• Specifications

    1084894-00-B,tesla MODEL 3 17-20 FR BUMPER LOWER SUPPORT,Front Lower Ankle Catcher Reinforcement Absorber Bar For Tesla Model 3,tesal Ankle Catcher,tesla spare Ankle Catcher,tesal Ankle Catcher from china,tesla auto Ankle Catcher,tesla car Ankle Catcher,china tesla Ankle Catcher,tesla model 3,tesla model y,tesla model x,tesla model s,tesla model 3 Ankle Catcher,tesla model y Ankle Catcher,tesla model x Ankle Catcher,tesla model s Ankle Catcher,1081420-E0-C 1081420E0C 1081420E0C-AM TS MODEL 3 17-20 FR DOOR LH 1081421-E0-C 1081421E0C 1081421E0C-AM TS MODEL 3 17-20 FR DOOR RH 1081440-E0-C 1081440E0C 1081440E0C TS MODEL 3 17-20 RR DOOR RH 1081441-E0-C 1081441E0C 1081441E0C TS MODEL 3 17-20 RR DOOR LH 1081390-E0-C 1081390E0C 1081390E0C-AM TS MODEL 3 17-20 HOOD ALUM 1081401-E0-D 1081401E0D | TA1240100 1081401E0D-AM TS MODEL 3 17- FR FENDER W/LAMP HOLE LH 1081400-E0-D 1081400E0D 1081400E0D-AM TS MODEL 3 17- FR FENDER W/LAMP HOLE RH 1081460-E0-D 1081460E0D | 1601460E0A 1100229 TS MODEL 3 17-20 RR TRUNK 1110240-00-B 111024000B | 161086600A | TA1225100 1100036 TS MODEL 3 17-19 FR PANEL 1104667-00-F 110466700F 1100046 TS MODEL 3 FR BUMPER SUPPORT 1084894-00-B 108489400B 1100044 TS MODEL 3 17-20 FR BUMPER LOWER SUPPORT 1493370-S0-A 1493370S0A | 1493370SOA 1100267 TS MODEL Y 21- HOOD ASSY 1495245-00-C 149524500C | 151627700D 1100187 TS MODEL Y FR PANEL 1487601-00-C 148760100C 1100179 TS MODEL Y FR BUMPER SUPPORT UPPER 1505433-00-A 150543300A 1100181 TS MODEL Y FR BUMPER SUPPORT LOWER 1038384-S0-C 1038384S0C | 1051875E0G 1038384S0C TS MODEL S HOOD 6008022-E0-D 6008022E0D 6008022E0D TS MODEL S FR FENDER LH 6008027-E0-D 6008027E0D 6008022E0D TS MODEL S FR FENDER RH,1450874-00-A ASSY,SIDE COVER,EFUSE 2007129 CLINCH NUT, M6x1.00×00 TYPE S 1080797-00-A 280 Micro HC Relay SPST 1003428-00-A Fuse — Slo-Blo — 3.5A — 125V — SMD 1004888-00-A FUSE — 15A — 32V — SMD — 1206 1005067-00-A FUSE — 0.1A — 32V — FAST — THIN — 0402 — SMD 1008255-00-A FUSE, MIDI SIZE, 30AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F92) 1008256-00-A FUSE, MIDI SIZE, 40AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F82, F84) 1008257-00-A FUSE, MIDI SIZE, 60AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F80, F81) 1008260-00-A FUSE,MEGA,200A,32V 1008293-00-A FUSE, MINI SIZE, 5AMP, 32VOLT 1008295-00-A FUSE, MINI SIZE, 10AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F27, F29, F32, F41, F48) 1008296-00-A FUSE, MINI SIZE, 15AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F5, F7, F13, F21, F23, F25, F34, F35) 1008297-00-A FUSE, MINI SIZE, 20AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F6, F8, F15, F17, F45, F51, F74, F78) 1008313-00-A FUSE, MINI SIZE, 25AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F9, F28, F30, F36, F37, F39, F77) 1008314-00-A MINI FUSE — 30 AMP, 32 VOLT 1008315-00-A FUSE, MAXI FUSE, 25AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F57) 1008316-00-A FUSE, MAXI, 30AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F55,F56) 1008318-00-A FUSE, MAXI SIZE, 40AMP, 32VOLT 1009154-00-A FUSE — 50A — 500VAC/DC — A50QS50-4 1013638-00-A FUSE, MIDI SIZE, 50AMP, 32VOLT (LOCATION: F83, F85-F90) 1018765-00-A FUSE, MEGA SIZE, 32VOLT, 225AMP (LOCATION: F94) 1032794-00-A FUSE,350A,500VAC/DC 1052261-60-A FUSE, LOW PROFILE, 60A 1052261-50-A FUSE, LOW PROFILE, 50A 1052261-40-A FUSE,JCASE,LOWPROFILE,40A 1052261-30-A FUSE, LOW PROFILE, 30A 1052261-20-A FUSE, LOW PROFILE, 20A 1052261-25-A FUSE, LOW PROFILE, 25A 1052262-40-A FUSE, MINI, 40A 1052262-30-A FUSE, MINI, 30A 1052262-20-A FUSE, MINI, 20A 1052262-25-A FUSE, MINI, 25A 1052262-15-A FUSE, MINI, 15A 1052263-30-A FUSE,MICRO2,30A 1052263-20-A FUSE,MICRO2,20A 1052263-10-A FUSE,MICRO2,10A 1052263-05-A FUSE,MICRO2,5A 1052263-25-A FUSE,MICRO2,25A 1052263-15-A FUSE,MICRO2,15A 1052264-10-A FUSE,MICRO3,10A 1052264-05-A FUSE,MICRO3,5A 1052264-15-A FUSE,MICRO3,15A 1062191-00-A FUSE,MEGA,250A,32V 1062192-00-A FUSE,MIDI,80A,32V 1062193-00-A FUSE,MIDI,125A,32V,Cabin Inline 1062194-00-A FUSE,MIDI,200A,32V 1062196-60-A FUSE, STD, 60A 1062196-50-A FUSE, STD, 50A 1062196-40-A FUSE, STD, 40A 1062196-30-A FUSE, STD, 30A 1062196-20-A FUSE, STD, 20A 1062196-25-A FUSE, STD, 25A 1071379-80-A FUSE,BF1,80A,32V 1071379-60-A FUSE,BF1,60A,32V 1071379-20-A FUSE,BF1,200A,32V 1071379-12-A FUSE,BF1,125A,32V 2007294-00-A FUSE, 50 AMP, 500 VOLT, AC INLET 1009577-00-A RELAY,SPST,NO,12V,100A,PLUG-IN 1009578-00-A RELAY,SPDT,12V,40A,PLUG-IN 1025401-00-A CLIP, HEART FLEX W WSHR 70 LBS RETENTION 1046116-00-A CLIP 4.8X15, ONE LEVEL 1016075-00-A U-NUT,M4.8×1.59,13 wide, 14.8 length 1010830-00-B ASY — TRUNK SIDE GARNISH LH 1010831-00-B ASY — TRUNK SIDE GARNISH RH 1009272-00-F BRKT, C-PILLAR, LH 1009273-00-F BRKT, C-PILLAR, RH 1016334-00-E ASY, C-PILLAR REAR LH 1016335-00-D ASY, C-PILLAR REAR LH, 3RD ROW SEAT 1008173-00-A NON-POWER LIFTGATE SWITCH, 3RD ROW SEATS 6008902-00-A POWER LIFTGATE SWITCH, 3RD ROW SEATS 1016337-00-D ASY, C-PILLAR REAR RH 1002510-00-D ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR LH TEXTILE FOG 1007457-00-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR LH ALC WHT 1007457-02-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR LH ALC BLK 1007457-04-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR LH PROV BLK 1007457-06-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR LH ULS BLK 1007457-07-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR LH NALC CRM 1007437-00-D ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR RH TEXTILE FOG 1007458-00-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR RH ALC WHT 1007458-02-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR RH ALC BLK 1007458-04-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR RH PROV BLK 1007458-06-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR RH ULS BLK 1007458-07-C ASY C-PILLAR TRIM UPR RH NALC CRM 1016078-00-A TRIM CLIP 1.7 TO 3MM PANEL WITH 7MM HOLE 1015863-00-A SCR,TPG,HEX,M6x16[St]-07 1006642-00-A GROMMET FOR M6 THREADS 1007818-00-B ERGO CLIP, 2.5-3 PNL,12W,16L,169 coating 1021437-00-D TRIM LIFTGATE TROUGH LH 1021438-00-D TRIM LIFTGATE TROUGH RH 1021434-00-A TAPE, DBL SIDED ADHESIVE, TROUGH TRIM 1013804-00-D STOP, LIFTGATE 1052754-00-C EDGE CLIP,90 DEG,3 WAY 1009231-S0-A ASY, LIFTGATE TRIM, LOWER 1019302-00-A FOAM TAPE, 25×12.5 1009236-00-H ASY, TRIM PANEL, UPPER 1009238-00-B PAD, ACOUSTIC, LIFTGATE TRIM, LOWER 1009262-90-E PULL, CUP, LH, LIFTGATE 1009263-00-E PULL, CUP, RH, LIFTGATE — STD 1009264-90-E PULL, CUP, RH, LIFTGATE — POWER 1010327-00-A SWITCH, LIFTGATE, SHUTFACE 1011813-00-A TRIM CLIP NIFCO 12733 1009233-00-H ASY, LFTGT SPKR TRIM, MSH GRIL CLOTH 1008245-00-A CLIP, U-BELL, 5.8X1.5-3.5 1009234-00-I ASY, LIFTGATE PANEL, SIDE TRIM, LH 1009235-00-I ASY, LIFTGATE PANEL, SIDE TRIM, RH 1011955-90-D DOOR, EMERGENCY RELEASE LATCH 1008703-00-A RR License Plate Screw,SCR, M5x12,TORX,PT,TORX,ST,ZnAl with washer 1128034-00-B 3下护板卡子 PUSH PULL RIVET,8MM,5-7 GRP,NYLON,BLK 1083401-05-J M3, IP SUB ASY, BASE AND PREMIUM, PVC 1083390-00-I M3, IP, SPEAKER GRILLE, ASY, BASE 1091225-00-F M3, IP, LHD, DECOR ASY, WOOD 1100567-00-F M3, IP, DECOR ASY, ALUMINUM 1083340-00-H M3, IP, GLOVE BOX, ASY, BASE 1083341-99-B M3, IP GLOVE BOX REWORKED SOLENOID, FOR SERVICE ONLY 1083332-00-D M3, IP, GLOVE BOX, NVH PAD 1100583-00-A A PILLAR EDGE CLIP 1083384-00-D M3, IP, STEERING CLMN GAP HIDER, LOWER 1100574-00-H M3, IP, BROW FINISHER, ASY 1083345-00-E M3, IP, DRIVER KNEE AIRBAG COVER, ASY 1118707-00-A SCREW,PF,5×19.5,STL,ZNNI 1083368-00-D M3, IP, NVH PAD, UPPER 1099272-00-E M3, IP, STEERING COLUMN, CLIP REVIEBRE 1101136-00-F M3 DISPLAY HOUSING, NECK 1083361-00-D M3, IP, END CAP, SUBSTRATE, LH 1083362-00-D M3, IP, END CAP, SUBSTRATE, RH 1090280-00-A U-CLIP,11.7×6.8,STL,ZN 1095453-00-A SCREW GRMMT,9.45×9.45,PA66 1100582-00-A U-CLIP,11.7×6.8,STL,ZN 1083350-00-E M3, IP, PASSENGER KNEE AIRBAG COVER, ASY 1083334-00-B M3, IP, GLOVE BOX, DAMPER 1083380-00-F M3, IP, KNEE IMPACT FOAM 1139785-00-A Y卡子 BOLT,HF,M6-1.0×21[88],G1009[B],MAT 1135412-00-A Model 3, Rr Fascia, Cover, Tow 1023057-00-A DRAIN TUBE ASM-LAMP HSNG 1023052-00-A ELBOW-DRAIN TUBE ASM 1023383-00-A PLUG — DRAIN TUBE ACCESS 6009582-00-F SEAL, LIFTGATE 6009585-00-I SEAL, BODY SIDE RR PRIMARY, LH 6009586-00-I SEAL, BODY SIDE RR PRIMARY, RH 1038407-00-A SEAL — DOOR RR INR BELT — LH 1038408-00-A SEAL — DOOR RR INR BELT — RH 1038395-80-A SEAL — DOOR RR OTR BELT — LH 1038396-80-A SEAL, DOOR RR OTR BELT, RH 1095789-00-C ASY_ MS DOOR RR OTR BELT LH_PLASTIC 1095921-00-C ASY_ MS DOOR RR OTR BELT RH_PLASTIC 1005422-00-D SEAL, DOOR FRONT B-PILLAR MARGIN LEFT 1005423-00-D SEAL, DOOR FRONT B-PILLAR MARGIN RIGHT 6009595-00-D SEAL, DOOR REAR, LEFT 6009596-00-D SEAL, DOOR REAR, RIGHT 6009591-00-E SEAL — DOOR RR C PILLAR MARGIN — LH W/O LOWER DOOR EDGE 6009592-00-E SEAL — DOOR RR C PILLAR MARGIN — RH W/O LOWER DOOR EDGE 1012717-00-A SEAL, ADHESIVE BACKED 6009583-00-N SEAL, BODY SIDE FR PRIMARY, LH 6009584-00-M SEAL, BODY SIDE FR PRIMARY, RH 1038405-00-A SEAL — DOOR FR INR BELT — LH 1038406-00-A SEAL — DOOR FR INR BELT — RH 1038393-00-A SEAL — DOOR FR OTR BELT — LH 1038394-00-A SEAL — DOOR FR OTR BELT — RH 1095786-00-C ASY_ MS DOOR FR OTR BELT LH_PLASTIC 1095920-00-C ASY_ MS DOOR FR OTR BELT RH_PLASTIC 6009593-00-D SEAL — DOOR FR — LH 6009594-00-D SEAL — DOOR FR — RH 1005420-00-D SEAL, DOOR FRONT A PILLAR MARGIN LEFT 1005421-00-D SEAL, DOOR FRONT A PILLAR MARGIN RIGHT 1006083-00-A TAPE BAFFLE FR — RR DOOR HINGE MTG REINF 1021183-00-B SMALL STUFFER, OUTER BELT SEAL 1021462-00-B LARGE STUFFER, OUTER BELT SEAL 1074847-00-A SEAL, HOOD MS2 1521808-00-A SEAL, HOOD 1060710-00-A SEAL, HOOD TO COWL, REFRESH 1003101-00-E DOOR CONTROLLER MODULE 1016389-00-A BLT,TPG,HEX,FLG,5×30[St]-07 1007511-00-A POWER LIFT GATE CONTROL MODULE 1008177-00-A BOLT, M6-1.0x50MM ZINC 1008177-01-A BOLT,M6-1.0×50,DIN6921,STL,G8.8,ZF720 1003550-00-A POWER LIFTGATE CHIME 1037846-00-D PLATE — FRONT DOOR LOWER, RIGHT — PLASTIC 1037847-00-D PLATE — FRONT DOOR LOWER, LEFT — PLASTIC 6009549-00-F ASY-HINGE UPR FR 2007212-00-C BOLT HF M8-1.25X25 MATPOINT SERR G98 1008571-00-C BLT,HEX,FLG,M8x25[9.8] 1028183-00-A BOLT, HEX, FLANGE, M8x25 [9.8] 6009552-00-E ASY-HINGE LWR, FR, LH 6009552-01-E ASY-HINGE LWR, RR, LH 6009569-00-E ASY-HINGE LWR, FR, RH 6009569-01-E ASY-HINGE LWR, RR, RH 1005714-00-A PLUG-DOOR ACCESS LWR 1466719-00-A MS Front Door Patch Replacement Kit 1045194-00-A BUTYL FOIL PATCH 50x50x1mm 1009585-00-A TAPE, DOOR, 45X85 1014178-00-A SCR, TORX, M4X12 1018860-00-A FOAM, FRONT DOOR ACCESS PLATE 1108508-00-A BUTYL FOIL PATCH 350x45x1mm 1062634-00-A GAS STRUT — HOOD 6006603-00-C GAS STRUT — HOOD 1011641-00-B BRKT-GAS PROP RH BODY 1011642-00-B BRKT-GAS PROP LH BODY 2007222-00-B BOLT HF, M6x14, STL ZNFL PATCH, TRX 1008840-00-C BRKT-GAS PROP RH HOOD 1008841-00-C BRKT-GAS PROP LH HOOD 1029284-99-D HOOD HINGE ACTIVE LH 1029285-99-D HOOD HINGE, ACTIVE, RH 1016260-00-A BLT,HEX,FLG,M8-1.25x20x24[8.8]-09 1538314-00-A Strut Retention Clip (Service Only) 1046842-00-A Nut HF M8 PC10 (Flange Nut Pentaport to Manifold) 6006613-00-A ASY HINGE LIFTGATE LH 6006612-00-A ASY HINGE LIFTGATE RH 1031090-00-A Clear Auto Sealer, 3M 08551 1008866-00-B WEDGE BUMPER — LIFTGATE 1004039-00-B INSERT WEDGE DAMPER, LIFTGATE 1008867-00-A BLT PANFLG D10 M6-1.00×14[9.8]ZnAl 6007220-00-B BUMPER-OVERSLAM AT LWR LIFTGATE 1008863-00-C WEDGE DAMPER, BODY, LH 1008864-00-C WEDGE DAMPER, BODY, RH 1004038-00-B INSERT, WEDGE DAMPER, BODY 1008782-00-A BLT PANFLG SHLDR M6-1.0×14[9.8]ZnAl 6007576-00-B ANTI PINCH SENSOR ASY LH 6007576-00-C ANTI PINCH SENSOR ASY LH 6007570-00-B ANTI PINCH SENSOR ASY RH 6007570-00-C ANTI PINCH SENSOR ASY RH 1008784-00-A push clip — anti pinch sen 6006608-00-B LIFTGATE GAS STRUT LH 6006611-00-B LIFTGATE SPRING STRUT LH 6006610-00-C LIFTGATE POWER STRUT RH 6009427-00-B LIFTGATE GAS STRUT RH 1128714-00-A BALL STD&WSHR,M8x27,[88],ZNNI[B],MAT,ADH 1121299-00-A CARBON FIBER SPOILER, MS 1023182-00-C TAPE, DBL SIDE ADHES, LIFTGATE SPOILER 1021050-00-A PRIMER, TAPE PRIMER 94 1066222-00-B ARTWORK, ZERO EMISSIONS LICENSE PLATE — W/ 4 MOUNTING HOLES 1002461-00-B Liftgate water Shield LH 1002462-00-B Liftgate water Shield RH 1004838-00-B NUT RVT RND THK M6-1.00X3.0 ZnAl-C 1003165-00-A RIVSTUD,FH,M6x25,STL,G1009 1003547-00-A NUT RVT RND THK M6-1.00×5.5 ZnAl 2007028 FLANGEFORM NUT, M8x1.25 1083176-00-A RIV-NUT,M8x0.7-3.8,STL,ZNNI 1064363-00-A PLATE, RR DOOR, LH 1067943-00-A PLATE, RR DOOR, RH 6009555-00-F ASY-HINGE UPR RR 6008912-99-C LATCH ASY FR RH 6008913-99-C LATCH ASY FR LH 6006535-00-B REINF-LATCH LH 6006635-00-B REINF-LATCH RH 2007218 BLT CSKFLT TRX M6-1.00×18[9.8]ZnAl 1039668-00-B RELEASE CABLE-FR DOOR 1003540-00-A DOOR PULL CUP BRACKET ASSEMBLY — FRONT LEFT 1003541-00-A DOOR PULL CUP BRACKET ASSEMBLY — FRONT RIGHT 1016517-00-A CLIP, FIR TREE, DOOR CABLE 1066877-00-A GROMMET — RSB BOLSTER 1007287-00-A Handle — Liftgate 1007285-00-C Surround — Handle — Liftgate 1008853-00-A BLT HF D14 M6-1.00×14[]ZnAl 1013417-00-B HANDLE, LIFTGATE EMERGENCY RELEASE 1008854-00-A SCR ST PANFLG 4X14 D9 1003549-00-B CINCHING ACTUATOR 6006654-00-B ASY LIFTGATE LATCH PWR REL 1009419-00-B STRIKER — LIFTGATE 1008644-00-A BLT PANFLG TRX M6-1.0×14[9.8] ZnAl 1008186-00-B CABLE — CINCH LIFTGATE 1020965-00-A EDGE CLIP CABLE TIE 6008911-99-D LATCH ASY RR LH 6008914-99-D LATCH ASY RR RH 1057210-00-A BOLT,M8x16,FL,TRX,STL[8.8],ZNNI[BLK],ADH 2007217-00-B BLT,TRX,CSKP,M8-1.25×25,[9.8]-M-09 6008250-00-B TAPPING PLATE — STRIKER MOUNTING 1063466-00-A BOLT&WSHR,M6X22,STL[8.8],ZN 1002973-00-G DOOR OPENER ASSEMBLY — LEFT FRONT 1007940-00-G DOOR OPENER ASSEMBLY — RIGHT FRONT 1009338-00-A PALNUT M5x10 1009335-00-A SCR TRX WSHR M5x1.8-16 Zn 6006618-00-A STRIKER, DOOR LATCH, FRONT/ REAR, RIGHT/LEFT 1016535-00-A RETAINER, DOOR CABLE 1033015-00-E STRIKER, HOOD 1059507-00-B STRIKER, HOOD 1008833-01-A BOLT PF, M8x16, STL[98] ZNNI BLK 1066937-00-A HOOD LATCH SPACER 1061814-00-E CABLE HOOD LATCH PRIMARY RELEASE 1061816-00-E CABLE HOOD LATCH SECONDARY RELEASE 1066699-00-A HOOD LATCH MANUAL PRIMARY RELEASE CABLE 1066700-00-A CABLE, SECONDARY MANUAL RELEASE 1057342-00-A BOLT,M5x16,PF,TRX,STL[8.8],PTC,ECOFIX 1451870-00-A MS HOOD LATCH SECONDARY RELEASE CABLE CLIP 1033010-00-C ACTUATOR, HOOD LATCH 1038903-00-A SCREW PF 50×25 DELTA PT 6006601-00-B HOOD LATCH 6009164-00-E CABLE HOOD LATCH RELEASE 6009132-00-A RELEASE HANDLE — HOOD 1064669-00-A C PILLAR LATCH CLOSE OUT PANEL LH 1064670-00-A C PILLAR LATCH CLOSE OUT PANEL RH 1115346-00-A CLIP, U-BELL, 5.8X1.5-3.5 1038222-00-A TRIM CLIP 8X2.5 1060477-00-B Apron Assembly Left MS2 1060479-00-C Apron Assembly Right MS2 1012944-00-D CLIP, UNDERHOOD APRON TO FENDER 1060481-00-E Rear Apron Assembly MS2 LHD 1068141-00-B Secondary Drain Tube MS2 LHD 1057326-00-B AERO SHIELD, MID, MS2 1057326-00-C AERO SHIELD, MID, MS2 1016365-00-B TESLA BADGE’T’- REAR 1013738-00-C MODEL S BADGE 1059217-00-A 70 BADGE — REAR WHEEL DRIVE — MODEL S 1097285-00-A MODEL S 60D BADGE 1059208-01-A MODEL S 70D BADGE 1083137-00-B 75 BADGE 1083138-00-B 75D BADGE 1059267-00-A MODEL S 90 BADGE 1059266-00-A 90D Badge, MS and MX 1059268-00-A P90D Badge, MS and MX 1068008-00-A MODEL S/X P90D LUDICROUS BADGE 1067217-00-B P85D/P90D LUDICROUS CHROME BAR BADGE 1066305-00-A 100D BADGE 1066330-00-A P100D BADGE 1083672-00-A P100D LUDICROUS BADGE 1484848-00-A DUAL MOTOR BADGE 1484849-00-A DUAL MOTOR PERFORMANCE BADGE 1061913-00-C LICENSE PLATE BRACKET FRAME, NA, MS2 1019229-00-E ASY, BAG, FRNT PLATE FASTENERS, NA JP TW 1019047-00-D SCR,TPG,5xPT-12[St],ZnNi BLK-R , Rear License Plate Screw

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