• Yuchai Oil-water separator OEM W0002-Z2

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    Yuchai Oil-water separator OEM W0002-Z2



    Yuchai Oil-water separator OEM W0002-Z2,
    Make/model: W0002-Z2
    Category: filter
    Wholesale Weir water separator W0002-Z2 (W0002-B). fuel filter. can meet euro ⅲ. oil-water separator series Weir: W0002WATER SEPARATOR SERLIA W0002 customer drawing number: 1105-00159 supporting customers: Yutong
    Product technical data sheet/Product Date Sheet
    Rated flow rate/flow rate 454±10L/H /Gasoline or gasoline or diesel fuel application While meeting
    /Fixed before before installing pump pump Is/Yes
    After pump installation/fixed after pump Is/Yes
    Burst pressure (Mpa)/burst pressure (Mpa) 0.7
    Initial pressure drop (Kpa)/initial pressure (Kpa) ≤15Kpa
    Interface number and size of connecting (mm) 4-M16X1.5 connection dimension(mm)
    Filter/head with hand pump with hand pump Is/Yes
    Water glass/clear Bowl for water storagn Whether/No Drain valve type/drain
    Mandatory seal/enforced seal
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