• Spoiler Wing for Tesla Model 3 Tail Wing Rear Trunk Lid Compatible Model 3 Accessories (Glossy Carbon Fiber Pattern)

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    Spoiler Wing for Tesla Model 3 Tail Wing Rear Trunk Lid Compatible Model 3 Accessories (Glossy Carbon Fiber Pattern),145516600A,Tesla parts,Tesla Toolbox,Tesla Thailand,Tesla repair Manual,Tesla Support,Tesla nz shop,Tesla San Diego,Tesla Shop,Tesla Israel,Tesla Thailand,Tesla accessories,Tesla nz shop,Tesla San Diego,Tesla Support,
    Carbon Fiber Pattern Trunk wing, carbon fiber pattern spoiler, customize all Tesal model 3 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022.
    Sport luxury accent trunk lid.The wing provides a distinctive aero modification that will differentiate your Tesla Model 3 from others on the road.
    Material: High-quality ABS, made of high quality and light weight material, made by approved & certified manufacturers with materials that meet market requirements and road use regulations.
    Easy to install,come in one set,Stick on the original ones with tapes.Comes with double-sided adhesive tape; no drill or any modification required.Easy to install a spoiler for yourself.
    Rear Trunk Spoiler for Tesla Model 3 environmental protection waterproof material, strong wear resistance. It includes 1 x spoiler wing, some auxiliary paste material and install vedio via mail.installation.
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