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  • Toyota Transmax ATF CVT Transmission Fluid Engine oil Gear oil

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    Toyota Transmax ATF CVT Transmission Fluid Engine oil Gear oil



    CNGZCJMG02 toyota tc cvt fluid,toyota motor oil,toyota gear oil,toyota Gear Lube,toyota Engine Oil,toypta Transmission Fluid,toyota lubricating oil,

    Enhanced friction durability for a smoother drive for longer transmission life
    Enhanced wear protection for longer transmission life
    Superior high temperature protection to effectively resist oxidation
    Superior variator torque capacity that can prevent belt or chain slippage
    Suitable for use where: Toyota CVT Fluid TC, Toyota CVT Fluid FE, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-1, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-3, MMC DIAQUEEN ATF SP-III, MMC DIAQUEEN CVT Fluid J1, MMC DIAQUEEN CVT Fluid J4, Mazda CVTF 3320, Subaru i-CVT Fluid, Subaru i-CVT FG, Subaru Lineartronic High Torque Chain CVTF, Daihatsu AMMIX CVT Fluid DC, Daihatsu AMMIX CVT Fluid DFE, Suzuki CVT Fluid 3320, Suzuki CVT Fluid Green 1, Suzuki CVT Fluid Green 2, Suzuki CVTF TC, Suzuki NS-2, Honda HCF-2, Hyundai/Kia SP-III, Chrysler NS-2, Chrysler CVTF+4, Mini Cooper EZL799, Ford CVT23, MB 236.20
    Superior technology enables longer transmission life
    Enhanced friction durability for a “smoother for longer” driving experience
    Enhanced wear protection
    Superior high temperature performance to resist oxidation
    Suitable for Nissan NS-1 and NS-2, Toyota TC, Mitsubishi DiaQueen J1, Subaru i-CVT fluid FG, Daihatsu CVT, Mazda and Suzuki 3320
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