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  • Specifications

    lifan x60 Rear seat backrest right,S7005400A4B28,
    S6902118B1B28 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    S6902118B28 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    S6902118B32 Front passenger cushion cover, right
    S6903100F4B28 Passenger seat cushion
    S6903100G4B28 Passenger seat cushion
    S7002120B1B28 Rear pillow locking sleeve
    S7002120B28 Rear pillow locking sleeve
    S7002120B32 Headrest guide with lock
    S7002130B1B28 Rear pillow guiding sleeve
    S7002130B28 Rear pillow guiding sleeve
    S7002130B32 Headrest guide without locking
    S7003001 Hook sleeve
    S7003100A2B28 Rear seat cushion,left
    S7003100A4B28 Rear seat cushion,left
    S7003100A4B32 Rear seat cushion,left
    S7003400A2B28 Rear seat cushion,right
    S7003400A4B28 Rear seat cushion,right
    S7003400A4B32 Rear seat cushion,right
    S7003430A4B28 rear right seat cover assembly
    S7005100A2B28 Rear seat backrest,left
    S7005100A4B28 Rear seat backrest,left
    S7005100A4B32 Rear seat backrest,left
    S7005130A4B28 left back cover assembly
    S7005142B1B28 Rear backrest adjuster
    S7005142B28 Rear backrest adjuster
    S7005142B32 Rear backrest adjuster
    S7005400A4B28 Rear seat backrest,right
    S7005400A4B32 Rear seat backrest,right
    S7005430A4B28 rear right back cover assembly
    S7008100A2B28 Rear seat side pillow
    S7008100A4B28 Rear seat side pillow
    S7008100A4B32 Rear seat side pillow
    S7008200A2B28 Rear seat middle pillow
    S7008200A4B28 Rear seat middle pillow
    S7008200A4B32 Rear seat middle pillow
    S7901500 CD player
    S7901500A2 CD player
    S7903110 Antenna
    S7903140 Antenna wire harness
    S7909100 Front speaker
    S7909200 Alt speaker
    S7935100 Moniter
    S8101010 Evaporator
    S8101150 A/C lower air distributor assy, left
    S8101300 A/C water tank
    S8103200 A/C compressor
    S8103200A2 Compressor
    S8104010 Blower assy.
    S8105100C1 Condensor X60
    S8106100 Expansion Valve
    S8107100 Evaporator core
    S8108100 Compressor exhaust pipe
    S8108200 Condensor outlet pipe
    S8108300 Evaporator pipe,H
    S8108320 pressure switch
    S8108400 Compressor intake pipe
    S8108500 Evaporator pipe,L
    S8108611 HVAC water intake pipe
    S8108612 HVAC water outlet pipe
    S8108720 Clamp,for 2 pipes
    S8112100 Air conditioner control panel
    S8112100D1 Air conditioner control panel (without refrigeration function)
    S8112120 Plastic nut
    S8113110 air filter
    S8114110 A/C wire harness
    S8114200 Evaporator Temperature senser
    S8117110 Center ventilation pipe,dashboard
    S8117120 Centre defroster ventilation
    S8117130 Air changer pipe assy.
    S8117140 Rear air nozzle assy,left
    S8117150 Rear air nozzle assy,right
    S8117171 Left defroster ventilation
    S8117181 Left A/C ventilation
    S8117190 Right A/C ventilation assy.
    S8117211 Right defroster ventilation
    S8117220 Centre A/C ventilation assy.
    S8201100 Interior rearview Mirror
    S8202100A3 Exterior rearview mirror, left
    S8202140 Clearance light, left LF. X60
    S8202150 Mirror face, left LF. X60
    S8202150C1 Outside mirror lens,left
    S8202151A4 Outside mirror lens,left
    S8202200A3 Exterior rearview mirror,right
    S8202200C1 Exterior rearview mirror,right X60
    S8202240 Clearance light, right LF. X60
    S8202250 Mirror face, right LF. X60
    S8202250C1 Outside mirror lens,right
    S8202251A4 Outside mirror lens,right
    S8203110 Front ashtray assy.
    S8204100B03 Left sunvisor
    S8204100B32 SUN VISOR ASSY – LH
    S8204200B03 Right sunvisor
    S8204200B32 SUN VISOR ASSY – RH
    S8204311B03 Sunvisor fixing hook
    S8204311B32 Sunvisor fixing hook
    S8400010 Left front longeron and wheel cap assy.
    S8400010Y98 Left front longeron and wheel cap assy.
    S8400020 Right front longeron and wheel cap assy.
    S8400030 Radiator upper beam connecting plate,left
    S8400030Y98 Radiator upper beam connecting plate left LF. X60
    S8400040 Radiator upper beam connecting plate,right
    S8400040Y98 Radiator upper beam connecting plate right LF. X60
    S8400051 Left front longeron fore part
    S8400061 Right front longeron fore part
    S8400311 Outer panel in part,Left cowl
    S8400411 Outer panel in part,Right cowl
    S8400700 Wiper mounting panel
    S8400700Y98 Wiper mounting panel
    S8400800 Install wiper module BRACKET Assembly
    S8401030 Radiator upper beam bracket
    S8401100 Radiator upper beam
    S8401100Y98 Radiator upper beam LF. X60
    S8401200 Radiator lower beam
    S8401200Y98 Radiator lower beam LF. X60
    S8402000 Engine hood X60
    S8402000Y98 Engine hood LF. X60
    S8402410 Engine hood hinge,left X60
    S8402420 Engine hood hinge,right X60
    S8402500 Engine hood lock
    S8402610 Engine hood switch cable assy.
    S8402710 Engine hood prop
    S8402721 Engine hood prop sleeve
    S8402722 Engine hood prop clamp
    S8402811 Engine protect plate,left
    S8402812 Engine protect plate,right
    S8402820 Engine decoration
    S8402910 Engine hood seal,front
    S8402920 Engine hood seal,rear
    S8403100 Front left fender X60
    S8403101 Front left fender
    S8403101Y98 Front left fender
    S8403200 Front right fender X60
    S8403201 Front right fender
    S8403201Y98 Front right fender
    S8412500 Left front longeron end part
    S8422500 Trailer hook
    S8422510 Right front longeron end part
    SA22001 Joint kit, differential, left
    SA22002 Seal kit, differential
    SA22003 Joint kit, wheel
    SA22004 Seal kit, wheel
    SA22005 Joint, differential, right
    SA35001 Front brake pad kit 530
    SA35002 Rear brake pad kit 530
    SA36001 Remote kit
    SA37001 Lock cylinders and key
    SAAB36002 Lock cylinders and key
    SAAB37002 Remote kit
    SAC1123100 Fuel pump
    SAC1504200 Shift rod assembly
    SAC1504500 Panel assembly
    SAC1504600 Handle the ball assembly
    SAC1504700 Gearshift cable
    SAC3612100B1 ECU
    SAC3612300 Rear oxygen sensor
    SAC3621100 TCU
    SAC3820000 Instrument cluster
    SAC4001600 Wire harness, engine compartment
    SAC4002100 Wire harness, vehicle body
    SB22001 Joint kit,differential,left
    SB22002 Seal kit,differential
    SB22003 Joint kit,wheel
    SB22004 Seal kit,wheel
    SB22005 Joint,differential,right
    SB22006 Nuts kit
    SB35001 Front brake pad kit 620
    SB35002 Rear brake pad kit 620
    SB35003 Rear brake shoe kit
    SB36001 BCM remote kit 620
    SB36001D1 BCM remote kit
    SB36001E1 BCM remote kit
    SB36001H1 BCM remote kit
    SB37001 Lock cylinders and keys 620
    SB37003 Lock cylinders and keys
    SBAC22001 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left)
    SBAC22001A2 Joint kit,differential,left
    SBAC22002 Differential protective cover repair kits
    SBAC22003 Wheels side universal joint repair kits
    SBAC22003A2 Joint kit,wheel
    SBAC22004 Outer CV joint bellow
    SBAC22005 Service Kit differential side universal joint (Right)
    SBAC22005A2 Joint,differential,right
    SBAC22006 Front wheel hub nut
    SBAE22002 Seal kit,differential
    SBAE22003 Joint kit,wheel
    SBAE22004 Seal kit,wheel
    SBAE22006 Nuts kit
    SBDA22001 Joint kit,differential,left
    SBDA22005 Joint,differential,right
    SC22001 Joint kit, differential, left
    SC22002 Seal kit, differential
    SC22003 Joint kit, wheel
    SC22004 Seal kit, wheel
    SC22005 Joint, differential, right
    SC35001 Front brake pad kit
    SC35002 Rear brake pad kit
    SC36001 Remote device kit
    SC36001B1 PEPS controller
    SC36002 PEPS controller
    SC37001 Key and lock cylinders
    SC37001B1 Key and lock cylinders
    SC37002 Key and lock cylinders
    SC37042 Foldable key(shapeless)
    SCVT15002 CVT maintenance kit 2
    SCVT15003 CVT maintenance kit 3
    SF22001 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left)
    SF22001C1 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left)
    SF22002 Service Kit differential side universal joint
    SF22002C1 Service Kit differential side universal joint
    SF22003 Wheels side universal joint repair kits
    SF22003C1 Wheels side universal joint repair kits
    SF22004 Wheels side shield repair kits
    SF22004C1 Wheels side shield repair kits
    SF22005 Service Kit differential side universal joint (Right)
    SF22005C1 Service Kit differential side universal joint (Right)
    SF22006 Nuts kit
    SF35001 Front brake repair kits
    SF35002 Rear brake repair kits
    SF36001 BCM(Body Control Module )
    SF36001B1 BCM(Body Control Module )
    SF37001 Ignition with keys and cylinders
    SFAE36001 BCM remote kit
    SFAE37001 Lock cylinders and keys
    SG1512M/QCT73 Flasher
    SH400001 K cable
    SL22001 Joint kit,differential,left
    SL22006 Nuts kit
    SL300001 Key plate
    SL35001 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit
    SL35002 Front brake repair kits 520
    SL35003 Front brake repair kits
    SL35004 Rear brake repair kits
    SL35400 Brake master cylinder with Oiler components maintenance package 520
    SL354001 Left front brake master cylinder (without tank)
    SL37001 Lock cylinders and key
    SLAA22003 SLBA22003
    SLAL22001 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left)
    SLAL22002 Differential protective cover repair kits
    SLAL22003 Wheels side universal joint repair kits
    SLAL22004 Wheels side shield repair kits
    SLAL22005 Service Kit differential side universal joint (right)
    SLAL22006 Nuts kit
    SLAL2205 SLAL22005
    SLBA22001 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left)
    SLBA22001H1 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left)
    SLBA22002 Differential protective cover repair kits
    SLBA22002H1 Seal kit,differential
    SLBA22003 Wheels side universal joint repair kits
    SLBA22004 Wheels side shield repair kits
    SLBA22004H1 Seal kit,wheel
    SLBA22005 Service Kit differential side universal joint (right)
    SLBA22005H1 Service Kit differential side universal joints (right)
    SLBA22006 Nuts kit
    SLBA35400 Brake master cylinder with Oiler components maintenance package
    SLBA37002 Remote device kit 520
    SLBW22001 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left) 520 NEW
    SLBW22002 Differential protective cover repair kits 520 NEW
    SLBW22003 Wheels side universal joint repair kits 520 NEW
    SLBW22004 Wheels side shield repair kits 520 NEW
    SLBW22005 Service Kit differential side universal joint (right) 520 NEW
    SS22001 Service Kit differential side universal joint (left) X60
    SS22001A Joint kit, differential, left
    SS22002 Differential protective cover repair kits
    SS22003 Wheels side universal joint repair kits
    SS22003A Joint kit,wheel
    SS22004 Wheels side shield repair kits
    SS22005 Service Kit differential side universal joint (right) X60
    SS22005A Joint, differential, right
    SS22006 Nut kit
    SS35001 Front brake repair kits X60
    SS35002 Rear brake pad repair kits X60
    SS35003 Brake shoe kit
    SS35400 Brake pump with reservior
    SS36001 BCM remote kit X60
    SS37001 Key and lock cylinders
    SS37042 Foldable key(shapeless)
    SS84001 X60 Engine cover assy
    TM6207-2RS*P53 Bearing
    TM6207-2RS/P53 Bearing
    TM63/28-2RS/P53Z2 Bearing
    TM6305-2RS Input shaft bearing
    TM6307-2RS/P53-R Bearing
    W5W 12V GB15766.1-2008 Bulb
    WGC15FB-030005 Selecting Board for Outer Friction Plate of Drive Clutch
    WGC15FB-100019 The bracket
    WGC15FB-170002 The fixing bracket for the differential blocking
    B2803200Y98 Front bumper frame LF. 620
    B2804200Y98 Rear bumper frame LF. 620
    B2804240Y98 Rear bumper frame right fixing plate LF. 620
    B5604000Y98 Trunk lid assy. LF. 620
    B5703011B1 Sunroof seal strip LF. 620
    B8112100E1 Air conditioner control panel LF. 620
    B8402000Y98 Engine hood LF. 620
    B8403111Y98 Front left fender LF. 620
    B8403211Y98 Front right fender LF. 620
    BDA8108100A2 Conditioning high pressure pipe LF. 620
    BDA8108500A2 Conditioning low pressure pipe LF. 620
    A1301100B1 Radiator assy. LF. X50
    A1308100B1 Cooling fan assy. LF. X50
    A8202100 Exterior rearview mirror,left LF. X50
    A8202200 Exterior rearview mirror,right LF. X50
    A8204310 Sunvisor support LF. X50
    A8401100Y98 Radiator cross member assy. LF. X50
    A8401180Y98 Front damping plate, left LF. X50
    A8401280Y98 Front damping plate, right LF. X50
    AAB2804112 Rear bumper lower trim LF. X50
    AAB3820000 Instrument cluster LF. X50
    AAB3921110 Front emblem LF. X50
    ABC1504100B2 Gearshift Assy. LF. X50
    ABC2203100 Left transmission shaft LF. X50
    ABC2203200 Right transmission shaft LF. X50
    ABC3540000 Brake pump with booster and fluid reservoir LF. X50
    LF479Q3-1306100B Thermostat LF. X50
    L5MF25A1-1602212A Clutch oil pipe LF. X60
    L5MF25A1-3729100A Reverse light switch LF. X60
    LFB479Q-1008100A2 Exhaust manifold LF. X60
    S1001310C1 Left engine mounting LF. X60
    S2203100C1 Left axle shaft LF. X60
    S2203200C1 Right axle shaft LF. X60
    S2905450 Front shock absorber spring seat LF. X60
    S3746530 Power window motor LF. X60
    S5703231B1 Sunroof seal glass LF. X60
    S8202151B2 Mirror face, left LF. X60
    S8202251B2 Mirror face, right LF. X60
    S8402811A2 Engine protect plate,left LF. X60
    S8402812A2 Engine protect plate,right LF. X60
    SS22002A Seal kit, differential LF. X60
    JPGG030 X60 Rain shield
    1FFL280 Griile assy.
    11.2×2.65-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    124-1417T13F3 Hex flange nut
    13.2×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    14×2.65-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    15.5×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    17×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    1F5500 Decorative overlay of a body kit
    20×3.55-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    6.7×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    6.9×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    8×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    80096LF481Q1-1701151AT01 Washer
    80096LF481Q1-1701151AT17 Washer
    80096LF481Q1-1701151AT18 Washer
    80096LF481Q1-1701151C Output shaft spring washer
    80096LF481Q1-1701151D Output shaft spring washer
    80096LF481Q1-1702182A Washer
    B1602181 Clutch paddle sleeve
    B3101111RU Aluminum rim
    B3722111 Left lower panel,dashboard
    B5206124 Rear wind-shield glass insert
    B5306424 Plastic nut
    B6102111B28 Interior upper decoration,Front left door
    B6105134 Handle seat,rear left door
    B6802210RUS Seat heating cushion
    B8412311 Left front longeron front part
    B8422311 Right front longeron front part
    BAC8261100 Engine decoration
    BX2011A-50A/QCT73 Fuse
    BX2011B1-100A/GBT73 Fuse
    BX2011B1-120A/GBT73 Fuse
    F3722200A2 Instrument panel control box
    F3722200B1 Instrument panel control box
    F8111220 Exhaust
    GPGG031 X60DVD(GPS)
    GZT92 Contact block
    JD101K-70A/QCT73 Relay
    JD109-30A/QCT73 Relay,radiator fan,low speed
    JD1912-40A/QCT73 Relay
    JD1926-30A/QCT73 Relay
    JD1929-40A/QCT73 Relay
    JPGG0045 620 Stickup empennage PU (without painting)
    JPGG0048 X60 Oil tank cover
    JPGG005 320 side lamp (white )
    JPGG005-1 320 side lamp (yellow)
    JPGG006 620 LED handle
    JPGG010-2 320 Headlamp frame
    JPGG010-3 320 Rear lamp frame
    JPGG010-4 320 Front Creative logo
    JPGG011 320 Pedal
    JPGG013 X60 Pedal and front & rear guard A
    JPGG013-1 X60 Front guard
    JPGG013-2 X60 Rear guard
    JPGG013-3 X60 Pedal
    JPGG014 X60 Pedal and front & rear guard B
    JPGG014-1 X60 Front guard
    JPGG014-2 X60 Rear guard
    JPGG014-3 X60 Pedal
    JPGG016 X60 Window frame decoration
    JPGG018 X60 Rear door guard
    JPGG022-1 X60 Door sill plate
    JPYY002 620 DVD (GPS)
    L2916112 Roller ARM R/RH
    LBA1703330 Strut bar bracket
    LF479Q1-1007021A-13 Shim
    LF479Q1-1007021A-9 Shim
    LF479Q3-3701120A Front cap
    LF479Q3-3708120A unidirectional
    LF481Q1-1701151AS16 Washer
    LF481Q1-1701151AS17 Washer
    LF481Q1-1701151AT01 Washer
    LF481Q1-1701151AT02 Washer
    LF481Q1-1701151AT17 Washer
    LF481Q1-1701151AT18 Washer
    LF481Q1-2303317 Washer
    LF481Q1-2303318 Washer
    LF481Q1-2303319 Washer
    LF481Q1-2303320 Washer
    LFB479Q-1003011A Pin,cylinder head
    S3102110 Aluminum wheel cover
    S3774300 Wiper switch
    BDA2802211 Engine mudguard,right
    10.8×2.4-G-S-GB/T3452 O seal
    101B-1212T13F30 Hex flange nut
    11.8X1.8GB/T3452.1 O seal
    125-1215 Hex nut
    127-0808 Hex nut and flat washer
    13.4×2.4-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    13.5×1.7-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    15.6×1.7-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    15.7×1.84-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    15X2.5GB/T3452.1 O ring
    16X2.65GB/T3452 O seal
    178-0806 “B”spring nut
    201-0630 Hex bolt and flat washer
    201-1012T1F3 Hex bolt,taper springness washer and flat washer
    204-0814T1F3 Hex bolt and taper springiness washer
    204-10110 Hex bolt and taper springness washer
    204-1035 Bolt
    204-1035TF3 Bolt
    214-1230TF3 Bolt
    221-1630 Bolt
    231-(7/16)″22 Hex flange bolt
    231-1016TF3 Hex flange bolt
    231-1020TIF3 Hex flange bolt
    231-1275TF3 Hex flange bolt
    231-1292TF3 Hex flange bolt
    231-7/1635 Hex flange bolt
    231-7/1637 Hex flange bolt
    231-7/1640 Hex flange bolt
    231-7/1644 Hex flange bolt
    231-824TF3SD Bolt
    231-832TF3SD Bolt
    231B-1256TF3 Hex flange bolt
    244-08190F3 Bolt,vacuum booster
    244-1060 Hex bolt and washer
    25X3.55GB/T3452 O seal
    271-0627T1F3 ABS bolt
    30204 Output shaft rear bearing
    305-0508F3 Hex flange bolt
    305B-0630T1F30 Screw
    305C-0616T1F30 Inner hex screw
    307-0820TF30 Bolt
    334-0414 Screw
    341-6395 Philips screw with washer
    400-0245 Plastic clip
    400-0245B Clip
    400-0309B21 Plastic clip
    400-1928 Plastic clip
    507-0818 Cylinder head bolt washer
    507-1024 Flat washer
    507-1602 Flat washer
    6008GB/T276 Bearing
    6208GB/T276 Bearing
    702-55 Circlip
    8.2×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    8.7×1.8-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    8×1.6-G-N-GB/T3452 Ring seal
    80096LF479Q1-1700000E1 Transmission assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1700000H1 Transmission assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1701021D1 Transmission shell
    80096LF479Q1-1701045D Input forth thrust washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701060D Third forth synchronize assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1701070D Fifth synchronize assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1701075D Input forth needle bearing
    80096LF479Q1-1701077D Input fifth needle bearing
    80096LF479Q1-1701080D Reverse middle gear assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1701087D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701103D First needle bearing
    80096LF479Q1-1701110E1 First driven gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701120D First second synchronize assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1701127D Second gear needle bearing
    80096LF479Q1-1701130E1 Second driven gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701136E1 Third driven gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701138D Forth driven gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701140D Fifth driven gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701330E1 Third drive gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701340D Forth drive gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701350D Fifth drive gear
    80096LF479Q1-1701391E1 Input shaft
    80096LF479Q1-1701461D Thrust washer circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701462D Thrust washer circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701463D Thrust washer circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701464D Thrust washer circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701465D Thrust washer circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701466D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701467D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701468D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701591E1 Output shaft
    80096LF479Q1-1701651D First second synchronize rim,inner
    80096LF479Q1-1701652D First second synchronize rim,middle
    80096LF479Q1-1701653D First second synchronize rim,outer
    80096LF479Q1-1701661D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701662D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701663D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701664D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701665D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701671D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701672D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701673D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701674D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701675D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701676D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701677D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701678D Washer
    80096LF479Q1-1701681D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701682D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701683D Circlip
    80096LF479Q1-1701696D Third forth spacer
    80096LF479Q1-1702051D1 First second fork shaft
    80096LF479Q1-1702053D First second fork
    80096LF479Q1-1702061D1 Third forth fork shaft
    80096LF479Q1-1702062D Third forth fork
    80096LF479Q1-1702071D1 Fifth reverse fork shaft
    80096LF479Q1-1702072D Fifth reverse shift block
    80096LF479Q1-1702073D1 Fifth fork
    80096LF479Q1-1702075D Reverse shift block
    80096LF479Q1-1702230D Fork shaft positioner 2
    80096LF479Q1-1702300D Reverse mechanism assy.
    80096LF479Q1-1702471D Fork spring
    80096LF479Q1-2303300E1 Differential assy.
    80096LF479Q1-2303300H1 Differential assy.
    80096LF479Q1-2303301D Differential shell
    80096LF479Q1-2303306D Planet gear shaft
    80096LF479Q1-2303308E1 Differential gear
    80096LF479Q1-2303381D Adjust washer 1
    80096LF479Q1-2303382D Adjust washer 2
    80096LF479Q1-2303383D Adjust washer 3
    80096LF479Q1-2303384D Adjust washer 4
    80096LF481Q1-2303304B Differential axle gear washer 2
    80208LF479Q1-1700000E1 Transmission assy.
    80208LF479Q1-1701021D1 Transmission shell
    80208LF479Q1-1701045D Input forth thrust washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701060D Third forth synchronize assy.
    80208LF479Q1-1701070D Fifth synchronize assy.
    80208LF479Q1-1701075D Input forth needle bearing
    80208LF479Q1-1701080D Reverse middle gear assy.
    80208LF479Q1-1701087D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701103D First needle bearing
    80208LF479Q1-1701110E1 First driven gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701120D First second synchronize assy.
    80208LF479Q1-1701127D Second gear needle bearing
    80208LF479Q1-1701130E1 Second driven gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701136E1 Third driven gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701138D Forth driven gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701140D Fifth driven gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701330E1 Third drive gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701340D Forth drive gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701350D Fifth drive gear
    80208LF479Q1-1701391E1 Input shaft
    80208LF479Q1-1701461D Thrust washer circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701462D Thrust washer circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701463D Thrust washer circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701464D Thrust washer circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701465D Thrust washer circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701466D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701467D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701468D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701651D First second synchronize rim,inner
    80208LF479Q1-1701652D First second synchronize rim,middle
    80208LF479Q1-1701653D First second synchronize rim,outer
    80208LF479Q1-1701661D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701662D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701663D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701664D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701665D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701671D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701672D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701673D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701674D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701675D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701676D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701677D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701678D Washer
    80208LF479Q1-1701681D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701682D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1701683D Circlip
    80208LF479Q1-1702051D1 First second fork shaft
    80208LF479Q1-1702053D First second fork
    80208LF479Q1-1702061D1 Third forth fork shaft
    80208LF479Q1-1702062D Third forth fork
    80208LF479Q1-1702071D1 Fifth reverse fork shaft
    80208LF479Q1-1702072D Fifth reverse shift block
    80208LF479Q1-1702073D1 Fifth fork
    80208LF479Q1-1702075D Reverse shift block
    80208LF479Q1-1702230D Fork shaft positioner 2
    80208LF479Q1-1702300D Reverse mechanism assy.
    80208LF479Q1-1702471D Fork spring
    80208LF479Q1-2303300E1 Differential assy.
    80208LF479Q1-2303300H1 Differential assy.
    80208LF479Q1-2303301D Differential shell
    80208LF479Q1-2303306D Planet gear shaft
    80208LF479Q1-2303308E1 Differential gear
    80208LF479Q1-2303381D Adjust washer 1
    80208LF479Q1-2303382D Adjust washer 2
    80208LF479Q1-2303383D Adjust washer 3
    80208LF479Q1-2303384D Adjust washer 4
    80208LF481Q1-2303304B Differential axle gear washer 2
    80208LF481Q1-2303309B1 Speedometer induction gear
    82711-1A890 Harness clamp
    8X1.8GB/T3452 O seal
    902B-1708 Clamp B
    903C-1811 Clamp C
    9.03E-286 Clamp E
    906B-1926 Clamp B
    97.5X3.55GB/T3452 O seal
    AD37600013 Harness clamp
    ATN35A Fuse
    B1001130 Suspension set bracket
    B1001320 Connecting bracket
    B1101253 Vent hose
    B1101254 Reurn tube clamp I
    B1117251 Fuel filter bracket
    B1123100A2 Fuel pump assy.
    B1130153 Hose connecting fuel valve and throttle
    B1130451 Fuel valve bracket
    B1205100C1 Front muffler with catalyst assy.
    B1308100D1 Cooling fan

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