I
    C5512222 Rear right mudguard II
    C5512223 Rear right smaller mudguard
    C5512225 Rear right mudguard 1
    C5531111 Heat insulator,engine hood
    C5532211 Trunk damper block
    C5532311 Door damper
    C5532612 Plug
    C5532615 Rubber plug
    C5532710 Front fender cover, left
    C5532720 Front fender cover, right
    C5601200 Rear cowl assy.
    C5602111 Rear skirt fender
    C5602211 Rear seat decoration
    C5603111 Trunk seal
    C5604000 Trunk lid
    C5605011 Trunk left torsion rod
    C5605012 Trunk right torsion rod
    C5605110 Trunk lid hinge
    C5606100 Trunk lock
    C5606311 Trunk lock buckle
    C5608100 Trunk side trim assy.left
    C5608200 Trunk right fender
    C5608300 Trunk carpet assy.
    C5608400B28 Shelf panel
    C5608420 Cover
    C5608511 Trunk lid interior
    C5608611B28 Safety belt cap, shelf panel
    C5608621 Trunk tool box
    C5701000 Roof assy.
    C5701000D Roof panel
    C5701021 Roof beam bracket
    C5701100 Roof beam,front
    C5701200 Roof rear beam assy.
    C5702100B03 Roof assy.
    C5702100B1 Roof assy.
    C5703010 Top window assy.
    C5704111 Roof seal, left
    C5704112 Roof seal clip
    C5704211 Roof seal , right
    C5811110A2B28 Front left safety belt retractor assy.
    C5811120 Safety belt height adjuster
    C5811130A2B28 Front safety belt buckle
    C5811210A2B28 Front right safety belt retractor assy.
    C5824100B28 Passenger airbag assy.
    C5824200 Driver airbag assy.
    C5W 12V GB15766.1-2008 Bulb
    C5W/GB15776-2001 Bulb
    C6101001 Front left door assy.
    C6101002 Front right door assy.
    C6102010 Rain shield,front left door
    C6102020 Rain shield,front right door
    C6102031B28 Screw cap, left door
    C6102041B28 Screw cap, right door
    C6102061B28 Inner handle cap, front right door
    C6102070B28 Inner handle,left door
    C6102080B28 Inner handle, right door
    C6102100B28 Front left door interior
    C6102200B28 Front right door trim
    C6102311 Inner handle bracket, front left door
    C6103110 Window glass,F/L
    C6103121 Front left door rail
    C6103131 Front left door trim
    C6103132 B-pillar panel, front left door
    C6103133 Front left window decoration
    C6103210 Window glass,F/R
    C6103221 Front right door rail
    C6103231 Front right door trim
    C6103232 B-pillar panel, front right door
    C6103233 Front right window decoration
    C6104100 Glass lifter, front left door
    C6104200 Glass lifter, front right door
    C6105100 Lock,F/L door
    C6105151 Door buckle component
    C6105200 Lock,F/R door
    C6105300 Outer handle,F/L door
    C6105300B1 Outer handle
    C6105400 Outer handle, F/R door
    C6106120 Front left door hinge, lower
    C6106220 Front right door hinge, lower
    C6107111 Glass seal, front left door
    C6107112 Out weather Strip, front left door
    C6107113 Inner weather Strip, front left door
    C6107114 Front left door frame seal
    C6107120 Front left door seal, door side
    C6107211 Glass seal, front right door
    C6107212 Out weather Strip, front right door
    C6107213 Inner weather Strip, front right door
    C6107214 Front right door frame seal
    C6107220 Front right door seal, door side
    C6109100 Front door stopper
    C6201001 Rear left door assy.
    C6201002 Rear right door assy.
    C6202010 Rain shield,rear left door
    C6202020 Rain shield,rear right door
    C6202051B28 Inner handle cap, rear left door
    C6202061B28 Inner handle cap, rear right door
    C6202100B28 Rear left door interior
    C6202150 Lower weatherstrip, R/L door
    C6202200B28 Rear right door interior
    C6202250 Lower weatherstrip, R/R door
    C6203110 Window glass,R/L
    C6203120 Rear left door rail
    C6203131 Rear left door trim
    C6203132 B-pillar panel, rear left door
    C6203133 Rear left window decoration
    C6203141 Left triangular window, door side
    C6203210 Window glass,R/R
    C6203220 Rear right door rail
    C6203231 Rear right door trim
    C6203232 B-pillar panel, rear right door
    C6203233 Rear right window decoration
    C6203241 Right triangular window, door side
    C6204100 Glass lifter, rear left door
    C6204200 Glass lifter, rear right door
    C6205100 Lock,R/L door
    C6205200 Lock,R/R door
    C6205300 Outer handle,R/L door
    C6205400 Out handle, rear right door
    C6206110 Rear left door hinge, upper
    C6206210 Rear right door hinge, upper
    C6207111 Glass seal, rear left door
    C6207112 Out weather Strip, rear left door
    C6207113 Inner weather Strip, rear left door
    C6207114 Rear left door frame seal
    C6207120 Weatherstrip,R/L door
    C6207131 Left triangular window seal, door side
    C6207140 B-pillar weatherstrip, R/L door
    C6207211 Glass seal, rear right door
    C6207212 Out weather Strip, rear right door
    C6207213 Inner weather Strip, rear right door
    C6207214 Rear right door frame seal
    C6207220 Weatherstrip,R/R door
    C6207231 Right triangular window seal, door side
    C6207240 B-pillar weatherstrip, R/R door
    C6209100 Rear door stopper
    C6800100A5B28 Front passenger’s seat assy.
    C6800100A6B28 Driver’s seat assy.
    C6802111B28 Recliner adjuster, driver seat
    C6802113B28 Driver seat stand, rear left
    C6802114B28 Driver seat stand,front right
    C6802115B28 Recliner adjuster, driver seat
    C6802116B28 Recliner adjuster cover
    C6802117B28 Driver cushion cover, left
    C6802118B28 Driver cushion cover, right
    C6802120B28 Guiding sleeve A
    C6802130B28 Guiding sleeve B
    C6804000 Slide, driver seat
    C6804910 Seat heating cushion
    C6804920 Seat heating controller
    C6808100B28 Front seat pillow
    C6900100A4B28 Front passenger seat
    C6900100A6B28 Front passenger’s seat assy.
    C6902111B28 Recliner adjuster, front passenger seat
    C6902113B28 Front passenger seat stand, rear right
    C6902114B28 Front passenger seat stand, rear left
    C6902117B28 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    C6902118B28 Front passenger cushion cover, left
    C6904000 Slide, front passenger seat
    C7003100B28 Rear seat cushion
    C7005100B28 Rear seat left back rest assy.
    C7005200B28 Rear seat right back rest assy.
    C7005300B28 Rear seat left side rest
    C7005400B28 Rear seat right side rest
    C7008100B28 Rear seat side pillow
    C7008200B28 Rear seat middle pillow
    C7901500 CD player
    C7903170 Antenna harness
    C7903180 GPS antenna
    C7909210 Alt speaker, left front
    C7909220 Alt speaker, right front
    C7913100 GPS player
    C7917710 Reverse monitor harness
    C7917730 Reverse monitor harness
    C7925110 Remote mobile data interface
    C7925120 Data interface line
    C7925130 Data interface panel
    C7935100 Moniter
    C7935100B1 Moniter
    C8100100 HVAC assy.
    C8100100B1 HVAC assy.
    C8101010 Evaporator assy.
    C8101114 Evaporator assy. housing, lower
    C8101140 Front air nozzle assy,right
    C8101150 Front air nozzle assy, left
    C8101300 Heater radiator
    C8101541 Temperature switch motor gear
    C8104010 Blower assy.
    C8104114 Blower housing, upper
    C8104116 Air strainer
    C8104118 Air strainer cover
    C8105100 Condensor
    C8106110 Expansion Valve
    C8107100 Evaporator core
    C8107104 Gasket
    C8108012 Heater intake pipe
    C8108013 Heater outtake pipe
    C8108100 A/C high pressure pipe assy.
    C8108310 A/C high pressure tube A
    C8108311 Clamp, for tube
    C8108320 A/C high pressure tube B
    C8108323 Clamp A
    C8108324 A/C pressure switch
    C8108333 Clamp B
    C8108343 Clamp C
    C8108520 A/C low pressure pipe A
    C8108530 A/C low pressure pipe B
    C8108540 Clamp, for pipe
    C8108550 A/C H/L pressure pipe bracket
    C8111012 Separate plate, I/O pipes
    C8113110 Air filter,blower
    C8114110 A/C wire harness
    C8202100B1 Exterior rearview mirror, left
    C8202110B1 Mirror lens,left
    C8202151 Bright decoration strip, left
    C8202200B1 Exterior rearview mirror, right
    C8202210B1 Mirror lens,right
    C8202251 Bright decoration strip, right
    C8204100B03 Left sunvisor
    C8204200B03 Right sunvisor
    C8215100 Safety handle
    C8215100B03 Safety handle
    C8400010 Left front longeron and wheel cap assy.
    C8400020 Right front longeron and wheel cap assy.
    C8401100 Radiator upper beam
    C8401200 Radiator lower beam
    C8401310 Left head lamp mouting plate
    C8401320 Right head lamp mouting plate
    C8402100 Engine hood
    C8402510 Engine hood lock
    C8402610 Engine hood left hinge
    C8402620 Engine hood right hinge
    C8402630 Engine hood switch cable
    C8402641B28 Engine hood switch
    C8402711 Hood prop assy.
    C8402712 Engine hood prop seat
    C8402713 Engine hood prop clamp
    C8402811 Engine protect plate, front
    C8402812 Engine protect plate, rear
    C8402813 Engine protect plate, left
    C8402814 Engine protect plate, right
    C8402821 Radiator upper beam trim panel
    C8402830 Decorative cover, engine assy.
    C8402910 Engine hood seal, front
    C8402920 Engine hood seal, rear
    C8403101 Front left fender
    C8403201 Front right fender
    D030003B Engine assy.(without Transmission)
    DJ1927-30A/QCT73 Relay
    DJ1927-30A/QCT73 Relay
    DWJ-L08 CLIP
    E060001B Engine assy.(without Transmission)
    E060001B-1 Crank case assy.
    F1001210 Rear suspension components
    F1001240C1 Rear mounting connection bracket Assy I
    F1001241 Rear suspension connect bracket I
    F1001250 Rear suspension connect bracket II
    F1001250C1 Rear mounting connection bracket Assy II
    F1001261 Rear suspension washer
    F1001310 Left suspension component
    F1001340C1 Left suspension bracket 1
    F1001341 Left suspension connect bracket I
    F1001350 Left suspension connect bracket II
    F1001350C1 Left suspension bracket 2
    F1001360C1 Left suspension bracket 3
    F1001361 Left suspension connect bracket III
    F1001371 Left suspension connect bracket IV
    F1001410 Right suspension components
    F1001440 Right suspension connect bracket
    F1101110 Fuel tank
    F1101110B1 Fuel tank
    F1101371 Fuel tank washe
    F1101421 Fuel filler gasket
    F1101423 Press plate,fuel filler gasket
    F1101510B1 Fuel filler tube,upper
    F1101550 Fuel filler tube,Lower
    F1101640 Fuel tank vent hose II
    F1101660 Fuel tank vent hose III
    F1101681 Fuel tank vent hose I
    F1104110 Fuel tank outtake pipe
    F1104110B1 Fuel tank outtake pipe
    F1104210 Fuel filter outtake pipe
    F1104210B1 Fuel filter outtake pipe
    F1104320 Engine fuel inlet pipe II
    F1104330 Engine fuel inlet pipe III
    F1106100 Fuel pump assy.
    F1106100B1 fuel pump assy
    F1106132 Fuel pump gasket
    F1108100 Throttle pedal assy.
    F1108500 Throttle cable assy
    F1109000B1 Air filter
    F1109160 air filter core
    F1109241 Spring clamp
    F1109611B1 Engine intake hose
    F1117100 FILTER ASSY – FUEL
    F1117410 Fuel filter bracket
    F1130121 Fuel evaporating pipe II
    F1130131 Fuel evaporating pipe III
    F1130141 Fuel evaporating pipe IV
    F1130200 Can Canister
    F1130271 Hose of Can Canister
    F1200011 Muffler rubber suspension
    F1200250 Gasket components
    F1200310 Bolt with pressure spring
    F1201100 Front muffler
    F1201100B1 Front muffler
    F1201100B2 Front muffler
    F1201600 SILENCER – REAR
    F1201600A2 Rear muffler
    F1208211 Middle heat Insulator
    F1301000 RADIATOR
    F1301000B1 RADIATOR
    F1302111 Radiator left upper bracket
    F1302171 Radiator upper fixing sleeve
    F1302211 Radiator right upper bracket
    F1302371 Radiator lower fixing sleeve
    F1303110 Radiator inlet components
    F1303210 Radiator outlet pipe components
    F1303211C1 Radiator outlet pipe components
    F1303310 Drain pipe
    F1303511 Pipe bracket
    F1308100C1 Electric fan with protection hood assy
    F1311100 Expansion tank assy
    F1311170 Expansion tank cap
    F1602100C1 Clutch pedal assy.
    F1602181 Clutch pedal sleeve
    F1602500A2 Clutch cable assembly
    F1608100 Clutch master cylinder
    F1703100B1 Gearshift mount
    F1703100C1 Gearshift mount
    F1703210B1B24 Gearlever handle
    F1703351 Shift lever cover circlip
    F1703440 Strut bar bracket
    F1703500C1 selector shaft assy
    F1703671 Rubber seal
    F1703671C1 Seal
    F1703681 Pressure palte,rubber seal
    F1703771 Strut bar sleeve
    F2203100 Left drive shaft Assembly
    F2203100C1 Left drive shaft Assembly
    F2203221 Speedmeter gear
    F2203600 Right drive shaft Assembly
    F2203600C1 Right drive shaft Assembly
    F2304110 Left steering knuckle
    F2304110E1 Left steering knuckle
    F2304510 Steering knuckle bearing components
    F2304581 Boot
    F2304610 Right steering knuckle
    F2304610E1 Right steering knuckle
    F2803000 Anti-collision beam assy.
    F2803000Y98 Anti-collision beam assy.
    F2803111 Front bumper
    F2803121 Front bumper damper
    F2803131 Left bracket,front bumper
    F2803132 Right bracket,front bumper
    F2803150A2E01 Front grille
    F2804111 Rear bumper
    F2804111B1 Rear bumper
    F2804111C1 Rear bumper
    F2804112E05 Rear bumper strip
    F2804123 Rear bumper left buffer block
    F2804124 Rear bumper right buffer block
    F2804131 Rear bumper left bracket
    F2804132 Rear bumper right bracket
    F2901210 Front stabilizer bar fixing plate,left
    F2901260 Front stabilizer bar fixing plate,right
    F2901310 Front left swing arm bracket
    F2901360 Front right swing arm bracket
    F2901410 Front suspension beam,left
    F2901410B1 Front suspension beam,left
    F2901460 Front suspension beam,right
    F2901460B1 Front suspension beam,right
    F2904100 Left front swing arm assy
    F2904200 Right front swing arm assy
    F2905200 Left front shock absorber
    F2905200B1 Front left shock absorber
    F2905410 upper install bracket of front shock absorber
    F2905410B1 Front shock absorber seat
    F2905450 Boot
    F2905450B1 Upper seat,front coil spring
    F2905481 Boot
    F2905481B1 Boot
    F2905511 front spring
    F2905511B1 Front coil spring
    F2905541 Boot
    F2905541B1 Boot
    F2905700B1 Front left shock absorber
    F2906110 Front stabilizer bar
    F2906110A2 Front stabilizer bar
    F2906261 Washer
    F2906271 Stabilizer bar cushion
    F2906311 Front stabilizer bar fixation
    F2906341 Stabilizer bar right buffer
    F2906351 Stabilizer bar left buffer
    F2911410 Rear left swing arm
    F2911410B1 Rear left swing arm
    F2911410E1 Rear left swing arm
    F2911420 Rear right swing arm
    F2911420B1 Rear right swing arm
    F2911420E1 Rear right swing arm
    F2911430 Oil seal
    F2911451 Thrust washer
    F2911453 Brake drum cap
    F2911453B1 Brake drum cap
    F2911470 Inner bearing
    F2911480 Outer bearing
    F2914100 Rear horizontal swing arm assy I
    F2914200 Rear horizontal swing arm assy II
    F2914311 Rear Wheel adjust cam
    F2914312 Rear Wheel adjust plate
    F2914410 Vertical tie rod Assy of left rear suspension
    F2914510 Vertical tie rod Assy of right rear suspension
    F2915100 Left rear strut Assy
    F2915200 Left rear shock absorber assy
    F2915410 Rear shock absorber seat
    F2915451 Upper seat,rear coil spring
    F2915481 Dust proof cap
    F2915511 rear spring
    F2915541 dust cover
    F2915600 Right rear strut Assy
    F2915700 right rear shock absorber
    F2916111 Rear stabilizer bar
    F2916121 Circlip,rear stabilizer bar
    F2916210 Con-rod,rear stabilizer bar
    F2916217 Damper,rear stabilizer bar
    F2916310 Rear stabilizer bar seat
    F2916331 Fix plate,rear stabilizer bar
    F2916341 Damper sleeve,rear stabilizer bar
    F3101100 Steel wheel rim
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